Has anyone ever told you that you are an Old Soul?

Have you heard someone say “ she/he is an old soul”?   Do YOU feel like an old soul?

 You may have felt this yourself or met someone who you believed has probably had past lives.  They seem to have this sense about them that they didn’t always fit in but regardless are comfortable in their own skin.  They may be laid back, relaxed, a no-nonsense person, it’s just that vibe we get from an old soul without understanding it.

As a spiritual teacher, medium and intuitive I seen both young souls and old souls during my work. But, I remember as I was growing up there were certain people that just seemed to have an aura about them.  I didn’t know these words existed then, but it was certainly a feeling.

Being young or an old soul doesn’t mean one is better than another.  It only means that some souls have lived many times before this current life. We are all here to learn and find enlightenment, but we joined the earth school at different times.  It’s no different than someone going to kindergarten for the first time to the individual attending college.  We are on different paths at different times.

If you think you are an old soul see if any of these traits are familiar to you.

You seek out alone time:  Introverts sometimes are ones that don’t like all the chaos of a lot of energy while being with a lot of people.  They certainly enjoy being with their communities, but they need time to decompress.

Peaceful time is a must for these old souls and they will find ways to do just that. They love to be in nature or you will often find them reading, meditating, doing yoga, gardening or cooking to find peace.

Old souls want to know the truth about things.  Seeking wisdom and truth are vital and it is often required for them to feel comfortable enough to move forward.

They are great listeners and love to hear everyones stories and also typically love learning about history and have a desire to seek deeper answers rather than just hearing something at face value.  They have a deep sense of curiosity that continues throughout life.

You might feel that life isn’t just about you, but there is such a bigger picture outside of yourself.  You may enjoy the comforts of life but still enjoy helping those around you. Mother Earth is typically important to an old soul.  You also may find that you would rather help others before spending money on yourself.

Your past is something you reflect on often.  You try to seek what you have learned from those experiences in your life.  It may be someone that is neither good nor bad, but it’s only to gain knowledge for future experiences.  
The old soul understands there is a bigger picture.   He and she typically looks beyond their own personal agenda.  They see how communities and the world are just as important as their own lives.  They are willing to make changes to protect the Earth and those that share this space together.

Many will not need an over abundance of “things” to feel happy.  

This doesn’t mean they want to not have nice things or have a comfortable lifestyle.  An old soul feels content without having material wealth.  It isn’t a terrible thing to have it, it’s just not as important for an old soul.

Some older souls don’t need as many friends to feel happy.  Having a selected amount of good, loyal, transparent and like-minded friends is more important and of greater value than being liked by hundreds of people.  You enjoy feeling you can be authentic and loved unconditionally.

Because most old souls are empaths, they also understand emotions.  It’s not that they are emotional, though that can be the case sometimes.  They can feel other people’s feelings as if it is their own.  They are mostly careful to be supportive, but not to feel as if it is their responsibility to take ownership of others emotions.   The value is in supporting others without taking it on. 

I’ve noticed that these old souls are wise beyond their years.  They just see things differently and seem to have wisdom from beyond without having the experience in their current life. 

Their advice flows so effortlessly.  And the advice isn’t judgmental or harsh.  It’s just shared with a feeling of “you can do this when you’re ready”.  Others seem to be drawn to these souls, just wanting their insights without truly knowing why.

Old Souls Have a Different Point of View

The one area that can be difficult for these old souls, is if they are young from an earth perspective they may find it challenging to be with people their own age.  They don’t have the same agenda and find it difficult to fit in.  They just see life from a totally different viewpoint where others just think they are odd, and they feel awkward in these situations.  

I’ve done many past life readings and have found that some souls are very young souls and their journey they chose in this lifetime was not as challenging as an old souls life. They also tend to have fewer things in life that create blocks and difficulties compared to an old souls path.     

When we return to our Earth School after previous lifetimes, we bring experiences with us. When we understand what happened to us in a past life, we can help heal things in this life.  Many of my clients after a past life reading will have fears vanish, they will recover from illnesses, they are able to open their hearts to new relationships and they walk away with a knowing of why certain things have happened in their current life.  

Past Life Sessions

During a past life session I will go into your Akashic Records and “download” information from the lifetimes that you need to connect with for help in this lifetime.  Normally, I’m provided 3 and maybe 4 lifetimes.  This allows me to interpret what in the past lives connect to what you are dealing with now. I am able to provide insight into things you can do to change or at least understand your relationships, release the blocks holding you from moving forward and heal. You don’t have to struggle to understand the difficult situations you are currently managing.  There is a lot you can learn so you can move ahead in your life and enjoy what life brings your way. You can see more on this weeks Facebook Live Session also.

Next week I will be sharing some stories from clients that have had past life readings. I have been told it is life changing.