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Heart Healing Mala


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Heart Healing Mala

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Helping hearts that are hurting and to inspire healing. It also attracts love and peace while purifying and opening the heart, restoring trust.

The white string activates the 7th chakra and symbolizes balance, harmony, consciousness, and simplicity. The pink tassel supports universal love, growth, harmony, balancing and calming.

Moss Agate has been chosen as it is a very stabilizing stone. It is connected to nature and all living organisms. This stone is composed of quite a bit of live algae. It refreshes the soul and enables one to see the beauty in all. Moss agate can be helpful in reducing sensitivity and emotional vibrations. It represents new beginnings and the release of emotional blockages.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It activates the heart or 4th Chakra restoring inner healing. It offers love and infinite peace by purifying opening and softening the heart. It also enhances positive vibrations restoring trust and harmony.

The Guru bead is made of precious jasper and is a stone that is grounding but also promotes strength of purpose and it is believed to awaken a sense of joy.

This mala has 108 beads in total and has 3 types of stone on this mala and one guru bead and represents the numerology number 1, 5 and 6.

1 stands for primal force and the literal meaning being # 1. It will bring you admirable leadership ability, charisma when showing others, the way, and in turn, people’s natural, innate desire to trust your lead. It will help you to have patience and understanding. Inspires new beginnings and helps with leadership.

5 represents dynamic force which brings a feeling of a free spirit, born with invisible wings. It can help you to create a flexible schedule and can help you to adapt. Inspire you to a zest for life and to be open to new things. It can also help with learning new languages and cultures.

6 will help you to think, speak and act from the heart. It is sincere, loving, warm and affectionate. 6 will assist for a long-term relationships and family life. It can help you create love!

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