Sacred Contracts-Why Am I Here? What is my purpose?


What is my purpose? 

The answer may be quite different than what you think.

We are all spiritual beings living a human experience and most of us want to figure out what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. What is our value of being on this planet? We have situations and occurrences that happen over and over again and we wonder why. We go to work every day and wonder, is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Do we have divine guidance? What should I be learning? Is there something more than what I can see?  

YES, there is! 

I sat down about 15 years ago to do some automatic writing. My guides took me on a journey of discovery with Sacred Contracts. They shared with me our true purpose of Enlightenment and growth as spiritual beings. Prior to making our trip to our college called Earth, we agree to contracts with our soul group to share in our lessons and experience our lessons together.  We review what we desire to learn and try to create some sort of plan to embrace these contracts.  If you were planning a trip or to enroll in college, you would sketch out a plan, and this is no different when our soul chooses the lessons it needs to learn to achieve further enlightenment.  I call these contracts with our soul mates Soul Contracts and these contracts consist of Life Lessons.

Simply put, this is Dharma. Dharma is an exchange of lessons for full enlightenment.  Dharma is also a vibration of love for each other and it allows us the ability to learn why we are here.  We exchange the energy of Dharma willingly to achieve this enlightenment.  We also agree to do this many, many times. Your life purpose is so much more than your “job”.

I do not believe my ability as a medium is my “Life Purpose”. I believe that my contracts are much more complicated than that. My ability brings me so many wonderful things and allows me to help so many people but the judgement, abandonment, and difficulties that come with what I do are my true lessons. We only grow when things are difficult. When things are easy we will just ride the wave, but when things are hard we look for answers and we seek spiritual growth.

Love Deb 💜💜

There is so much more to this and I hope you consider joining me in for my next Soul Contracts class.

Soul Contracts, Sacred Contracts and your Life Purpose.