Stop Struggling & Manifest What You Want (Finally)

How can we create the life we dream of? Have you tried to manifest an outcome?

Be Clear With What You Want

You must be very being clear about what you want to create. If you are confused about what you really want, how can the universe help you? Sometimes we may think and say we want certain things, but then we end up holding all the energy back. Maybe something that happened in the past is affecting how we feel, or perhaps there is self-doubt. Being very clear can allow the manifestation to happen in a more fluid way.

It Does Work!

I have an example for you as to how manifesting has worked for me in a dramatic way. When I was single and searching for a partner, I decided to write a letter of gratitude to the universe for bringing my perfect partner into my life. I wrote this letter as if it had already happened, with what I was blessed to have in my life, specifically about this partner. Although I never identified a him or her. I would recommend to not to be attached to the outcome when manifesting. Trust the universe. I certainly did not expect to meet the woman of my dreams, Dana, but the universe had other plans for me. Because when Dana came into my life, she was everything the letter had described. This manifestation changed the course of my life and has brought both of us great joy.

Are You Aligned

Make sure you are manifesting what you need in life by being very aligned with what you’re saying. It is important to believe in what you really want. If you have a bunch of bad clutter in your mind and fears about past situations, it can cloud how they believe in yourself. If you believe that you don’t deserve it that you can truly create what you desire then it most likely won’t happen. What has happened to you in the past is still affecting how you move forward. We continually need to ask ourselves am I in alignment with what I want? 

Limiting Beliefs

Throughout life we are taught limiting beliefs from our parents, friends, some teachers or ex partners in relationships can all curb our thoughts and opinions. When we hear phrases like, “who do you think you are?” of   “Do you think you’re really that smart?”, “You are not that talented.” etc. We tend to carry these beliefs that have been pushed on us by others. Then what happens? We start actually aligning with those limiting beliefs, they start coming true, confirming that limiting belief. This can impede your manifestation process greatly. This brings me to the Law of Attraction, whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. If you are continually negative, then you will receive negative back. Stop the negative chatter in its tracks!

How To Receive

How can we be aware of what we are putting out to the universe? Are we creating blocks and obstacles for ourselves? To me manifesting sometimes feels like it’s magical, but a lot of this is just having a goal in mind. Publishing my book was my goal. In order to accomplish this I had to ask for and receive help. Receiving is very difficult for some wrap their head around. You must receive in order to allow the great things the universe has in store for you. You must be open to receiving. If you are one that is always doing for others but feel as though it is not returned, you have trouble receiving. When we manifest what we want, we must learn to receive what we were trying to manifest in the first place. 

How To Manifest Your Desires

There are a number of ways I teach my clients how to manifest, Very simple, yet challenging exercises to help you achieve what you desire. It could be a relationship, a job, or even a beach vacation house!  I talk about 5 specific things to work on. Listen to my latest podcast on manifesting to get ideas. The world is your oyster! Manifest it!!

The Blue Moon and Mercury What is happening!

Holy Halloween! 2020 has been one thing after the other hasn’t it?   

This year has had so many layers and dimension and October is no exception.    We had the Harvest Moon this month, we will have a Full Moon known as a Blue Moon on October 31, 2020, Mercury is in retrograde until November 3rd and Mars is also in retrograde! Not only that but we have the virus and the election to deal with. What the?!

What is a Blue Moon

If you follow astrology, you’ll know that this is one of two Full Moons in October. Full Moons are considered energy amplifiers. Peaks that bring forth a climax of energy. So a Full Moon on Halloween, a day where the veil is said to be the thinnest, can bring some seriously intense energy.

This month plays host to a second Full Moon- a phenomenon known as a “Blue Moon”. When you say “Once in a Blue Moon” it is because you may only see one of these in your lifetime, according to NASA. But what is most interesting about this Blue Moon is that it falls on Halloween. It’s the first time this has happened in over 75 years as it will rise at 6:58 p.m. on Halloween night and for the first time since 1944, all time zones across the United States will see a Blue Moon on Halloween. This Blue Moon is also in Taurus which is the plant of chaos and reinvention. So, I am saying to use this Halloween Blue Moon to connect more deeply with your spiritual side and think about what you really want to create in your life.

Our Little Friend Mercury

Mercury headed back into retrograde on October 14 and will not end until November 3rd (GREAT, on Election Day). It affects everything from personal communication, technological communication, travel and even things like the mail service.  Delays are inevitable, be patient. You may need to do things more than one time. This retrograde ends in Scorpio which is the detective of the zodiac and could reveal some skeletons in some closets. We will see people for exactly who they are and sometimes this can be deeply upsetting but, it will also show good things like deep loyalties surrounding you.

Retrograde can be a time of transformation, on a person and global scale. I would say that this is exactly what we are looking at this retrograde. We have an opportunity to review the areas of our life that the planet rules. We can correct and redo any communication errors we have made. Second chances are possible, let go of old and un-useful ways of communicating. This particular retrograde can make us suspicious even of those we deeply trust so be aware of this, now is not the time to turn against loved ones unnecessarily, we need all the community we can get right now.

