The 30-Day Energy Shift

Turn Fear into Faith – Get the Clarity You Need

an online course with renowned spiritual teacher Deb Sheppard

Are you feeling tense, fearful or uncertain about your future?

If so, I get it. The last few months have been unprecedented to say the least. Chances are all the craziness in the world is impacting your mind, body and spirit in a BIG way.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN feel at ease and unburdened, even now.

Not only that…

You can actually emerge from all of this with a better, more fulfilling life.

You can SHIFT your life and spirit.

And that’s exactly what you’ll do in The 30 Day Energy Shift.


The 30-Day Energy Shift is more than an online course. It’s an experience. Over 30 Days, you’ll:

~ Learn how to transform your energy and the energy around you.

~ Partner with Spirit so you can have unwavering faith that you’re protected.

~ Discover easy ways to get guidance and signs from loved ones – all to help you move forward with ease.

~ Learn fun and powerful Feng Shui techniques that will shift your energy for years to come.

~ Tap into the power of your nighttime dreams and decode their hidden messages.


Full Value: $550
Course Price: $147
Today Only Early bird pricing: $97

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Course officially starts June 15th

A special note from me to you…

First, thank you for being a part of this wonderful community. I am in such gratitude for each of you. A few weeks ago, I shared a poll asking what you would most want to learn about. I was inspired by your answers! The questions I have been receiving fit perfectly with this online workshop I have been working on for the last couple of weeks

So, what the heck is this you ask?

I have spent the last 20 years communicating with loved ones on the other side and have created many workshops and lessons for those who would like to explore spirituality. I created this workshop with the purpose of healing, helping you to free yourself of the things that are holding you back and empower you to move forward with purpose and the ability to understand your connection to your loved ones on the other side. You also shared that you would like to learn more about signs from your loved ones and a complete Energy Shift for yourself and your surroundings. We are in the eye of the storm at times and how do we turn fear into faith and setbacks into triumphs?

I understand, I want you to know I’m here for you. Most importantly, your loved ones in spirit are here for you, and I want to help you learn more about the energy you are surrounded with to connect with your guides and loved ones more easily.


You don’t need to suffer any longer.
Partner with spirit to find clarity and reinvent your life.

Heres a sneak peek into your 30 day journey


Feng Shui elementsLearn about and make changes in a practical but powerful way to align your outside world with your higher self. Deb Sheppard’s easy Feng Shui for your soul applications will help change the energy in your surroundings and prepare you to change the energy within. This is the way to create your sacred space to begin your energy shift.

Understand energy and how it is working within you. Cleanse your internal energy and then reset your soul to align with your spirit guides to receive. Your chakras will feel more aligned and your new sacred spaces will support you.

Work with me to interpret all the dreams that you have recorded since week 1 of your 30-day reset. Understand symbols you are shown in your dreams and what your guides are telling you. Understand the sub conscious blocks your dreams are sharing so you can let them release. Let your dreams give you clarity as you go into your next lesson.

What are the simple steps to recognizing and accepting messages and signs you are being shown? Now that you are understanding energy and how it works for you, ready to trust, recognize and receive messages. Learning to communicate and trust your guides and receive signs is the final step to this energy transformation.

Full Value: $550
Course Price: $147
Today Only Early bird pricing: $97

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Course officially starts June 15th

Yes, a lot of frustrating, uncertain, and sad things are happening in the world right now.

But the still power is within YOU to create what you want!

Dont let another day go by feeling bogged down in fear.

Join The 30-Day Energy Shift Now!
You wont regret it

Heres a Recap of Everything You Get in the 30-Day Energy Shift

Weekly transformational video trainings: $200 value
Weekly Group Coaching with ME: $200 value
Daily energy shifting insights and exercises: $150 value

Private Community with like-minded souls: Priceless

Full Value: $550
Course Price: $147
Today Only Early bird pricing: $97

Enroll Now

Course officially starts June 15th

How The 30-Day Energy Shift Works:

Each week of your 30-day journey has a theme that builds on the week prior. The topics are specially chosen and arranged for you to receive and co create with me and your spirit guides a total energy shift. Youll begin with your surroundings, then move to your soul energy clearing and reset, then you will understand and interpret what spirit is communicating to you through your dreams. Finally, you will learn the easy steps to get and interpret signs from your loved ones and guides. In addition to a weekly training, youll receive group coaching, daily insights, and community support.

In-depth video trainings: Each week, youll join me for an in-depth video training. These will take place live on Wednesdays at 12pm MT/ 2pm ET. If you cant join live though, do not worry! All the trainings will be recorded and made available to you on demand to watch at your convenience.

Group coaching: These group coaching calls will take place every Friday at 12pm MT/ 2pm ET. So, youll have the chance to get your questions answered and receive more personalized support then. All of these calls will also be recorded and made available on demand if you cant make it.

Supportive Community: Wouldnt it be great to have a group of like-minded, supportive souls you could connect with at this time? Well, here it is! This course includes access to a special, private Facebook group, where you can discuss ideas, make new friends and receive additional insights. And of course, Ill be popping in regularly to answer questions.

This course is right for you if..

  • You are feeling anxious and cannot seem to release your anxiety
  • You are experiencing a lack of fulfillment.
  • You are having extremely vivid dreams and wake up knowing that something is trying give you a message and you want to understand with this means.
  • You want to experience more harmony and balance in your life
  • You want to align your inner harmony with your outside world.
  • You want to understand how to connect with your spirit guides and recognize messages and signs from them and your loved ones.
  • You want to shift the energy around you in all aspect, your home, your life and your inner being.


What if I can’t make the live training?

You will receive your link to each live lesson from me every Wednesday along with lesson material. Dont worry though, it will also be sent in a downloadable lesson if you cannot attend live. The best thing is you can listen to it over and over again to receive deeper insights.

Ultimately, you will learn practical spiritual tools to use on a daily basis to shift the energy around you and within you. You will learn to partner with spirit for find clarity and reinvent your life. You will align more closely with your spirit guides and learn to trust what you are receiving from them. You will also learn easy ways to connect with your loved ones and spirit and to recognize signs they are sending you.

What are the dates of the classes?

Starting on June 15th, and every Monday of your 30-Day Energy Shift via your Facebook Class community page we will have insights and exercises pertaining to the lesson for that week.  If you are not a Facebook Fan, not to worry we will send the information via email also. 

Full Value: $550
Course Price: $147
Today Only Early bird pricing: $97

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Course officially starts June 15th