Your Top Mediumship Questions Answered

Are your loved ones okay? What are they doing on the Other Side? Will they come through to you even if they didn’t believe in the Afterlife? Listen in as I answer your top questions about mediumship and your loved ones on the Other side. Some of the topics we cover are: Are my loved ones okay? What are they doing on the Other Side? Will my loved one come with me if I move? Are my loved ones always with me? How quickly does the Soul leave the body? Is my loved one angry I wasn’t with them when they died? How do I find a good medium? Is my loved one aware of what’s happening in my life? How does mediumship work?


Deb Sheppard 00:00
Have you ever just wanted to ask one or two questions about your loved one? Talk to a medium and just say, I want to ask this one or two questions. I have a list of at least 20 questions that I’m going to answer that are top ones that I’m asked throughout the years. I’ve been doing this work for over 22 years, when there’s always a little bit of a theme of the most popular, maybe I should say, questions. So I want to respond to those.

Dana 00:27
The burning questions.

Deb Sheppard 00:29
The burning questions; If you’ve been listening before, the other voice you’re hearing is not your loved one. It is my loved one, Dana. And she’s gonna be the one that asked the questions that I have all the time, and you’ve heard them being over the years the same thing. And then I’m gonna respond to what I believe or what I tell people, that might be very helpful, because I think people just want to know certain things to give them a little sense of peace. And years ago, this was not you know, we were in the closet, when mediums people didn’t want to tell anybody. And now it’s much more popular.

Dana 01:02
Secret mediums.

Deb Sheppard 01:03
Yeah. So now people are asking these questions, and I thought this would be a great podcast for the top ones, to give my responses.

Dana 01:13
Yeah, good clarity, for people to understand how this works. And I know when I answer the phones and help people get their sessions booked with you. There’s the top questions they ask as well. People get nervous a little bit. They don’t know what to expect. And so yeah, this is super helpful I think.

Deb Sheppard 01:37
And you know, there may be two or three that work for you. And there may be all of these, or ones that you didn’t even think about that you thought, yeah, that’s I’m kind of glad I know that now. So that’s our intention today.

Dana 01:48
Number one, question. Number one question are my loved ones okay?

Deb Sheppard 01:53
Always the number one question. Yes, I’ll tell a couple of answers. One of my humorous ones is there’s no taxes or dieting. So it must be heaven, because who wants to pay taxes and who wants to diet?

Dana 02:04
We need to like trademark that phrase.

Deb Sheppard 02:07
And I would not do this if they weren’t okay, the person I’m reading for. So I’m always that bridge between both realms. So the person that’s here grieving, wanting the reading to hear from their loved one, there’s sadness, and they’re hurting, but the person on the other side, they will come through and talk about their experiences, maybe their pain, what was going on, but they did not carry that with them. I know that for me, to have both of them, both ones here and there, it would be a really difficult job. So they are okay, absolutely.

Dana 02:39
What if it was a suicide?

Deb Sheppard 02:41
They are okay. What I explained to people, of course, you know, we’ve experienced losses from suicide, I call it cancer of the mind, because it is an illness. So whether someone has, you know, kidney issues, heart issues, lung issues, diabetes, any of those things, all parts of the body can fail. And that’s including the brain, and depression, and all of the things that go along with suicide are absolutely no different than any other illness when someone passes, it’s just-

Dana 03:13
Our perception.

Deb Sheppard 03:13
Our perception, we want to prevent it, of course, and help them. And the more we become educated and helping people that it’s not a bad stigma of it, those things I think will eventually, hopefully, change.

Dana 03:24
But if it was a tragic murder or car accident?

Deb Sheppard 03:28
I think people get attached to the body experience versus the soul. So the body does get affected by the trauma, and that will come through in a session, but the soul is okay. The soul leaves the body, it’s no longer attached to that trauma and that earthly experience. That’s what we are experiencing or remembering, but not our loved one that’s on the other side.

Dana 03:51
So we have this awesome list that we’re going from because we’ve put together- you’ve put together- all the top questions you’re asked.

Deb Sheppard 03:58
And of course you can be creative, because I know. I’m sure you do, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Dana 04:04
So what if somebody is ill? How quickly does their soul leave their body, like, or even in a tragic passing? Do you think like, the soul stays there to go through whatever pain that is?

