Signs Your Loved Ones Are Visiting You.

Death is not a permanent goodbye…

I want to remind you that the same way you are learning to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, they are also learning to communicate with you.

Signs are a language that your loved ones in spirit use to get your attention.  They do not have vocal chords, so they use signs to send messages to you, bring you comfort, show you they love you and let you know they are with you every day.

Sometimes you might not notice the signs because they can be very subtle.  You may think of them randomly while you are focused on something but feeling present in the moment.  They are saying hello.  When I connect with your loved ones it is not LOUD it is very quick and gentle.  It will also feel like this for you. Have you noticed any of the signs?

Familiar Smells That Bring Memories

Have you randomly smelled cologne or perfume that your loved one used to wear? Smells hold memories that your loved ones use to show you they are close by. For example, if your Dad was a cigarette smoker, you just catch a whiff of cigarette smoke when you are home alone by yourself. 

Signs Through Pets

Pets can see and sense Spirit too. If they randomly perk up and start barking or staring at a chair in a corner that your loved one once sat or spent time in, it’s a sign.  They are there with you.  Say hello. 

Songs That Bring Meaning and Love

If a special song plays in your car, house or when you are out shopping it is not a coincidence. Spirit uses music to communicate and send strong messages. It could be a sign for you.  It may pop up when you least expect it. 

Repeating Numbers

Seeing numbers repeatedly like the birthday of a loved one, or a specific time of death is a sign that they made it to Heaven. They love using numbers because it is a very recognizable sign and it is easy for them to communicate this way. It may show up routinely on license plates, clocks, or even receipts!  This happens to me all the time with my late husband.  I see the number 54 everywhere.  He was born in 1954 and died at the age of 54.

Waking Up and Thinking Of Them Randomly At Night

Waking up at the same time every night is a sign. Bedtime is the easiest way for your loved one to reach you because your mind is in a relaxed state.   When you are relaxed you are more open and present to seeing or feeling signs around you. 

Dream Visitations

Those in spirit love coming to visit you in your dreams. To them visiting in your dreams is a great way to communicate with you.  You might see them happy and smiling at you or they may come and have a conversation with you. These dreams come every so often and are very real. You may even wake up thinking it actually happened.  

Hearing Your Name Being Called

Have you ever heard your name being called and nobody was there?  You might sometimes hear your loved one. No, you are not crazy. They will sometimes call out to you or say something that you can hear audibly to remind you of their presence. You might even hear then speaking to you through your thoughts when you are upset or need guidance.

Phone Calls From Heaven

I have had many readings where loved ones have come through the phone lines. You might get a call from their number or your phone might ring randomly, and nobody is there. These calls normally come from souls that liked to play jokes here in this world. If your dad or brother was a jokester, they may be prank calling you from the afterlife. Spirit is energy and can manipulate electronics such as phones, TVs, and computers to send a message. 

Feeling A Spiritual Presence

I have had many souls come to tell me that they visit their loved ones at night. You might feel them sit on your bed or just feel their presence in the room with you. When you feel the presence of a loved one, talk to them. They can hear you and love coming to check up on you.

Seeing A Figure or Silhouette

If you have ever thought you saw your loved one standing in the hall or saw a figure move past you, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Sometimes you might catch a glimpse of your loved one for a split second. It’s rare but it does happen. Sometimes, they also will show up in photographs as distortions, blurs, lens flares or sometimes even orbs.

If you can relate to any of these signs, it means your loved ones are close by in spirit and trying to communicate with you. You are not alone in what you are sensing and feeling. It is real. It is why I love leading the way for groups of people to connect with spirit. 


Deb Sheppard

3 Important Dream Symbols To Recognize

We all dream.  Some people dream all the time and others not as often.  Dreams can be very strange and most of the time they seem to make no sense at all.  However, they could be signs and messages from your guides.  


When I’m doing a session for someone, I receive a lot of messages in metaphors because it is a quicker way for me to communicate with your loved ones, your guides and the other side.  

When I was in high school, I took shorthand. Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed of writing as compared to longhand.  The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography.  But what we learned was to basically make scribbles to translate what the other person was saying.  This was primarily used in an office where a “secretary” would transcribe what their boss was saying so he or she could write as fast as they were speaking.  Then they would take the written short-hand and type it out so it could be read.  

