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Hello 2017!

What You Need To Know.

By any chance was 2016 an unusual year? Did it seem as if everything around you was changing or coming to an end?   Perhaps you had a career change, a relationship or two ended, maybe your living situation shifted.  Did you find yourself getting rid of things you were no longer using that had just been gathering dust?  Or, bigger yet, did you begin to modify the way you believe or felt about things in your life?



Throughout the year, we celebrate many occasions. The greeting card industry, and other communities, have created a day, month or week to celebrate or honor the remembrance of life events for example birthdays, anniversaries and holiday’s.   We also have specific days throughout the year that we bring awareness for a multitude of other reasons, for example ending Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Suicide.  We try to honor our military, teachers, and a variety of communities and cultures as well.

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The 24 Hour

No Judgment Experiment Contest

The following true story isn’t about religion or politics; it’s simply about human compassion.  It’s not about agreeing or not agreeing with a point of view; it’s about human behavior and how we think of others.



When you were young, did you have an imaginary friend?  How about your children or grandchildren?  Did they ever tell you about their friend YOU couldn’t see?

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