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Can Mercury Retrograde Be Good?


Planets do not actually move backward in space, but from our vantage point on Earth, they certainly can look like they do! The speed of Earth’s rotation and the distance of the planet from us makes Mercury look as if it is going backward or like it is suspended in the sky. 

Review, Reassess, Reorganize

Mercury is the ruler of communication, the mind, connection, media, technology and commerce. It is also known as a personal planet, and we feel its effects significantly. 

Mercury retrograde phases are here to help you slow down and review, reassess and reorganize.  Mercury retrograde isn’t a time to start something new, it makes sense that we should slow down.  You know it is coming so you are prepared to deal with what’s in front of you at this time. 

Mercury Can Work for You!

Back up your electronic devices, stay flexible and patient, check all warning lights or alarms on your vehicles and electronics, and slow down.  If you sign a contract or start a new job during this time just double check everything, move slowly and be aware. 

The retrograde cycle tends to reveal what is not working properly, and although it can contribute to delays and frustrations, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve.

It is a good time to deal with what you may have been putting off or delaying and Mercury retrograde can be a positive thing for creativity and connection.  

Mercury Retrograde Self-Care Tips for Your Body and Mind:

  • Citrine crystals can help increase positive communication.  Place a couple on your desk or near you. Carry them with you.  
  • Create an essential oil blend to support your wellbeing.  One that I like – blend 9 drops of frankincense, 11 drops of myrrh, 9 drops of ylang ylang and 2 drop lemon grass.  Diffuse in your space or mix with a carrier oil like coconut and apply to your body. 
  • Plan a digital detox. If there’s ever a great time to take a break from your electronics and close out of your social media apps, it’s Mercury retrograde. Who knows what can happen with communication?  
  • Practice some breathing exercises when you’re having a technology or travel issue. There’s no reason to allow yourself to get worked up about something you can’t control.
  • Don’t start new projects, take this opportunity to relook at what you are currently doing. 
  • Pause and breath before speaking to open clear communication. 

Malas and stones to help with focus and mediation during mercury retrograde. 

  • Hematite-grounding to pull negative energy from the body-general survival, place one in each pocket to stay grounded.
  • Amazonite-calming and soothing energy during times of anxiety and stress-carry with you in your pocket or purse.  Provides energetic protection and mental flexibility. 
  • Lapis Lazuli-Supports honest communication and connection to your inner wisdom-place in your pocket whenever you need clear communication.
  • Fluorite-emits peace and harmony, helping to release stress and anxiety.  Carry with you, it is said to bring harmony and balance.  
  • See my Mala’s to find the one that resonates with you to help you manage the energy right now. 



The Year of The Tiger Brings BIG CHANGES

I am an avid follower, teacher, and practice Feng Shui in my daily life so when the Chinese New Year comes around, I love to recognize and celebrate.

The past couple years, 2020-the year of the Rat was about survival, 2021-the year of the Ox was about anchoring ourselves in a new reality.   

Now this year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger we will be focused on BIG changes.  

Chinese New Year is on Tuesday, February 1st.  It is the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, celebrated at the second new moon following the Winter Solstice.  It marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring!  

This is not only the Year of the Tiger, but also the year of the “Water Tiger”.   If you remember from my teaching in Feng Shui, water represents emotion.  Water years tend to bring out our emotions to the forefront.  

 What do you think of when you consider what a tiger represents?  

Great strength, fearlessness, bravery, and forcefulness.  It is also associated with masculine or Yang energy.  Tigers are independent, fearless, loyal, and confident. Tigers are strong in the face of adversity and never back down from a challenge, they’re persistent and determined.  

Generally, this will be a year for gaining back some strength and vitality after a hard-working and often tiring 2021 (year of the metal ox).  We’re finding enthusiasm again, both for ourselves and for others.  Social connection, and progress become possible again under this sign.  But also expect things to rapidly change this year, ups and downs and some drama.  Sudden disruptions in career, romance and home life should be expected.  

There are some things that will bring you good luck this year.  The colors of green and blue, and lucky numbers 1,3 and 7.  

Some other things you can do to usher in the Chinese New Year and bring good luck.

  1. Before the new year clean up your home.  You can get rid of the old energy and bring in new energy and good fortune for the new year.  The Chinese believe energy and good luck flows around the house so don’t clean on New Year’s Day, you don’t want to wash away the good luck and prosperity.
  2. Make your house beautiful.  Decorate with flowers, apples, oranges, grapes which are all symbols of prosperity and welcome in a lucky and fruitful new year.  Colors like red and gold are great colors to use. 
  3. Buy new clothes.  How about something red.  Red is the luckiest color for the Chinese Lunar New Year.
  4. Have a meal with your family.  It is a “reunion dinner” traditionally.  Fish is considered to be lucky.  
  5. Put lucky money into red envelopes and give to bring good luck and good health.  Pick lucky numbers like “6” (Everything goes smoothly.) and “8” (Good luck in making money.) 
  6. Eat something sweet.  We will generally feel happy when eating sweets. And having sweets during Chinese New Year will brighten up your life, in other words, you may start a joyful new year with happiness and energy.

Happy Lunar Chinese New Year 

What does “The Veil is thin” mean?

October and the Harvest Moon have a unique power.  There is a thinning of the veil between the worlds.  Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase, particularly in October, and even more particularly around Halloween.

But what exactly is the veil? Why is it thin and why does it matter?   The veil is where I meet your loved ones, guides, and angels.  It is place between the worlds of seen and unseen, known and unknown, living and spirit.  You can learn to connect with this energy also.

Why is the veil thin throughout October?  Because the days are getting shorter, and we are preparing to temporarily withdraw from the realm of life and growth. The harvest cycle is winding down, but it’s not gone completely yet.  This represents a transition or a doorway. 

Because the veil between the worlds is thin in October, we feel drawn to certain themes at this time of year.  There’s no denying that as we approach Halloween, death is a primary cultural symbol. Scary movies, ghosts, graveyards, zombies, and skeletons, ways of honoring the dead, like Día De Los Muertos.  This Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and death.   Knowing the veil is at it thinnest explains our draw to these themes. 

The Harvest Moon also plays it part.  It was October 22nd, but we can still harness the power of the Hunter Moon to release negativity. Take advantage of it by ridding yourself of the negative thoughts and energy in your mind that might be holding you back.  The Hunter’s Moon allows time for you to unwind and release any harmful habits.  It can help you by setting a positive mindset for the coming journey into the darker months.  It also represents transformations! 

Here are some things you can do to connect during this time.

  • Try Connecting through your dreams: During October, get into bed with the intention to connect as you are drifting off to sleep. If you’d like to get some advice from a spirit guide or guardian angel, or if you want to connect with a loved one who has transitioned to the other side, just ask them.  See what happens.
  • Use Sage to cleanse: Inhaling the smell of sage in 3 deep breaths to center yourself and allow a sense of calmness to wash over you.   Sage aids in to healing from grief, helps to increase wisdom and helps you builds emotional strength. 

Next, waft the smoke around yourself, and then move to each room of your home.  Allow the smoke to move through your space.

As you do so, set your intention and release anything that’s not serving you. Choose a mantra, like: “I release the thoughts that no longer serve me from reaching my highest potential – I call in abundance and positivity for this new journey ahead.”

Be sure to waft the smoke into each corner of your rooms

Once you’ve allowed the smoke to go through your home, open a window or a door to allow the old energy out and new energy in.

You can also open a window to the moonlight to allow it to bath your home in the Moon Energy.

  • Take a cleansing bath or shower: Water is incredibly powerful.  There are many benefits to taking a cleansing bath as part of a ritual.   Take this time to relax, meditate, focus on releasing negative energy.   Imagine letting go of what is no longer serving you and send it right down the drain.


  • Burn it: Because the full moon represents completion, try writing down your inner thoughts and releasing the energy that is not for your highest good by burning it. (Safely of course)


  • Write your intentions: Manifest your intentions into your life.  What do you want to attract? Where do you see yourself in six months or a year?  Visualize where you want to be and write is down “as if” it is already there. 

Sometimes the best way to gain connection through the veil or to take advantage of the energy of the Harvest Moon is to sit back and relax.  Many times, we can see more of what is happening around us if we take a moment to slow down and look closer. 

Shift the Energy In Your Home-Change Your Life

How do you change the energy around you and in you home? Did you know that when I learned how to manage the energy around me was when I realized and started to understand my abilities as a psychic medium and intuitive.

I was going through some major life challenges and didn’t know where to turn.  I had tried all the typical options, but nothing was working. As you know I’m pretty open minded, but during this time I felt so desperate and wanted to do anything to turn things around.  A friend of mine mentioned that I should look at the energy in my home.  

What does that mean?

I learned about an ancient Chinese philosophy call Feng Shui that seeks to find balance and harmony between elements.  It places emphasis on physical and mental health, success, and healthy relationships which is brought on through positive energy flow.  It is often referred to as the art of placement, it’s about “Chi” or energy.  It’s comprised of two words: “feng” meaning wind and “shui” meaning water.  They are the most basic elements required for human survival. Ancient cultures have given us so many insights that we can bring into practice to create balance and to thrive.  

