“I believe those who are crossed over remain connected to us – although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side.”


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Deb Sheppard is world renown psychic medium, teacher and author of the best-selling book “Grieving to Believing-Discovering the Afterlife”.  Her sold-out live group reading events, sold-out small group events, television and radio appearances, and popular private readings have allowed her to bring healing and hope to a global audience of fans and followers from all around the world.

Known as an “empath” she can see, hear, taste, smell and feel as she communicates with people and animals that have crossed over. This incredible ability allows her to bring through validations with names, dates and specific details from your loved ones. These powerful messages will show you that your loved ones are safe, at peace, and “Forever Connected”. Although they are on the other side, they are always by our side.

Deb had many experiences throughout her life, that she now looks back and knows were part of her psychic ability. She did not fully realize the extent of her ability until she and her family experienced extreme difficulties. She decided to look for answers outside of her life experiences and she embarked on a spiritual journey. She soon had spirits who had crossed over communicating with her, and after much reading and exploring, realized she was a medium. Since 2001, her detailed readings have amazed and astounded many around the world. She has done over 50,000 readings and read for many world-famous celebrities.

Deb passionately believes that her job as a psychic medium is not only to help those connect with their loved ones, but to help empower everyone she works with to break free of the fears that hold them back from their true selves. She has guided and taught thousands of her students her philosophy on the afterlife, how we can open communication with the spirit world and move forward in a much more enlightened, passionate and inspired way.

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