Today we use a similar shorthand when texting.  U for you, R for are, #4 means for or four, UR is you’re, xfer means transfer and of course all the emojis.  We don’t realize it, but we abbreviate to communicate.   Dreams are very similar to this where symbols, animals, weather and other symbols in your dreams can provide a lot of insight.


If you see water, such as a river, ocean, tidal wave, mucky water it represents a certain emotion.   When you dream of water it helps you to understand what type of emotions you are feeling or someone around you may be dealing with.  For instance, let’s say you are having some tension at work or with your partner.  The symbol of water can let you know what you are dealing with or what’s going to happen.

Imagine that you see a calm lake, it’s very clear and you feel safe.  This may be showing you to expect a calm forecast in life.  However, if it’s mucky and stagnant water, it may be time to realize it’s time to get things moving and make a few changes.  Who wants to sit in stagnant water?


They bring your attention to your creativity.  Embrace your ideas and dreams,  it is time to take action.  Find the time to balance between your past and your future.  The spider is giving you a message that you weave your life like a web and that your reality is yours to create.  The spider symbol makes it clear that what you see before you is the result of your thoughts.  In other words, the spider symbol in your dream can show you that your current reality does not suit you.  It is time to make changes.


This symbol is telling you that a transition or change is coming or needed.  Snakes can also come with healing properties.  Do you recall the symbol for health care providers?  It has a snake on it.  The snake is also about transformation.  It signifies rebirth.  The snake totem symbolizes protection.  It has poor vision and has no external ears, so it relies only on its senses to get familiar with its environment.  Historically, snakes represent fertility or a creative force.   As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols or a sign of immortality and healing.  

The Caduceus is the medical symbol with one snake or two snakes.  The stick is actually a staff that was carried by the Olympia God Hermes.  The Greeks regarded snakes as sacred and used them in healing rituals.  Again, believing that the skin-shedding was viewed as rebirth and renewal.  Keep this in mind when you spot a medical alert bracelet featuring the seemingly sinister serpents.  

Another symbol

The other day I did a session and my client who had a recurring dream about a big fire.  She is standing above a crowd looking down and was concerned it was something terrible.  She wants to be a motivational speaker, but was dragging her feet.  Her fire dream symbol was very positive because it means fame, and a rebirth like the phoenix rising.  It is also lighting her fire, so to speak, urging her to get out there and do her calling.

Dreams can be our guides

Just remember that dreams are just another way for our guides and loved ones to give us messages.  They are not there to scare us or make us feel unsettled.  When these dreams are intense, they are showing us how to pay attention to our lives.

Writing down your dreams in a journal will certainly help you hear and of course see the messages from those trying to help us.  It’s best to write your dreams down first thing in the morning, since our dreams details can fade during the day. We will be doing a dream journal to learn about how to interpret our dreams during my 30 Day Energy Shift Online class.

Find our more

Find out more for my 30-Day Energy Shift-Get The Clarity You Need because on week 3 you will learn more about interpreting Dreams and Symbols.  


Deb Sheppard

Top 3 Most Asked Questions about the Afterlife

I’ve been asked 1000’s of questions about loved ones and the afterlife.  Not one question is weird, strange or has felt insignificant.  All questions are welcome and all have meaning. Most people have a desire to understand the unknown and we as humans are seekers. When we have a significant loss we have so many unanswered questions so we begin to seek the answers.  

As a medium, I’m honored to provide my perspective and experiences from my journey but it doesn’t mean it’s the only answer.  I love providing my insight to anyone who is curious.

1. Are they okay?

My answer is normally 100% YES. I have a funny line that I use “There are no taxes or dieting, so it must be heaven”  I bring humor to reading and events because it does bring the energy level up and helps people relax but with humor aside, our loved ones do not take with them the pain and struggles they endured while experiencing life on earth.

Their personality traits will come through as you remember them, however if they were cruel or not a good person, that will have changed.  They may perhaps, apologize for their behavior while with you, but they don’t carry the anger and sadness that they experienced here on earth.

