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Messages From Heaven-A Family Reunion On The Other Side

Do you ever wonder whether your loved ones are together on the Other Side? Are you navigating difficult family situations that have come up since their passing? Listen in as a Deb connects with the Other Side and delivers messages about these topics and more during a surprise reading for a Spirited Straight Talk listener names Lora.

Deb (6s):
Welcome. I’m Deb Sheppard. I’m your host of Spirited Straight Talk. Thank you for joining me on this amazing and spiritual journey that we call life your on the right place and you didn’t land here by accident. My intention is to help you learn to free yourself, of things that are holding you back and create a life that truly makes your soul happy. I’ll be talking about key insights and interesting topics to help you learn how to powerfully co create with the universe. I will cover everything from turning your setbacks into triumphs. My favorite living your soul is the purpose. Of course, LL be connecting you with spirit, your guides and the favorite wine. Of course his, your loved ones. On the other side, if you’re ready to truly stop spinning circles and your ready to harness the power to co create an authentic life with spirit, then I hope you join me every week for Spirited Straight Talk.

Deb (1m 1s):
I love surprises. I’m so excited. We have someone we’re going to do a surprise reading for.

Dana (1m 7s):
It’s been a while. So finally, we were able to organize our schedule to be able to do a surprise reading. Yes, and we’re calling, I, I chose the person. I chose what they submit their information. Listeners submit their information on the website. Just first name, phone number, and website or email, or a, sorry. Yes.

Deb (1m 29s):
So that’s my website or

Dana (1m 30s):
it’s your website, the first name, phone number, email on your website. And we randomly choose from that week. Oh, I do. Yes. Well, you could say we are basically

Deb (1m 45s):
like I have any controls now. Im out of the equation, which is really great, so that you can intuitively, which was what we do a Facebook live is that you pick people and then it randomly, and then I don’t have any choice, which is kinda fun for me too. Kind of go through the unknown world. Yeah. But we knew that people loved to hear reading’s and we’d love to give this as a little gift to our community and give back. So we, we get to call or is it Laura?

Dana (2m 10s):
And you said Laura, and before we bring her on, why don’t we share just a little bit about how you get messages on how you connect with the other side? So listeners who maybe haven’t heard of a reading with you before, or know how this works for you?

Deb (2m 22s):
Absolutely. So I use all my senses. Each medium is a little bit more unique. We have a different way of doing our readings, but for me, I use all my Clares as they call them. Hear,see, taste smell. My body is also very much involved, meaning that I can feel the it person is personality if they are older or younger, or if they had pain in their body or had trouble walking and things like that, or had heart issues, you know, my new symbol for COVID is I start coughing. Yeah. So that’s the new symbol from the form, the COVID and just bring that information to the person, receiving the messages to the best of my knowledge. If they question anything or you just told to remember it, right. It down. Normally they were able to come back and give me a validation.

Deb (3m 3s):
or let you know that they’ve got the validation and

Dana (3m 6s):
we get rid of it. I get it. Right.

Deb (3m 9s):
I get random things too. Even I think that some of these events that I’ve gotten, or its a private sessions or you know, their iguana or their a hamster or their bird, so everything you can come through and they’ll also talk about what is currently going on so that they know to their loved ones are around.

Dana (3m 25s):
Yeah, super cool

Deb (3m 26s):
I see images and stuff too. Like a little movies in my head, which has always fun as well.

Dana (3m 31s):
Or you talked about seeing things almost like there’s a show out there that we watched called a good doctor. And when he is sitting there, its almost like a grid that pops up and he can look at all the pieces in that grit to put it together. You described that way.

Deb (3m 45s):
That’s a very similar yeah. When I, we were watching, I guess that’s how sometimes how he did it really depends on that. The individual whose crossed over or how they’re coming through. But yes, I get these visions of different things even, and movies. I’ve seen it in the past or situations that I’ve seen in the past or even readings that I got information from. And I bring that together to hopefully bring a lot of clarity, which we seem to do very well.

Dana (4m 7s):
you seem to do it. I have no part in that we have

Deb (4m 11s):
it’s me and your guys’ my guides or their loved one’s. So let’s get it. Let’s get a, a phone call. I’ll go in here and

Dana (4m 18s):
let’s get Laura. Okay.

Deb (4m 20s):
Hi Lora, This is the Deb Shepherd.

Lora (4m 22s):

Deb (4m 23s):
Hi. I’m so glad that you’re a chosen to do this or are you excited?

