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Shift the Energy In Your Home-Change Your Life

Deb Sheppard Spirited Straight Talk

How do you change the energy around you and in you home? Did you know that when I learned how to manage the energy around me was when I realized and started to understand my abilities as a psychic medium and intuitive.

I was going through some major life challenges and didn’t know where to turn.  I had tried all the typical options, but nothing was working. As you know I’m pretty open minded, but during this time I felt so desperate and wanted to do anything to turn things around.  A friend of mine mentioned that I should look at the energy in my home.  

What does that mean?

I learned about an ancient Chinese philosophy call Feng Shui that seeks to find balance and harmony between elements.  It places emphasis on physical and mental health, success, and healthy relationships which is brought on through positive energy flow.  It is often referred to as the art of placement, it’s about “Chi” or energy.  It’s comprised of two words: “feng” meaning wind and “shui” meaning water.  They are the most basic elements required for human survival. Ancient cultures have given us so many insights that we can bring into practice to create balance and to thrive.  

Change the Energy in Your Space

The beauty of this practice I use and teach for Feng Shui is the ease of use.  While studying this topic I chose the method that made it simple to understand and implement. I have researched for years and put together information and methods so you can incorporate this into you life in the quickest and easiest way. 

When I began applying this to my life, I felt empowered as it gave me the knowledge that I was doing something to change and enhance my future.  What you think is what you create, and this was the beginning of that understanding for me to use in my life and teach others.   

What I love about the method I studied and created is you can use it multiple ways in your home, yard, office and so on.  You don’t have to be a decorator or have special training to get the most out of this.   I continue to use it and love the energy it brings to my life.

Start By Drawing a Map of Your Home

Start by drawing a map of your residence and making notes for each room.  Include the the room you dump things in that you don’t need or need to fix or even a project that you have meaning to do for a long time.  This can include storage space and a garage. 

You may even video your home and share it with a friend which may help you see what you are not seeing.  Sometimes we don’t see the clutter or areas as they are because we are so use, to seeing it.  It’s our normal and we don’t see it as an issue.

Feng Shui describes energy as water flowing through your environment.  Think of a river, the ocean, and stale water that has no movement and becomes dirty and undrinkable.  When you are near bodies of water how does it feel?  Calming, anxious, or just wanting to get away from it.  How does your space feel when you walk into your home and enter each room?

Where to Start

Cleanse your space with a Home Cleansing Kit. Then the first thing to do is to get rid of things that you don’t need or no longer serve your highest good.  By removing clutter you begin to change the energy.   Take out things you don’t love, or don’t bring you good memories or energy.   When you keep things that create a feeling of guilt or energy you don’t want in your life, you obviously want to remove those items.  These things lower our vibration, which impacts the energy in our home and life.

At first the language of this topic may feel awkward, but by breaking it down simply you can get the hang of it.  If you are an intuitive person, use your third eye to help you with the changes you may want to make.

The Bagua

I have created an easy Bagua for you to use.  You can place this map over your entire house, yard and then use it again to multiply in each room, and even a desk.  By using this map over and over to increase your intentions in your space. If you have a part of your home that’s missing a space, then you can figure out how to include it in your yard as well as in each room.  This is how you can become a little creative. 

The Bagua tells you what each space is related to energetically. Take the map you have drawn of your home and match it up to the Bagua.  If you have a lot of open space, you can still divide your home according to the bagua.  If your design is missing a space you will want to try to create a space outside your residence if you can, with perhaps a plant, bench a statue etc. to square off the missing area.  As you begin this journey, focus on what is the primary concern in your life and jump start that part of your life.  Then multiply that area of your life into each room so that you can support your intentions. Apply the simple Bagua map and as you walk into each room.  If you are missing a space you can add an intention with color, an element picture or the like, as you continue to multiply the intention you are adding to the value of what you are trying to manifest.  

