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Are You Ready for 11:11? Use the power of Numerology!

Mercury Retrograde 2022

Can Mercury Retrograde Be Good?

The Year of The Tiger Brings BIG CHANGES

What does “The Veil is thin” mean?

Deb Sheppard Spirited Straight Talk

Shift the Energy In Your Home-Change Your Life

Ways You Can Be Prepared For Mercury Retrograde Now.

Recognizing Signs From The Universe

Deb Sheppard Spirited Straight Talk

The Truth About Karma and Dharma

Deb Sheppard Spirited Straight Talk

Chakra Balancing for Our Wellbeing

Is Forgiveness Always Essential for Healing?

Deb Sheppard Spirited Straight Talk

The Universe is Guiding us to share this!

Spirited Straight Talk

Ask Deb Anything- Your Questions Answered

Clearing Energy You Don’t Want! (and some ghosts too)

Stop Struggling & Manifest What You Want (Finally)

Spirited Straight Talk Deb Sheppard Episode 15

How Letting Go Of Control (and controlling people)

Overcoming Fear of Abandonment

Signs Your Loved Ones Are Visiting You.

Strength and our soul

Is Resistance Really A Wake Up Call For Our Souls?

Do you have someone that frustrates you to no end??

The Blue Moon and Mercury What is happening!

Authenticity and Judgement

When Animals Are Around Pay Attention

Helping Parents Heal-Colorado Chapter

3 Dream Symbols to Recognize

3 Important Dream Symbols To Recognize

Diversity in my home

THIS IS US! A Personal Story of diversity.

This Changed Everything! The Eye of The Storm

Astrology Reading for Deb Sheppard's Blog

What The Stars Say 2020- Seeing Things Clearly.

Your Intuition

Listen To Your GPS-Guided Psychic System

Top 3 Questions Deb is Asked about the Afterlife

Top 3 Most Asked Questions about the Afterlife

Sacred Contracts and Soul Groups

Has anyone ever told you that you are an Old Soul?

Blog on Grief by Deb Sheppard

7 Things To Help Manage Your Grief

Feng Shui elements

Can This Change Your Life? Understanding Energy.

12 things To Pay Attention to Right Now. COVID-19

Are Your Chakras Out Of Alignment?

Deb Sheppard

FEAR vs TRUST and FAITH-A Personal Story

Sacred Contracts-Why Am I Here? What is my purpose?

New Decade, New Energy, New Vibration!

Deb Sheppard Mala Bead collection

The Power Of Mala Beads. Everything About Mala’s.

Surviving The Holiday’s-Be Gentle With Yourself

Deb Sheppard

Are You a Highly Sensitive Soul?

Friday the 13th, the Full Harvest Moon and YOU!

National Grief Awareness Day 2019

Door to the Universe

The Significance of Doors-What is behind?

Deb Sheppard Talks about Receiving

Are you a giver? Are you tired of giving so much?

Is Your House Haunted? Of Course it is!

Deb Sheppard Blog

Do you ask yourself “Why the heck am I here?”

Deb Sheppard Meditation

If You Find Meditation Challenging This Will Help.

2019 Predictions. This Year It’s All About You!

Deb Sheppard Psychic Medium

A Mediums Perspective on Healing From a Suicide Loss

Deb Sheppard Blog

Why Do We Judge So Much. Can We Change This?

Deb Sheppard Blog

Your Intuition Is Important-Don’t Ignore It.

What’s in store for 2018? Bring it on!

Hello 2017! What You Need To Know.

Suicide Awareness

The 24 Hour no judgment experiment contest

Imaginary Friends?