Lora (4m 29s):
I am super excited. I’m nervous to a,

Deb (4m 34s):
I hopefully it will make you laugh so you don’t feel nervous and it will feel healing for you. Okay. So I think that you’ve seen me work before, so you sorta know how those works. So I tune in and get information and am able to connect with your loved ones. Is that makes sense?

Lora (4m 51s):
Yes. Correct.

Deb (4m 52s):
Okay. So the first thing that I’m getting here, cause I feel like someones talking right away. It’s your mom or mother energy crossed over a mom. Mother-in-law

Lora (5m 0s):
yeah. That’s the one that’s the most recent and that’s who I was hoping would, would be their I’ve been sending her signals.

Deb (5m 11s):
Well I guess she listen. That is really awesome. So is this your biological mother?

Lora (5m 16s):

Deb (5m 17s):
Okay. What’s her first name,

Lora (5m 19s):

Deb (5m 20s):
Okay. She’s cracking me up a little bit because she says she would never say no to you. Does that make sense? Yeah, but I, but I also feel that she was strong in her own way and she’s telling me that she was pretty sick before she crossed over. Does that a also make sense?

Lora (5m 35s):
She had a lung cancer.

Deb (5m 38s):
Okay. So I’m not feeling COVID because usually now I cough with COVID but I’m not filling in its COVID its just those lung issues and things like that as well. She’s telling me that she was a fighter through all this journey, but she was also already to go, like she was just like, okay, she made her peace with it. Does that resonate with you?

Lora (5m 56s):
I think she probably made her piece very close to the end, but she was not ready to die. She did not want to die.

Deb (6m 4s):
Yeah. I feel her fighting that fighting almost was like a fighting Irish and I don’t want to do that mean that in a negative way, but just that way. Or if she has that in her soul that you don’t give up, she just said, you know, near the end she just kept saying her coming to a piece. So I think its something, you know, Laura, that she came to peace with this even though you saw of her fighting and the hard fight. And she said that she’s laughing about the medical community that she, I don’t know if you did some research or there are things that you guys did that it wasn’t medical or are you just knew more or did you do a lot of like research regarding this year?

Lora (6m 37s):
Well, there’s two things, so I’m a physical therapist, but my sister is, is a very natural pathic and we had, or taking everything under the sun that she could actually get down at. We knew you wouldn’t be wouldn’t have any harmful effects.

Deb (6m 52s):
She is thankful two, both of you for just like taking every type of way to make sure that she had the best life and also making her very comfortable when I taste like a chocolate or something. And I feel like also near the end of her life, you may have given her something fun to eat or something that was a pleasure for her. Does that make any sense?

Lora (7m 12s):
I, I can’t think of exactly what it is, but they were a few things that we definitely tried to give to her that she could, could eat and tolerate it.

Deb (7m 23s):
Just that treats. I just kinda feel like you go to the end, but the same time, I feel like your honoring her last days by making it as joyful as possible. And she’s also saying that you guys were concerned about the moments of her crossing or was she in pain? I get, I keep it in this feeling of questioning her crossing and she just says, I’m fine. This is what see. I’m fine.

Lora (7m 47s):
Yeah. The one of my sister’s my middle sister, I had hoped it, it wasn’t traumatic by any means, but it wasn’t as peaceful, I guess. Cause we had just imagined it, but it, it, it, it was, it, it was a fairly peaceful, I mean the, the scheme of things. So that’s that,

Deb (8m 2s):
I feel like your family is very close and they all like took part in, in different ways. And your momma is in a great gratitude and just feeling as if the family gathered together. And there was a lot of glue that kept everyone moving forward and she’s laughing, like, what are you going to do with your extra time now? So she is kind of giggling about how much was given to her and his, your father passed to, but

Lora (8m 27s):
he passed as well.

Deb (8m 28s):
So he’s there. I feel like so, or they, they, they butt heads in life?

Lora(8m 33s):
Well, they never officially got divorced, but they were separated. And you know, there were some, some trying times for my mom when she is, I can’t say she was very happy with my father at times. So that’s good to know that they’ve made peace.

Deb (8m 51s):
Absolutely. And I feel like it took, like he wasn’t the one that showed up to help crossover. It, it feels like it may have been her mom and maybe a brother, but I feel like there were other people that helped or a crossover when she made her transition. I feel like your dad showed up and she’s like, yeah, I knew you’d be here. It is like that kind of a sarcasm kind of feeling. Yeah. It’s almost like they love each other, but they just couldn’t live together kind of energy. So there was something that brought him together, but its like, they both want it to be in charge that they both just wouldn’t come to agreement and its not that they didn’t love each other. It just, that living together was too toxic for the two of them.

