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Stop Struggling & Manifest What You Want (Finally!)

Are you tired of the confusing and misleading information about manifesting? Deb shares unique insights into manifesting, learn what has worked for her.  It can work for you too.

Deb (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host, Deb shepherd, spiritual teacher, medium and author hoping you open up to the whole enchilada or like, we like to say this soul enchilada, so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go! I’m here with my partner, Dana, and we’re going to talk about manifesting. This is a topic that if you’re on a spiritual journey, it is always going to be there. It is something that I’ve talked about, of course, for all the years I’ve been doing this work, but I kind of wanted to talk about it in a way that maybe some people have not thought about.

Deb (55s):
If you’ve done a little work on manifesting and you understand the law of attraction, what we’re going to do today is kind of talk about what I think can be more helpful to maybe make that a little bit more of a term. I think sometimes people are not pushing themselves enough to really create or manifest what they want. Part of this is really being clear on what you want to create, because I think there’s also a little bit of confusion sometimes about what we really truly believe that we want. Because when we go through this podcast, I think sometimes we may think, we may say we want these kinds of things, but then we’re really holding all the energy back because of maybe the past or a few years, or what’s happened in the past.

Deb (1m 43s):
And I’ve told the story before, but I manifested you. You remember?

Dana (1m 49s):
You did so you were, you were witchy. Just kidding.

Deb (1m 55s):
So what happened is, I teach this and so of course, as many times as I can, I practice most of the time what I teach and I decided to write a letter to the universe and it was on, I scribbled it, I showed you. It was scribbled, there was words taken out and replaced. I basically wrote this letter to the universe of please, basically, I said, thank you for bringing this person to my life. Like it had already happened. It wasn’t, this is what I want.

Dana (2m 24s):
So you weren’t writing your desires. You were writing it as if I was already here

Deb (2m 31s):
But I will tell all of you, what was interesting is I wrote these things that I was blessed to have in my life, this partner, but I never put a him or her. So that’s why I said, don’t be attached to the outcome. I certainly didn’t expect this to evolve. But when we met, I found the letter about six months later and I read it and it was you to a T. Everything. Supporting me with what I believe. And working together, all these kinds of different things that of course bringing humor in which you know, is so important for both of us.

Dana (3m 5s):
Supporting our children.

Deb (3m 8s):
All that went on, but I had written it like a thank you letter. I think what happens is we put a lot of times, and when people, make these vision boards, it’s like what they want to have. I think that these things can happen. I think there could be a little twist on like, imagining that it’s already there. Also the other part is making sure you’re aligned with what you’re really saying. I think that’s the big deal, is are you aligned? When I have worked with people is that they have all this bad clutter in their mind and all these fears and these past things that they truly don’t believe that one, they don’t deserve it or two, that it can’t happen to them.

Deb (3m 53s):
What has happened to them in the past is still affecting how they move forward. So that’s what we’re going to talk about a little bit about how to kind of change, are you in alignment with what you want? So, you can do the vision board. You can certainly write the letter like I did by being thankful for what the universe brought. But then really start to dive deep, kind of go into what it is that you’re trying to create. An example is the way to think about this as a story is that let’s say there’s a job post posted at your work. You’re like, God, I’d really like to apply for that.

Deb (4m 34s):
I mean, that’s like my dream job, I can get, make more money. There’s more flexibility. I can be creative. Cause this is really a left-brain job I really like people and you’re like, Hey, I really want to apply for that. But then all of a sudden you get those doubts,

Dana (4m 53s):
Right? Is this really for me? I, yeah, somebody else more qualified, maybe I don’t have the training instead of..

Deb (5m 3s):
Why would they pick me? You know, we think about what our parents would say or what a friend would say, you know what your ex saying, this is as good as it gets for you. This could even be a sibling or a teacher, someone that was in your life. But if you have,

Dana (5m 19s):
Yeah, we’re taught such limiting beliefs. Like we are from a young age, we’re taught even to not pay attention to our gut feelings.