Make it Easy

If money is limited and you don’t want to make major changes you can still implement the practice.  Again, where is the first thing you want to influence in your life and then start with that space.  How do you feel in that room? What kind of simple changes can you begin with?  Is it disorganized, bad lighting, smells dingy and so on?  These are simple things you can change without costing you money.  Remember, this also includes garages and basements. As you begin this journey, focus on what is the primary concern in your life and jump start that part of your life.  Then multiply that area of your life into each room so that you can support your intentions.

It can be as simple as removing items, moving items, organizing and cleaning up the area.  It’s just elbow grease as they say.  What I have found is most people have items in their home that they can move to another location.  It’s that simple.

There Are Some Important Things To Address


 If you now notice that a bathroom is in your relationship corner and you feel challenged with relationships in your life, or it’s in your wealth corner as an example, then that’s your starting point.  Feng Shui’s theories that what you are lacking is going down the drain.  Yikes! I have some recommendations for you. Do not use colors of water or images of water. Energetically you are sending things going down the drain.  Use colors of mother earth, having a small plant or an artificial one.  You must balance the energy and do not use dried flowers anywhere this represents death but fake plants and flowers are fine. Keep the toilet lid down most of the time if possible and the door to the bathroom closed as well.  Keep a clean bathroom to keep the energy well managed.  


You want all doors to be working smoothly if they squeak, are hard to open and close as well as a fitted handle and lock if needed.  If you have items that effect the door from opening up completely, this means that doors will not open freely, and you may feel doors are closing on you instead of opening up easily.  Remove items behind doors, fix the squeaks and allow them to open easily.  If you come into your home from the garage or side of your residence, please be sure to include these doors especially.  If you don’t use your front door often be sure for it to look nice and presentable to the outside world.  It’s a reflection as how people see you. If you have pots with dead plants or just dirt, then either remove them or add life back to them.

The outside entry way should be inviting and a feeling that people would like to know who lives in that home.  Removing any decorations from past holidays and of course any outside lights that are broken or burnt out.  Sweeping or washing any dirt, spider webs and things that don’t look inviting, then out with it.  Imagine not taking a bath in months.  I certainly don’t want to hangout or approach you.


Mirrors are full of energy and very powerful. When they are directed at something such as your front door or stairs it can push the energy back outside.  As an example, if you are working on your wealth corner and you have a mirror at the front door it can cause all your wealth to flow back out of your wallet.  

Dana had her house for sale after we met and it had been on the market for a while, not getting any offers.  When I came to her home, she had this beautiful full-length mirror facing down the first landing of her staircase.  I mentioned that it may be a good idea to remove it, which she did.  A week later there was an offer.

There are always mirrors in a bathroom so this can represent multiplying water energy.  Just don’t add more, keep them clean and well lit.   Many of us don’t want to look in the mirror because of how we feel about ourselves, this is an example of the energy of the mirror.

Water features 

Water features are always lovely in any space of your home,  whether it be inside or outside.  They are little like the mirror, they are powerful as well.  Having a fountain that flows away from your dwelling isn’t a good idea.  It’s like the mirrors pushing energy out of your life. Make sure your fountains are well maintained and clean of course and I also recommend no water features in a bedroom or relationship corner.  Water is about emotions and having water can create emotional relationships.

Have Fun with It 

I know this is a lot of information to absorb.  However, take small steps and maybe one room or space.  I have also learned that when I’m clearing and cleaning an area, that sometimes I will feel tired or emotional.  This is not only a reminder of the energy that was in this space, but how it does affect our energy.

You will usually begin feeling changes quickly, not overnight but soon after you implement your cures.  If you feel as if the desired intention is slowing down, then it’s time to update what you originally did.  Like stagnant water we need to keep the energy flowing.  This doesn’t have to be a major change, just a few little improvements will suffice.

The most important thing is to not get overwhelmed or are afraid to do it wrong.  Just try to take small steps and then intuitively figure out how it feels.  We all have had that feeling when something feels like chaos or a feeling of serenity.  If you have or had teenagers, you know what I’m talking about.


Deb Sheppard