Lora (9m 31s):
You hit the nail on the head.

Deb (9m 33s):
Okay, go ahead. And there’s also a man here in your generation. So this would be a brother or cousin, friends, spouse. So there is a male and your generation. I feel like, I feel like his death may be more unexpected, but he may have been a little bit sick and then he died. So it could’ve been like he had heart issues or he had so much.

Lora (9m 53s):
Yeah. That’s my cousin bill.

Deb (9m 55s):
Okay. So Bill’s here to, with, and is he on your, what he is he’s excuse me. Or is he, he says he is on the male side. So is this like an uncle or your father’s side?

Lora (10m 7s):
My father’s side of that is,

Deb (10m 12s):
is Bill from your mothers side.

Lora (10m 14s):
Bill is from my mother’s side.

Deb (10m 16s):
What is it from her brother’s son?

Lora (10m 18s):
So my mom was an only child, but my grandmother had had many siblings. So bill would have been my mom’s first cousin.

Deb (10m 31s):
Okay. I keep getting a male connection for this so that I’m not sure what that means. So maybe as you go through this, you’ll you’ll get more. Were there like 11 children and one of the families like nine children and mom and dad or something?

Lora (10m 46s):
My mom that was my grandmother is one of eight children. And then of course they are parents.

Deb (10m 56s):
So it’s, she keeps telling me there’s nine. So I’m assuming maybe when he was still born or a one didn’t make it a full term. But I guess you have a lot of family over there and who was, who was the one that died by suicide?

Lora (11m 10s):
A, it was a, a, a cousin. Well actually I have an uncle, one of my grandmother’s brothers who, a committed suicide and then another brother, his son committed suicide. So my, my grandmother’s side.

Deb (11m 30s):
Okay. So your getting just a lot of family dynamics, which is letting your mom know or letting you do your mom is on it. You know that she is with that family dynamics that everyone’s their. She goes, we’re just camping out. So I’m assuming that there was family gatherings, a lot of times where people would share to aid in and celebrate it. So she’s bringing them through.

Lora (11m 49s):
Okay. It is one that did that. She was the one that kind of had all the, the get togethers then hosted. And he kept the family together.

Deb (11m 58s):
Yeah. That’s what she is talking about. The glue like that, that was her healing. That was her life of keeping the family together. And it also feels as if she would like, if there was any disputes or disagreements, even though that was your father, but with other family members, she would try to find ways to bring people together if she could. But she says your dad was my challenge for sure. Is there, I’m seeing a plane and the can mean, a couple of different things. Is someone taking a trip or someone, a pilot or what’s to come to you?

Lora (12m 32s):
My dad flew planes, not as a, as a profession or anything, but he did have a pilots license when we were younger, the school.

Deb (12m 43s):
So he just bringing that up is another validation of his life and his journey. And I feel like your dad is a smart man. And he tried to push himself and a lot of areas like things weren’t handed, but he tried to, to expand his life. But I feel like there were both so strong will that, that was sometimes the challenge for the two of them. Does that make sense?

Lora (13m 3s):
Yes. For sure.

Deb (13m 5s):
And who’s going back to school or whose in education? Because their talking about the education,

Lora (13m 12s):
maybe my nephews are all one of them’s 20 and then the twins are or seniors in high school.

Deb (13m 19s):
Okay. I think they’re just bringing this up just to let you know. And I feel like you believe in, this is not something that you’re a skeptic about it, but just hearing from them gives you a validation. Cause I feel like you feel them or you know that their okay. But its hearing from them to validate what you are feeling. ’cause I, I feel like their letting you know, they are all going in different places. I feel like these, these nephew’s and these people are their just showing me like what may be going into science and one may be going into sports or one may be going into journalism and one maybe going into, you know, a, a therapist I’m just like there all in different places that are not doing it. The same thing.

Laura (13m 58s):
Yes, that’s correct.

Deb (14m 1s):
So their, their just acknowledging this as well. Your mom says you have some questions, but you’re, I’m also hearing that music has a connection to one of your loved ones who have crossed. What does the music connection?

Lora (14m 14s):
I’m not certain a, I’m not certain on that.

Deb (14m 22s):
Okay. Is someone like, I love music, but I’m not. So I will listen to a country Western, but its not my favorite. So as their music that your mom or your dad would have listened to you that it’s not your favorite?