Deb (5m 33s):

Dana (5m 34s):
So we’re, we’re taught these limiting beliefs from a young age. Like, even our parents teaching us, like you were saying, or,

Deb (5m 44s):
Or the friends, or actually a teacher or an ex relationship.

Dana (5m 49s):
And unfortunately, sometimes religion teaches us those limiting beliefs too. Not that we’re open to every religion, but sometimes it teaches you limiting beliefs.

Deb (5m 60s):
Well, when I was growing up and this is before your time, I just told, money doesn’t grow on trees.

Dana (6m 9s):
I’m having a hot flash! We shared TMI right now. I mean, hot flashes happen. Right?

Deb (6m 19s):
Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re really that smart, you’re not that talented. We continue sometimes to carry those limited beliefs with us. Then we start actually aligning that stuff and it ends up happening. So it proves to us that those belief systems are true, and really

Dana (6m 40s):
They end up inadvertently confirming the limiting beliefs.

Deb (6m 44s):

Dana (6m 44s):
Without realizing it.

Deb (6m 45s):
So today’s podcast is about how to kind of be aware of what we’re believing in, how we’re creating blocks for the alignment for us to be able to receive, which is a big thing, is learning how to receive and to realize that you can manifest or plan. Call it a goal. To me manifesting sometimes has a magical term to it. Like, Oh, I’m just going to manifest. Where a lot of this is just having a goal in mind. Publishing my book. I mean, I think a lot of it had to do with, I really wanted this book to be published, but then it was my goal. Then I had to receive an ask for help, like yourself to help me get it there.

Deb (7m 28s):
Believing that maybe my writing is not great, but it was edited seven or eight times?

Dana (7m 34s):
Nine. That’s the process. Right. As you were you’re raw and then it’s not even organized into chapters. Then it starts to take shape. So yeah, it takes time.

Deb (7m 48s):
But it takes the village or the people. I think a lot of us will think that we have to do it our own, or I’m not good at something. So why could I do this? If you’re wanting to publish a book, when you go into, well, I’m not a good writer, I’m not a good, you know, I can’t punctuate very well, you’re limiting your belief again.

Dana (8m 8s):
Isn’t that a form of control. Your last podcast was on control. So you’re trying to control the outcome versus trusting, right.

Deb (8m 19s):
Or allowing. So some of the ways that we want to make sure we manifest again, it’s not trying to control it, but let’s say that we’re, we’re trying to find a partner. I work with a lot of people that have been divorced or their partner passed. Now they’re really trying to manifest a partner. They’re saying I really want to work on this. We talk about things and then they say, you know what, this is what I don’t want in a partner. They start explaining their previous relationship. I get that, but again, you’re kind of

Dana (8m 54s):
that doesn’t help you

Deb (8m 59s):
I did not write that in my thank you letter. I wrote, this is a positive person. I didn’t write my negative relationship before, I wrote what I was thankful for. We go into that past like, well, I don’t want someone that’s going to be a workaholic. I don’t want someone that has to be with their friends or, whatever that topic is. So you want to also look to see if your heart is blocked. You’ve heard me this say lots of times that some of us say, I really want a relationship, but then you can feel the armor against their chest.

Dana (9m 30s):
I mean, they’re sitting there with their arms crossed, I want a relationship and I’m open. Oh really?

Deb (9m 39s):
Then you ask them, are you willing to go on some dating sites? Oh, I’m not willing to go on dating sites. Oh no, no. and there’s all these layers of excuses. First of all, I’m like, if you’re not even willing to go on a dating site. And I get that there’s fear out there. I mean, I understand, but there’s also ways that you can be smart and protect yourself regarding the dating scene. So that’s another part of it. Trust. If you’ve been betrayed in a relationship or someone promised you something and then didn’t follow through or whatever happened, trust is the number one thing. One way to look at, if you feel like you can’t trust a partner or new future relationship, think about the people you have trusted in your life.

