The Universe is Guiding us to share this!

Synchronicities, never seem to amaze me.  During my most recent podcast posted on March 29th (Listen here) we talk about a very important topic, child abuse. After we launched this episode, we realized that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.   The Universe is giving us the guidance to prove that triumph and healing can happen for those who have been neglected, abused and hurt.

Throughout my many years connecting as a psychic medium and teaching spirituality I’ve covered many human experience topics. This one is close to my heart and soul.  My best friend and partner of 6 years, Dana shares her journey and healing from her childhood.  While I’ve heard most of her story, she has never shared this much of it. In fact we had to put it into a two-part episode. Episode 2 will be out on Monday April 5, 2021.

5 Children Die Every Day

During the pandemic we noticed that there were so many reports of child abuse. Statistics show, in the United States, we have an estimated in 4.4 million child abuse cases, 7.5 million children are affected. Heartbreakingly, 5 children die every day from child abuse. Neglect happens for 74.9% child abuse victims, and 92% of cases parents are the abuser. Lastly, 65,000 report sexual abuse.  This just astounds me. These are the cases that are reported, there are many more that are ignored? More info HERE. There are so many heartbreaking stories out there.

Without knowing Dana’s past, my first impression was a very different than what I now know about her. She has never shown anger that I would expect to see from someone who had this experience.  I see a determined, intellegent woman, who wants to help others and is driven to be the best at whatever she does.   She never lets the past define her, but strives to heal and understand. We only share her story to help others along their path to healing.

You Are Of Great Value

If you have struggled through an abusive situation, I want you to know that there is hope. Abuse can bring so much shame. If we talk about it, we can bring awareness and understand that it is not the abused that should feel shame. Our healing and challenges are unique and healing from our past looks different for each of us but, find your power and do not let the past define who you are today.  You are of great value no matter what anyone has said or done to you-You have a greater purpose than the shame and rejection you were shown-You are lovable, and you have great meaning to others.  

If You See Something Say Something

If you are an advocate for children or anyone who may be experiencing this type of situation please say something. Whether by proclamation, through social media, with graphics, by sharing this blog, the podcast or other means, spread the word about child abuse prevention and let your community know they can take action. 

Use these free prevention outreach tools to engage in supporting children, youth, and families this National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM)!

Namasté and Love,

Deb Sheppard

Are You a Highly Sensitive Soul?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Soul?

I remember when I was a child, I was often teased for being too sensitive.  I could feel the emotions of others and felt my own very deeply.   Even as an adult, I have been teased or criticized for being too sensitive.  Well guess what, after realizing why I am so sensitive it all made sense.  I am an empath, I’m able to feel the energy of others, those that have crossed over and those still here on this planet.    

All of my senses become heightened when I’m doing readings.  I can feel, see, hear, taste and even smell things to interpret messages from beyond.  In addition, it is very easy for me to be in a room and have a feeling or sense everything around me.   I don’t even need to be in the same room as someone to sense and know things.  I have clients all over the world, and I can describe things with great detail during a session.  

To feel all these things can be exhausting, so over the years I have learned how to “turn off”
 receiving all of this energy when I’m not working.   I know that by not feeling everything every moment of every day helps me tremendously to have a “normal” life.  I want to be with friends and family without feeling every emotion.  I also feel that their emotions are not mine to feel and to do this with people around me without their permission crosses a boundary. 

I have worked with so many people that I would call Highly Sensitive Souls or Empaths.  We can feel a lot of emotions and don’t know how to control it or to not take everyone else’s emotions in.  Sometimes as a Highly Sensitive Soul we can confuse other’s emotions for our own.  This can sometimes cause anxiety, depression, isolation, the feeling of being different and sometimes it can create the inability to function in everyday life.

I want you to know without a doubt that you can find ways to manage your sensitivity.  It will take practice, but I know it is possible.