Lora (14m 34s):
Not, not necessarily. My, my middle sister always had music on and sometimes, sometimes my mom would request certain artists and then other times she would just tell her to turn it off. Cause she didn’t like,

Deb (14m 47s):
she’s probably bringing up your middle sister because its almost like I’ll play at, but not a long. And that’s, you know, that’s where like my sister-in-law was out. She was like, do you like a site to listen to a country Western? Would you go now that will listen to a lot. What? I mean, there are certain ones we’ll listen to that. We liked. So I think that that’s what your mom is bringing in your middle sister. So she’s listening to music and she here’s a song of that. Maybe mom wouldn’t of been interested in. She made me thinking of your mom’s during that time you did for you Laura. So how do you have any questions for a mom or dad or any of these loved ones?

Lora (15m 17s):
I think, well, I have a question for both, but the big question that we had for my mom as, has she found her father, has she, is she with her father as well?

Deb (15m 31s):
Okay. Hold on. Their, are you in Colorado? Where are you located?

Lora (15m 36s):
Yes, Colorado.

Deb (15m 37s):
Cause she’s pulling me east of Colorado. So it, her father had been in east coast connection or a east of Colorado?

Lora (15m 44s):
No, he was a Denverite, but he passed away I think 1973. So she was young. I was very young.

Deb (15m 55s):
We still gaining an east coast, which is the east coast connection. Was his family from originally the east coast.

Lora (16m 1s):
she was adopted from the coast.

Deb (16m 4s):
Okay, good. Is there you go. So she was bringing this up for a validation. So instead of me just saying yes, she wants to have those connections. So it was this, your biological father of her adopt father

Lora (16m 15s):
adopted father.

Deb (16m 16s):
Okay. So she was adopted from the east and then our, from the east. That’s where your mom is validating that she came to the, to Colorado from the east to validate that’s her father. I feel like he was pretty sick as well before he passed I’m coughing as well, which it’s not COVID for me, but it feels definitely like pressure on the chest area to, in my esophagus. I keep it in my esophagus or swallowing or something in that area. Would that resonate?

Lora (16m 42s):
Congestive heart failure.

Deb (16m 44s):
Okay. And she said that she did have a good life that she felt just as interesting. She felt blessed that she was adopted, but she also felt like she didn’t always fit in. Does that make sense?

Lora (16m 59s):

Deb (17m 1s):
And you know, when people are a biological, we make a joke. Sometimes that the I was adopted because they don’t feel to it with my family, that your mom feels like she felt blessed at the same time. It felt like on the outside looking in, sometimes

Lora (17m 14s):
she, she never really wanted to, she had never really wanted to talk about that. She never really wanted to explore kind of her biological family, you know? And like I said, she was kind of the glue that kept this boxer family together. So, but I’m sure she had to have noticed or, you know, felt that different.

Deb (17m 41s):
so that mean she’s connected with him and I was your mom also passed.

Laura (17m 46s):
Yeah. So both she, again, she didn’t know her biological parents at all, but she did no. Or obviously your, her adoptive parents that have both passed.

Deb (17m 56s):
Right. So she is also telling me, and I got, this is a few minutes ago when I was seeing your grandmother bringing it through all the kids and the suicides and things like that. I feel like your mom is giving you a thumbs up. If you feel not everybody doesn’t, it is to get in your DNA, which will help you kind of find her biological family of you haven’t done it yet.

Laura (18m 14s):
I’m the only one that has, and I, we kept it from her specifically. I found it interesting when you said that Irish kind of a stubbornness because our family was Jewish. And my mom really had, you know, kinda took a lot a piece in that, but I don’t feel like she was naturally born Jewish. There was a lot of, and Irish heritage and a half of my DNA. And I know my father is for sure. Cause he looked the part for sure.

Deb (18m 48s):
That’s the fighting Irish, which I obviously came in the beginning. And again, I don’t ever want to be offensive to anyone, but that’s the energy I got. And then with all the family, I was writing down someone that needs to do their DNA or someone maybe doing their DNA. So I think your mom is given you a thumb’s up. That is okay for you to, and your siblings if they want to go find out who your ancestors.

Laura (19m 8s):
Okay. Well that’s yeah,

Deb (19m 10s):
yeah. And if they’re bringing it up the fighting Irish or that definitely means that it’s probably her background for sure. Sure.

Laura (19m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. So it is. And my father’s still yeah,

Deb (19m 20s):
yeah. They are. It’s almost like they hang out for a party. They don’t really, you know, leave. There’s just your hand up.