Deb (10m 22s):
So let’s say you’ve had some men in your past that have, had affairs or taking money or whatever your story is. You think, I just can’t trust men again, think about your girlfriends. Think about a parent. Think about someone that you really care about that you’ve trusted. That means you can trust. But normally what happens is that we don’t trust ourselves. Or we didn’t really listen to that little voice in our head that said, we did not listen to our gut. I know I’ve shared that story many times, but I didn’t trust my gut. I’m like, well, it didn’t work. Then I get angry. Well, I didn’t trust my gut. You know, you didn’t listen to me. You didn’t listen.

Deb (11m 5s):
Also we kind of put men or women depending on how you’re dating in one lump kind of category. Like I can’t trust women or can’t trust men. That to me is a sexist comment because not all men and women are equal. There are relationships if you’ve had a brother or a friend or an uncle or a cousin, a coworker that has been good to you,

Dana (11m 32s):
That’s passing judgment

Deb (11m 33s):
That is passing judgment or that blanket idea. And again, you’re telling the universe they’re all that way. So what do you think you’re going to attract?

Dana (11m 43s):
It’s going to yeah.

Deb (11m 44s):
Cause that’s your alignment.

Dana (11m 45s):
That’s what you’ll track right back to you.

Deb (11m 47s):
Really listening to those words. Also looking at those patterns of who you’ve dated in the past, or been married to, those long-term relationships. What is that pattern? Is it always abandonment? Is it always trust? Is it always anger or control? By looking at those patterns, it will help you dive deeper into what you can do to change your thought pattern, and also what you’re attracting and why, because manifesting or those goals are about we’re attracting those things. So if you feel like the only way someone’s going to love you is that you take care of them. What do you think you’re going to always attract?

Dana (12m 28s):
You’re going to be a nurse or a purse.

Deb (12m 34s):
So you don’t want to be a nurse or a purse so change those behaviors so that you can find that true partnership that’s more equal. Not feeling that you have to be always that giver in that relationship or the one that takes care of everything.

Dana (12m 46s):
I think realizing it, it doesn’t always have to be a struggle is a big deal.

Deb (12m 53s):
So what you want to do is you really want to dive deep into that and understand why you have been struggling. Then look at other relationships that are positive. What did they do that you can maybe learn differently? This is kind of changing the way you’re seeing about dating and being out there. The other thing we don’t want to do with all the doubts is think like, let’s say for the job interview, will we start doubting ourselves? Well, what if it’s a lot of work? What if I can’t manage all the work? Maybe I really can’t do it. Maybe I don’t want to, maybe I don’t want a long-term relationship.

Dana (13m 28s):
Right. The doubts are big.

Deb (13m 29s):
The doubts are big.

Dana (13m 32s):
Well, and that’s what we’ve learned. So really I think changing course on that can be hard sometimes. Like changing course on your thought patterns can be really hard.

Deb (13m 45s):
Well, I think what we look for as we get older is we want that insurance, that if I put myself out there, then it’s going to work. If we’re fear-based and we don’t feel like we’re really aligned, we create the doubt so that we can’t put our toe in the water. You know, I’m not going to go and try this. If it means I’m going to be hurt, like I had been before. So you’re not going to manifest anything. That’s going to be that whole doubtful kind of thing. Or you’re going to manifest exactly your doubts.

Dana (14m 16s):
Then you go to, do you really want to manifest what you think you want to manifest? Right? Like I’ve heard people actually recently students saying, a couple years ago, I wrote all this information down and this is what I wanted to manifest. Now I’ve made some changes and now it’s all coming to fruition all at once. They were a little overwhelmed by that, you know? And it’s good things happening, but

Deb (14m 50s):
It can be overwhelming. Well, like I said, what if the relationship is so intense or the job is overwhelming, but you’re making more money. We kind of go into those doubts of what if it happens. Do I want to commit?

