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Sacred Contracts and Soul Groups

You are learning these lessons and this is the contract that you have agreed to.  For many this can be hard one to swallow. Have you wondered why some of the people around you seem to have it so easy while you go through trial after trial and seem to struggle? If you are wanting to understand why you are here, your purpose and the gift of enlightenment, then this is the first step to grasping that you agreed to and chose this path.

My guides teaching me

More than 2 decades ago my guides began sharing this information with me. I sat down one day and was inspired to do some automatic writing. This is where you put pen to paper and you write without thinking about what you are writing. No punctuation, no thinking, just channeling the information from my guides.  They shared with me that our true purpose here on earth is to become more enlightened, that our experiences were opportunities for growth and that we chose these opportunities prior to our birth, since then I’ve been on a mission to learn more and teach this to others no matter where they are on their journey in life.

What is the purpose of our patterns

When we are able to see the patterns in our lives and the teachers who agreed to assist us in learning, it becomes much easier to understand. We cannot fail, because we will have multiple opportunities to learn.  Our Soul Contracts are set up this way. Unfortunately, these episodes can get frustrating and we may believe we are doing it wrong.  The Universe and the contracts we agreed to prior to being born will allow us many chances to change our patterns. We can learn to become aware of the “contract” when it shows up in our life so we can change our patterns by making difference choices in our future.

When learning these lessons and patterns we can change the circumstances faster and recover with more ease making our life more enjoyable.  Knowing you have the power and tools to understand why these things have happened in your life will help you find peace; and help you forgive and move forward with grace and ease.

Soul Groups

Our Soul Group is a collective group of souls that work together over many life times to exchange lessons of Dharma.

Prior to making our trip to our college called Earth, we make sacred contracts with our Soul Group to share in our life lessons.  We review what we desire to learn and try to create a plan to embrace these contracts.  If you were planning to enroll in an earthly college, you would have sketched out a plan.  This is the same with a Spiritual Contract.  Keep in mind free will can always come into play.  We all have free will and many things will happen that are not a part of a planned Spiritual Contract. 

Our soul group can work along with other soul groups to learn lessons, but your current soul group will have many life time’s together for the purpose of achieving many enlightenments.  They are part of our lives to help teach us lessons.  We all have friends, colleagues, loved ones and family members but only a select few will affect you so profoundly on our life’s journey.

Dharma vs Karma

The things we don’t want to acknowledge or the things we don’t want to deal with are the things that should you should try to recognize. When we recognize the patterns, we can embrace them and understand that these experiences are about our spiritual growth.

There is Dharma involved in all of our Sacred Contracts, we make these agreements as an exchange of lessons for full enlightenment.  Dharma is a vibration of love for one another.  

Karma is more of an earthly term, meaning that we pay for negative or positive experiences in life.  I don’t believe Karma is the driving force for our agreements.  

Whether you believe in one life or multiple lives I believe we are here to grow and become more enlightened.  If we only do things that we like or are easy for us, we will stay in the merry-go-around doing the same thing over and over with no chance for growth. 

Everyone has their own lessons

Simply defined, a lesson is an activity that you do in order to learn something.  Something learned through experiences. These are things we are not good at yet, things we chose to learn on our path to reach a higher level of understanding and enlightenment. 

During our pre-birth planning we made an agreement with our soul group to learn specific lessons on our journey towards enlightenment, understanding and unconditional love.  Our souls want to grow and learn, and it is more than what can be seen.  It is our lessons that provide our ability to become more enlightened.

One thing to keep in mind, your teachers are not here to get your lessons.  You are!  Every time you try to make them “get it” or “change” good luck!  They are not the student, you are.  They are not here to learn from you at this moment in time.  We spend a lot of energy trying to get our teachers to change so it will make our lives better and we believe it will make theirs better as well.  That hasn’t worked for any of us, it proves we are the one that is learning the lesson.  They have their own contracts of lessons.

This is one of my favorite subjects and workshops to teach. You can learn much more by attending if you ever choose to. I look forward to the next workshop as soon as it is safe to do so, possibly in September of 2020. In the meantime I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about Sacred Contracts.

Love and Namasté,

Deb Sheppard 💜