Laura (19m 27s):
Yeah. It just, it is he, how does he feel about everything that’s going on with the land right now?

Deb (19m 34s):
Theres 2 things with this. So the first thing that I feel like with your father, its almost like he’s shrugging his shoulders, their not so much attached to what they, when they cross over, they’re not attached to these things, but he’s also feeling that he’s glad that he’s not in the middle of it. Does that resonate?

Laura (19m 49s):
It was, it was ugly. Ugly, ugly. Yes.

Deb (19m 52s):
And so I think that’s when your mom was saying like she would bring people together. I feel it, the family is, this is like family dividing this up. It’s almost like someone wanted more than they should’ve gotten or they want to seek control or when they didn’t have the right to do you understand?

Laura (20m 6s):

Deb (20m 7s):
And it was so it was somewhat arguing that it wasn’t that maybe married or a sort of, not part of the blood family that was pushing buttons.

Laura (20m 16s):
Yeah. My, my dad had a partner which was a uncle by marriage, one of my, my mom’s cousins and that was my dad’s partner. And they were in a big lawsuit and a lot of people got kind of brought into it without just innocently. And so my mom had to kind of carry that on or after my father passed away. And my sister’s kind of finishing, not the lawsuit, but finishing up the end of the land right now, hopefully these to lots that were left or we’re to be sold.

Deb (20m 48s):
And so that uncle you were talking about by marriage is what your father is talking about. That he is not blood, but since he was a partner, he stirring the pot. This is what I keep feelings. And he’s trying to have more of a voice that he should, even though he’s a partner, I feel like whatever was written, he either didn’t go agreement with it or he tried to fight it because he didn’t like the way it was a laid out.

Laura (21m 12s):
Correct. And he has since passed as well.

Deb (21m 15s):
Okay. So your dad goes, yeah. My punched him when he crossed over and I feel like it’s more of a joke, but again, they are not attached. I really feel that this is this going to be commercial property. Eventually

Laura (21m 25s):
it’s a private homeowner, lots of in golden.

Deb (21m 29s):
What’s the, is it near commercial property? Cause I’m seeing something about, so it was, this is going to be a real estate company that was going to build it. So it was a corporation in that way.

Laura (21m 39s):
This was just land of that. He had purchased and many, many years ago and turned it kind of into a community. And this is where my parents lived actually when my father passed.

Deb (21m 49s):
Okay. I keep getting something about the commercial. So I’m going to leave it with you because I don’t want to change what they’re telling me. Like you did they sell it by the law?

Laura (21m 59s):
Yes. The commercial, the commercial by a lot.

Deb (22m 2s):
Was it like a, a real estate or them selling it? So homes could be built on it. So it would be

Laura (22m 8s):

Deb (22m 9s):
So that makes it makes more sense because I keep seeing it not being like sold to a one person where they make a pharm or what have I feel like it’s more, not a non industrial but home, but the promotional pieces. Yeah. So, and I feel like he feels like a lot of money was wasted in this venture and that he feels bad because I feel like your dad wanted to leave. Like his legacy in his footprint was that it was there something in the name of the, the property that had your family names, but the uncle change, it are, there is something changed. And the name, like, I feel that the legacy was changed.

Laura (22m 45s):
Not that I know of, not that I can think of right now,

Deb (22m 51s):
people know that this was your father’s property.

Laura (22m 53s):

Deb (22m 54s):
Okay. So my feeling is that people originally knew it was, you know, Bill’s and for my, you know, your dad’s name is bill, right.

Laura (23m 2s):

Deb (23m 3s):
Harvey. So I feel like Harvey’s like, this is Harvey stuff, but as time went on, something changed and his name is not as well recognized.

Laura (23m 12s):
Well, it, I may just be that its been 20 years since he passed.

Deb (23m 17s):
Okay. And he’ll even take those 20 years. How things have changed to let you know that he is seeing the transitions?

Laura (23m 25s):
Well, that’s good.

Deb (23m 26s):
Yeah. It doesn’t mean that it was right today. But when he’s talking about the person that was in there, that was not really related by blood, but stirred the pot and how things, it was wasted. A lot of money again, how things have changed where your dad’s name was more known at one time and I don’t want to make this fit, but I feel like your dad is letting you know, even though it’s been 20 years, there’s been a lot of evolutioin that area.

Laura (23m 47s):
Yes. Correct.

Deb (23m 49s):
And they are also saying their proud of you keep up the good work and they’re also telling you to make sure you have fun. ’cause sometimes you get to serious. Is that true?