Change the Energy in Your Space

The beauty of this practice I use and teach for Feng Shui is the ease of use.  While studying this topic I chose the method that made it simple to understand and implement. I have researched for years and put together information and methods so you can incorporate this into you life in the quickest and easiest way. 

When I began applying this to my life, I felt empowered as it gave me the knowledge that I was doing something to change and enhance my future.  What you think is what you create, and this was the beginning of that understanding for me to use in my life and teach others.   

What I love about the method I studied and created is you can use it multiple ways in your home, yard, office and so on.  You don’t have to be a decorator or have special training to get the most out of this.   I continue to use it and love the energy it brings to my life.

Start By Drawing a Map of Your Home

Start by drawing a map of your residence and making notes for each room.  Include the the room you dump things in that you don’t need or need to fix or even a project that you have meaning to do for a long time.  This can include storage space and a garage. 

You may even video your home and share it with a friend which may help you see what you are not seeing.  Sometimes we don’t see the clutter or areas as they are because we are so use, to seeing it.  It’s our normal and we don’t see it as an issue.

Feng Shui describes energy as water flowing through your environment.  Think of a river, the ocean, and stale water that has no movement and becomes dirty and undrinkable.  When you are near bodies of water how does it feel?  Calming, anxious, or just wanting to get away from it.  How does your space feel when you walk into your home and enter each room?

Where to Start

Cleanse your space with a Home Cleansing Kit. Then the first thing to do is to get rid of things that you don’t need or no longer serve your highest good.  By removing clutter you begin to change the energy.   Take out things you don’t love, or don’t bring you good memories or energy.   When you keep things that create a feeling of guilt or energy you don’t want in your life, you obviously want to remove those items.  These things lower our vibration, which impacts the energy in our home and life.

At first the language of this topic may feel awkward, but by breaking it down simply you can get the hang of it.  If you are an intuitive person, use your third eye to help you with the changes you may want to make.

The Bagua

I have created an easy Bagua for you to use.  You can place this map over your entire house, yard and then use it again to multiply in each room, and even a desk.  By using this map over and over to increase your intentions in your space. If you have a part of your home that’s missing a space, then you can figure out how to include it in your yard as well as in each room.  This is how you can become a little creative. 

The Bagua tells you what each space is related to energetically. Take the map you have drawn of your home and match it up to the Bagua.  If you have a lot of open space, you can still divide your home according to the bagua.  If your design is missing a space you will want to try to create a space outside your residence if you can, with perhaps a plant, bench a statue etc. to square off the missing area.  As you begin this journey, focus on what is the primary concern in your life and jump start that part of your life.  Then multiply that area of your life into each room so that you can support your intentions. Apply the simple Bagua map and as you walk into each room.  If you are missing a space you can add an intention with color, an element picture or the like, as you continue to multiply the intention you are adding to the value of what you are trying to manifest.  

Make it Easy

If money is limited and you don’t want to make major changes you can still implement the practice.  Again, where is the first thing you want to influence in your life and then start with that space.  How do you feel in that room? What kind of simple changes can you begin with?  Is it disorganized, bad lighting, smells dingy and so on?  These are simple things you can change without costing you money.  Remember, this also includes garages and basements. As you begin this journey, focus on what is the primary concern in your life and jump start that part of your life.  Then multiply that area of your life into each room so that you can support your intentions.

It can be as simple as removing items, moving items, organizing and cleaning up the area.  It’s just elbow grease as they say.  What I have found is most people have items in their home that they can move to another location.  It’s that simple.

There Are Some Important Things To Address


 If you now notice that a bathroom is in your relationship corner and you feel challenged with relationships in your life, or it’s in your wealth corner as an example, then that’s your starting point.  Feng Shui’s theories that what you are lacking is going down the drain.  Yikes! I have some recommendations for you. Do not use colors of water or images of water. Energetically you are sending things going down the drain.  Use colors of mother earth, having a small plant or an artificial one.  You must balance the energy and do not use dried flowers anywhere this represents death but fake plants and flowers are fine. Keep the toilet lid down most of the time if possible and the door to the bathroom closed as well.  Keep a clean bathroom to keep the energy well managed.  


You want all doors to be working smoothly if they squeak, are hard to open and close as well as a fitted handle and lock if needed.  If you have items that effect the door from opening up completely, this means that doors will not open freely, and you may feel doors are closing on you instead of opening up easily.  Remove items behind doors, fix the squeaks and allow them to open easily.  If you come into your home from the garage or side of your residence, please be sure to include these doors especially.  If you don’t use your front door often be sure for it to look nice and presentable to the outside world.  It’s a reflection as how people see you. If you have pots with dead plants or just dirt, then either remove them or add life back to them.

The outside entry way should be inviting and a feeling that people would like to know who lives in that home.  Removing any decorations from past holidays and of course any outside lights that are broken or burnt out.  Sweeping or washing any dirt, spider webs and things that don’t look inviting, then out with it.  Imagine not taking a bath in months.  I certainly don’t want to hangout or approach you.


Mirrors are full of energy and very powerful. When they are directed at something such as your front door or stairs it can push the energy back outside.  As an example, if you are working on your wealth corner and you have a mirror at the front door it can cause all your wealth to flow back out of your wallet.  

Dana had her house for sale after we met and it had been on the market for a while, not getting any offers.  When I came to her home, she had this beautiful full-length mirror facing down the first landing of her staircase.  I mentioned that it may be a good idea to remove it, which she did.  A week later there was an offer.

There are always mirrors in a bathroom so this can represent multiplying water energy.  Just don’t add more, keep them clean and well lit.   Many of us don’t want to look in the mirror because of how we feel about ourselves, this is an example of the energy of the mirror.

Water features 

Water features are always lovely in any space of your home,  whether it be inside or outside.  They are little like the mirror, they are powerful as well.  Having a fountain that flows away from your dwelling isn’t a good idea.  It’s like the mirrors pushing energy out of your life. Make sure your fountains are well maintained and clean of course and I also recommend no water features in a bedroom or relationship corner.  Water is about emotions and having water can create emotional relationships.

Have Fun with It 

I know this is a lot of information to absorb.  However, take small steps and maybe one room or space.  I have also learned that when I’m clearing and cleaning an area, that sometimes I will feel tired or emotional.  This is not only a reminder of the energy that was in this space, but how it does affect our energy.

You will usually begin feeling changes quickly, not overnight but soon after you implement your cures.  If you feel as if the desired intention is slowing down, then it’s time to update what you originally did.  Like stagnant water we need to keep the energy flowing.  This doesn’t have to be a major change, just a few little improvements will suffice.

The most important thing is to not get overwhelmed or are afraid to do it wrong.  Just try to take small steps and then intuitively figure out how it feels.  We all have had that feeling when something feels like chaos or a feeling of serenity.  If you have or had teenagers, you know what I’m talking about.


Deb Sheppard

Ways You Can Be Prepared For Mercury Retrograde Now.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is coming on May 29th 2021 and lasting until June 22nd 2021.   All the signs show that we may be in for a little chaos.  Due to it being in Gemini it is expected to be a bit more intense than others. 

We could experience some communication barriers and upsets.  Your entrance into June could be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, so be patient!

What the Heck? 

First, the planet isn’t really reversing its orbit, it is really an optical illusion where the planet appears to be moving backward from our viewpoint on Earth.  All the things this planet rules can be affected.  Communication, electronics, travel, emails, telephone, writing etc. 

What does this all mean?

This planet’s ability to create this chaos is real. 

Mercury’s backward appearance is a convenient scapegoat whenever a flight is delayed, a computer refuses to work properly, or your phone drops calls or won’t connect.   

Mercury is associated with communication, information, electronics, travel, and clear thinking. So, when it’s retrograde, we must be ready for a breakdown or delays in all those areas. 

Mercury Retrograde Can Be Beneficial

While this period may feel like it’s shaking up your entire world, it is not just a run of bad luck. The side effects of this transit are generally things that are meant to happen for the better.  Realizing things that no longer serve you.  This is the universes way of forcing us to review, recheck, and revisit things in our life. Given that Mercury retrograde isn’t a time to start something new, it makes sense that we should slow down.  You know it is coming so you are prepared to deal with what’s in front of you at this time. 

Mercury Can Work for You!

How can you get Mercury retrograde to work FOR you instead of against you? 

Take a breath. Despite the frustration that comes with a Mercury retrograde cycle, it’s not the end of the world. While it may be an inconvenience to deal with for close to three months every year, it’s not unmanageable.  Back up your electronic devices, stay flexible and patient, check all warning lights or alarms on your vehicles and electronics, and slow down.  If you sign a contract or start a new job during this time just double check everything, move slowly and be aware. 

The retrograde cycle tends to reveal what is not working properly, and although it can contribute to delays and frustrations, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve.

It is a good time to deal with what you may have been putting off or delaying and Mercury retrograde can be a positive thing for creativity and connection.  

