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National Grief Awareness Day 2019

As I was growing up, we didn’t talk about grief much or share our pain of loss.  Especially the men who were told to be strong and not show emotion.  Unfortunately, this belief was passed on through generations.

However, I am glad to say that this doesn’t have to be the case any longer.  Society is much more accepting of everyone sharing emotions and sharing how we feel about personal things that are close to the vest.

This doesn’t mean everyone openly shares their feelings in public or even with someone close.  Today it’s seems both men and woman are sharing their grief more openly and embracing support more willingly. 

While many seek therapy, talk to friends or attend support groups are all great ways to process grief. Sharing with your clergy and seeing me as a medium can help you.  Although it won’t remove your grief, it can help with the process.  

I’m sure you have heard the phrase everyone grieves differently.  The process is unique for each individual.  Even when you are grieving the loss of the same person, each relationship is unique, therefore the grief will look different for each person.

There are times others can think that giving advice is helping you when in fact this can make you feel worse.  I recommend responding to uninvited comments, by simply saying thanks for sharing, or I’m not in a place to hear right now.  Preparing yourself for outside comments before they are given will help you move on without replaying their disrespect towards your healing process. It creates boundaries and lets others know they are not helping.  It’s certainly one of my pet peeves.  If they are not a professional, they should just say I’m sorry for your loss and I’m here when you need me.  Then a hug to wrap it all up.

Don’t ever feel that you have to explain your grief even if it’s been years since the loss of your loved one.  It’s your grief and you get to do it your way.  With this said, I believe that when your grief begins to heal and you can take more breaths each day, you will be able to feel and hear your loved one on your own.   One of my purposes as a medium is to show you it’s possible and that you will always be Forever Connected.  

While you learn to maneuver through each day and start to feel that you are managing things better, begin looking for signs.  They want you to know that they are with you and that they are at peace and they are seeing your life unfold.  During grief it’s difficult to find humor and joy, but these higher vibrations will allow your connection to those you have loved.

Having a belief system will also help with your grief.  Whatever that maybe will support your healing and your heart.  My oracle cards Forever Connected were designed to help you hear from those you love that are now in spirit.  They are extremely easy and helpful, even a child can use them.  They were designed to carry with you at all times when you feel the need to receive a message. My book Grieving to Believing is a great resource as well as my own personal journey through grief.

Sending love to all those that are missing their loved ones today and every day.