Grieving to Believing-Discovering the Afterlife (Hard Cover)


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Can YOU gain a new normal after a tragedy…any tragedy…occurs?
Can you find your path and create the life you desire after a disaster strikes?

YES, YOU CAN! If you are like most, you want your pain to go away. You want any guilt to disappear. You want joy back into your life. For too many, hopelessness becomes a recurring theme every second of every day.

When Deb Sheppard faced what was an overwhelming heartbreak, she discovered a light…the light…was waiting for her at the end of her tunnel. And so can you.

What makes Deb Sheppard unique?
Her readings have amazed and astounded millions around the world.
Her incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession.

She connects to the unseen realms through feelings in her body and her emotions. As a medium, she acts as a liaison, relaying comforting messages between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Gifted with a delightful sense of humor, Deb Sheppard combines her lightheartedness and compassion to create a safe and fun environment for all who attend her readings and events.

Her belief is to help empower everyone that she works with so they can break free of the fears that hold them back from being their true selves.

Deb Sheppard believes that you can live multiple lifetimes in one life and that no matter where you are on your journey, you can change your life once you open yourself to receiving. Whether you call it intuition, ability, God, Spirit, Divine, Energy, Universe, or a higher power of any kind, she believes everyone can connect if YOU are open to the answers.

Grieving to Believing-Discovering the Afterlife will show you how to have the very best life you can under any type of circumstance.

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