This Year It’s All About You!

February 14, 2019Blog

2019 is all about you! Most of us try to take care of others, we give back as much as we can, and this can take away from our own needs and desires.

A Mediums Perspective on Healing From a Suicide Loss

July 19, 2018Blog

A Mediums Perspective on Healing From a Suicide Loss I am a medium. I help you connect to your loved ones who have crossed over from every type of loss.   I have worked with many clients and all types of deaths have come through from tragic ones, accidents, suicide, and murders, to those who … Read More

Is Every Other Generation Actually Worse Than Millennials?

July 2, 2018Blog

Is Every Other Generation Actually Worse Than Millennials?     In 1960 The Beatles came to America and this is what critics said. David Susskind, a popular talk-show host, called them “the most repulsive group of men I’ve ever seen.” Newsweek’s music critic pronounced them “a near disaster.” They were “not merely awful,” sniffed William … Read More

Yes, you’re intuitive!

May 4, 2018Blog

Yes, you’re intuitive! After almost two decades I’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of individuals open up to their psychic abilities.  Being psychic doesn’t mean you get the lottery numbers or get to escape learning lessons here on the earthly plane. Intuition is your sixth sense, and everyone is born with this ability. The … Read More

What’s in store for 2018? Bring it on!

January 24, 2018Blog

Bring it on 2018! As I’m sitting in a local privately-owned coffee shop with two friends that are working on some things for one of my favorite non-profits, I look around and am excited that the shop has a lot of young people doing homework, writing reports, interviewing each other and I also see a … Read More

Hello 2017! What You Need To Know.

August 18, 2017Blog

Hello 2017! What You Need To Know. By any chance was 2016 an unusual year? Did it seem as if everything around you was changing or coming to an end? Perhaps you had a career change, a relationship or two ended, maybe your living situation shifted. Did you find yourself getting rid of things you … Read More

Suicide Awareness

August 18, 2017Blog

Suicide Awareness Throughout the year, we celebrate many occasions. The greeting card industry, and other communities, have created a day, month or week to celebrate or honor the remembrance of life events for example birthdays, anniversaries and holiday’s. We also have specific days throughout the year that we bring awareness for a multitude of other … Read More

The 24 Hour no judgment experiment contest

August 18, 2017Blog

The 24 Hour no judgment experiment contest I challenge you to a 24-hour experiment. Can you not judge yourself or others for just one day? Wear a thick rubber band on your wrist and over a 24-hour period if you have a thought of judgment, snap it! Your experience includes, how someone is driving, someone … Read More

Imaginary Friends?

April 3, 2017Blog

Imaginary Friends? When you were young, did you have an imaginary friend? How about your children or grandchildren? Did they ever tell you about their friend YOU couldn’t see? My daughter had an imaginary friend, (IF) and would ask for a seat at the table and a meal to feed her IF. My son also … Read More