Now to Mars

We’re not done with Mars retrograde until November 13th. Mars is the warrior planet, one that rules our passion and desire to take action. Have you noticed that it’s been harder for us to be active and decisive. Has your libido been affected? On a good day, the aggression of Mars helps us act assertively to make our dreams come true. On a bad day, petty fights, lowered sex drives, and a lack of ambition can also come up, especially when we’re all stressed already. 

You must keep the faith, all of the energy surrounding us is entirely what we make it. The inhibiting nature Mars retrograde can offer some time for reflection before acting hastily. Do as much planning right now as you can, organizing behind the scenes to get ready for a time when your efforts will pay off. If you really want to do Mars retrograde right, spend time with yourself by focusing on what you really want.  Seems to fit these times right now pretty closely doesn’t it?


Cultures all across the world have celebrated Halloween for centuries, completely independently of each other. Perhaps a coincidence? But consider this, the Celtic pagans celebrate Samhain, pre-year-700 Christians celebrate All Hallows Day, pre-Colombians Aztecs dating back 2,500-3000 years had a celebration and of course Mexican cultures celebrate Day of the Dead – all within two to three days of each other. Ultimately, the veil between us and the afterlife is very thin and each culture has their way of knowing and honoring their loved ones on the other side.

So what does this all mean

One could look at this as chaos negatively, or we could see this as the end of an era and the beginning of something better. Try not to stress, practice self care and be aware of paranoia. Hope to see you at the Soul Contracts Class that starts 11/11. Lets start this new beginning together.

Are you a giver? Are you tired of giving so much?

Do you ask yourself these questions?

When will I receive more money?
When will I meet someone that is good to me?

When can I have someone take care of me for a change? 

The law of attraction says that when you are always giving, people and circumstances will be there and meet you to take from you.  Until you learn to receive you may not receive the abundance the Universe wants to give you. 

Clients will schedule a session just because they are exhausted. They can’t seem to find a balance in life.  They give so much and create a situation where they cannot find a partner that is equal in giving.  I call it the “project” versus the “partner”.  Those of us that are the ultimate givers are told that giving is a good thing.  It is a good personality trait to have but some of us of can’t seem to balance giving with receiving. 

I have found that people who constantly give to their families, friends, and co-workers until they are just exhausted will become ill.  This is the only way they can learn to stop giving and start receiving. The Universe makes us stop and ask for help.  It is a difficult way to learn this lesson.   So why not learn it before this happens to you. 

Think about this, when a friend takes you out to lunch do you always want to pick up the tab?  Are you uncomfortable if they insist?  Do you offer to pay the tip, or you tell them you will pick it up next time?  Or better yet, if you know they are picking up the bill do you look at the price of what you want to order and then choose something more reasonable?  When someone is willing to give to you maybe you accept their generosity instead of feeling guilty.  How does giving make you feel.  Good right? Your friends feel good giving to you as well. 

This doesn’t mean you stop giving, it means that you are creating a balance. The Yin and Yang are necessary for true balance. This Chinese symbol has been around for centuries.  It describes that balance is needed everywhere.  Just like our sun and moon, if they were not in constant balance, we would not exist.

In the Yin/Yang which color do you think is feminine and which one masculine?

The Yin is the color black, and the Yang is the opposite color which is white.  People are surprised that the feminine side is black.  This is because we need to receive to procreate, we are born from the darkness, we are the night and the moon.  Masculine has to give to procreate.  They are external, and they represent the sun and they must give to procreate. 

I believe that especially the feminine energy is here to receive.  Many women give so much that men have a difficult time knowing how to give to a woman.  Women want to feel independent and choose not to rely on others.   Independence is awesome, but it can become too unbalanced and we may end up creating a life of only giving.   That’s when we become tired, ill and feeling alone. It will continue until you decide that giving isn’t the only virtue or value that makes up who you are.

I actually believe that when you ask others for help or let them give to you, it makes them feel you value and trust them.   You are bringing them joy. 

Simply put, your life purpose is learning how to change things you’re not good at so that life can be a balance.  You will trust your intuition more, your health can improve, and you can learn to love yourself.  Is it worth it to learn to receive?

One simple suggestion to try out receiving and to recognize your patterns, when someone gives you a compliment about your hair, clothes, or whatever it may be, don’t play it down.  Accept the compliment with gratitude, just say thank you, that’s so kind of you to notice.  You may catch yourself wanting to give some sort of brush off like “I’ve had this outfit forever” or “I got it on sale”.  Notice how this feels to you.  It may feel uncomfortable to just say thank you and accept the compliment. 

Until you realize that is it a good thing to also receive you may not receive that abundance you could from the Universe.  Learning to receive is a life lesson and a Soul Contract.  

Receiving is receiving and don’t throw the gift of it away.  Just doing this you can begin to feel what receiving is like.  Trust me, it feels incredible!

If you want to learn more come join me on November 2ndand 3rdfor 

Soul Contracts-Life Lessons.