The Universe is Guiding us to share this!

Synchronicities, never seem to amaze me.  During my most recent podcast posted on March 29th (Listen here) we talk about a very important topic, child abuse. After we launched this episode, we realized that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.   The Universe is giving us the guidance to prove that triumph and healing can happen for those who have been neglected, abused and hurt.

Throughout my many years connecting as a psychic medium and teaching spirituality I’ve covered many human experience topics. This one is close to my heart and soul.  My best friend and partner of 6 years, Dana shares her journey and healing from her childhood.  While I’ve heard most of her story, she has never shared this much of it. In fact we had to put it into a two-part episode. Episode 2 will be out on Monday April 5, 2021.

5 Children Die Every Day

During the pandemic we noticed that there were so many reports of child abuse. Statistics show, in the United States, we have an estimated in 4.4 million child abuse cases, 7.5 million children are affected. Heartbreakingly, 5 children die every day from child abuse. Neglect happens for 74.9% child abuse victims, and 92% of cases parents are the abuser. Lastly, 65,000 report sexual abuse.  This just astounds me. These are the cases that are reported, there are many more that are ignored? More info HERE. There are so many heartbreaking stories out there.

Without knowing Dana’s past, my first impression was a very different than what I now know about her. She has never shown anger that I would expect to see from someone who had this experience.  I see a determined, intellegent woman, who wants to help others and is driven to be the best at whatever she does.   She never lets the past define her, but strives to heal and understand. We only share her story to help others along their path to healing.

You Are Of Great Value

If you have struggled through an abusive situation, I want you to know that there is hope. Abuse can bring so much shame. If we talk about it, we can bring awareness and understand that it is not the abused that should feel shame. Our healing and challenges are unique and healing from our past looks different for each of us but, find your power and do not let the past define who you are today.  You are of great value no matter what anyone has said or done to you-You have a greater purpose than the shame and rejection you were shown-You are lovable, and you have great meaning to others.  

If You See Something Say Something

If you are an advocate for children or anyone who may be experiencing this type of situation please say something. Whether by proclamation, through social media, with graphics, by sharing this blog, the podcast or other means, spread the word about child abuse prevention and let your community know they can take action. 

Use these free prevention outreach tools to engage in supporting children, youth, and families this National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM)!

Namasté and Love,

Deb Sheppard

Surviving The Holiday’s-Be Gentle With Yourself

It’s around the corner, and the holidays will be in full force.  Grief can seem to catch us when we may not expect it.  There is so much hustle and bustle during this time of year.  They call it the season of blessings and gratitude, but for many it can feel as if you just want this to be over.

Whether your loss is a divorce, a death or an unexpected change, grief has a life of its own.  No two losses are the same and we all grieve in different ways.  We can sometimes push it down and not talk about it causing us to become so emotional that it can make a simple task feel overwhelming.  For some old losses are just as challenging as recent ones.  Guilt can play a huge role in our experiences that should have joy, but the guilt of bringing happiness to our lives again can be too difficult to embrace.

What I do know is that bringing joy into our lives especially during times of grief, is the best medicine for healing.  If you want to feel the connection of a loved one even our fur or feathered babies who have crossed the first thing is to raise your energy levels to have the connection, you once had.  This may seem daunting and even fake to make laughter a fun part of your life.  However, it is the best tool you can incorporate to your healing process.

Changing how you celebrate your holidays can promote your way of healing and honoring the changes you have been through.  Even though we know change is inevitable and it can feel difficult to embrace, honoring the changes you have been through can promote healing also.  Find ways to celebrate the past and look forward to the future, it may be hard during grief to grasp this, but it is a way to help in your healing.

When you lose a loved one it can feel like you can’t celebrate them.  But, you certainly can with just a few ideas.  Start thinking of creative ways that you and your family can incorporate the memories.  For example, at Thanksgiving, you can go around the table and share funny stories or share what you loved most about them. Make a toast about your loved one and know they are with you; they are just celebrating without having to do any dishes. 

Maybe you can start a new tradition by volunteering for their favorite cause or your favorite one in honor of your loved one.

Another idea would be adopting a family with needs so you can help them celebrate in an effort to help you find what you are grateful for because it can be very challenging to find gratitude when we are grieving.  It can be especially hard when others around you are feeling joyous during the holiday season.  I encourage you to take many deep breaths and find things that can help you find the joy and gratitude even during grief.  I know without a doubt that your loved ones in spirit wants you to have joy, to count your blessings and to celebrate the life you have.    

These rules apply to any type of grief, divorce, job loss etc.  Nurture yourself by being kind to you, I find that this is a big one.  Givers, healers, teachers, etc., feel giving to others will make them feel better.  Well, that maybe true for a few moments, but taking care of you is the best thing you can do for yourself and those you share your life with.

Allow yourself to cry, ask for help and learn to say no to the things that are not filling your soul.   Beginning to create a balance can actually bring on guilt, but with practice you can feel stronger and better equipped to do what makes you happy and you will begin to be okay to have gratitude and joy.  For this Holiday Season, I would love to hear your stories.  Please email me with how you are taking care of yourself and what tools you are using to heal.  I will choose someone for a Half Hour reading and a set of my Forever Connected Oracle cards so you can connect to your loved one on your own. 

Forever connected Oracle cards for healing
Forever Connected Oracle cards

Sending you lots of love and looking forward to hearing from you,


email me at deb@debsheppard.com