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What The Stars Say 2020- Seeing Things Clearly.

I have a wonderful friend and past student, Mark Alexander who is an amazing and talented Vedic astrologer. This week I asked him to look at the stars for us and give us an astrological look at what is going on with our planet and the times we are experiencing right now.

I want to share a little background info about the type of astrology he does. This is an ancient practice that has even used long before the western astrology that we have become accustomed too. I prefer Vedic astrology in my belief system and routinely use the tools for yoga and meditation. I even worked with my good friend Sarita who owns Tibet Imports here in Denver on my powerful line of Mala beads, each one for a different purpose.

What is Vedic Astrology?

In Sanskrit, the word Jyotish, translates to “science of light,” and refers to the profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that originated in the ancient Vedic traditions of India, sometimes known as Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology from what I understand, is a relatively new term to describe Hindu or Indian astrology, also known as jyotish. Like Western astrology, Vedic astrology is based on the belief that the planets and other heavenly bodies influence a person’s life. Vedic and Western astrology have some similarities, including the 12 signs of the zodiac but then they began to differ.

What Mark Alexander says about our outlook!

This is a brief overview from a Vedic astrologer’s perspective, which is a sideral system and based upon the fixed star system.  So, if any readers are oriented to a western analysis, this will differ by house and sign placement.   A note of interest for the analytically minded, think of the astrological (Vedic) sideral system as a literal astronomical interpretation, meaning, when you look up into the heavens at night and wonder where Venus is currently located, you will find her presently in the sign of Taurus, not Gemini, as Western Astrology will have her placed.  Reasons for which, calculations explaining this point are not something most people would be interested in.

A look ahead…

Over the next few months, we have several astrological transits taking place.   There are three planets currently in retrograde motion, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus.   Remember, retrograde motion is a symbolic meaning of a planet’s characteristics being harnessed or pulled back in a sense from being fully expressed.

Venus in Retrograde

Venus, the planet of love, art, beauty and relationships is retrograde until June 25th, expressing potential delays in attracting a partner if that is what you’re wanting, or possibly feeling a bit sluggish or uninspired in the romantic department.   Maybe having a temporary feeling in work of artistic blasé for creative souls if that’s your forte, either way, this will not last too long as Venus is inherently strong in it’s own sign of Taurus, so no worries!  Once we come into July, Venus will be in full force with all her beauty and influence.

Jupiter in Retrograde

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.   He represents expansion, wisdom, education and dharma(meaning ‘that which is just and honorable’).   The retrograde motion for him in the sign of Capricorn is challenging to say the least.   Capricorn is considered a weak location for Jupiter.  This can create a loss of awareness or lack in honesty, or making decisions that are not for our best self-interest, which incidentally will usually affect others in a negative way as well.

Point of interest, Jupiter’s current transit is moving him back into the sign of Sagittarius, which is a sign he rules, so it’s a good thing, but he will not actually be in Sag until Jun 30th where he’ll remain until November.   Think of it like you’re in your own house so to speak.   So, there’s an inherent level of comfort in this location, meaning Jupiter grows in strength and ability to express that which is naturally a part of himself; expansion, wisdom, education, dharma, business and employment and having an overall optimistic perspective about life.  

Jupiter also represents the husband in a woman’s chart, so if you’re interested in getting married, I’d recommend to WAIT while Jupiter resides in Capricorn.  Mid to end of July and August are ok, mid to end of September is good, including first two weekends of October could also be a good time for a wedding, but that’s about it for the rest of 2020. 

Summer and Fall regarding COVID

This summer and into fall, we should see “some” increase in business, our economy and lives in general coming back to a “sense” of normalcy, but please, understand taking precaution where caution is due is always a wise course of action.  Meaning, take care of yourself and your surroundings, as Jupiter’s retrograde motion may still have some challenging influence.   However also remember, Jupiter goes direct mid-September, meaning he will no longer be retrograde, the business world should likely experience better returns…at least for a few months.   But come election time, all bets are off, and we will begin to see other political challenges that I will cover shortly before that period of time arrives.

On to Saturn … our task master and teacher…

Saturn is also retrograde, however being located in his own sign of Capricorn is a good thing!   Saturn is all about discipline, focus, hard work and determination, but on the challenging side he can also represent loneliness, ill health and isolation, hmmm, interesting eh!  Also, he deals with mass consciousness, public influence and democratic processes.   

The planet Saturn in the Vedic Astrology tradition represents the common people or more accurately for America, the voting populace of the country.   A retrograde energy here will create a since of slow-moving political change, isolation and frustrations around the current virus issue not having a remedy or vaccine available.   Saturn will ultimately help with the creation of a vaccine, but it will take time.  Saturn never does anything fast, which stands to reason since he is one of the slowest moving planets of our solar system.   I’d say by mid-Fall we may have something available in that respect after Jupiter and Saturn are both direct.   A helpful point about Saturn I want to stress is that he does help us manifest that which we most want in life.  But its always after a period of focused attention and hard work!! 

A retrograde influence rarely creates something spur of the moment, that is in light of resolving an issue quickly.   The retrograde energy is much more like hunkering down and working hard to find a cure or resolution to a problem.   Once the retrograde planets of influence move direct, then you see the solution that resolves the problem.  

What is Mercury doing?

Currently, Mercury is direct…a good thing, but he will go retrograde in June for about three weeks; specifically, June 18 to July 12.   Retrograde Mercury takes place at least three times a year, so word to the wise, refrain from large purchase items, signing important contracts or initiating business deals.  Also, I would not recommend buying computers, new phones or other electronics during his retrograde event.   Wait until mid-July, otherwise you may be returning it.   Also, communication is challenged, be conscientious when speaking to others during a Mercury retrograde, if you are not certain as to what someone is trying to express, ask them politely to repeat it.

All bets are off!

Concerning my comment earlier regarding the ‘All bets are off’ come election time, there will be a couple of eclipses, Nov 30th and Dec 14 a lunar and solar eclipse.  These will take place in the sign of Taurus and Scorpio, respectively.  Briefly, the sign Taurus is the 6th house(representing health, debt, conflict), and Scorpio is the 12th house(loss, isolation, secrets) in the astrological chart of the United States.   This could represent serious political and behind the scenes contention and problems. A bit more than usual due to the fact that at that point in time, Jupiter will be back in its debilitated sign of Capricorn for another 6 months up to the beginning of April 2021.  Even though I’m referencing the birth chart of our nation, this can also represent to a degree, the overall health and well-being of the president or president elect.

On a spiritual note, remember not to buy into any fear around the Corona Virus.  I make it a point to meditate every day and I take precaution where I feel its appropriate and intuition guides me.  Obviously its only common sense to follow laws in this regard that are currently in place around the virus. Admittedly though, I find it rather funny to see people driving in their cars wearing a face mask…but that’s me😉    

Love, light and blessings to everyone.   

By Mark Alexander at Spiritofastrology.org

How Mark helped me.

I want to thank Mark for this very comprehensive look at what is happening and what we are facing in our near future. You must reach out to him if you would like a very detailed look at your birth chart. When Dana and I had our charts read by him it certainly changed our perpspective. He also predicted some health issues we would be facing and advised us to not only be careful but to be on the look out for what was coming. It helped us navigate the whole situation when it did happen, just like he predicted.


Deb Sheppard