Mercury Retrograde Self-Care Tips for Your Body and Mind:

  • Citrine crystals can help increase positive communication.  Place a couple on your desk or near you. Carry them with you.  
  • Create an essential oil blend to support your wellbeing.  One that I like – blend 9 drops of frankincense, 11 drops of myrrh, 9 drops of ylang ylang and 2 drop lemon grass.  Diffuse in your space or mix with a carrier oil like coconut and apply to your body. 
  • Plan a digital detox. If there’s ever a great time to take a break from your electronics and close out of your social media apps, it’s Mercury retrograde. Who knows what can happen with communication?  
  • Practice some breathing exercises when you’re having a technology or travel issue. There’s no reason to allow yourself to get worked up about something you can’t control.
  • Don’t start new projects, take this opportunity to relook at what you are currently doing. 
  • Pause and breath before speaking to open clear communication. 

Malas and stones to help with focus and mediation during mercury retrograde. 

  • Hematite-grounding to pull negative energy from the body-general survival, place one in each pocket to stay grounded.
  • Amazonite-calming and soothing energy during times of anxiety and stress-carry with you in your pocket or purse.  Provides energetic protection and mental flexibility. 
  • Lapis Lazuli-Supports honest communication and connection to your inner wisdom-place in your pocket whenever you need clear communication.
  • Fluorite-emits peace and harmony, helping to release stress and anxiety.  Carry with you, it is said to bring harmony and balance.  
  • See my Mala’s to find the one that resonates with you to help you manage the energy right now.

Sending you love and light!  



Recognizing Signs From The Universe

How many times do your wish you had a sign to help your take the right direction in life? 

Have you asked for answer but didn’t know how to recognize or receive it? 

Do you feel alone and unsupported? 

Spirit talks to us, trying to get our attention and attempting to guide, connect and wake us up! There are plenty of signs, but are you listening and do you know what to look for? 

Because we live in a physical world, we tend to limit ourselves to the physical limitation, which limit Spirits communication with us. BUT-When you are “tuned in” to how the universe is communicating with you, life becomes less confusing and you fell more aligned, guided and connected. 

Slow down-Be Present, Pay Attention and Be Willing to Receive

Every time I connect, I first quiet my mind and raise my energy and vibration. I open my self up to the subtle and creative ways that Spirit communicates with me.  I am open, present, and willing to receive what messages spirit sends me. 

The signs and communication is subtle. It does not smack me in the face, and it is not a loud voice telling me exactly what they are trying to say. I have a clear knowing, and can be very gentle or very obvious but always calm and clear. 

Signs can also be woven into everyday moments. For example you may connect while in the shower, or use my favorite, I connect while I dry my hair. It could be while you’re stuck in traffic or washing dishes. The bottom line you are present and you are open to receiving. This is not a “one size fits all” situation. It is unique to you and it is essential you remove your ego and fears out of the way to let it happen. 

(By the way, I use terms Universe, Spirit, The Divine or God as it is all synonymous)

Here are some of the top 6 ways The Universe Is Nudging You to Pay Attention


Synchronicities are a direct connection to Spirit and a sign that you are on the right path. They are random occurrences that seem coincidental and related, and yet they are not connected. 

Synchronicities are one of the most powerful ways that the universe communicates. As you open your eyes and awaken to Spirit it will occur more and more. Many times you don’t need to read deep into the synchronicity, it’s just a matter of recognizing that there is something much bigger happening around you and is bigger than ourselves. 


Seeing numerical patters are signs from Spirit. For example on a clock you may see 11:11, or 12:34. You may see a certain pattern on license plates or in and address or phone number. Repeating numbers 1111, 2222, 4444, 555 can all be clear signs from the universe that you are on the right path. I would also recommend you research the spiritual meaning of numbers if you have specific ones that keep repeating for you. 

You may also see numbers that have a special meaning. My late husband was born in 1954 and died at the age of 54, so this is a repeating number for me. He says hello all the time using these numbers, I will see them on license plates, receipts, football jerseys, literally everywhere when he is around. 

Signs From Nature

Pay attention to what you see around you and in nature. Animals, flowers, feathers, crystals all have meaning. Is it random, are you drawn to something specific or does it keep reappearing? Has a feather fallen on you or in front of you from a random place. I once had this happen in my kitchen while sitting in a chair a feather floated down from the ceiling. These can be signs and communication from Spirit. The Universe is communicating with you. The other day I saw a ladybug crawling across my path right after a snow storm in cold weather. Do you think I received a sign? 

Deep Feeling or Knowing

Do you feel like “something is off” sometimes? Or “I really feel like I need to do this”? This is a clear sign. It is your intuition and spirit talking to you. There is a deep feeling or “truth” we feel when your connection with Spirit is deepening. Pay attention and know that your inner truth is being nudged or awakened. 

People As Signs

The Universe has a way of using people in our lives as vehicles of communication or messages. Maybe you hear a message on the radio of someone speaking, or get a text or phone call that triggers something in you.

It could be overhearing a conversation that give you a deep sense of knowing somehow. It could be someone reaching out after not talking for quite some time. Not everything is a sign, but it is a sign if you have asked for guidance and now someone randomly tells you something related to your question. Your intuition will know, and the key is to follow it. 


Do you keep having the same dreams over and over again? Are you seeing the same person all the time, visiting the same places, having the same types of experiences? Are there animals in your dreams? Does water show up and what does the water look like, calm or rushing? 

Did you have an intense dream that felt very real? Who appeared in your dream? Did they say anything? 

Messages, guidance, and answers can come to us through our dreams. Look into the “meaning of dreams” to see what it can mean. 

Setbacks, roadblocks, detours, and delays

When out of nowhere your flight gets delayed, your interview gets cancelled, you get sick and must change your plans, The Universe might be trying to nudge you in a different direction.

These things are usually beyond our control so it’s best not to fight or resist it. Accept it and take it as a sign that the Universe is shifting to align with a higher vibration. 

The universe knows your needs BEFORE you realize it. All you have to do is look out for the signs and TRUST that you are being guided and supported. 


Deb Sheppard

The Truth About Karma and Dharma


When someone hurts you, or someone you love do you think about Karma? Do you hope that they get what they deserve? Or, maybe in the back of you mind wish for them to suffer as they have made you or your loved ones suffer. Do you ever say “karma will come back and get them”?

 Do you wonder if many tough situations in your life might be Karma from a past life? When I think about Karma, it reminds me so much of the belief in Dogma. Dogma is punishment for wrong doing. Many religions teach that if do something bad, you will go to hell. Do good and you just might get into Heaven. This is not to say that we should do “bad” things and not expect punishment.

I’ve been connecting with the other side for over 20 years, and I’ve never felt anyone was in hell.  During a session I had someone I believe was truly evil on earth. Ted Bundy briefly came through and confirmed he killed a client’s friend. I did not feel he was in a “bad” place or in a hell and I have had many loved ones come through who have done some very bad things but still did not feel they were in a hell. I believe we wish that there is a place like this for those who have done wrong. In some cases Karma is a way to wish bad upon another person. In my belief system this can be such a low vibration.


Dharma is more of an exchange of energy where we learn from the teachers we have in our lives.  They are not here to learn from us or change, we are!  That’s the difficult part.  We want them to “get it” and that’s not how it’s designed.

Think about the people in your life that have been difficult, challenging, judge you, left you, didn’t see your value.  What we do is try to prove why they are wrong, and we are right.  Sometimes we find it difficult to release our feelings, we hang on to hope that they will get their “karma”. That pain and suffering will follow for them. Of course, our human nature is we want others to hurt if they have hurt us or those we love.   Since we are here to grow and become enlightened, what we need to realize and understand is these difficult individuals are in our lives to help us learn.  

You can take action to help yourself along this journey. Learn to create boundaries, see your own worth and don’t allow other people to define you.  Encourage other people to see the patterns in their lives.  I often hear people say, this always happens to me.  How often to you hear others say this as well?

When learning about your life’s purpose, you can begin to understand that karma can have different meanings.  The law of attraction dictates that what we send out to the universe, we will get back from the universe. Wanting harm or punishment for others is something we may desire in our human experiences, but is that what we want to put out to the universe? The more you are able to gather your insights and focus on not allowing their energy to define yours the more you can release the negative thought patterns.

3 Ways to Release Your Limiting Beliefs 

  • Write the story down and then do a ceremony to release it. You can burn it, offer it to the earth by burying it. Send it down a river like a paper boat, tear it and offer it to the ocean, whatever you desire. The intention is to release it, so you do not need to carry it any longer.
  • Put photos in the freezer. This is a metaphor for chilling them out-literally.
  • This last one is the most difficult, but trust me-if you can do it. You will be so tired of the limiting belief story your are carrying, you will be more than ready to release the old stuff. Record your limiting belief story and listen to it many times. What happened, how do you feel about it, why do you feel this way. Feel how this is what you are sending to the Universe. It will make you tired of hearing it and feeling it. You will be motivated to change the story-tell your new story. Record that and listen to it over and over again. Understand that the new story is what you would like to manifest and start sending that to the Universe instead. Watch what happens.

For more listen to Spirited Straight Talk Karma & Dharma



Chakra Balancing for Our Wellbeing

If you haven’t heard of the word chakra before, this word or term or understanding has been around for thousands of years. It is a Sanskrit word, and the literal meaning is “wheel”.

