Becoming & Transformation – Conscious Intentions Manifesting Treasure Box


Becoming & Transformation- You are in transformation-project light into your life.   Rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind.  Spread harmony and peace and transform into what you desire.  You are Becoming the best version of your higher self.   Use the rituals in this box for Regenerating, Rejuvenating and Renewal, Inspire your Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom, Love, Harmony, Balance, Self-Confidence, Willpower, Inner Strength with your toolbox.


Practice your rituals and manifest your transformation! Each item in this manifesting toolbox was chosen for its ability to help influence the positive messages and intentions you are creating to become more connected.   Inside your box you get everything you need to set your intention.  You also get a full description and instructional card.

  • A specially chosen Gem Water Bottle with gems that focus on your intention and what you want to manifest.
  • A Reusable Vinyl to apply to your gem water, infusing your water with your intention.
  • A Full Mala with 108 Beads that is focused on manifesting your chosen intention.
  • A high quality extra soft T-shirt with your intention, in your choice of long or short sleeve in your chosen size.
  • A Seed of Life/Flower of Life cloth crystal grid and a set of the crystals you need to help you manifest your intention.
  • A raw clear quartz point, for the center of your crystal grid to amplify your intentions and crystals.
  • Your intention temporary tattoo that will be a reminder and reactivate your intention every time you see it.
  • Flying Wish paper to focus on your intention and to set it in motionUse all the tools at your fingertips. With practice and a Conscious Intention, you have the potential to create your dream life and have everything you always wanted.

    The Law of Attraction is real.  What you think you will manifest, so why not put some INTENTION into it.  You can create your best life and make it Be on Purpose.

    We invite you to make a wholehearted Conscious Intention and know that as we raise our own consciousness, we uplift the entire world!

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 11.125 × 9.125 × 3.125 in
T-Shirt Style

Womens Short Sleeve, Womens Long Sleeve

T-Shirt Size

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large