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Preparing for a Session

I am so honored you chose me as your messenger.  I began connecting you with your loved ones in 2001 and have done over an estimated 60,000 readings. I share this because I have found that a little preparation will help you have the best experience possible. Having a message from a loved one can bring up many emotions that you didn’t realize could occur. Know that this is normal. 

I feel it may be helpful for you to know how I make this connection 

  • I connect to the other side by raising my vibration and energy while your loved ones on the other side lower their energy to meet me in the middle, or what we call the veil. Think of being underwater and trying to communicate with each other.  
  • I  have built a language of symbols, metaphors and many other things they will use to communicate with me.  It will come from my reference point so keep in mind, I am interpreting what they give me.
  • When someone crosses over they have no vocal cords, so it’s a bit like playing “Psychic Charades”.  Imagine communicating in 10 feet of water, this is what it is like for me and for your loved one. 
  • I have the ability to use all of my senses.  I will feel emotions, personality traits, and pain in my body at times.  I can also feel if they are younger or older, and generational information.  I will hear things, like a favorite song or a name sometimes.  I will sometimes taste things like their favorite drink, or something they loved to eat.  I will smell things like car grease if they worked on cars, a cologne or even cookies or bread baking.
  • They will show me a bit of a movie as I communicate with them.  They bring things forward in my memory to show me what they are wanting to say or share with you.

Keep in mind this is a three-way process, me, your loved one and you. You are a part of the validation. Your job during a reading is to be able to validate the information coming through. Who they are, and any details they are sharing with you.  Those on the other side want to find a unique way of connecting with you. Validations can also come from those who are still living.  Your loved ones want you to know they are still with you and see what is happening here, for example a marriage, new job, new home and even divorces and illnesses.

When I talk about who can come through please think in your entire network

Keep an open mind to all your connections that may come through, not just the few loved ones that you really “want” to hear from.  Literally anyone from your life can come through and be the one opening the door to the other side.  The other side knows what they are doing way more than you or I.  They are in control, if you limit who comes through you limit the possibilities, and you may miss out on important messages.

Please do a little bit of homework

Do a little brainstorming.  From experience there is nothing worse that when you attend one of my events and are unable to recognize a loved one coming through, and then remember the details an hour later.  

Write down (for your own reference) EVERYONE you can think of that has crossed over, even if you think they are not important.  Let the process unfold as it is supposed to.  Think of your immediate family but also your entire network for example, neighbors, your children’s friends, your hairdresser, accountant, your ex’s and their families, co-workers, a friend from your childhood, aunts and uncles, step family etc.  They can come through whether you expect it or not as quite often the first one out of the gate is someone you don’t expect to hear from.

Some suggestions: 

Parents, Step-Parents, spouses and ex-spouses, brother and sister in-laws, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends from now back through your childhood, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, parent’s close friends, God parents, adopted parents and their families, ex-in laws even if you didn’t like them!

Think outside the box: Teachers, hair stylist, clients, neighbors, even your tax accountant.

Write down: What type of work they did, how they passed, where were they born etc. 

Include unusual things to help you on this journey of connection.  This is only to help you with recalling the details.  The more you are able to do a bit of recalling before your session/event the easier it is  to remember and validate the messages and it will allow the flow of energy  to come through freely without “kinking the hose” so to speak.

I also communicate with our animal kingdom.  

In the course of a reading animals can come through as a validation so you know without a doubt your loved ones are with you.   I have communicated with fish, wild game, dogs, cats, squirrels, lions, tigers and bears, squirrels etc. Include any pets you may have had in your childhood through today.

Please keep in mind that if you have a specific word or something that will not be from my reference point it may not come through.   They access my memories and information that I will understand to communicate.  If they feel it will take too long for me to interpret, they may not use it as a point of reference. 

It does not matter how long they have been gone.   

I can not stress this enough. Many times in a reading someone will say to me “But they have been gone for 30 years…”  It does not matter, I have gone back to the Mayflower and before.  If you know your ancestry, or if they passed away when you were very young, they can still come through.  

Set your intention prior to your session.  Talk with your loved ones and ask them to come through.  It all comes from a place of love.

Most of all I am in gratitude and I hope this brings peace, love and healing for you.

Thank you for choosing me as your messenger.