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About The Book

What is normal in the array of emotions and reactions when death occurs? After a significant loss of any kind, many things change in the dynamics of relationships. Some that were close and solid may become frail. And some that were already fragile or estranged can become more so or strengthened.

My family experienced suicide twice within a four-year period. Something I never contemplated happening. I share my story that is very raw at times in hopes of helping those who have experienced loss and are struggling with the ability to move forward.

As a medium I understands grief, death, and healing as I help others through their process. It didn’t come as easily when the loss was my own. My ability to connect with the afterlife doesn’t stop me from being human

The reality is you can’t prepare but being aware of the things that can take place around you can help with managing life after loss. My goal was to create a book with the idea of helping others along their path to healing.

It’s imperative that you breathe, love, and move forward once again.

Grieving to Believing share’s my:

• Personal experiences with loved ones after experiencing loss
• Insights from the work that I have done for over two decades as a medium
• My spiritual beliefs
• What I believe happens with those who cross over
• Perspectives about healing and self-forgiveness, while also learning to connect with those who have passed
• Insights on how to choose a medium to help in your grief process

In my story, I share that I know that my journey of healing is far from over, but I also know that I am stronger than I imagined. AND SO ARE YOU.

I am often introduced to many so-called mediums, intuitives, and psychics.
There is nothing “so-called” about Deb Sheppard.
She is the real thing.
Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium
Author of the New York Times bestseller
Talking to Heaven and The Power of Love