Imaginary Friends?

Imaginary Friends?

When you were young, did you have an imaginary friend? How about your children or grandchildren? Did they ever tell you about their friend YOU couldn’t see?
My daughter had an imaginary friend, (IF) and would ask for a seat at the table and a meal to feed her IF. My son also had an imaginary friend named Garrett and would play with him from time to time and even missed him when he wasn’t around.

Before I understood this realm, the kids talked about their “IF’s.” At one point I remember being so frustrated that I was asked to fix another meal when I knew it would be tossed out, or I would be eating it because the “IF” couldn’t eat it.

I have come to realize that these “IF’s” were the kid’s spirit guides. Since my children hadn’t been on mother earth long, they still had a closer connection to the spirit realm. At these ages, they still believed and were taught to believe in magical experiences. As parents, we tell them there is a Santa Claus, tooth fairies, leprechauns and an Easter Bunny.
Disney has been very influential of make-believe and imagination. Even as adults, we have many responsibilities along with daily life. Still, we like to imagine things, such as what we would do if we won the Power Ball, traveling the world or finding true love.

Remember the movie “Monsters Inc.”, where kids see scary monsters in their closets and under their beds? The intention of the monsters is to receive an energy source from the screams of children. These stories of magical spirits have been part of childhoods throughout time. But, the “real” question is, are they real and do these imaginary spirits exist?

From my experience in my profession and experience with children, I have no doubt these kids have experienced the spirit realm. Perhaps your child had even talked about seeing a family member who passed before they were born. Because they connected in the spirit world before the child arrived here. What’s interesting is when a photo of the loved is shown, he or she recognizes the loved one. Spooky, right?

If we could connect to our inner child and remember these experiences we once had, perhaps we could connect to our spirit guides, angels and loved ones that are near us but in this heightened realm.

These imaginary friends are real, be jealous if you don’t see them and encourage those that do. Ask them to share details, draw pictures of their imaginary friend and ask if they have a name. Go along with their story, and embrace what they feel and see. Continue to support what they are seeing because it will help them maintain their connection with the spirit world. Imagine if we continued our relationship with the divine? How different would your life be? It’s not too late to open that realm that we can’t always see or understand. JUST IMAGINE!