I have said over the years, being a messenger is an honor and while my clients are grieving it would be difficult if those in the afterlife were grieving as well.  For me, it would take a lot of energy to manage.  Your loved ones, whether you had a positive or negative relationship will provide me insight into your relationship, but they do not carry the hardships they had before crossing over.

Many times, I find they are having a “party” with other loved ones whom they have met on the other side.  We are missing them, but they are still with us and are finding new experiences at the same time.

Are they with me all the time?

Well, I hope not!  Like those experiencing life on earth, we are not with our loved ones, our community, or our beloved fur babies 24/7.  That would actually make us a little nuts.  We need to have our alone time and the other side knows is the same.  

Because we miss them, we have a desire to know they are around us and they certainly are.  When I’m doing a session loved one talk about odd things such as plumbing issues, recent injuries, career changes and family concerns because they want you to know they see what is going on in your life right now and they are here with you.

They also enjoy sharing about trips you have taken or are about to take, new babies and accomplishments.  Many times, they will discuss health concerns or someone in the family that has been difficult so you know they are along side you at times.

They share these things as evidence that they know and see what is happening in your family.  They are aware of your life, the ups and downs that we each live through.  Many times, they will visit me before your session, they show up early and start poking at me.  They love making themselves known especially if they had a lot of personality here on earth.

How do I know they are visiting me?

My desire is for each of my clients to connect with their loved ones on their own.  What stops this connection is our grief and the business in our lives.  

As a medium, I am a messenger and experience no grief around the loss of your loved.  I am able to center myself and open up to feeling connecting with the spirit world.  It takes a lot of energy for a loved one to connect with the earthly realm. I must raise my energy to make the connection and they lower theirs to connect with me.

This does become a little exhausting for me as a medium and channel. I am able to “turn off ” the connection when I’m not being a messenger. I too need earth time to feel grounded and be in my human suit to experience this life also.

During this pandemic because we are staying in place, many people are having more dreams and experiences with their loved ones.  Why?  We are at home, doing less and are more focused on the now. We are not as distracted with our to do lists.

Staying in the present is a form a meditation.  The experiences with loved ones are gentle most of the time, they show small indications that they are around, it’s more of a quiet awareness that you feel or hear.

How I connect with your loved ones

As a medium, the information comes through my right brain where our imagination is located.  This is why so many that do feel their loved ones, feel as if they are making it up or tell themselves that they just want it to be real. I will tell you if you randomly think of your loved one most likely it is them popping in to your “right brain” or where your imagination comes from to say hello.

This is why I must trust my intuition 100%.  I have to lose all analytical tendencies and trust the information completely. I use all my 6 senses and from that I’m able to interpret what a spirit is saying to me.  It’s not “just” a voice in my head.

I hear, see, smell, taste, feel and see things as well as using my third eye to translate a message.  Over the years, I’ve built my own vocabulary that they use to communicate with me and show me what they would like to share.  As an example, if I see a newspaper unfolded, this is my symbol for a person being well read or informed. They show me this to say they wanted to know what was going on in the world.

Sometimes, I will feel their pain of how they passed.  Many times, I will cough if they passed from lung disease, hanging or a drowning or fire.  Not always fun, but it’s their way of letting me know what happened to them.

Taste is always interesting.  If they drank scotch, vodka or beer, I can normally tell and they may share their favorite food or what they ate before they passed.

They want to connect

These are just some of the ways a loved one can show they are with you.  They also love messing with our electrical items, such as phones, computers and light bulbs.  Several times they have turned on my TV around 2 am to say, I’m here. 

My late husband shows me two things often.  Pennies and the number 54.  He was born in 1954 and passed at the age of 54.  It’s always random and sometimes annoying because it appears constantly.  Pennies are significant because we still have his grandfather’s suitcase of old pennies.  He also collected change and would put it in a glass container although I wish he would leave dollars, but hey I can’t complain.  It is also interesting that I find these pennies in such odd places. The shower, my slipper, on the floor after walking past the same space several times.

Bottom-line- your loved ones want to connect and let you know they are okay and are with you.  Signs from your loved ones can be recognized, if you are open and centered enough to notice.

I always suggest that you bring joy into your life and remember the good times and bring humor, all of these things will help you connect with them and begin to recognize the signs.

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Deb Sheppard💜