Suicide Awareness

August 18, 2017Blog

Suicide Awareness Throughout the year, we celebrate many occasions. The greeting card industry, and other communities, have created a day, month or week to celebrate or honor the remembrance of life events for example birthdays, anniversaries and holiday’s. We also have specific days throughout the year that we bring awareness for a multitude of other … Read More

The 24 Hour no judgment experiment contest

August 18, 2017Blog

The 24 Hour no judgment experiment contest I challenge you to a 24-hour experiment. Can you not judge yourself or others for just one day? Wear a thick rubber band on your wrist and over a 24-hour period if you have a thought of judgment, snap it! Your experience includes, how someone is driving, someone … Read More

Imaginary Friends?

April 3, 2017Blog

Imaginary Friends? When you were young, did you have an imaginary friend? How about your children or grandchildren? Did they ever tell you about their friend YOU couldn’t see? My daughter had an imaginary friend, (IF) and would ask for a seat at the table and a meal to feed her IF. My son also … Read More