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Signs Your Loved Ones Are Visiting You.

Death is not a permanent goodbye…

I want to remind you that the same way you are learning to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, they are also learning to communicate with you.

Signs are a language that your loved ones in spirit use to get your attention.  They do not have vocal chords, so they use signs to send messages to you, bring you comfort, show you they love you and let you know they are with you every day.

Sometimes you might not notice the signs because they can be very subtle.  You may think of them randomly while you are focused on something but feeling present in the moment.  They are saying hello.  When I connect with your loved ones it is not LOUD it is very quick and gentle.  It will also feel like this for you. Have you noticed any of the signs?

Familiar Smells That Bring Memories

Have you randomly smelled cologne or perfume that your loved one used to wear? Smells hold memories that your loved ones use to show you they are close by. For example, if your Dad was a cigarette smoker, you just catch a whiff of cigarette smoke when you are home alone by yourself. 

Signs Through Pets

Pets can see and sense Spirit too. If they randomly perk up and start barking or staring at a chair in a corner that your loved one once sat or spent time in, it’s a sign.  They are there with you.  Say hello. 

Songs That Bring Meaning and Love

If a special song plays in your car, house or when you are out shopping it is not a coincidence. Spirit uses music to communicate and send strong messages. It could be a sign for you.  It may pop up when you least expect it. 

Repeating Numbers

Seeing numbers repeatedly like the birthday of a loved one, or a specific time of death is a sign that they made it to Heaven. They love using numbers because it is a very recognizable sign and it is easy for them to communicate this way. It may show up routinely on license plates, clocks, or even receipts!  This happens to me all the time with my late husband.  I see the number 54 everywhere.  He was born in 1954 and died at the age of 54.

Waking Up and Thinking Of Them Randomly At Night

Waking up at the same time every night is a sign. Bedtime is the easiest way for your loved one to reach you because your mind is in a relaxed state.   When you are relaxed you are more open and present to seeing or feeling signs around you. 

Dream Visitations

Those in spirit love coming to visit you in your dreams. To them visiting in your dreams is a great way to communicate with you.  You might see them happy and smiling at you or they may come and have a conversation with you. These dreams come every so often and are very real. You may even wake up thinking it actually happened.  

Hearing Your Name Being Called

Have you ever heard your name being called and nobody was there?  You might sometimes hear your loved one. No, you are not crazy. They will sometimes call out to you or say something that you can hear audibly to remind you of their presence. You might even hear then speaking to you through your thoughts when you are upset or need guidance.

Phone Calls From Heaven

I have had many readings where loved ones have come through the phone lines. You might get a call from their number or your phone might ring randomly, and nobody is there. These calls normally come from souls that liked to play jokes here in this world. If your dad or brother was a jokester, they may be prank calling you from the afterlife. Spirit is energy and can manipulate electronics such as phones, TVs, and computers to send a message. 

Feeling A Spiritual Presence

I have had many souls come to tell me that they visit their loved ones at night. You might feel them sit on your bed or just feel their presence in the room with you. When you feel the presence of a loved one, talk to them. They can hear you and love coming to check up on you.

Seeing A Figure or Silhouette

If you have ever thought you saw your loved one standing in the hall or saw a figure move past you, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Sometimes you might catch a glimpse of your loved one for a split second. It’s rare but it does happen. Sometimes, they also will show up in photographs as distortions, blurs, lens flares or sometimes even orbs.

If you can relate to any of these signs, it means your loved ones are close by in spirit and trying to communicate with you. You are not alone in what you are sensing and feeling. It is real. It is why I love leading the way for groups of people to connect with spirit. 


Deb Sheppard

If You Find Meditation Challenging This Will Help.

This question is often asked because people want to learn how to meditate and struggle with quieting their mind.  Yet…they have a desire to connect with their guides and loved ones and want to seek answers while they are going through struggles in life.  They also want to learn to trust their gut.

I reflect to the Tibetan monks who have no partners, no children, no stressful career and no bills to pay.  They can sit in a lotus position and allow their minds to hear nothing.  But, for the rest of us, we feel so guilty for even taking a moment of quiet time for ourselves.

Our daily to do list never stops and taking extra time out of a day can be a challenge.  The demands on most of us are constant and feeling guilty for taking time out complicates the purpose of meditation.  Is this you?  

First of all, for me to even sit in a lotus position is painful.  My knees hurt, then my back and my shoulders begin to feel uncomfortable and even spasm.  Sound familiar?  So, I like to be creative when it comes to meditating.  

What’s the purpose of meditating?  It’s merely to quiet our world and focus on the present.  To become centered and relax our body and our mind.  To create a moment of peace while living a very hectic life.  Sometimes your mind will still chatter, and thoughts will come in and leave, but that’s 100% okay.  Just compare it to when you are trying a new exercise to flatten one’s stomach muscles.  It’s not going to change right away, it will take some time to see the results. 

This may sound very strange, but some of my best meditations I have are during the time I blow dry my hair.  I put my phone in another room.  I typically won’t try to talk on the phone while I’m using a loud machine next to my ears.  I will receive messages from my guides, sometimes I have new ideas or solutions for things I am working on. Often, I will play solitaire on my phone because it helps me find that relaxed state of mind.  It certainly doesn’t look spiritual, but it works for me.  I’ve been meditating a very long time, and there are still times that my mind doesn’t want to relax.  

Just find what works for you.  For some, meditating while taking a shower or bath works.  You can imagine chakra colors and imagine cleaning any energy you want to release into the water and back to mother earth.

Others find that being out in nature is a great form of meditation. Seeing the beauty of our planet and taking deep breaths while allowing your mind to become calm. 

Basically, use anything that calms your soul.  Try coloring mandalas (or adult coloring books) cooking a simple meal, even folding your freshly washed clothes.  This may not make sense, but these are things tasks where you don’t have to think, problem solve or worry about being judged.

It’s doing something that is repetitious and is very familiar to you.  Being in a quiet room, with candles, soft music, and comfortable clothing is a beautiful way to meditate.  However, for some individuals that are new to meditation, I have found that they are frustrated for not doing it “right.”  That’s the first challenge.  You are not doing anything wrong.  Just try to find what works for you.  What will allow you to relax your mind, body, and spirit?

Just begin. The first step is to fit some form of meditation into your regular routine.  There will be less guilt in the process of taking out of your busy life, and it won’t be such a challenge to make it happen.

You can find all types of meditations, even on the internet.  I have a few I have created, but there is no wrong or right way to meditate.  It can be a simple process.  Do not get frustrated with your perception of meditation versus the reality when you begin.  It’s like looking at a cover of a beauty magazine with the image of a perfect body that 99.9% don’t have.  We all look different and beautiful in our own way, and this is precisely how meditation can be for you.

Try to not put pressure on yourself, relax by watching funny videos that are accessible online, set up a Pinterest account with positive or funny boards.  Just make a commitment to begin.

We have a judgmental society and meditation isn’t customarily taught to us as children. Our lives have all become so “busy”.   Give yourself permission to begin to experience and use different ways to calm your mind and soul, it will be something you will be able to call upon whenever you need it. 

Happy meditating!