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The Truth About Karma and Dharma


When someone hurts you, or someone you love do you think about Karma? Do you hope that they get what they deserve? Or, maybe in the back of you mind wish for them to suffer as they have made you or your loved ones suffer. Do you ever say “karma will come back and get them”?

 Do you wonder if many tough situations in your life might be Karma from a past life? When I think about Karma, it reminds me so much of the belief in Dogma. Dogma is punishment for wrong doing. Many religions teach that if do something bad, you will go to hell. Do good and you just might get into Heaven. This is not to say that we should do “bad” things and not expect punishment.

I’ve been connecting with the other side for over 20 years, and I’ve never felt anyone was in hell.  During a session I had someone I believe was truly evil on earth. Ted Bundy briefly came through and confirmed he killed a client’s friend. I did not feel he was in a “bad” place or in a hell and I have had many loved ones come through who have done some very bad things but still did not feel they were in a hell. I believe we wish that there is a place like this for those who have done wrong. In some cases Karma is a way to wish bad upon another person. In my belief system this can be such a low vibration.


Dharma is more of an exchange of energy where we learn from the teachers we have in our lives.  They are not here to learn from us or change, we are!  That’s the difficult part.  We want them to “get it” and that’s not how it’s designed.

Think about the people in your life that have been difficult, challenging, judge you, left you, didn’t see your value.  What we do is try to prove why they are wrong, and we are right.  Sometimes we find it difficult to release our feelings, we hang on to hope that they will get their “karma”. That pain and suffering will follow for them. Of course, our human nature is we want others to hurt if they have hurt us or those we love.   Since we are here to grow and become enlightened, what we need to realize and understand is these difficult individuals are in our lives to help us learn.  

You can take action to help yourself along this journey. Learn to create boundaries, see your own worth and don’t allow other people to define you.  Encourage other people to see the patterns in their lives.  I often hear people say, this always happens to me.  How often to you hear others say this as well?

When learning about your life’s purpose, you can begin to understand that karma can have different meanings.  The law of attraction dictates that what we send out to the universe, we will get back from the universe. Wanting harm or punishment for others is something we may desire in our human experiences, but is that what we want to put out to the universe? The more you are able to gather your insights and focus on not allowing their energy to define yours the more you can release the negative thought patterns.

3 Ways to Release Your Limiting Beliefs 

  • Write the story down and then do a ceremony to release it. You can burn it, offer it to the earth by burying it. Send it down a river like a paper boat, tear it and offer it to the ocean, whatever you desire. The intention is to release it, so you do not need to carry it any longer.
  • Put photos in the freezer. This is a metaphor for chilling them out-literally.
  • This last one is the most difficult, but trust me-if you can do it. You will be so tired of the limiting belief story your are carrying, you will be more than ready to release the old stuff. Record your limiting belief story and listen to it many times. What happened, how do you feel about it, why do you feel this way. Feel how this is what you are sending to the Universe. It will make you tired of hearing it and feeling it. You will be motivated to change the story-tell your new story. Record that and listen to it over and over again. Understand that the new story is what you would like to manifest and start sending that to the Universe instead. Watch what happens.

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