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When Animals Are Around Pay Attention

As far back as I can remember, I have had animals.  Dog, cats, parakeets, fish, hamsters, and even a horse.  When I had kids, we brought more animals into our lives because I believe they are essential to learning about empathy, compassion and unconditional love.  Currently, Dana and I have two dogs and two cats.  

I love seeing post’s about animals.  Have you noticed that currently we are seeing more posts about wild animals enjoying roaming areas that are usually filled with tons of people?   It really is fun to see.

When animals are around, pay attention.

We are connected to animals in so many ways.  There is an activity I do every class I teach, where before you enter you choose a card from a deck of animal oracle cards, which then becomes your Totem animal for the class.  I believe animals are great messengers.  Most of the time I find that the card you have chosen for class resonates and speaks to exactly what you are experiencing in life either in the past or right now.    There is one time I had a student pull a card that brought a negative memory up for her, and she even though about leaving the class, but she stayed and realized it was exactly the card she needed, and it spoke to her.   When animals are around, pay attention.  Especially, the ones you are not expecting to see.  Look up the spiritual meaning of the animal.  

Recently, we went to the zoo which I hadn’t been in a few years.  Of course, with COVID-19 we had guidelines to adhere too, but it was still enjoyable.  We walked by a mother rhinoceros with her 6-month-old baby which I’m sure was 400-500 lbs. but still so adorable.  Just around the bend, we walked to a large gated area when I saw the biggest rhinoceros I’d ever seen.  This dude was very large and walked slowing in his pen.  Of course, I had to look up the spiritual meaning of rhinoceros, which I found resonates in my life right now and was a good message for me.  It said, I need to delve deeper to know the truth and look beyond the masks that people wear, as well as to not be quick to judge people based only on stereotypes and prejudices.  Certainly, something I needed to hear, again.

Can they see energy?

Animals are extremely intuitive; they see and feel energy.  Animals in the wild have a very strong intuition, their senses keep them alive, and they must protect their young, survive attacks from predators, survive natural disasters.  I believe that they also communicate telepathically.  Have you noticed your dog or cat staring into the air, but you don’t see what they are seeing?  They are truly seeing energy. 

I remember awhile back my kids had taken my little white dog Jaycee on a walk.  As they began walking on the sidewalk, Jaycee stopped and wouldn’t go any future.  They looked ahead and saw a fox coming their way.  I’m sure Mr. Fox was looking for dinner. 

How many times when you have been sad that your pet comes up and lays his head or entire body on you?  During COVID-19 and the quarantines have you felt closer to your pet.  Have they helped you get through some tough days?  Animals understand emotions and know how to help us heal.  A cat purr frequency is actually a healing frequency.  It just amazes me how animals are so interconnected to us.   

We have the same ability with our intuition.

As humans we are also born with the same intuition, however we are told to not listen, follow facts not your intuition.  When I don’t listen, I certainly regret it.  Have you?

Animals simply trust their intuition and use it daily.  Observing animals can also help you develop your sixth sense.  A little story from our world, I have always loved horses and wanted Dana to enjoy them as well.  Before our vacation last year she decided to take riding lessons so we could go riding on the beach because she knows how much I love riding.  These guys are big, and it can be overwhelming to even be close to one.  She was fearful of horses due to their size and was a bit intimidated.  However, putting her mind to it, Dana learned a lot from her lessons and was able to really enjoy the experience.   The way you lean or lightly kick their shank they know what you want them to do. 

Riding a horse is one way you can learn to trust yourself more and feel a little more empowered.  Horses are wonderful therapy; they know what we need.  We learn what we need, how to trust our gut and follow through on what we are feeling.

During your day pay attention to the energy around you especially animals.  If you are on a walk or driving around and see an animal- take a second to google the meaning, it’s probably something you need to hear and understand. Look it up-google “he spiritual meaning of….” and see what the universe is trying to tell you.


Deb Sheppard