There are seven main chakras that run along your spine. They start at the root, or base, of your spine and extend to the crown of your head. Each chakra has a different color, a different vibration. Each one spins differently and connects different parts of the body. Some believe you have at least 114 different chakras or energy centers in the body.

Our four life energies

Chakras play an essential role in our four life energies. Physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy. These are all related and overlap to work with each other.

Our chakras can become stuck or blocked which means they have a lack of energy flow which can affect our four life energies. When we go along our life path there are things that create an imbalance in our chakras which cause us to get away from our true divine self. When they are balanced, our chakras can contribute to our immune system and enhance our bodies ability to heal itself. What creates an imbalance in our chakras could be toxic food elements, negative people, negative thoughts and actions, being hurt by others, and just generally going along our life path. So we must balance these regularly to keep our energy aligned.

Small vortex’s in our bodies

Think of chakras as a small vortex within your body lined up with the area of each chakra. They start at the base of your spine and go all the way up through the top of your head. You may have seen a picture of someone doing yoga. It will usually show a person will have their legs are crossed in meditation and you will see the chakra colors and zones going from the spine all the way to the top of the head.

That’s a great way to imagine what chakra’s look like in our bodies. I always say we have the soul, but we also have the body that carries us around this earth plane. Those chakras are vital in order to create the healthy life that we want. Whether it’s using your voice or trusting your gut or opening your heart or standing up for yourself, all these chakras are affecting the things that we do in our life. 

Out of alignment

People always ask the question how do you know something’s out of balance? There are several ways to look at it. I think it’s a constant thing that we always have to rebalance our chakras and our energy centers. I have had to address my root chakra lately, so I have been swimming to re-establish my connection to mother earth. It’s that connection that I want, to be on this earth plane and be able to experience life that way. Some people want to know what chakras to start with. I always recommend starting from the root and moving all the way up. If you know there’s one certain area, like your heart’s really closed, or you just don’t trust anybody.  By working on that particular area can also really help create the balance for you. 

We all want to be more intuitive and more aligned in our lives. In order to do this our first focus on balance. Our chakra system provides a way for people to balance themselves, to be able to feel spirit more, and to feel energy and to connect to our true selves versus walking around in a fog.

The techniques that I suggest or are very some very easy things that you can do to balance and wrap your head around the entire concept.   I really try to KISS-keep it simple sweetie, so that anyone can begin to use this as a way to understand. I will give you 5 things things you can do for each chakra to get in balance. Take your time and start at the root.

Root Chakra

The root chakra moves the slowest. It’s the color red and at the base of your spine. I remember years ago when I was in my early twenties, I was going through a lot of transitions and the I was really drawn to the color red. It makes sense now. but at the time I didn’t understand what chakras were. If you’ve gone through a lot of changes in your life in the last couple of years, the root chakra needs attention.

Pay attention if you have any injuries to your legs, for example if a knee is a problem, or your feet have issues. If you keep tripping or bumping your legs. These are all symptoms or signs that your root chakra is not as balanced as it could be. A feeling of insecurity, or lacking energy could also mean your root chakra needs attention. If you are receiving judgement from others, that judgement can also create an imbalance in our root chakra. Guilt and shame arise in this area. Our root chakra helps our strength that we need to support us when we go through really difficult times.  I always joke to go hug a tree but seriously-this is a great way to connect with the earth.

  • Yoga pose-Childs Pose
  • Food-Root vegetables, Spicy foods or red foods
  • Walk outdoors barefoot-connect with earth
  • Wear red clothing
  • Use a gemstone Mala for Meditation-Empower

Sacral Chakra

Our second chakra is the sacral chakra and that is the color orange. This is where our creativity is born. It is also tied to our emotions and working harmoniously with others. Most of the time we just don’t give attention to that part of our body. I find that this can be really imbalanced when there has been issues of sexual abuse. It is also characterized by someone who hasn’t felt good about their sensuality. Sometimes when people have fibromyalgia or issues with pregnancy or hormone levels, this can mean that the second chakra could be imbalanced. If there’s something that doesn’t feel healthy regarding that part of your body, the sacral chakra is something to really look at. If you have issues with addiction or over indulgence on balancing our sacral chakra can help. When in balance you will feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Yoga pose-Butterfly pose
  • Foods to eat-Nuts, orange foods or liquids
  • Gardenia essential oils
  • Wear orange clothing
  • Genstone mala for meditation Release

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra, which I always think is so important, is in charge of our gut feeling, or intuition. It’s the color yellow and resides in our solar plexus. This is a very important one to work on if you are struggling with trust. If you’re trying to be more intuitive, you’re working on connecting with your loved ones or spirit, many times we don’t trust. What will happen is we get this feeling, and we don’t trust it, and then we analyze it. For me, I’ve had to really learn to trust that what spirit wants me to receive, and it’s not for me to change. Sometimes people want to control an outcome, when we cannot always have control.

Really the universe knows much more than we do. I think what happens as we navigate life, we make choices and we feel like we couldn’t trust a situation or an individual, in consequence, we stop trusting our gut. We give up our gut feeling and our ability trust. I tell the story about the first time I got married, I was walking down the aisle thinking, “I shouldn’t do this”. I didn’t trust my gut and of course it didn’t last but I blamed my partner versus recognizing that it was my fault because I did not trust my intuition. It took a while to rebuild that trust in me again. We use our gut for almost everything we do. If you really want to be more intuitive, trust the process of the universe, trust yourself.

  • Yoga pose-Sun Salutation or Plank Pose
  • Foods-Yellow foods, grains, spices ginger and turmeric
  • Laughter-watch comedy
  • Wear yellow
  • Meditation gemstone Mala-Cleanse

Heart Chakra

The color of the heart chakra is green and pink. When it is out of balance it can create emotional instability and inability to discover purpose and passion. We have a tendency to go logical with the heart. Have you been hurt by someone, and are you afraid of finding new love. Love and compassion for yourself, and your own personal journeys is essential to balance here. Understand what unconditional love means, but also, loving things. What is it that really helps your heart sing? You will actually get more things done when your heart has that joy.  When we achieve balance it brings peace, bliss and one can receive and give love wholeheartedly.

  • Yoga pose-Cobra or meditation with hands at the center of your chest
  • Green foods or warm soups and broth
  • Wear green
  • Essential oils Lavender or Jasmine
  • Gemstone meditation Mala Heart Healing

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is our fifth chakra and is lighter blue in color. Are you using your voice and are you listening to others? How many people have had things with their thyroid, or sore throats, or have coughed a lot? All these things stem from our throat chakra. Do you want to be able to hear your guides, your loved ones. Then you will want to make sure that you take time to listen to when people talk. I feel if you are worried about your value, if people are not listening to you, or if you feel you’re not really being heard, this is the chakra balance. Be authentic and speak your truth. If you feel like you’ve been judged a lot in your life and not listened to, this is also why to work on this chakra. 

  • Yoga pose-cobra or camel
  • Foods-Blueberries or blackberries
  • Coconut water or herbal teas
  • Essential oil-frankincense
  • Meditation Mala-Expression

Third Eye Chakra

Perception, intuition, wisdom, creativity, and inspiration are all tied to the third eye chakra. It is the color indigo. It is located in the center of the forehead. My third eye is obviously very active. This is where I have that little movie that goes on in my head. Many don’t trust what they’re visually getting, and that’s where the third eye chakra really helps create that balance.

For me, it’s building another language where I’m able to download or see things to be able to explain, or be shown, from a loved one who was crossed over. If you are not balanced, if you don’t feel like your root chakra or your throat or your third chakra is an alignment, this can create some issues in receiving information in your third eye. All of the sudden you may get this idea and see it in your third eye your mind.

  • Yoga pose-child pose or downward facing dog
  • Purple or blue foods
  • Wear indigo
  • Chocolate
  • Gemstone meditation mala-Spiritual Connection

Crown Chakra

Last but not least is the crown chakra. That would be on top of your head. How many of you sometimes will feel those goosebumps that go down your body, back of your neck? That’s your crown chakra. It is the color purple. You really want to use that energy to help balance all your chakras. You want the root chakra and the crown chakra to all plug in together. It’s like a string of Christmas lights. Think of it like you’re plugging them all in and that they’re all working. That way you know if one is disconnected and as you know, there can be a light bulb out when it gets disconnected, it’s going to mess up your lights. If one of them is not connecting right, then it does create an imbalance.

How do we move forward? How do we create the life we want? One easy thing to do to help with balancing all chakras is just go take a shower and imagine those colors coming down your body. Balancing chakras can be very simplistic and then you can also work on each one in more detail. To help balance the crown chakra, fasting and detoxifying can help clear the mind to better gain that connection to the universe.

  • Fasting or Detoxing
  • Yoga-seated meditation poses
  • Lotus incense
  • Violet or purple foods
  • Mala for meditation-Energy balance

This gives you a like a little appetizer about the energy of chakras. I do have a Chakra Balancing kit that can help you balance all your chakras. Honestly, this is something that you’re always going to be working on and balancing. We have a body that we take care of that we nurture, feed and rest. We must also nurture our soul and chakras that are vital to what we want to create in this world and how we want to heal. Balancing and thus healing your chakras can lead to a more productive, fulfilled life. 

