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Listen To Your GPS-Guided Psychic System

Yes, you’re intuitive! You are born with your own GPS; Guided Psychic System. It’s up to you to use it. It wasn’t taken away from you, it is still there to use when you open yourself.

Being psychic doesn’t mean you get the lottery numbers or get to escape learning lessons here on the earthly plane. Intuition is your sixth sense, and everyone is born with this ability.

A Sense of “knowing”

Watch animals, they don’t attend parenting classes or question their senses. They feel fear when danger is near, and they have innate nurturing abilities. You will see an animal run if there is going to be an earthquake or a natural disaster. This is their intuition and they have complete trust in it.

Small children also have a sense of “knowing” and children have not had an array of life experiences to understand what is happening. However, we tell our children to do things that society deems acceptable instead of letting them trust their gut.

We turn off that sixth sense that is our birth right because we are taught these limiting beliefs through society, religion and family belief systems. How many times have you regretted that you didn’t listen to that little voice in your head?

What happens when you ignore your intuition?

Even as a psychic medium I still let the outside world influence me, but I keep trusting and I keep trying to listen to my intuition and heart.

A little bit about my story. The first time I got married, I thought “I could leave right now if I wanted too” as I was walking down the aisle. During the exchange of my vows I thought “I could still say no”.  I chose to stay and go through with it and what a surprise, the marriage lasted less than a year. For years, I had been upset with him and all that happened around the marriage and situation, until one day I realized it was not his fault, I did not listen to my inner voice. I ignored my intuition. Has something like this happened to you?

Trust and Surrender

Trust and Surrender are the two most important rules to understanding your intuition. Trust=listen to your inner voice, regardless of the fear that others may judge you or try to talk you out of your intuition. Surrender=do not try to control the outcome. Most of us want and desire love, abundance and a healthy life. We try to control what “we” believe will make us happy instead of letting the universe bring in wonderful things you never imagined would be possible. Get out of your own way.

Where do you begin?

Meditation maybe difficult for many but if you try to just be present so you can listen to your inner voice you will find it easier. Start by practicing using your intuition with thinking of small questions. Where should I go eat today that will help me with my energy? What line at the grocery store is good. Which is the best way to drive home so we are all safe? Who is the next person to call me on the phone?

Have you ever listened to that “voice” when you think of someone, then you reach out to them and they have some news to share with you? They may even tell you that they were thinking of you and were about to reach out. That’s a perfect example of your intuition.

KISS-Keep is Simple Sweetie (my saying for years now)

KISS; Keep it simple sweetie! When you are at the beginning stages of trying to use your intuition I highly recommend that you don’t try focusing with the big life choices such as a job change, selling a home or leaving a relationship. There will be too much attached to these life choices.

Begin practicing so you can receive new insights and tools to help you develop a more solid inner voice.

Do active meditation like color mandalas, cook your favorite dish while meditating or try automatic writing.

As you are practicing, write down any insight you feel and trust that this is from the universe.

Surrender and trust the process. You can do it!


Deb Sheppard💜