Conscious Intentions Manifesting Treasure Box Collection

You deserve the best life! This is exactly what I was thinking when I created the Conscious Intentions Manifesting Treasure Boxes. I have worked with many students over the years and have taught them how to change their thought patterns to create a life they love. I believe thought’s become things and acting “as if” is a truly powerful way to create and realize our best life. I work with energy in readings, in connecting with spirit every day and it is what I used to bring love into my life. My intention is to make it easier for you to manifest your desires, realize you best life and help raise the consciousness of the world.

I created 6 intention manifesting boxes to make it easier for you to achieve you highest good.

The Law of Attraction is real.  What you think you will manifest, so why not put some INTENTION into it.  You can create your best life and make it Be on Purpose.

We invite you to make a wholehearted Conscious Intention and know that as we raise our own consciousness, we uplift the entire world!

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