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2024 Predictions You Need to Know – Part 1

Wondering what’s in store for 2024? Are we headed for more disharmony or unity? What about the economy? And what key trends will impact all of us? Don’t miss this first episode in my 3-part series on 2024 Predictions You Need to Know! Today I share the insights I received from Spirit. Then in Part 2, you’ll hear from numerologist Glynis McCants on the numerology of 2024. And in Part 3, Vedic Astrologer Mark Alexander shares his predictions based on astrology. This is a preview of the year you don’t want to miss!


Chances are, you started this year with some enthusiasm and hope that this would be YOUR year. The one that is totally new, when you finally get the relationship, dream job, happiness, and abundance you crave. But, here we are, already 2 weeks in. Has anything really changed? Or…

Are you still feeling a little (or a lot) confused about your next steps? Is 2024 already turning into a rinse and repeat of 2023 – with struggles, frustrations and stress that you want to be over and done with?

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