Deb's Story

Deb Sheppard, internationally recognized medium, psychic, author and speaker, has connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit, helping bring life full circle. Death is a part of every life, and Deb believes those who have crossed over remain connected to us––although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side.

Deb’s incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession. Known as an “empath,” Deb connects to the unseen realms through feelings in her body and her emotions. As a medium, she acts as a liaison, relaying comforting messages between the physical and spiritual worlds. As an entertainer, Deb’s sense of humor, light-heartedness and compassion create a safe and fun environment for all who attend her readings and events.


Deb’s journey into mediumship began unexpectedly, when she and her husband had relocated to Colorado and were facing financial difficulty. Her family was on the verge of losing everything. She decided to look for answers outside of her life experiences––and the answers came: Deb began to feel spirits who had crossed over and, after much reading and exploring, soon realized she was a medium.

In 2001, not long after understanding and accepting these abilities, Deb had an opportunity to be a guest on the Denver radio station KOSI 101.1 DJ Rashke, host of “KOSI After Dark,” was both open minded and skeptical, especially since Deb had not yet established a practice. Rashke took a risk and invited Deb on the show.

That night was surreal.  Deb did 52 readings on and off the air. Deb’s mediumship skills were already shining through with uncanny accuracy, because afterward, Rashke, who had known many psychics, looked at Deb with a serious face and said, “You have the opportunity to change you life, if you want to.”

Deb spent the next 15 years on KOSI 101.1 with a variety of DJs and to this day is extremely grateful to Rashke and Rick Martini, the program director, for taking a chance on her. The experiences changed Deb’s life and launched her career as a medium––on the air and off.

During this time, Deb also worked for six years with Jones Radio Networks, her readings being syndicated on 150 national stations. She is currently featured on iHeart Radio’s 95.7 The Party “JJ & Deanna Show” and Deb Nabb’s “The Mutt Master” show, where she communicates with animals and pet parents that have challenges.

News outlets have also gotten the word out about Deb’s abilities. She has made guest appearances on KUSA-TV Channel 9 in Denver, including “Colorado & Company” with Denise Plante, and other local morning shows. She’s been interviewed over 20 times on a variety of TV and radio programs, and her opportunities on media outlets continue to expand.

Several publications have also highlighted Deb, her philosophies and spiritual understandings: The Healing Path Magazine, which also featured John Holland; Orbs A Personal Journey, a book by Donna Didomenico; Good to Go: A Guide to Preparing for End of Life, a book Jo Myers; and My Loved One Shines On, a Gift from Beyond, a book by Disa Van Orman.


One of Deb’s most passionate missions is to help prevent suicide and aide suicide awareness through numerous efforts and organizations. Deb’s life has been touched multiple times by suicide, and she intends to help change the stigma surrounding this in her work going forward. In fact, Deb’s soon-to-be-released book expresses her depth of understanding of the subject.

Many of Deb’s clients are drawn to her because they, too, have been deeply affected by suicide. Much of her work focuses on helping people cope with grief and guilt when a loved one has died by suicide or helping them understand the mental illness that may have caused it. Deb also helps those contemplating such an act to find the hope, inner empowerment and purpose to live, and to live fully.

Deb has been the featured speaker on the topic of suicide for multiple organizations and at numerous events, such as the Young Professionals Organization, Survivors of Suicide, Women in Business with Mrs. Sandy Dahl (widow of Captain Jason Dahl, the pilot of United Airlines flight 93 on 9/11), and at Cherokee Castle & Ranch in Sedalia, Colorado. Deb is regularly involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, including their “Out of Darkness Walk” each year.

She takes part in other organizations that are doing good work in the world, too, including the “Chelsea Hutchison Foundation” that benefits families touched by seizures, and has been involved with Denver Hospice’s “The Mask Project,” “Camp Comfort” and “Project Safeguard.”

Filled with enthusiasm for helping others, Deb facilitates self-discovery through her Mentoring Program. She also participates in the community by mentoring intuitive kids and supporting teachers and school counselors through her program, “The No Labels Project.” Deb believes that if children are taught to embrace and develop their intuitive abilities, those skills can be used throughout their lives in so many ways.


Throughout her own childhood, Deb’s mother gave her the greatest gift of all: an amiable sense of humor. Deb uses it to keep her audiences and clients entertained, to assist in the healing process, and to facilitate her connection to the other side. Of course, every medium has his or her own unique way of connecting.

Deb believes that souls consist of energy, and the laws of physics prove that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, it’s her belief that our earthly bodies cannot forever sustain the soul’s energy. The body must die, but the spirit lives on.

She also believes that we can live multiple lifetimes in one life and that no matter where we are on our journey, we can change our lives once we open ourselves to receiving. Whether we call it intuition, ability, God, Spirit, Divine, Energy, Universe, or a higher power of any kind, Deb believes everyone can connect if we are open to the answers. 

Having finely tuned her own ability to connect with those in spirit, Deb is able to pinpoint very specific personality traits and detailed information about the individual’s life. Those who have crossed over share what is currently going on in the lives of loved ones here on earth in order to validate without question that it really is them. They are there on the other side, yet still by our sides. Deb believes we are “Forever Connected” and has helped thousands with their journeys into understanding life, loss and creating fulfilling lives.

Deb’s life is one of service, and she is forever grateful for all those who have reached out and touched her life with their abilities, love and support. She believes in and is open to life’s mysteries and synchronicities.

Deb resides in Centennial, Colorado, and has two children, Sophia and Jake. She is finishing her soon-to-be released book that revolves around her understanding of suicide and helping all of us discover our life’s purpose.