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Release Mala


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Release Mala

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Healing and releasing stress and negativity.

Fluorite is protective on a psychic level and extremely effective against electromagnetic stress. It cleanses, purifies and also dispels negativity. The many bands of fluorite represent the stories and intuition held within. It cleanses, purifies and increases confidence. It is also a good guide during spiritual awakening.

The multi colored string is balancing for all chakras. The green tassel symbolizes compassion universal love, growth, freshness, fertility and harmony. The color green is balancing, harmonizing, soothing, rejuvenating, cleansing.

This mala has 108 beads in total, however since there is only one type of stone on this mala and one guru. This mala represents the numerology number 1.

1 stands for primal force and the literal meaning being #1. It will bring admirable leadership ability, charisma when showing others, the way, and in turn, people’s natural, innate desire to trust your lead. It will help you to have patience and understanding. It also supports new beginnings.

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