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2019 Predictions. This Year It’s All About You!

2019 is all about you!  Most of us try to take care of others, we give back as much as we can, and this can take away from our own needs and desires.  

Having self-love can help you manifest your goals for the year of 2019.  The new year inspires us to take this time to create intentions of better health, deep love, abundance and even some fun.

But, why are many kept from succeeding?  Could it be distractions, guilt or a feeling that you don’t deserve?  We have been taught and have practiced over the years to sabotage the things we really want to manifest.  

This doesn’t make sense, but it seems to be a constant pattern for many.  Hence, why we keep asking for many of the same things each new year when we create our intentions.

How do you change this?

FIRST: Be aware of your patterns.  Do you have a pattern of always putting others first even when you are tired, extended and really want things to change for yourself? 

My advice, stop!  

This doesn’t mean you can’t help those in your life, but if you have created an unbalanced situation you are not helping anyone and including yourself.

If you have a family member, friend, partner etc., that seems to always have stress, drama and excuses, give them the gift of returning their “stuff” back to them.   It’s not yours to manage.  This may be difficult, but this is the start of how things can begin to change.

SECOND: Do you feel a sense of guilt of around loving yourself and creating a life you desire?  This can change!  This typically comes from our childhood.  We are conditioned by religion, family and community pressures.  Fear of judgment can keep us from living a life with joy and purpose.  

One thing I notice when I see those that have created a “blessed” life is they truly believe they deserve it.   What they have done is created boundaries with those they love, and they have allowed themselves to embrace the blessings they have created. 

Why do this? Well, for many reasons!  You can be of more beneficial to your family and community when you are healthy, energetic, have a life of abundance, love and joy.  Living with intention sets an example for others, allows you to be empowered and embrace the ability to trust your intuition.  Your intuition is challenged when you are driven by guilt and the feeling of not deserving what the Universe can bring you.

THIRD: Momentum seems to falter as times passes.  Distractions in life happen.  Pay special attention to how these distractions affect you.  Is it family?  Guilt?  The feeling of being underserving?  It could be any or all of these things.   This is a normal cycle but unfortunately the more we feel guilt and disappointment, the more likely we are to let it happen again.

How do we change this?  Be open to things looking different than you planned. 

Over the years before I became a medium, I would imagine many things that I believed would make me happy and bring great things to my family.  For example, as I wrote in my book Grieving to Believing- Discovering the Afterlife, I was very tied to how my now late husband would find his new career after being downsized from his prior job. I wanted things to return to what we had.  That never happened!

The Universe had a different plan and one that I never could have imagined.  We were in a terrible place.  All of our resources were drained, we were drained, and it seems nothing else was working.  

Change was necessary, what I did was imagine what I thought happiness was and what happened was so different than the plan I had imagined.  If you want and desire change don’t be attached to your original vision as the only way to be happy.  It may show up differently.  Be aware of opportunities that you didn’t even consider.  For example, I started learning Feng Shui and considered being a consultant.  It was just a stepping stone to open myself up to other ideas and it helped me open my eyes to the fact that what I was trying to manifest wasn’t the path I needed.

What are you willing to do for 2019?  Pay attention to when you feel guilty and determine how it serves you.  Get rid of it!  Pay attention to how family, friends work etc., are draining you from what you desire to accomplish.  Find ways to self-love and realize that is the key to transformation in your life.  And finally, be open to little nuggets that can take you on a different path than you ever imagined.  

Let 2019 become incredible by learning to receive what you haven’t in years past and let life begin with the new.

Expanding the way we think and believe can be a challenge because we have become comfortable with our past experiences, even if those memories are not positive. 

Get out of your box and stop controlling what you want when you know it hasn’t been working.  We believe we want things to change but we can only do that when we incorporate new thoughts and visions of the unexpected to come your way.  

Try another avenue and become adventurous with life.  Start small.  Try a class, go to a meet up group, read a book you would normally not necessarily read, try a new hobby, try food you never eaten or even wear a new color.  

When you experience life with different eyes, you will be surprised how life changes in ways to open doors that you thought were all closed.  What do you have to lose?  May 2019 bring many amazing surprises that raise your happiness.