I'm Deb Sheppard


My journey into mediumship and understanding the spirit world began quite unexpectedly over two decades ago.

I'm Deb Sheppard


My journey into mediumship and understanding the spirit world began quite unexpectedly over two decades ago.

I was faced with a very difficult time in life, frankly it was chaos and because of all of this, I was in fear and feeling paralyzed and lost, I began looking for answers and went on a spiritual journey.

Trying to change the energy around us and to try to change our circumstances, I began to study and implement Feng Shui into my home and life. Pretty soon I began to feel loved ones who had crossed over around me. I really did not understand what was happening at the time but I began to communicate with them. Little did I know how dramatically my life would change. The flood gates opened, and I had the afterlife knocking at me constantly. I didn’t know what was happening nor was I sure of what to do with this so I went to the library and checked out dozens of books. That’s when I realized I was a medium! The voices kept coming and coming and I began to build a language with the other side.

A Great Challenge In Life

Shortly after the horrifying events of September 11, 2001, I connected with a radio station named KOSI 101 and after an incredible night of readings for the station on and off the air, they asked me to join them permanently. I spent an amazing 17 years here providing intuitive and medium readings for listeners on air.

Over several years, I have continued growing my connection to spirit and the other side, and I am grateful to be a bridge between worlds for so many of you. Since realizing my abilities, I have performed over 50,000 healing-medium, intuitive and past life readings and plan to continue to help you connect with the other side though my private sessions, group sessions and events. I am an empath. Your loved ones communicate with me through all of 6 of my Clair senses. I will feel quite a bit of information, for example emotions, pain and then throughout my body. I will also smell, taste, hear, and see things as they tell me who they are and share healing messages they want me to share with you.

After doing some rigorous testing, many times and I enjoy helping many organizations through my healing work. I am honored to serve them. I volunteer with The Find Me Group to help find missing people and solve cold cases. I am also a Certified Medium with Mark Ireland and Helping Parents Heal and was tested and vetted by Best American Psychics and listed on Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory. In addition I have been tested and vetted by James Van Praagh and was honored to have him join me on stage for two wonderful Mediumship demonstrations.

I Have Never Looked Back

I have never looked back; I have never again questioned being a messenger for the spirit world.  If I had not listened to the voices and had I not trusted that I was going to be ok, I would not have chosen this path. I was guided to my higher purpose through the challenges put in front of me during this time. We are sometimes forced to a new road out of necessity.  

As a Spiritual Teacher and Mentor

As a Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, it is also part of my mission to teach you how to do connect and recognize signs! I often tell my clients and audiences that no one is closer to your departed loved ones than you. Your connection was always there, and will always remain, just in a different form. I am happy to share all that I have learned from spirit to help you continue that connection and build authentic faith. My workshops, online and in person are focused on tools and practical ways to help you connect with spirit and your authentic self.

My belief is also to help empower you, so you can break free of the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back from being your true self. I do not believe our life purpose is what we choose as our “job”, instead it is our path to understanding. I also believe that you can gain clarity, have the courage to trust and be more authentic in life when you partner with your guides and spirit.

After guiding and teaching thousands of students my philosophy, and how we can open communication with the spirit world to move forward in a much more enlightened, passionate and inspired way, I know you can benefit too.

Open To Possibilities

Whether you need help with healing from your grief after losing loved ones, want to connect with a loved one who has crossed over, need guidance with life situations, or want to connect with your purpose and passion, know that I am here to serve you.