Dana (15m 3s):
Well, I’ve had those thoughts at times. Like this is a great opportunity, but do I want it correct. I’ve had to turn some things down because the commitment is too much, you know? So I can see how it can be.

Deb (15m 19s):
Well, even the fact that I’ve heard people say, well, I want to have a lot of money, but I want to be able to help a lot of people. I don’t want to be mean when I get all that money. First of all, why would you change your personality? Second, why do you have to donate all your money to everybody when you want to help everybody out? Versus why don’t you just say, I want to manifest this money. I have it. I’m thankful for it. Then you can decide what to do, but people have this long-term plan. Then they’re worried what people are going to think about them. That’s the other thing that is an issue to manifesting because we do get into fear of, well, what will people say? What would they think and do they think I’m not good enough, or I don’t deserve this and who do I think I am?

Deb (16m 6s):
That will then create all that lowering of that energy, that vibration, to be able to truly manifest those things. Then they’ll say things about self judgment. Well, things like that don’t happen. Good things don’t happen to me. I mean, I’ve heard people say that nothing ever did happen. It’s always the negative, or I work harder than anybody, but I’m not lucky.

Dana (16m 27s):
I’m not lucky. I won’t win money. You know, that kind of thing,

Deb (16m 33s):
That’s Dana and I when we go gambling, I always say I don’t gamble because I don’t win. I probably should change that!

Dana (16m 44s):
Yeah. So I wasn’t referring to you.

Deb (16m 49s):
I’m like, Oh, it always, I’m always not winning.

Dana (16m 51s):
I remember, gosh, this was years ago. I was probably in my twenties and I was working, it was a collection job at the time. It was back in the day, Thomas was Eddie bitty, but there was

Deb (17m 8s):
Thomas is our son. That’s now 27?

Dana (17m 12s):
Eight, he’ll be 28 this year, 28 this year. oh my God. I remember sitting, thinking there was this big drawing where you could win $700, but they were doing it several times, but you could win in this drawing $700. I remember thinking, I think I’m going to win twice. And I did.

Deb (17m 37s):

Dana (17m 37s):
It was almost like premonition or manifesting it. How do you know? But you know, I knew they were going to draw my number twice or I was really, really trying to manifest that because it was Christmas time. I was young and not earning that much money at the time.

Deb (17m 58s):
Maybe we should go to bingo where our friend for the Chelsea Hutchison foundation does their bingo.

Dana (18m 4s):
You almost won!

Deb (18m 5s):
I did, but you know what I remember sitting there thinking to myself, Oh, there’s other people that really need it and blah, blah, blah.

Dana (18m 13s):
So you manifested not winning.

Deb (18m 16s):
What would they think if I win, that I’m a psychic that I picked the right bingo card! Your human side goes there. You got to kind of remember why you went there. I went there just to play. I get excited if I’m going to win.

Dana (18m 33s):
Oh yeah.

Deb (18m 34s):
I, when I beat Dana, like playing, I don’t know any kind of game. Card game we’ll play.

Dana (18m 40s):
What is that game we play?

Deb (18m 43s):

Dana (18m 43s):
Gin rummy?

Deb (18m 44s):
Gin Rummy.

Dana (18m 45s):
Oh my goodness.

Deb (18m 46s):
Yeah. I always like to win. Bottom line. What we’re trying to say is what is your mind say? What is your belief system? Where are you going when you are deciding that you want to manifest these goals? If these goals are in your life that you say, well, I really want to lose weight, which we’re working on and trying to get healthier. You have to really put your mindset there.

Dana (19m 13s):
When you’re making healthy choices. But I think it’s also making healthy choices for your mind. Correct?

Deb (19m 19s):
Absolutely. Well, I’m getting older. So this is what happens. You know, that kind of story. I tell myself.

Dana (19m 25s):
We’re going to eat salmon three times a week to help our brain.