Check out the Chakra Balancing podcast on Spirited Straight Talk, I include a special Heart chakra meditation.


Deb Sheppard

Is Forgiveness Always Essential for Healing?

We must first forgive ourselves.

When it comes to forgiveness or learning how to forgive others what it really comes down to is the ability to forgive ourselves first. 

Many times when I do a reading for a loved one, forgiveness will become a part of the topic. I believe that there is tremendous power in forgiveness. Forgiveness can be a challenge, however our growth towards enlightenment has many of us looking at this lesson with a magnifying glass at times.  Forgiveness is one of the biggest challenges in our Life Lessons as part of our Soul Contracts.  

I would like to also give you a different perspective.

We are often taught that forgiveness is essential for personal growth and healing but in my experience as a spiritual teacher and medium, this is not always the case.  In my experience I believe you can move on, you can let go of anger and you can heal.  

We recently shared Dana’s life story on Spirited Straight Talk podcast regarding trauma and childhood abuse.   In this situation there was major trauma that took place and there was an expectation on her to “let go” of what happened and to forgive her perpetrators which were her stepmother, father and many other people of trust.  Dana and I spoke about her experience and contemplated why she was expected to forgive and have relationships with her abusers.  If you find yourself in this situation know that I do not believe your are dwelling on the past or harboring negative emotions.  You are giving yourself time to decide what is best for you.

Here are a few things that may help.

  • Analyze the situation and decide how you feel about what has been done to you.
  • Allow yourself time to heal.  There is no timeframe, and you are not doing it wrong.  The process is different for everyone.  If forgiveness is not a step you want to take yet, you will be ok.  I am not a fan of Dogma which teaches guilt and shame.  There is no shame in allowing yourself time to heal. 
  • Take your time. Saying you forgive someone when you haven’t can make you feel isolated.  Forgiveness cannot be forced, so allow yourself time to truly figure out how you feel.  Your healing process is the most important thing, so show yourself compassion.  If you are angry or hurting, then acknowledge that and don’t beat yourself up about it.  It is normal to feel these emotions if you have been hurt or betrayed. 
  • Acknowledge what happened and consider the severity of the situation.  Have they apologized and did they come to you directly?  It won’t always make up for it, but it is a good indication of remorse.  It may help you as you consider how you move forward.  
  • Remind yourself that the person who hurt you is human.  We all make mistakes.  If you can see them for who they are you may be able to “let go” of some of the anger.  Forgiveness is still your choice and allow yourself time to heal. 

Are you the one looking for forgiveness?

If you were the person who hurt an individual are you willing to take responsibility?  Can you apologize without sharing why you did what you did, unless the individual wants to know?  Are you willing to hear how your actions effected their lives without interrupting or defending yourself?  Can you accept they may not be able to forgive you?  Also, if you want the relationship to heal so they can trust you again, what are you willing to do?

There is no doubt everyone has hurt another person and for many of us that is not what we intended, but it does happen.  We are human and we will make mistakes, however we are also here to learn as we experience life.  

Wherever you are on a journey of forgiving yourself, forgiving others or just acknowledging where you are on your journey, know that you are going to be ok.    We all have our unique path of learning, healing our hearts and growing into the light filled souls we are meant to be.

Connect to Spirited Straight Talk Podcast to hear more of Dana’s Story and many other topics.

Namasté and Love,

Deb Sheppard

The Universe is Guiding us to share this!

Synchronicities, never seem to amaze me.  During my most recent podcast posted on March 29th (Listen here) we talk about a very important topic, child abuse. After we launched this episode, we realized that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.   The Universe is giving us the guidance to prove that triumph and healing can happen for those who have been neglected, abused and hurt.

Throughout my many years connecting as a psychic medium and teaching spirituality I’ve covered many human experience topics. This one is close to my heart and soul.  My best friend and partner of 6 years, Dana shares her journey and healing from her childhood.  While I’ve heard most of her story, she has never shared this much of it. In fact we had to put it into a two-part episode. Episode 2 will be out on Monday April 5, 2021.

5 Children Die Every Day

During the pandemic we noticed that there were so many reports of child abuse. Statistics show, in the United States, we have an estimated in 4.4 million child abuse cases, 7.5 million children are affected. Heartbreakingly, 5 children die every day from child abuse. Neglect happens for 74.9% child abuse victims, and 92% of cases parents are the abuser. Lastly, 65,000 report sexual abuse.  This just astounds me. These are the cases that are reported, there are many more that are ignored? More info HERE. There are so many heartbreaking stories out there.

Without knowing Dana’s past, my first impression was a very different than what I now know about her. She has never shown anger that I would expect to see from someone who had this experience.  I see a determined, intellegent woman, who wants to help others and is driven to be the best at whatever she does.   She never lets the past define her, but strives to heal and understand. We only share her story to help others along their path to healing.

You Are Of Great Value

If you have struggled through an abusive situation, I want you to know that there is hope. Abuse can bring so much shame. If we talk about it, we can bring awareness and understand that it is not the abused that should feel shame. Our healing and challenges are unique and healing from our past looks different for each of us but, find your power and do not let the past define who you are today.  You are of great value no matter what anyone has said or done to you-You have a greater purpose than the shame and rejection you were shown-You are lovable, and you have great meaning to others.  

If You See Something Say Something

If you are an advocate for children or anyone who may be experiencing this type of situation please say something. Whether by proclamation, through social media, with graphics, by sharing this blog, the podcast or other means, spread the word about child abuse prevention and let your community know they can take action. 

Use these free prevention outreach tools to engage in supporting children, youth, and families this National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM)!

Namasté and Love,

Deb Sheppard

Ask Deb Anything- Your Questions Answered

I’ve been asked 1000’s of questions.  Not one is weird, strange or insignificant.  They all have meaning and I know there is desire to understand the unknown.  Humans are seekers and especially after a significant loss we have so many unanswered questions.  

I’m honored to provide my perspective and experiences from my journey so far.  It doesn’t mean it’s the only truth or the only answer.  I love providing my insight to anyone who is curious.

First question that is always asked.  “Are they okay?”

My answer is 100% YES.  I joke that there is no taxes or dieting, so it must be heaven but with humor aside, our loved ones do not take with them the pain and struggles they endured while experiencing life on earth.

Know that we are all living our human experience here and when we cross over we are not the same. We gain a new understanding. Their personalities will come through as you remember them, however if they were cruel or not a good person, that will have changed.  They may perhaps, apologize for their behavior. They don’t carry the anger and sadness that they experienced here on earth, but they remember and will talk to you about this experience.

I have said over the years, being a messenger is an honor and while my clients are grieving it would be difficult if those in the afterlife were grieving as well.  For me, it would take a lot of energy to manage.  Your loved ones whether you had a positive or negative relationship will provide insight into your relationship, but they do not carry the hardships they had before crossing over.

Many times, I find they are having a party with other loved ones whom they have met, including beloved pets and ancestors.  We are the ones missing them but they are still with us and are finding new experiences on the other side.

Are they with me all the time?

Well, I hope not!  Like those experiencing life on earth, we are not with our loved ones or our community 24/7.  That would actually make us a little nuts.  We need to have our alone time.  

Since we miss them, we have a desire to know they are around us.  Know that they certainly are with you and see what you are going through.  When I’m doing a session and the loved one talks about odd things such as plumbing issues, career changes and family concerns it’s because they are seeing what is going on in your life and they want you to know they support you.

They enjoy sharing about trips you have taken or are about to take, new babies and accomplishments.  Many times, they will discuss health concerns or someone in the family that has been difficult.

These explanations are evidence that they know and see what is happening in your family.  They are aware of your life, the ups and downs that we each live through.  Many times, they will visit me before your session.  They love making themselves known especially if they had a lot of personality.  

How do I know they are visiting me?

They visit you and show you signs. What stops this connection is our busy lives and our grief.   If we slow down and just be quiet and still we will notice them. This is what I desire for each of my clients who would like to connect with their loved ones.  The experiences are gentle most of the time.  Giving small indications that they are around.  It’s normally not a big “ahha” that must be my mom.  It’s more of a quiet awareness that is felt or heard. This is why so many that do feel their loved ones, feel as if they are making it up or just wanting it to be real.  I would suggest that most of the time when you are feeling your imagination at work, it’s truly is your loved one.

How I Connect with Your Loved One

When I connect with your loved one I must trust what I am receiving and I am 100% in the moment.  It comes from my right brain or creative side, I lose all analytical insight.  I take all of this information they share with me and interpret what spirit is saying to me.  It takes a lot of energy for your loved one to connect with the earthly realm, so I as a medium raise my energy to make the connection easier for them and I.

I am an empath and have the ability to use all 6 of my senses or all my Clairs. They “tap in” to all of my senses. I hear, see, smell, taste, feel and see a bit of a movie in my third eye to translate a message.  Over the years, I’ve built my own vocabulary that they use to show me things about them.  For example, if I see a newspaper unfolded it means to me this person was well read and they wanted to know what was going on in the world. A railroad or train either means they lived on a train or their name is Robert, Bob or James.

