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Is Resistance Really A Wake Up Call For Our Souls?

I have never been one to enjoy exercising much. My proudest exercising moment was when I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 47. This was quite an accomplishment for me. It took me two long years to complete and when I received my black belt I only attended one more class.

Over the last couple of years, I have overcome some medical issues and recently became motivated to get back into shape. My partner Dana has decided to do a sprint triathlon and her goal encouraged me to become more active with exercise again. So I started exercising in a “lazy river” pool.  Just the word “lazy” seems backwards doesn’t it?

The Lazy River

During my first adventure into the lazy river pool I watched as a fellow exerciser was walking against the flow of the river.  I decided I was going to try this to see how it felt and began going against the flow of the river also. This  made it much more difficult to walk, balance and stay upright.  I found that I had to walk slower, taking each step with thought and intention. I had to really focus on controlling my balance.  Sometimes I had to hold onto the side of the pool to gain control.  To my surprise there were even a few individuals that would not give me space. This forced me to stop walking and let them go by me so I could continue? (What a great metaphor for life?)

A couple of weeks into doing my new program I was mediating during my workout. The word RESISTANCE popped into my head.  This pool is giving me resistance to become stronger and healthier and it is such a positive thing.

I started thinking about how we seem to have so much resistance towards so many things and people right now. Everywhere we look we see and hear about strong and volatile resistance in some capacity or another.  

What does resistance mean?

I started thinking about resistance and what it means. It seems that we feel unable to control our lives and that has brought about a lot of fear.  How do we change this energy and learn to become our best self while the energy around the world is in turmoil.

If you look at resistance positively, it is a wakeup call to your soul. Use this to assist you in raising your awareness and your vibration. By raising your vibration you will feel the energy become more positive and this will spill over to those that are in need of your good energy.

Major changes and shifts?

If you are like me, you have noticed many people making very major changes in their lives during this pandemic. We have all been passive for a long time almost like living in our own little bubbles. Sitting on the sidelines.

We are now being pushed UP to the surface and must look into our souls, our hearts, and our choices in life.  

What are you resistant towards?

What are you resisting and why?  Do you want to make changes, or do you want to stay where you are?  There is no right or wrong way, but we have an opportunity.  Do we go with the flow, push back or rise to the top?   During these current challenges, we can push ourselves to our greatest moments.  If not now, when?  

This is a great lesson for us all.

Pushing your body against what seems to be difficult will benefit your entire being.  Now may also be a good time to gain understanding as to why we resist. It is a great lesson for us all.  Let’s open our minds to learn about others belief systems, and be open to both sides of all situations. Lets try to understand where our fellow person is coming from.

We are in this together, let’s push through it as we strengthen our energy vibration together.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are here to continue to vibrate to our highest level for enlightenment.   Love and understanding are the answer.

Namasté and Love,


Surviving The Holiday’s-Be Gentle With Yourself

It’s around the corner, and the holidays will be in full force.  Grief can seem to catch us when we may not expect it.  There is so much hustle and bustle during this time of year.  They call it the season of blessings and gratitude, but for many it can feel as if you just want this to be over.

Whether your loss is a divorce, a death or an unexpected change, grief has a life of its own.  No two losses are the same and we all grieve in different ways.  We can sometimes push it down and not talk about it causing us to become so emotional that it can make a simple task feel overwhelming.  For some old losses are just as challenging as recent ones.  Guilt can play a huge role in our experiences that should have joy, but the guilt of bringing happiness to our lives again can be too difficult to embrace.

What I do know is that bringing joy into our lives especially during times of grief, is the best medicine for healing.  If you want to feel the connection of a loved one even our fur or feathered babies who have crossed the first thing is to raise your energy levels to have the connection, you once had.  This may seem daunting and even fake to make laughter a fun part of your life.  However, it is the best tool you can incorporate to your healing process.

Changing how you celebrate your holidays can promote your way of healing and honoring the changes you have been through.  Even though we know change is inevitable and it can feel difficult to embrace, honoring the changes you have been through can promote healing also.  Find ways to celebrate the past and look forward to the future, it may be hard during grief to grasp this, but it is a way to help in your healing.

When you lose a loved one it can feel like you can’t celebrate them.  But, you certainly can with just a few ideas.  Start thinking of creative ways that you and your family can incorporate the memories.  For example, at Thanksgiving, you can go around the table and share funny stories or share what you loved most about them. Make a toast about your loved one and know they are with you; they are just celebrating without having to do any dishes. 

Maybe you can start a new tradition by volunteering for their favorite cause or your favorite one in honor of your loved one.

Another idea would be adopting a family with needs so you can help them celebrate in an effort to help you find what you are grateful for because it can be very challenging to find gratitude when we are grieving.  It can be especially hard when others around you are feeling joyous during the holiday season.  I encourage you to take many deep breaths and find things that can help you find the joy and gratitude even during grief.  I know without a doubt that your loved ones in spirit wants you to have joy, to count your blessings and to celebrate the life you have.    

These rules apply to any type of grief, divorce, job loss etc.  Nurture yourself by being kind to you, I find that this is a big one.  Givers, healers, teachers, etc., feel giving to others will make them feel better.  Well, that maybe true for a few moments, but taking care of you is the best thing you can do for yourself and those you share your life with.

Allow yourself to cry, ask for help and learn to say no to the things that are not filling your soul.   Beginning to create a balance can actually bring on guilt, but with practice you can feel stronger and better equipped to do what makes you happy and you will begin to be okay to have gratitude and joy.  For this Holiday Season, I would love to hear your stories.  Please email me with how you are taking care of yourself and what tools you are using to heal.  I will choose someone for a Half Hour reading and a set of my Forever Connected Oracle cards so you can connect to your loved one on your own. 

Forever connected Oracle cards for healing
Forever Connected Oracle cards

Sending you lots of love and looking forward to hearing from you,


email me at deb@debsheppard.com