Is Resistance Really A Wake Up Call For Our Souls?

November 19, 2020Blog

I have never been one to enjoy exercising much. My proudest exercising moment was when I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 47. This was quite an accomplishment for me. It took me two long years to complete and when I received my black belt I only attended one more class. Over … Read More

Do you have someone that frustrates you to no end??

November 7, 2020Blog

We all have them. I call them our “teachers”. They can frustrate us, judge us, and cross our boundaries. They make us feel betrayed and we may feel unable to trust them. We are all just spiritual beings living a human experience. This journey began about 15 years ago when my guides took me on … Read More

Authenticity and Judgement

September 4, 2020Blog

To be authentic means there is a chance you will be judged, sometimes harshly. As a spiritual teacher, for 20 years I have taught and still teach that being authentic and vulnerable takes courage.  In my belief system, being vulnerable does not mean you are weak, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to share your … Read More

For the Love of Animals

August 21, 2020Blog

As far back as I can remember, I have had animals.  Dog, cats, parakeets, fish, hamsters, and even a horse.  When I had kids, we brought more animals into our lives because I believe they are essential to learning about empathy, compassion and unconditional love.  Currently, Dana and I have two dogs and two cats.   I love seeing … Read More

Helping Parents Heal

June 19, 2020Blog

Finally!!! I am so excited that I can share this with you! The Colorado Chapter of Helping Parent’s Heal is open! A Little Bit About Helping Parents Heal Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents by providing support and resources to aid in the healing process. They allow the open … Read More

3 Dream Symbols to Recognize

June 12, 2020Blog

We all dream. Some people dream all the time and others not as often. Dreams can be very strange and most of the time they seem to make no sense at all. However, they could be signs and messages from your guides.


June 5, 2020Blog

This week in lieu of my usual blog, I feel it is essential to talk about social injustice and to share some important resources and information.  We need to promote inclusion and equality for the black community.  My mission has always been to help hurting people heal and to empower as many lives as I can touch.  This … Read More

This Changed Everything!

May 29, 2020Blog

I really felt compelled to share this again because I feel like we are in The Eye of the Storm right now. Can you open up the path we are being shown? I believe we are being guided to a higher purpose by our circumstances. What happens if we choose faith over fear?

What are the stars saying? A Vedic Astrology Reading for us.

May 22, 2020Blog

I have a wonderful friend and past student, Mark Alexander who is an amazing and talented Vedic astrologer. This week I asked him to look at the stars for us and give us an astrological look at what is going on with our planet and the times we are experiencing right now. I want to … Read More

Your GPS

May 15, 2020Blog

Yes, you’re intuitive! You are born with your own GPS; Guided Psychic System. It’s up to you to use it. It wasn’t taken away from you, it is still there to use when you open yourself. Being psychic doesn’t mean you get the lottery numbers or get to escape learning lessons here on the earthly plane. Intuition is your … Read More