Sometimes, I will feel the pain of how they passed worthier illiness. Many times, I will cough if they passed from lung disease, hanging or a drowning.  Not always fun, but it’s their way of letting me know what happened to them. Taste is always interesting.  If they drank scotch, vodka or beer they may make me taste these things.  They may show me what their favorite food was or what they ate before they passed can be presented as well. If you snuck them pie or chocolate as a treat while they were ill, I get to taste it too.

This does become a little exhausting for me, and to manage this I have learned to turn it off when I’m not being a messenger.  I need earth time to feel grounded and be in my human suit.

Some of the Things They Can Do

These are just some of the ways a loved one can show they are with you.  They love messing with our electrical items, such as phones, computers and light bulbs.  Several times they have turned on my TV around 2 am to say, I’m here. 

These are just a few questions you may have and if you want to hear more you can connect with my latest podcast on Spirited Straight Talk where I talk about these things and more of your most wanted answers.


Deb Sheppard

Clearing Energy You Don’t Want! (and some ghosts too)

Imagine this, you are sitting on your couch and a wine bottle shoots across the room and lands on a travertine floor without breaking. Or, a door slams and you are the only one in the house. Maybe a cabinet full of vases all fly out and drop to the ground. Could be a bit scary right? This is my house on the regular!

Just for fun!

Just for fun and because I like to talk about every topic, I welcomed Extreme Vision Paranormal to Spirited Straight Talk. The unknown can be scary. In my world, the unknown is where I work. To me, it is not scary, it is just energy. Energy can be be present in many different forms, but it can not be destroyed. The energy every living thing has can leave imprints on this world when the physicality of life is no more. Sometimes this energy can manifest itself into the physical world and can create uncertainty or fear for those who are experiencing strange happenings.

What Is This Energy?

I recently had my friends from Extreme Vision Paranormal, a group of ghost hunters based out of Illinois, on my podcast to talk about energy and their experiences with the paranormal investigations they have done. This group is unique because they go into an investigation with the mindset that they will explain the occurrence as being of this world versus of the paranormal world.

They go through a very scientific process using specialized equipment to “capture” a voice or an image. Much like I myself am a radar for spirits, their equipment used is a tangible radar that can help to validate the paranormal. EMF recorders, cameras, digital and voice recorders, cctv camera systems, and even dousing rods are tools they have in their arsenal that can all scientifically measure energy.

Am I Going Crazy?

The folks at Extreme Vision Paranormal have some great thoughts on energy and specifically residual energy or hauntings. Many people who seek out the help of paranormal hunters just want the proof that what they are experiencing is valid. They want to know they are not going crazy!

It takes a ton of energy for spirits to vocalize or communicate with us. When Extreme Vision does an investigation, they will first go into a room to establish a baseline EMF recording.  Investigations are done at night to cut down on human activity and noise. They use various recorders. Spirits love any kind of electrical equipment because it is easier for them communicate through those devices in order to be heard. It takes a great deal of energy from spirits, they have to lower their energy levels and electrical equipment allows them to express themselves in an easier way.

Where is this coming from?

When we have energy in our home that is unwanted, how do we get rid of it? Clearing energy is simple when it’s done with intention. Examine the reason you feel that clearing the energy is something that is needed. Then, what do you hope to gain from the cleansing? Set the  intention for the new energy coming in. Are you wanting the energy to move on, or do you want to clear the space of negative energy? Do you want to pave the way for more positive feeling in your space, or is there a specific intention? Be clear very clear about your intention.

A Few Things You Can Try

  1. SMUDGING– Using Sage, or Palo Santo to cleanse your space. Walk through your space with intention with your favorite. Make sure your windows and doors are open to allow the energy to leave the home. Waft the smoke into each room making sure you get all the corners, ceilings and any small space. Negativity tends to collect in corners just like dust. Touch windows, hallways, and closets with the healing smoke.
  2. SALT– Use salt around the perimeter of your space. This is setting the intention so that boundaries are clear. This allows unnecessary spirits to avoid your space because you are letting them know your boundaries.
  3. CRYSTALS-You can also strategically place crystals throughout the space so the power of the crystal can cleanse. I chose Selenite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst for the kit I recommend. All for peace, calm and positivity.
  4. CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER– Clutter can create physical and spiritual obstacles in life. Clutter can sometimes translate as symbols of negativity within your life. Clearing it out helps formulate a clear intention of healing and positivity.
  5. CLEANSING CEREMONY– Ask the negative energy to leave. You can use any type of tool to help to create that ceremony whether it be drums, chimes, bells, or even holy water splashed in corners of your space.

BONUS-Bring in the good energy- Finally, bring in the positive energy with things like music, fresh plants or flowers, even candles. Open up the blinds and let the sun in or some fresh air in. Have a celebration, whatever that looks like for you. Cook your favorite meal and celebrate great, positive energy!

When you listen to this weeks podcast episode titled Ghosts, The Paranormal and Clearing Energy You Don’t Want you will hear a few spooky things captured and the paranormal can be understandably frightening.

I just have to say, I hear your loved ones voices all the time and I always find it comforting versus scary.

I also have put together a Home Cleansing Kit if you need a bit of help cleansing the energy in your space. It may help you hear from your loved ones a bit easier as well.

Namasté and Love,


Stop Struggling & Manifest What You Want (Finally)

How can we create the life we dream of? Have you tried to manifest an outcome?

Be Clear With What You Want

You must be very being clear about what you want to create. If you are confused about what you really want, how can the universe help you? Sometimes we may think and say we want certain things, but then we end up holding all the energy back. Maybe something that happened in the past is affecting how we feel, or perhaps there is self-doubt. Being very clear can allow the manifestation to happen in a more fluid way.

It Does Work!

I have an example for you as to how manifesting has worked for me in a dramatic way. When I was single and searching for a partner, I decided to write a letter of gratitude to the universe for bringing my perfect partner into my life. I wrote this letter as if it had already happened, with what I was blessed to have in my life, specifically about this partner. Although I never identified a him or her. I would recommend to not to be attached to the outcome when manifesting. Trust the universe. I certainly did not expect to meet the woman of my dreams, Dana, but the universe had other plans for me. Because when Dana came into my life, she was everything the letter had described. This manifestation changed the course of my life and has brought both of us great joy.

Are You Aligned

Make sure you are manifesting what you need in life by being very aligned with what you’re saying. It is important to believe in what you really want. If you have a bunch of bad clutter in your mind and fears about past situations, it can cloud how they believe in yourself. If you believe that you don’t deserve it that you can truly create what you desire then it most likely won’t happen. What has happened to you in the past is still affecting how you move forward. We continually need to ask ourselves am I in alignment with what I want? 

Limiting Beliefs

Throughout life we are taught limiting beliefs from our parents, friends, some teachers or ex partners in relationships can all curb our thoughts and opinions. When we hear phrases like, “who do you think you are?” of   “Do you think you’re really that smart?”, “You are not that talented.” etc. We tend to carry these beliefs that have been pushed on us by others. Then what happens? We start actually aligning with those limiting beliefs, they start coming true, confirming that limiting belief. This can impede your manifestation process greatly. This brings me to the Law of Attraction, whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. If you are continually negative, then you will receive negative back. Stop the negative chatter in its tracks!

How To Receive

How can we be aware of what we are putting out to the universe? Are we creating blocks and obstacles for ourselves? To me manifesting sometimes feels like it’s magical, but a lot of this is just having a goal in mind. Publishing my book was my goal. In order to accomplish this I had to ask for and receive help. Receiving is very difficult for some wrap their head around. You must receive in order to allow the great things the universe has in store for you. You must be open to receiving. If you are one that is always doing for others but feel as though it is not returned, you have trouble receiving. When we manifest what we want, we must learn to receive what we were trying to manifest in the first place. 

How To Manifest Your Desires

There are a number of ways I teach my clients how to manifest, Very simple, yet challenging exercises to help you achieve what you desire. It could be a relationship, a job, or even a beach vacation house!  I talk about 5 specific things to work on. Listen to my latest podcast on manifesting to get ideas. The world is your oyster! Manifest it!!

How Letting Go Of Control (and controlling people)

Could transform your life.

What I have been reminded of lately is how many people want to exert control over everything around them. I was in a medium session a few weeks ago and had a client who would not let go of controlling who came though in the session. This client absolutely refused to acknowledge a loved one that wanted to communicate. They really wanted to control the session and the other side by determining who they would acknowledge.

Think about control, could it be controlling someone, something or an outcome of a situation. Are you in a controlling relationship or are you a controlling person? Are you that person that has to see things or do things a particular way? This could be a relationship, job, experience or really anything in life. Sometimes we think that we know what’s best for us or best for somebody else.

The Universe Has A Bigger Plan

We forget that the universe has a bigger plan and if this is you, then you are really going to miss out on the great things the universe has in store for you. By trying to control everything you are living in fear and fear is also what you are also sending to the universe. It’s a bit like a mirror.

Do you want to be more open too connecting with your guides or loved ones from beyond. This will not happen if you’re not willing to surrender to a process. That means you must let go of controlling the outcome.