Laura (23m 59s):
So sometimes yes.

Deb (24m 1s):
And its not anything other than the parent saying, well they have a good time is the same time. Life is short.

Laura (24m 5s):

Deb (24m 6s):
But I felt like even though they’ve had a good life, they lived their lives to the best they new. And I feel like if they wanted to pass out energy on to their children as well,

Laura (24m 15s):
and they did

Deb (24m 16s):
what are you taking it away here, Lauren, thank you for doing it. What are you taking away about hearing from your family?

Laura (24m 21s):
Just really the stuff. Especially with my mom, my dad was sick as well, but he from diagnosis to a passing was the only, not even a month. And so we didn’t have enough time to kind of wrap our head or our heads really around that. But you know, my mom being with her every day for the time that we had the year that she was alive was a, it was a blessing, even though she was sick. Cause we normally weren’t together at every single day. So I’m just glad knowing every one’s together. I knew my grandma wouldn’t wouldn’t let her be alone.

Deb (24m 55s):
And I feel like food was the important factor in this family or

Laura (24m 58s):
food is the most important thing.

Deb (25m 1s):
But just, you know, that they were enjoying that. I most I’m just like, it’s that? What do you that moving my big fat Greek wedding, you know where everyone is together and eat. So that kind of energy I’m, I’m sensing which his family in it and a Jewish connection verses Greek. You no. So very much. So very much of a loud and fun. I really am. Sorry about all your losses, but I’m glad that you joined us today so others could hear and just like you to be your parents to have some fun. Okay.

Laura (25m 27s):
Yes. Thank you so much.

Deb (25m 28s):
Yeah. Like your middle, let you’re middle sister know that you play the music from a mom. Thank you, Laura. And the talk to you we’ll chat soon. Okay.

Laura (25m 39s):

Dana (25m 40s):
well, That was cool Deb.

Deb (25m 42s):
Yes. I really enjoyed her and she was good at responding. So obviously she knows how to manage this, meaning that for so long, which was what I need in order to continue.

Dana (25m 52s):
But what, what grade healing you bring it to so many, that’s what your honor helping you facilitate all of this.

Deb (26m 1s):
So I’m always in gratitude that I can do this. I always consider it a, an ability that I can be that message of for someone and they’re is healing. That it can take place than continue doing this because they’re, there is a need, I think we were a lot of people and I think for a lot of people who have experienced a recent loss or their first losses are trying to figure out what they believe. And the, I think having a medium or a session can be really helpful for people in, you know, how to process and moved forward.

Dana (26m 27s):
So can we share something that came out during the reading that we’re not going to air share it? I won’t share any. I just thought this was amazing. So I’ll share it. And anyway, so during the reading, it came out that you, you saw an image of somebody’s and you were able to share that who that was with Laura. And she says, oh my God, they were my neighbor. And it, somebody that, you know,

Deb (26m 56s):
their parents,

Dana (26m 57s):
neighbors or a parents and it, well, they all have all of those parcels of land. And so, so somebody who lived across the street from her parents is connected to somebody, you know? And you, you were able to say your, my guides are showing me this person. And Laura said they were, they were neighbors with my parents, which are little things like that when they come through. Oh my gosh, it’s just, its gives me chills the guest.

Deb (27m 26s):
Absolutely. And when we understand, we all have to share with those people that they came through and her session to seeing what they think to

Dana (27m 33s):
its just when, when things like that come through, its just crazy.

Deb (27m 37s):
I still get surprised. I have never felt, oh I take this for granted. I’m always feeling blessed and surprised in and gratitude that I can be a messenger for people

Dana (27m 49s):
and validations like that or really to support that everything that just came through in the reading is a 100%.

Deb (27m 55s):
It keeps me humble. Yeah. How big the, the universe is. And we could be used as a, a, a vessel for everyone. So hopefully that’s some healing for Laura and her family. Yes.

Dana (28m 5s):

Deb (28m 5s):
Thank you again for joining us.

Dana (28m 7s):
Thank You so much for listening to the show. Each Monday is a new episode of Spirited Straight Talk, make sure you hit follow. So you don’t miss any of the guidance or bonus episodes or your experience at the show means a lot to us. And we would love for you to leave a review or let us know about more topics you would like to, to explore. Or you can also follow a Deb on social media and connect with our website at DebSheppard.com. That’s Deb S H e P P a R d.com. If you want to join Deb on one of the shows or have a reading from her on the show, you can submit a request on the podcast page of her website. Thank you again and see you next week.

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