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This beads on this Mala have been specifically chosen by Deb, and the Mala is hand made by a talented Mala maker who was born in Nepal.  The stone was chosen with the intention of calming the mind, emotions and grounding the root chakra.

Lava Rock is not your typical stone. It comes directly to us from the center of the earth. It is highly effective in grounding us and connecting us to our ancestral roots. Lava has a way of calming the mind and emotions. This is a very primordial stone. When you wear it, it can instill confidence and instinctual nature. Lave is very effective in stabilizing the root chakra.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It activates the heart or 4th Chakra restoring inner healing. It offers love and infinite peace by purifying opening and softening the heart.  It also enhances positive vibrations restoring trust and harmony.

This mala has 24 beads in total. There is one type of stone on this mala. This mala represents the numerology number 6.

6 will help you to think, speak and act from the heart. It will help you be sincere, loving, warm and affectionate. 6 will assist you in long-term relationships and with family life and with helping communities.

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