Deb (19m 33s):
Basically you wanted to be able to say, I can do these things and fill in the blank to whatever that is. What we do is we go into the place of, I can’t go do this because I don’t have enough money or I need to lose weight or who would date me, or who would want to have me for there, for this job.

Dana (19m 52s):
why would the universe make us millionaires? You know, all those things.

Deb (19m 56s):
Really think about beliefs. But then we’re going to tell you how to manage that.

Dana (19m 59s):
I was going to say, so how do we change this? Now that we brought up all the limiting beliefs, how do we change this?

Deb (20m 6s):
I think this is good reminders. When I do these podcasts or I do blogs, or I teach, it’s always a reminder for me because, so even though I’ve said these words probably a million times or however many, it’s still that reminder that we all need. If you’ve really worked on manifesting, have you’ve been teaching it and goal setting, it’s again, those reminders that we need to do. The first thing that I work with people is stop telling your story. What are you going to say?

Dana (20m 30s):
I was going to say, how do we manifest a beach house? We were just talking about this today. It’s in the wintertime here in Colorado. Our joints hurt

Deb (20m 48s):
We’re whiners. I hope I’m not whiners, but we’re not whiners, but it is like, as we age things do change and I’m like, God, it would be so nice to be somewhere warm during the colder months. So anyway, that was just, I have to figure out, so tell me how to manifest it. Yeah. Dana’s not wanting to go too much into her past. That’s, one thing about Dana, but I think what I hear a lot, or that people have the story that they spend so much time on their past. I even read something that we spend, which I don’t know how they got these numbers with people spend like 46% of their time thinking about their past and regrets.

Deb (21m 32s):
I was just like, really? I mean, I do throughout the day, but not that much. I don’t think know.

Dana (21m 38s):
I don’t think you do. I mean, we talk about the past, but we don’t, we certainly don’t dwell on it.

Deb (21m 45s):
Right. our past as we know it doesn’t define, as a matter of fact, I love stories of what people have been through that now have changed their life. I mean, those are the stories that I like. They don’t let it still define them. Then even if you’ve been successful in the past, so, I’m way beyond high school, you see people from high school and they’re still kind of living that high school idea of their identity. And you’re kind of going..

Dana (22m 12s):
I was a wrestler…

Deb (22m 14s):
I did this.

Dana (22m 15s):
I played football, I have to get together with my football buddies,

Deb (22m 21s):
Looking at those, there are certain times in our lives that really did open doors that were really great. But again, it’s in our past and we don’t want to try to match the past. We kind of want to do it or our own way and try to figure out how to make that change.

Dana (22m 35s):
But even success doesn’t define,

Deb (22m 37s):
Correct. Let’s just say what you did in high school or college or the one job or whatever that is, those are great moments to celebrate in. The great room was to remember that you can manifest, but again, going back is really basically it’s like those reins that horses have that we’re just pulling over lives backwards. We’re not here to go backwards.

Dana (22m 57s):
That’s a great visual.

Deb (22m 58s):
Yeah. So moving forward, the one thing I’ve had people do and you know the story and people..

Dana (23m 3s):
This is number two, a way to stop telling your story,

Deb (23m 10s):
If you really want to stop your story, I’ll tell you this changes your life almost instantly. People really don’t like me, I have a big sigh of, Oh, when I tell them

Dana (23m 19s):
And some of the classes, then they throw a fit.

Deb (23m 25s):
Yeah, they do. Yeah. So what you do is you record your story and all of us have phones and you record that story and then you listen to it several times.

Dana (23m 34s):
So when you say record your story, it’s kind of like all your whining, basically. It’s what you tell yourself on a daily basis, how you beat yourself down, right? Ultimately, this is what you’re telling yourself. And this is

Deb (23m 52s):
The story you tell a friend, if you say, you know, yeah,

Dana (23m 55s):
You’re complaining,

Deb (23m 57s):
Put your complaints in your phone and listen to them. If you do not think that you are making that story to the universe, you are, cause you’re thinking it.

Dana (24m 6s):
You’re sending that energy out.

