Can Mercury Retrograde Be Good?

Mercury Retrograde 2022


Planets do not actually move backward in space, but from our vantage point on Earth, they certainly can look like they do! The speed of Earth’s rotation and the distance of the planet from us makes Mercury look as if it is going backward or like it is suspended in the sky. 

Review, Reassess, Reorganize

Mercury is the ruler of communication, the mind, connection, media, technology and commerce. It is also known as a personal planet, and we feel its effects significantly. 

Mercury retrograde phases are here to help you slow down and review, reassess and reorganize.  Mercury retrograde isn’t a time to start something new, it makes sense that we should slow down.  You know it is coming so you are prepared to deal with what’s in front of you at this time. 

Mercury Can Work for You!

Back up your electronic devices, stay flexible and patient, check all warning lights or alarms on your vehicles and electronics, and slow down.  If you sign a contract or start a new job during this time just double check everything, move slowly and be aware. 

The retrograde cycle tends to reveal what is not working properly, and although it can contribute to delays and frustrations, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve.

It is a good time to deal with what you may have been putting off or delaying and Mercury retrograde can be a positive thing for creativity and connection.  

Mercury Retrograde Self-Care Tips for Your Body and Mind:

  • Citrine crystals can help increase positive communication.  Place a couple on your desk or near you. Carry them with you.  
  • Create an essential oil blend to support your wellbeing.  One that I like – blend 9 drops of frankincense, 11 drops of myrrh, 9 drops of ylang ylang and 2 drop lemon grass.  Diffuse in your space or mix with a carrier oil like coconut and apply to your body. 
  • Plan a digital detox. If there’s ever a great time to take a break from your electronics and close out of your social media apps, it’s Mercury retrograde. Who knows what can happen with communication?  
  • Practice some breathing exercises when you’re having a technology or travel issue. There’s no reason to allow yourself to get worked up about something you can’t control.
  • Don’t start new projects, take this opportunity to relook at what you are currently doing. 
  • Pause and breath before speaking to open clear communication. 

Malas and stones to help with focus and mediation during mercury retrograde. 

  • Hematite-grounding to pull negative energy from the body-general survival, place one in each pocket to stay grounded.
  • Amazonite-calming and soothing energy during times of anxiety and stress-carry with you in your pocket or purse.  Provides energetic protection and mental flexibility. 
  • Lapis Lazuli-Supports honest communication and connection to your inner wisdom-place in your pocket whenever you need clear communication.
  • Fluorite-emits peace and harmony, helping to release stress and anxiety.  Carry with you, it is said to bring harmony and balance.  
  • See my Mala’s to find the one that resonates with you to help you manage the energy right now.