 When I realized my abilities as psychic and a medium, I felt overwhelmed with all the energy that surrounded me.  I reached out to a dear friend who had been psychic most of her life and was in her early 70’s when we had this discussion.  I explained that I was having trouble with all the energy and the other side constantly talking to me.  She simply asked me when my appointment was the next day then she said, “tell them to leave you alone until then.”   I thought to myself, okay I’m willing to try this.  I was going crazy with this bombarding me all the time.  

To my surprise when I spoke to them, my head and body didn’t feel anyone around. It got very quiet all of the sudden as if it just shut off.  I actually got a bit frightened and wondered if I did something to turn off my abilities.  So very nervous about this appointment, I sat down and asked the loved ones to come through, and the flow of their energy came right back.  They showed right back up for the session.   At that moment I realized I could control how much I felt, and my ability to connect with the other side.  I didn’t need to be at this heightened sensitivity every moment of my life.

Even though that moment showed me it could be an easy process, I have still worked on creating boundaries and taking steps to care for myself consistently.  

What I have found in my work is that young people really struggle if they are a Highly Sensitive Person. Unfortunately, being a sensitive may bring judgment by those that don’t understand how we are wired, which can cause for more pain for the empathic individual. 

I believe there are ways to understand and manage this and you may have to try a few different things before finding the right combination for you.  I also recommend you pay attention to what you are doing and how you feel when you are less invaded by energy.

Finding quiet time often is important to Highly Sensitive People.  Being out in nature will help ground you.   Eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water.   These seem like very simple things but when life is busy, these things are forgotten. 

Make sure you have plenty of sleep to recover from the psychic vampires during the day that zap your energy. I have found a cooler temperature and an organized room allow your mind to relax.   Essential oils for example Lavender or Sandalwood can help support a good night’s sleep.   Sleepy time teas like chamomile or simply having a routine for your body to know its bedtime will help as well.   Epsom salt baths along with the use of oils can help the body to relax for bed.   A quick meditation with the focus that all the energy is washing away can quiet your mind and energy.  

Do you have a pet?  Pets can show you unconditional love and support you with healing positive energy.  

Empaths or sensitive people have a huge tendency to attract projects instead of partners.  I see this all the time, because a sensitive individual will feel the pain of the other person and try to help them.  This is a big no no! Create that boundary for yourself. 

I’m not saying you can’t help others, but how many of these individuals are in your life.   If you want to help others, then as an empath you must find a good balance.  Find those that support you and help feed your soul. 

Exercise is also a great tool to use to move the energy that you may absorbed.  Simple idea and one you have probably already considered but it can be helpful. 

One of my favorite ways to release energy is laughter.  Watch comedy often, this is one of my go to’s.   Mala beads can be very helpful.  You can practice a calming Mantra and choose stones that support your healing.  You can wear them to help create an energy balance.  I created my line of Malas to help support people in many ways and this is exactly the reason why. 

One of the things I have taught in the past to change a pattern, I have encouraged people to wear a thick rubber band on their wrist.  Every time you take on someone’s energy or cross boundaries when you are not invited, snap the rubber band.  After enough times of snapping the rubber band, you will see your patterns so you can begin to change how you respond to the energy of others.

Pay attention to the cycles of the moon, weather and what is going on in the world.  You can be triggered by many of these things, and you many not even realize where the energy is coming from.  For Highly Sensitive People, hearing about negative pieces of the news can be very difficult, so I’m not encouraging you to listen to news every day, but things happening in the world can affect the way you feel.  For example, you may have heard stories of animals knowing days before an earthquake will hit or a disaster of some kind is coming. They feel it, you may experience this type of energy also and it may overwhelm you. 

If you are close to someone that is having a difficult time, you may be one that takes on their problems without even realizing it.  It is very important to find the difference between being there for them and taking on their energy.  Your soul does not want you to absorb everything around you.  

Feeling energy is a good thing, being a Highly Sensitive Person is a good thing.   Learning to manage it is the key to feel successful.  