Trust The Process

People want to control because they don’t want pain anymore. Or they control because they themselves feel unsafe and are untrusting. Sometimes people control out of fear of something bad happening to their loved ones. A safety concern. Many people that have gone through trauma want to control because of that reason. However, if you really want the universe to open and bring you things, are you willing to be more open? 

There’s a process to being more open. But it’s going through that process where the struggle exists. Most of us don’t want to go through the process. 

Control VS Surrender

How are these two concepts different?  By controlling I mean someone who wants know where you are every second, who you’re talking to, how long you’re going to be somewhere, what are you eating, what you are doing etc. Or if you are doing all those things, are you not trusting yourself or that individual. Why are you having a hard time trusting. Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up your power. Surrendering means trusting a process. 

Are You A Controlling Person?

If you’re in that situation where you are the controller, take accountability and acknowledge what is causing you the desire or need to control? Why aren’t you trusting? Is there something in your past that has created a need to have to control over another person or all situations. Delve into this a little bit more and be honest and authentic with yourself. On the other side, if you’re in a relationship with a controller, why? What need does it fill? 

Does This Come From Fear?

Do you feel as if you’re always under a microscope? If so, then it’s important to ask this question. Is this the best relationship for me? I’m not telling you that you need to make a change, but maybe find your voice. You can be incredibly empowered by finding a way to say “I’m uncomfortable with this” or “this is how this makes me feel”.

Keep in mind, many times, when you find your voice in the beginning, it may be turned around on you. Sometimes you even question yourself. The fact is your intuition is going to tell you when something doesn’t feel right in a relationship, job or whatever the situation. If you are changing who you are to please someone, if you can’t be transparent and authentic and you feel controlled, please sit down and reflect on that.

Be Aware

Awareness is key. Being aware that you’re being controlled or that you are a controlling individual is the first step. Are you trying to control the universe, which we cannot possibly do?

If you want to be intuitive, if you do want that authentic life, if you want to be transparent, what parts of your life are controlled? Is it your thoughts? Your fears?

You can hear more here. Spirited Straight Talk



Overcoming Fear of Abandonment

Do you struggle with the fear of abandonment?  It’s one of those things that affect us in so many different ways. I don’t think we realize that if you’ve been abandoned in different parts of your life, it can really determine how you show up and how you take care of yourself.  When you’re abandoned what do you do to respond?  How do you stop that domino effect and change how you feel about it?  How can you get more insight on it? Hopefully, after reading this or listening to my podcast you can take away a new way to look at abandonment, a new way to deal with it. 

When we feel abandoned by family and friends, we question if we are valuable and worthy. We may feel like we don’t have a voice. We may play “small” in our life and not show up authentically. We may tend to give more in relationships because we want others to need us and be attached to us, without realizing that this is not a healthy way to have a relationship.

Do You Find You Shut Everyone Out?

We can go to from one extreme to the other very easily. When you have been abandoned, you realize that you may never want to abandon anybody, so you just hang in there even when it is not a healthy relationship. On the other side, we may abandon everyone else because we want to shut everyone out and may be completely unable to trust. We want to protect ourselves, so we stay in an imaginary cocoon, so we aren’t hurt again. If you find yourself in these circumstances it can be difficult to have partnerships in your life because you are trying protect yourself so much you don’t let anyone in.  

1. Alignment

First-it’s very important to find people that are more aligned with you. When certain relationships leave us, sometimes we need to create space for other relationships to show up that are more aligned.  I think a lot of us feel like we have to prostitute ourselves, by doing things we normally wouldn’t in effort to keep relationships that ultimately don’t serve us out of fear of abandonment.  When we do that, know they are not authentically loving us. They are loving our performance and that ends up working on our psyche our energy and our vibe. Then we wonder why things are not working the way we want them to. 

2. What’s Not Serving You?

Second-release what is not serving you.  You may want to manifest a partnership, or a support system or like-minded people, but we need to ask ourself this question.  Are you holding onto things that no longer really serve?  Consider a current relationship and also think about relationships with those that have crossed over. Are you still holding onto issues?  Are you still holding onto pain from 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago and how is that benefitting you? 

3. Good and Bad

Third-know there is good and bad to abandonment.   Abandonment can benefit us because there are times when is it very appropriate for us to abandon people and things that need not be in our lives any longer.  I know that it’s hard to surrender to that idea.  Realize that when things are toxic, we sometimes focus on a need to fix it, or we want to heal it to make it all okay.  Focus on coming to terms with the person or think and realize they are not here to change for us.  Focus on gaining an understanding that the person or thing is are here to teach you. 

4. Be Authentic to Your Soul

Fourth-Be Authentic to your soul.   Others can’t appreciate you if you can’t be transparent and authentic, do you want those people in your life? The other thing we try to prove to them is that we are acceptable. I think that we don’t need to talk people into liking us. Sometimes we may abandon those individuals or those belief systems to find our alignment in the community that really helps us move forward in our lives. Know that you are not responsible for other’s happiness and well being. 

5. Unconditional Love

Fifth-focus on Unconditional Love.   Many think that unconditional love means loving someone no matter what. That’s not my belief.  I have heard many times that a dog can teach us to learn about unconditional love. I believe that’s 100% true. BUT my definition of unconditional love is “being authentic to your soul and receiving love the only way they can give it”.   What if we change who we are to be loved, but they’re loving who we’re pretending to be versus our authentic self.  If you are being authentic and people judge you, try to accept that may be all they are capable of.  It may be all they can do because that is what they have been taught.  They have different lessons in life and judgement of you may be all they are capable of giving.  

Here are a few things to think about.   Am I ok showing my authentic self and allowing judgement if that is all they are capable of giving me?  Can this circumstance, person or people still be in my life, even if we don’t agree?  Can I objectively look at all people and situations and evaluate if I need to make a change?  Can I trust my intuition regarding all of these things? 

Abandonment doesn’t go away, but you can acknowledge it, have the ability to recognize it and address it to move forward more empowered. 

Remember that the universe has always been there. Our guides have never left us. They never abandon us. We just forgot to remember that they were always there, and we can reconnect with that source again.  Even if you feel moments where you’re alone, remember that the universe and everything in it is still there supporting you and cheering you on. It’s really beautiful when you allow that to be in your life. 

Trust Your Intuition

If you find a balance and learn to trust your intuition,  you can open yourself once again.  By understanding your “true” life purpose and focusing on finding the patterns in your life you can change your energy and your vibration.  Your life purpose is not what you do for a living, it is what you are here to learn for enlightenment.   Abandonment is one of those HUGE lessons for many in this earth school.

Just like many of you, abandonment is a huge lesson for me.  I have experienced abandonment throughout my life by religion, my community and my family. I eventually had to come to terms with it and realize I could not control only recognize and respond, then change my energy around it. 

I share my top 5 “Power Tools” you can use when dealing with feelings of abandonment and much more during my latest podcast episode of Spirited Straight Talk.



Signs Your Loved Ones Are Visiting You.

Death is not a permanent goodbye…

I want to remind you that the same way you are learning to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, they are also learning to communicate with you.

Signs are a language that your loved ones in spirit use to get your attention.  They do not have vocal chords, so they use signs to send messages to you, bring you comfort, show you they love you and let you know they are with you every day.

Sometimes you might not notice the signs because they can be very subtle.  You may think of them randomly while you are focused on something but feeling present in the moment.  They are saying hello.  When I connect with your loved ones it is not LOUD it is very quick and gentle.  It will also feel like this for you. Have you noticed any of the signs?

Familiar Smells That Bring Memories

Have you randomly smelled cologne or perfume that your loved one used to wear? Smells hold memories that your loved ones use to show you they are close by. For example, if your Dad was a cigarette smoker, you just catch a whiff of cigarette smoke when you are home alone by yourself. 

Signs Through Pets

Pets can see and sense Spirit too. If they randomly perk up and start barking or staring at a chair in a corner that your loved one once sat or spent time in, it’s a sign.  They are there with you.  Say hello. 

Songs That Bring Meaning and Love

If a special song plays in your car, house or when you are out shopping it is not a coincidence. Spirit uses music to communicate and send strong messages. It could be a sign for you.  It may pop up when you least expect it. 

Repeating Numbers

Seeing numbers repeatedly like the birthday of a loved one, or a specific time of death is a sign that they made it to Heaven. They love using numbers because it is a very recognizable sign and it is easy for them to communicate this way. It may show up routinely on license plates, clocks, or even receipts!  This happens to me all the time with my late husband.  I see the number 54 everywhere.  He was born in 1954 and died at the age of 54.

Waking Up and Thinking Of Them Randomly At Night

Waking up at the same time every night is a sign. Bedtime is the easiest way for your loved one to reach you because your mind is in a relaxed state.   When you are relaxed you are more open and present to seeing or feeling signs around you. 

Dream Visitations

Those in spirit love coming to visit you in your dreams. To them visiting in your dreams is a great way to communicate with you.  You might see them happy and smiling at you or they may come and have a conversation with you. These dreams come every so often and are very real. You may even wake up thinking it actually happened.  

Hearing Your Name Being Called

Have you ever heard your name being called and nobody was there?  You might sometimes hear your loved one. No, you are not crazy. They will sometimes call out to you or say something that you can hear audibly to remind you of their presence. You might even hear then speaking to you through your thoughts when you are upset or need guidance.