Deb (24m 8s):
But when you listen to it, it literally people go, I just want to get sick. I want to throw up. I go good, because that’s the energy you’re sending to the universe. If you want that to change, you’ve got to be aha and prepared to change that story. What do I encourage you to do is when you’re done with that story is re-change the story. So you tell your new story. Let that be a reminder of your new energy. So you’re more aligned and I’ve had people argue with me and get mad. I’m like, well, it’s not my story. It’s your story.

Dana (24m 41s):
Didn’t this come from your guides anyway?

Deb (24m 43s):
Oh yeah, a long time ago, I did this and I was like to have people do this. We started doing this before we really had these kinds of technology and phones. If you really want to change kind of the way your life is going, if you really want to make a shift in consciousness, if you want to manifest, if you want to create these goals, listen to your story. When I tell people this, when you hear someone else’s story, that’s always that same record player, which I don’t know if young people know what record players are, but that’s the same music.

Dana (25m 18s):
I think most people who listen to your podcasts will know.

Deb (25m 21s):
You play your story over and over and over. It really it’s horrible. You don’t want to be around that person. If that’s your story, the universe goes, yeah, well, we’re going to create another obstacle in your life because that’s what you believe.

Dana (25m 34s):
Yeah. Well, and that’s what you’re sending out there. The universe is responding to that. You said it recently, it’s like a mirror. It’s mirroring it back to you. It’s mirroring back what you’re giving it. Yeah, it’s bouncing back on you.

Deb (25m 52s):
Yeah. So that’s one way to do this. Stop the old patterns. I’ve used this trick to as well, put a thick rubber band on your non strong hands. If I’m right-handed, I put it on my left wrist. When I say those things like, Oh, I can’t do that. Or, thank them, you snap that rubber band and you will really realize how much you’re thinking about it. You and I are together all the time. So we can kind of correct each other too, like, Oh, is that really what you want to think or say, and it’s not judgmental for us. We laugh about it. Like, is that how you really want to say it? We’re really good about our words.

Deb (26m 32s):
You know about the shoulds and hates, we don’t use any of those words in our house as much as possible. So again, being aware and changing sort of that awareness and pattern so you can stop it. Putting sticky notes, whoever created sticky notes is a genius, as we all know, If you’re not a positive person or you are not good at saying positive things about yourself, put positive sticky notes around your house, in your car and your daytime, or if people use it at your desk, you know, wherever that is so that when you see it, it reminds you that, yeah, you know, I am a good person. I am kind, I do think of others.

Deb (27m 13s):
I do recycle. I don’t care what that is. Just start saying good things about yourself.

Dana (27m 18s):
Yeah, that just reminded me years ago, when, when the secret first came out. I was an avid follower of the secret. There was a, I think I found these at just a little craft fair, but their were just little cards, basically just circular, couple inches wide. They put them in this cute little box. On each of those cards, it had a mantra, a manifesting mantra. Like, I am good. I am universal. The universe is bringing me all my desires. You know, it was just all those, every type of I am worthy, every type of manifesting mantra you could think of.

Dana (28m 3s):
Those were great to have around because you could pull one out in the morning. Just take one out. That was your mantra for the day, which I think was lovely. I used to use them every day. I forgot about those.

Deb (28m 14s):
Yeah. I remember you had those around, so they probably are.

Dana (28m 18s):
Yeah. They’re just little round little cards.

Deb (28m 20s):
We could probably go through a box and find them.

Dana (28m 22s):
Maybe we should start making them.

Deb (28m 24s):
We should. No, I think we all have to reminders. I mean, there’s so many negative things that are going on. A lot of times we grasp towards those things versus what really is positive. So again, kind of change those things. Along with that, wearing fun clothes, getting your photos taken that are really good and makes you feel good, again, eat healthy, do some fun things. Then just really stomp out that negativity thinking. I think that is number three. Number four, get a freaking ego. People in my line of work will always say, that’s the ego.