If you have any ideas or things that have worked for you, share it with us.  I will choose one of you to receive a set of Forever Connected Oracle cards.  This tool can help you communicate with your loved ones on the other side.  



Are you a giver? Are you tired of giving so much?

Do you ask yourself these questions?

When will I receive more money?
When will I meet someone that is good to me?

When can I have someone take care of me for a change? 

The law of attraction says that when you are always giving, people and circumstances will be there and meet you to take from you.  Until you learn to receive you may not receive the abundance the Universe wants to give you. 

Clients will schedule a session just because they are exhausted. They can’t seem to find a balance in life.  They give so much and create a situation where they cannot find a partner that is equal in giving.  I call it the “project” versus the “partner”.  Those of us that are the ultimate givers are told that giving is a good thing.  It is a good personality trait to have but some of us of can’t seem to balance giving with receiving. 

I have found that people who constantly give to their families, friends, and co-workers until they are just exhausted will become ill.  This is the only way they can learn to stop giving and start receiving. The Universe makes us stop and ask for help.  It is a difficult way to learn this lesson.   So why not learn it before this happens to you. 

Think about this, when a friend takes you out to lunch do you always want to pick up the tab?  Are you uncomfortable if they insist?  Do you offer to pay the tip, or you tell them you will pick it up next time?  Or better yet, if you know they are picking up the bill do you look at the price of what you want to order and then choose something more reasonable?  When someone is willing to give to you maybe you accept their generosity instead of feeling guilty.  How does giving make you feel.  Good right? Your friends feel good giving to you as well. 

This doesn’t mean you stop giving, it means that you are creating a balance. The Yin and Yang are necessary for true balance. This Chinese symbol has been around for centuries.  It describes that balance is needed everywhere.  Just like our sun and moon, if they were not in constant balance, we would not exist.

In the Yin/Yang which color do you think is feminine and which one masculine?

The Yin is the color black, and the Yang is the opposite color which is white.  People are surprised that the feminine side is black.  This is because we need to receive to procreate, we are born from the darkness, we are the night and the moon.  Masculine has to give to procreate.  They are external, and they represent the sun and they must give to procreate. 

I believe that especially the feminine energy is here to receive.  Many women give so much that men have a difficult time knowing how to give to a woman.  Women want to feel independent and choose not to rely on others.   Independence is awesome, but it can become too unbalanced and we may end up creating a life of only giving.   That’s when we become tired, ill and feeling alone. It will continue until you decide that giving isn’t the only virtue or value that makes up who you are.

I actually believe that when you ask others for help or let them give to you, it makes them feel you value and trust them.   You are bringing them joy. 

Simply put, your life purpose is learning how to change things you’re not good at so that life can be a balance.  You will trust your intuition more, your health can improve, and you can learn to love yourself.  Is it worth it to learn to receive?

One simple suggestion to try out receiving and to recognize your patterns, when someone gives you a compliment about your hair, clothes, or whatever it may be, don’t play it down.  Accept the compliment with gratitude, just say thank you, that’s so kind of you to notice.  You may catch yourself wanting to give some sort of brush off like “I’ve had this outfit forever” or “I got it on sale”.  Notice how this feels to you.  It may feel uncomfortable to just say thank you and accept the compliment. 

Until you realize that is it a good thing to also receive you may not receive that abundance you could from the Universe.  Learning to receive is a life lesson and a Soul Contract.  

Receiving is receiving and don’t throw the gift of it away.  Just doing this you can begin to feel what receiving is like.  Trust me, it feels incredible!

If you want to learn more come join me on November 2ndand 3rdfor 

Soul Contracts-Life Lessons.



Is Your House Haunted? Of Course it is!

Is your house haunted?

Of course, it is!

Often, I am asked “where do my loved one’s hangout?  Are they with me?”  

Do you sometimes feel someone is behind you, do you find your things moved or are your electronics doing things without any one touching them? Have you seen something out of the corner of your eye such as a dark streak and when you try to focus on it, it’s no longer is in sight?