Phone Calls From Heaven

I have had many readings where loved ones have come through the phone lines. You might get a call from their number or your phone might ring randomly, and nobody is there. These calls normally come from souls that liked to play jokes here in this world. If your dad or brother was a jokester, they may be prank calling you from the afterlife. Spirit is energy and can manipulate electronics such as phones, TVs, and computers to send a message. 

Feeling A Spiritual Presence

I have had many souls come to tell me that they visit their loved ones at night. You might feel them sit on your bed or just feel their presence in the room with you. When you feel the presence of a loved one, talk to them. They can hear you and love coming to check up on you.

Seeing A Figure or Silhouette

If you have ever thought you saw your loved one standing in the hall or saw a figure move past you, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Sometimes you might catch a glimpse of your loved one for a split second. It’s rare but it does happen. Sometimes, they also will show up in photographs as distortions, blurs, lens flares or sometimes even orbs.

If you can relate to any of these signs, it means your loved ones are close by in spirit and trying to communicate with you. You are not alone in what you are sensing and feeling. It is real. It is why I love leading the way for groups of people to connect with spirit. 


Deb Sheppard

Is Resistance Really A Wake Up Call For Our Souls?

I have never been one to enjoy exercising much. My proudest exercising moment was when I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 47. This was quite an accomplishment for me. It took me two long years to complete and when I received my black belt I only attended one more class.

Over the last couple of years, I have overcome some medical issues and recently became motivated to get back into shape. My partner Dana has decided to do a sprint triathlon and her goal encouraged me to become more active with exercise again. So I started exercising in a “lazy river” pool.  Just the word “lazy” seems backwards doesn’t it?

The Lazy River

During my first adventure into the lazy river pool I watched as a fellow exerciser was walking against the flow of the river.  I decided I was going to try this to see how it felt and began going against the flow of the river also. This  made it much more difficult to walk, balance and stay upright.  I found that I had to walk slower, taking each step with thought and intention. I had to really focus on controlling my balance.  Sometimes I had to hold onto the side of the pool to gain control.  To my surprise there were even a few individuals that would not give me space. This forced me to stop walking and let them go by me so I could continue? (What a great metaphor for life?)

A couple of weeks into doing my new program I was mediating during my workout. The word RESISTANCE popped into my head.  This pool is giving me resistance to become stronger and healthier and it is such a positive thing.

I started thinking about how we seem to have so much resistance towards so many things and people right now. Everywhere we look we see and hear about strong and volatile resistance in some capacity or another.  

What does resistance mean?

I started thinking about resistance and what it means. It seems that we feel unable to control our lives and that has brought about a lot of fear.  How do we change this energy and learn to become our best self while the energy around the world is in turmoil.

If you look at resistance positively, it is a wakeup call to your soul. Use this to assist you in raising your awareness and your vibration. By raising your vibration you will feel the energy become more positive and this will spill over to those that are in need of your good energy.

Major changes and shifts?

If you are like me, you have noticed many people making very major changes in their lives during this pandemic. We have all been passive for a long time almost like living in our own little bubbles. Sitting on the sidelines.

We are now being pushed UP to the surface and must look into our souls, our hearts, and our choices in life.  

What are you resistant towards?

What are you resisting and why?  Do you want to make changes, or do you want to stay where you are?  There is no right or wrong way, but we have an opportunity.  Do we go with the flow, push back or rise to the top?   During these current challenges, we can push ourselves to our greatest moments.  If not now, when?  

This is a great lesson for us all.

Pushing your body against what seems to be difficult will benefit your entire being.  Now may also be a good time to gain understanding as to why we resist. It is a great lesson for us all.  Let’s open our minds to learn about others belief systems, and be open to both sides of all situations. Lets try to understand where our fellow person is coming from.

We are in this together, let’s push through it as we strengthen our energy vibration together.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are here to continue to vibrate to our highest level for enlightenment.   Love and understanding are the answer.

Namasté and Love,


Do you have someone that frustrates you to no end??

We all have them. I call them our “teachers”. They can frustrate us, judge us, and cross our boundaries. They make us feel betrayed and we may feel unable to trust them. We are all just spiritual beings living a human experience.

This journey began about 15 years ago when my guides took me on a journey of discovery with Sacred Contracts. Through automatic writing they shared with me our true purpose of enlightenment and growth as spiritual beings. Prior to making our trip to our college called Earth, we agree to contracts with our soul group to share in our lessons.  We review what we desire to learn and try to create some sort of plan to embrace these contracts.  If you were planning a trip or to enroll in college, you would sketch out a plan, and this is no different when our soul chooses the lessons it needs to learn to achieve further enlightenment.  I call these contracts with our soul mates who are also our “teachers” Soul Contracts and these contracts consist of Life Lessons on our quest for a higher purpose.

For example, my abilities as a medium brings so many wonderful things and it allows me to help so many people, but the judgement, abandonment, and difficulties that come with what I do are my true lessons. We grow and understand more when things are difficult. When things are easy we will just ride the wave, but when things are hard we look for answers and we seek spiritual growth.  Our teachers are the main characters in our lives to create the environment for our growth. We will have people and things put in our path to create the life lessons we seek.

With this said, remember not all storms come to create chaos in your life, some come to clear your path.

Join me for Soul Contracts starting next week 11/11. We delve into this and so much more. It can be a lot of work but over 7 weeks we will discover what you are here to learn and how to navigate your teachers and lessons.

Love Deb 💜💜

The Blue Moon and Mercury What is happening!

Holy Halloween! 2020 has been one thing after the other hasn’t it?   

This year has had so many layers and dimension and October is no exception.    We had the Harvest Moon this month, we will have a Full Moon known as a Blue Moon on October 31, 2020, Mercury is in retrograde until November 3rd and Mars is also in retrograde! Not only that but we have the virus and the election to deal with. What the?!

What is a Blue Moon

If you follow astrology, you’ll know that this is one of two Full Moons in October. Full Moons are considered energy amplifiers. Peaks that bring forth a climax of energy. So a Full Moon on Halloween, a day where the veil is said to be the thinnest, can bring some seriously intense energy.

This month plays host to a second Full Moon- a phenomenon known as a “Blue Moon”. When you say “Once in a Blue Moon” it is because you may only see one of these in your lifetime, according to NASA. But what is most interesting about this Blue Moon is that it falls on Halloween. It’s the first time this has happened in over 75 years as it will rise at 6:58 p.m. on Halloween night and for the first time since 1944, all time zones across the United States will see a Blue Moon on Halloween. This Blue Moon is also in Taurus which is the plant of chaos and reinvention. So, I am saying to use this Halloween Blue Moon to connect more deeply with your spiritual side and think about what you really want to create in your life.

Our Little Friend Mercury

Mercury headed back into retrograde on October 14 and will not end until November 3rd (GREAT, on Election Day). It affects everything from personal communication, technological communication, travel and even things like the mail service.  Delays are inevitable, be patient. You may need to do things more than one time. This retrograde ends in Scorpio which is the detective of the zodiac and could reveal some skeletons in some closets. We will see people for exactly who they are and sometimes this can be deeply upsetting but, it will also show good things like deep loyalties surrounding you.

Retrograde can be a time of transformation, on a person and global scale. I would say that this is exactly what we are looking at this retrograde. We have an opportunity to review the areas of our life that the planet rules. We can correct and redo any communication errors we have made. Second chances are possible, let go of old and un-useful ways of communicating. This particular retrograde can make us suspicious even of those we deeply trust so be aware of this, now is not the time to turn against loved ones unnecessarily, we need all the community we can get right now.

Now to Mars

We’re not done with Mars retrograde until November 13th. Mars is the warrior planet, one that rules our passion and desire to take action. Have you noticed that it’s been harder for us to be active and decisive. Has your libido been affected? On a good day, the aggression of Mars helps us act assertively to make our dreams come true. On a bad day, petty fights, lowered sex drives, and a lack of ambition can also come up, especially when we’re all stressed already. 

You must keep the faith, all of the energy surrounding us is entirely what we make it. The inhibiting nature Mars retrograde can offer some time for reflection before acting hastily. Do as much planning right now as you can, organizing behind the scenes to get ready for a time when your efforts will pay off. If you really want to do Mars retrograde right, spend time with yourself by focusing on what you really want.  Seems to fit these times right now pretty closely doesn’t it?


Cultures all across the world have celebrated Halloween for centuries, completely independently of each other. Perhaps a coincidence? But consider this, the Celtic pagans celebrate Samhain, pre-year-700 Christians celebrate All Hallows Day, pre-Colombians Aztecs dating back 2,500-3000 years had a celebration and of course Mexican cultures celebrate Day of the Dead – all within two to three days of each other. Ultimately, the veil between us and the afterlife is very thin and each culture has their way of knowing and honoring their loved ones on the other side.

So what does this all mean

One could look at this as chaos negatively, or we could see this as the end of an era and the beginning of something better. Try not to stress, practice self care and be aware of paranoia. Hope to see you at the Soul Contracts Class that starts 11/11. Lets start this new beginning together.