Deb (29m 7s):
Well, you need your ego in order to feel present in a human body and do what it takes for me to be on a podcast or on the radio or talking to dead people. I have to have enough of an ego to say, I’m capable of doing this. I’m not saying I’m better than anybody else.

Dana (29m 27s):
I think having an ego is extremely different than being egotistical.

Deb (29m 31s):

Dana (29m 33s):
completely different things.

Deb (29m 36s):
Put that in into your diet. I would say, take a self-defense class, go again and watch or read some stories that just really are motivating, decorate a room, play with animals. You and I just finished this podcast room and everyone loves it. It has such a good vibe. Those things kind of build your confidence and make you think, yeah, I can kind of do this.

Dana (30m 1s):
So do things that build your confidence. So whether it’s like you did martial arts, but

Deb (30m 9s):
And I cried the entire time, but yes, I got my black belt.

Dana (30m 15s):
Not that everybody has to go out and do martial arts, but things that builds your confidence, even taking a cooking class you’ve mentioned before.

Deb (30m 22s):
Absolutely. I know you would probably love this. I would never do it. You can do go drive a race car.

Dana (30m 29s):
Oh, I wouldn’t like that, but our son, Thomas would.

Deb (30m 35s):
Really, I think we all need, we call them B12 shots to build your confidence. Now you can do something and it doesn’t have to be perfect. I think that’s the biggest key is, people are looking for perfection and it’s not really there. Perfection, isn’t really there, but allowing yourself to have these experiences and it doesn’t have to look the way you’re expecting.

Dana (30m 56s):
And then number five, write a letter to the universe, manifesting your desire, what you want

Deb (31m 4s):
Or being thankful for it.

Dana (31m 6s):
Oh, being thankful for it. Yeah.

Deb (31m 8s):
Like it’s already happened. Like we are saying here, don’t compare yourself. Really kind of change that mindset and then write down, seriously write down what you’re thankful for. I know that there’s always those words now you can have in your house that thankful or grateful or have a grateful jar. But when you write it in a letter to the universe really feel in your gut and your heart, is this what you’re wanting to come? Are you ready for it? Not to panic but knowing that if it does show up, you can also say, no. I think that’s the other thing. People think of it shows up that you can’t say no. You do have the power to say, I need a little bit more time. I mean, if all of a sudden five guys are knocking at your door, you may want to say, okay, I need a moment.

Deb (31m 53s):
So again, this is about how do you manifest? How do you align yourself up? What are you thinking? What are you saying? What do you believe? Is that really for your highest good?

Dana (32m 4s):
If you create a vision board, that’s great, but make sure you’re writing that letter to the universe in thankfulness, gratefulness. But being grateful for what you have not what’s going on.

Deb (32m 27s):
Right. And you too can have a Dana!

Dana (32m 31s):
How funny

Deb (32m 34s):
But really that’s how it happened. I mean, I’ve been teaching this for a long time and my dating was, it was completely South. I was believing in all those things. I was very frustrated and I remember it was late before bed and I just sat down and I said, I’m thankful for this and put it in the drawer and let it go. Never imagined this is what would manifest, but I couldn’t be happier. So allowing people to know that you can create, that you are able to align with the universe, just figure out where you’re blocking at. I always call it the kink in the hose, find out where the kink is.

Dana (33m 13s):
And let that open up.

Deb (33m 16s):
Yeah. Well, thanks for joining us. Keep us informed and let us know if you were able to manifest or you’ve manifested before and how it happened. We’d love to hear your stories. Thank you once again for joining us, nameste.

Dana (33m 28s):
Thank you for joining us for this episode of spirited. Straight talk. If you enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new shows. We’d also love it. If you’d leave us a review and let’s connect, visit Deb shepherd.com for more insights, support workshops, and to book a session with Deb plus enter to get a free reading with Deb. All you have to do is sign up for the email list and you’ll automatically be entered. Just go to Deb sheppard.com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com.

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