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Do you ask yourself “Why the heck am I here?”

Deb Sheppard Blog

Over two decades I’ve taught individuals about your life’s purpose.  It may be quite different than what you think. Most of us want to figure out what are we supposed to be doing with our lives.  What is our value of being on this planet.

When we watch successful individuals, we think, wow they figured it out I wish I could.  I believe financial or career success has nothing to do with living your life’s purpose.

I’ve always believed that what we are truly good at, which could simply be something like being a good parent, a splendid gardener, a good lawyer etc. is not what we are here to learn.  

Many who know me believe I’m a very good medium.  I don’t believe that is that is my life’s purpose.  Our life’s mission is to change what we are “not” good at doing.  What we are good or even great at something isn’t a lesson, but it’s the lessons that comes with what we choose to do in life.

For instance, throughout my entire life the lessons of judgment, abandonment and value have been recurring.  It shows up in many aspects such as what I’ve done for my employment, my psychic medium abilities, whom I married, my belief system and many other choices I have made throughout my life. 

I would like to share a little bit of my story with you.  I was in the corporate world for a time and one of my corporate jobs was in health insurance (crazy! I know) My job was to negotiate with doctors and the medical field and to sell them on signing up for HMO’s and PPO’s. At the time this was absolutely not something the insureds nor the medical community wanted.  I was judged heavily, and many didn’t want to talk to me.  The work I was doing wasn’t being valued on either side. 

After I had my daughter, I could not fathom being away from her every day while someone else was able to see her all day.  It was so difficult for me to have children, I appreciated them so much that I could not bring myself to leave them every day so I made the decision to be home with them and go into childcare to still help pay the bills and be home at the same time.

 I lived in a friendly neighborhood where many are doctors, CEO’s, financial planners, engineers, well you get the idea.  Many wives were able to stay home or also had good paying careers.  I had neighbors that looked down on me and when I shared what I did at the time I was judged by the public as well.   I always believed our children’s safety, wellbeing and the ability to be with them was paramount.  While I was home with my children and providing daycare, I was making a smaller paycheck than those in my community, it wasn’t accepted as significant to those who were paid higher salaries.  

Then fast forward to the discovery of my abilities.   When I discovered that I am a psychic-medium and decided to embrace the fact that I am here to help with those struggling on this earthly plane, I once again have lost family and friends.  I mean it was weird 20 years ago to tell my family and friends that I have the ability to connect with the other side or tune into any soul.  I made a choice to accept all the judgement and abandonment that came my way because I know, see and believe wholeheartedly that when I provide a messages from those who have crossed over,  the healing I see take place for the individuals and families I work with allows me to let go of all feelings surrounding the judgment and abandonment that take place in my life. 

Now to share a bit about my own life lessons on “value”.  Many of us have value as a life lesson.  I have been told by some that I have a “gift” and should do my work for free.  Again, judgment what I can do and how I choose to share my abilities.

These are some small examples on what is in my opinion, a true “Life Lesson” 

One of the biggest Life Lessons that I see with many students and clients is “Receiving” We are taught at a very young age that it’s better to give than receive.  We are told “Don’t be selfish” or “don’t think of just yourself” or “why do you think you deserve this?” 

Sound familiar?

This belief system has caused most of us to “give” all the time while putting ourselves not even on the back burner, but back into the cupboard! 

I have clients that will schedule a session because they are exhausted, they give so much and seem not to be able to find a partner that is as equal in giving.  I call it the “project” versus the “partner”.  Those that are givers and are told that giving is a good thing and can’t seem to stop this pattern not realizing that it creates an energy in the universe of only giving and not receiving.  Until you realize that is it a good thing to also receive you may not receive that abundance you could from the universe.  Learning to receive is a life purpose.  

Simply put, your life purpose is learning how to change things you’re not good at so that life can be a balance.  

Love, Deb