They can be anywhere and everywhere!  Who you ask?  Those no longer living in a human suit!  I believe they are just in a different dimension, which I can’t explain scientifically, but this is how I describe my experiences.  

If you are feeling the spirits in your home or office, or anywhere, it doesn’t have to be someone you knew.  I will be asked “Who has been turning on my TV at night” or “who is closing doors and turning on the lights? “I believe that it doesn’t have to be your loved one or someone you know.  

I have done thousands of sessions and I connect to your loved ones which are not people I would personally know. They show up sometimes days before a session and they like to show signs in my home to advertise they are around waiting for the appointment.  It can be quite interesting.  I have experienced so many electronic things happening and once even had an entire shelf of vases thrown out in the middle of the night.  A loved one was announcing themselves prior to a reading the next day. 

Sometimes people like to think that a haunted space may be occupied by someone who may be “stuck” but that is not my belief and that’s not generally my experience.  I think people in human suits can be more “stuck” than those who have crossed over! They like to be around to see what is happening in our lives and maybe they want to hangout since they are getting attention from us.  

I think energies can present themselves to us and we will feel them, our hair may stand up.  We will feel other energy too. Think of how you may feel at the ocean, mountains or in a vacant old building.  Each of these different spaces provides a different reaction.  Since everything is energy, it can take a shape that can makes us each feel the energy and we will interpret it differently.  

I’ve have done energy clearings at homes, business clearings and land clearings.   The owners have called and said they felt something was wrong or someone needed to move on to the other side.  My belief is we can attract energy or energies into our spaces by accident.  It’s not that someone is trying to hurt you, attach to your body or some other notion. What I have found is we may open up to something that is mirroring what is happening in our own lives.  Similar to the law of attraction.

A few years ago, I had a client contact me because their house was on the market for over a year with no offers or interest.  The price range in this neighborhood was expensive so taking a longer period of time to sell wasn’t unusual, but this home was not getting any feedback whatsoever.  The home was well designed, beautifully laid out with great views, so why was there no action on it?  

The homeowner was already living in their new home a few blocks away, but they were trying to sell this home and move on in their lives.  They hired me to come and help them change the energy in the home to see if it would help. When I arrived at the home with a few students we all walked in and felt a heaviness.  The homeowner didn’t feel it as this was what she felt the entire time living in the home.  To her it was normal.

As we walked around, we could feel that there a lot of illness.  She confirmed this and shared that her daughter had a botched surgery which led to many more to correct the first one.  Her sister had a brain tumor and had lived there while the homeowner had taken care of her and the owner herself had fallen down a flight of stairs and almost broke her back.

We all took a big breath!  It made perfect sense after hearing what had taken place in the home. The heaviness was from how they felt in the home.  We used some of my techniques to help move the energy and relieve the heaviness we felt in the home.  Some great ways to change the energy yourself.  

  • Have a party in your house or a celebration
  • Take a hot bath with your significant other
  • Celebrate the home so it feels loved
  • Bring joy and talk about happy experiences in the home
  • Bless your home with sage
  • Play great happy music
  • Get rid of things in your home that you don’t love or bring you joy
  • Bring in plants and flowers
  • Open up windows
  • Sit in a room you normally don’t sit in and honor that room

These are just some easy suggestion to create an intention of clearing energy.  Everything come down to intention and if your intention is to bring positive energy you can do it.

For this particular client, she followed some of my suggestions and a week later I received a call that the buyers who had looked at the house a year before came back and bought the home!  Isn’t that amazing?  

If you are open to feeling the energy and you want to feel your loved ones more often then, welcome them and try to feel the little sign’s they are trying to give you.  It can be very subtle. They will show signs by showing up as orbs in your pictures, or by messing with your electronics and having coins appear to you. They may move objects, or it may just be that subtle feeling we get when we are quiet.  

As I’ve always said, we are “Forever Connected”. Even though they are on the other side they are forever by our side.

Deb Sheppard