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Empower Mala


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Empower Mala

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Personal empowerment and revitalization.

Lapis Lazuli was chosen as it opens your third eye and balances out your throat chakra. It stimulates personal and spiritual power while releasing stress. It helps with communication with loved ones and lost loved ones and encourages self-awareness.

Garnet is energizing and regenerating. It cleanses, revitalized, purifies and balances the chakras and aura. This stone will help bring serenity or passion into one’s life, it also encourages passion, desire and drive. It also activates the emotions of courage and hope.

The grey cord and tassel represent power, elegance, formality, protection, and transformation.

The wood guru bead symbolizes longevity and knowledge.

Malas have 108 beads in total, however since there are three types of stones on this mala, I want to share the meaning of the numbers in numerology. This mala represents the numerology numbers of 1 and 6.

1 stands for primal force, new beginning’s and helps with leadership abilities. It will help you to have patience and understanding. Other’s will trust you to lead them.

6 will help you to think, speak and act from the heart. It is sincere, loving, warm and affectionate. 6 will assist you in long-term relationships and with family life.

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