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Authenticity and Judgement

To be authentic means there is a chance you will be judged, sometimes harshly.

As a spiritual teacher, for 20 years I have taught and still teach that being authentic and vulnerable takes courage.  In my belief system, being vulnerable does not mean you are weak, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to share your story and to be the authentic you.  

Be authentic to your soul.

I also teach the true meaning of unconditional love.  When I ask student what “unconditional love” means I get many different definitions. Some say-it is to love someone no matter what they do, to accept your loved one as they are. My favorite is their dog gives them unconditional love and that is how they know what it is. These are all true but this is my definition- being authentic to your soul and allow others to love you the only way they can.  Can they accept that you are not like them and don’t think like them? Is judgement the only way they can love you?

What we are taught is too project a version of ourselves in attempt to have others accept us.  Meaning, they love the person they want you to be because that is what you project.  Their beliefs, their religion, their ideas.  They are not loving you, they are loving what you are doing for them or showing them.  It validates them and tells them that they are doing the right thing for their own life.  Sometimes you will even compromise your own authenticity to be accepted.  This is when we begin to lose who we truly are and then wonder why things are not going the direction we desire.

During this time we are dealing with so much unrest, the pandemic, social divisiveness, and like me, you may see that there are so many perspectives out there. This is the way it should be, we are not all standing for the same thing, we will look at things differently.

I upset the apple cart.

I want to share my story with you in hopes that this may help some of you during this time.  This past week on my personal social media page, I proposed a question. It was meant to be thought provoking and to truly gain some understanding for myself.   Many people have told me that they don’t post political or religious topics on social media, because they get push back and I did it anyway. I upset the apple cart and walked away from the conversation hurt by the very personal attack.

It took me sometime to begin to process this ordeal. I was feeling as if everything I stood for was being deeply criticized by a friend.  It was very raw and I am sensitive, I feel others emotion’s and would never intentionally hurt anyone.  

Do you want to be on an island?

My wonderful partner, Dana felt for me and we had been talking about this as she was helping me process.   She came in from the yard and said to me, “I have been thinking about this, do you want to be an island, or do you want to be vulnerable, you are a spiritual teacher and you will be judged?”  

This is what I believe and teach, so this is my time to walk it.  We have a duty to speak out when we don’t agree with things in our world.

Why are some people so afraid of understanding those that are not like them? We each have our own perspective but our experience is ALWAYS different that someone else’s.   I believe that by looking beyond our own circumstances to see another persons point of view we can create the balance we all need right now.  

My Promise.

This experience taught me and as I start my new podcast next month, I promise to always be transparent, authentic and vulnerable.  I will have judgement, I am sure of it, but as a spiritual teacher, I can’t sit and do nothing when I can use my voice for good.  We can open our eyes and we can see the authenticity of what is happening in our world.    

Please provide your insight into our current situation.  I really want to hear from you. Share with me some things you would like me to talk about on the podcast. I will choose one of you for a reading with me.  

Let’s be authentic and transparent to create the change.

12 things To Pay Attention to Right Now. COVID-19

I have been having these incredibly intense dreams and a few days in a row, specifically about this COVID-19 coronavirus.  It was while I was in that twilight state and sometimes that is when my guides flood me with information.  I was quiet and relaxed, and the floodgates opened.  

There is all kinds of discussion and speculation on social media, the news channels, your employer, your friends and family we seem to be all over the place with how we feel about this pandemic.  It can be quite overwhelming and confusing.  As I meditate and communicate with my guides, they have given me some great information and have also allowed me to feel the pain and enlightenment the world is going through right now. What this world is experiencing right now is a rebalance of all types of energy.  

Remember the song Come Together Right Now?  We need this now more than ever.

Reconnect and Rebuild.

  1. This is not going to go away quickly.  We are in this for the long haul as much as we want it to end right away.  It may be here through the summer months unfortunately.
  2. Before this virus we were so busy and separated from our neighbors, community, people, other countries because we are just so focused on our day to day lives.  What we are seeing is this virus has a life of its own, it is unknown, and we are being forced to pay attention.  We are changing how we do things changing and changing how we perceive our surroundings, the world and our loved ones.  
  3. This moment in time has a spiritual meaning.  It is time to reflect on our daily routines, do they serve us or are we just going through the motions?  Our world has been put on hold so we can be quiet sit still and appreciate what we have in life.
  4. This is also a time to reconnect and rebuild.  Check on and catch up with family, friends and neighbors.  There are many ways to do this, phone, zoom, facetime.   I have found myself connecting with many friends I have not seen in ages.  I also find myself talking to family more than I have for several years. 
  5. We are all connected in their world.  This is our reminder.  We are not separate.  What happens to one happens to all.  Our world is connected and does not discriminate.  We are all equal and this virus shows us that.  It cannot see color, religion, sexual orientation, occupation, financial status……We needed a reminder of this concept. 
  6. Will you choose panic or persevere?    I’ve read a few things with people saying, “oh this has happened before” indicating that they may not be taking this seriously.  I have seen those that are in a panic without the ability to function and doing things like buying every roll of toilet paper they can get their hands on.  I want you to know either way you choose to go it isn’t right or wrong.  Your previous life experiences may dictate your response, but can you slow down and persevere? 
  7. Life is short, slow down and help each other. If you know of a person who feels isolated, maybe call them or drop off something that lets them know they are not forgotten.  If you are feeling isolated, or stressed about this, then reach out to someone that can help you through the process.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help and normally the individual you reached out to will feel honored that you needed them during this time.  If you need help RECEIVE.  How many times have I taught this?  
  8. We can address climate change by changing what and how we do things!  Look at the improvements over Italy and China in such a short amount of time.  
  9. We are all still here to learn lessons for enlightenment.  COVID-19 has allowed us to learn many lessons together as a collective so we can decide what changes to make going forward.  
  10. We have become a society of instant gratification.  How is that working for us today? We have so much on hold so we can evaluate what is really important.  Do we need 100” tv’s or the ability to connect with friends and family. 
  11.   Let’s take some deep breaths and figure out a plan.  This is a time to hold each other up and try to find the answers.
  12. We can learn from this; we can prevent or slow down future outbreaks as we are learning new things and learning more about our humanity.  

Remember-all big changes are preceded by turmoil.

Listen to common sense, your providers and use this time to relax and have fun with your family.   Most of us wanted more time with family, well we are manifesting that right now.

Many have started working from home for the first time.   Wouldn’t this be great if this becomes the new normal?  How wonderful would this be in so many ways with less car emissions, more time with family and our fur babies, less use of gas and less car accidents.  Less commuting and more connecting!  

Every day has been looking a little different and we are not in control.  Being prepared for quick changes as that is essential this this process.  If you’re the type that likes everything to be consistent you may start with some self-talk, remember some past experiences where things changed unexpectedly but you did successfully mange it.  Talk to someone who knows you and can help guide you reminding you of tools.

One of my favorite tools is humor.  My mother always had humor throughout our life experiences and I still love that today.  I even tell dad jokes and Dana just looks at me with that rolled eye expression, but I make her laugh and that brings levity to our quarantine. 

It’s 100% okay to have humor right now.  We are all grieving in some way right now, sometimes when we are grieving, we don’t feel laughter is appropriate.  But it is the opposite of that belief.   We are all energy, feeling optimistic and embracing humor are some of the best things you can do during this time.

Just a day at a time or even an hour at a time.  Embrace what you are feeling, talk about it, write it down or even sing about it.  There is no wrong way to manage this new normal.

Please share what you are doing to support your needs right now and if humor is a part of it then share it with others.