Deb Sheppard 04:21
Why? No, absolutely. I do not feel that they you know, linger around the body. Now let’s say that they are in a state where they actually die and then they’re revived. They are still not experiencing the body’s pain. They may be watching it, they separate, and then as the soul reattaches if they end up staying here in their body, then they reconnect as they are healing and they’re here, of course they’re going to feel that the earthly pain of things. Thank goodness that there’s drugs for those things, but their soul is not holding on to the body.

Deb Sheppard 05:03
But when they are in the body, and they’re, they’re dealing with that kind of pain, and they’re breathing and living, absolutely feel it, but when their body can no longer contain the soul, the soul immediately separates, and they are not feeling it, they can watch it, they can see it. You know, Hollywood has some good versions of people having surgery and they’re- or an accident, and they’re seeing their body. That’s basically what happens in that vision kind of an idea, but they’re watching it, they’re not experiencing it. And I think that’s really important for people to understand.

Dana 05:38
So we had this recently, with one of your students, you actually visited her, we did, and you saw her standing outside of her body, but her heart was still beating correct, her body was still alive. But you did see her standing outside of her body kind of,

Deb Sheppard 05:56
Yeah well, first of all, she was in an induced coma. So her body was on life support with oxygen and all the medical things that we need. And I feel- and I’m going to give some clarity that some mediums or other people, practitioners may have a different viewpoint. And I think there’s going to be some cases that might be unique, this may not fit every single category. But generally speaking with our dear friend, she was standing there by the bed looking like she did a few years back. And looking at her body and and just almost sensing. Yeah, it’s not working for me anymore. It’s not the body can’t battle anymore. But I have a sense of peace. Even though we know without a doubt, she wanted to fight and stay here and continue to process, this human journey that we’re on.

Deb Sheppard 06:44
So I think it’s understanding that our bodies are a vehicle to hold our souls, whenever a medium is connecting with your loved one when they’re connecting with the soul. We may feel or see certain things about that person for you to recognize it, but they’re not carrying that around, and they’re not carrying what happened to them. But it’s important for the people that are left behind to get that validation. Like, do they know I was there? You know, what was going on? Do they know I had to make these tough decisions do they know so and so came? Do they know that they left the room? They, they meaning people that are still here, want to know if they were aware.

Dana 07:21
Which kind of brings up something funny, and I promise I’ll get to the list,

Deb Sheppard 07:24
That’s okay!

Dana 07:24
But something that you said made me think of something. So you know, the movie The Sixth Sense?

Deb Sheppard 07:31

Dana 07:32
And obviously, it’s made for Hollywood. So these poor dead people are walking around with half of their-

Deb Sheppard 07:40
Yeah, that’s not-

Dana 07:40
skull open. I mean, that’s weird stuff like that.

Deb Sheppard 07:43
No that’s Hollywood.

Dana 07:43
That is Hollywood, right.

Deb Sheppard 07:45

Dana 07:45
But when you see them, when you see the soul, you’ve described to me kind of what it looks like. Like, if they’re maybe even older, how they come through to you.

Deb Sheppard 07:58
It’s interesting, I think, as you’re asking me this question, I think it depends on who I’m giving the message to. So in the idea of maybe a traumatic experience, I may see things that would be like a Hollywood version of something. So I can describe details for somebody, especially if it’s a murder case, and we’re doing an investigation, I can get details like that from the loved one in order to provide insight here. Is that how they’re feeling? Or they look? Absolutely no. It’s giving a description so that I have an ability to, to identify the situation. Their soul, in my opinion, always feels very light. It’s that feeling when someone is just in a really good space, when you when you like meet someone, you’re going, Wow, you’re feeling really good. That’s how they would normally feel to me. The details that come through are for us to understand and identify that person. So maybe how they looked, the color of their skin, how they died tall, short-

Dana 09:03
What age do you usually see them?

Deb Sheppard 09:05
I usually see the age of the time of their passing. I don’t believe that that’s how the souls are on the other side, I think the souls- I mean, who doesn’t want to be 25 or 30, right? And most mediums in history have thought the same thing or said the same thing. You see them as that young, healthy individual, because I mean that, that’s a good time in our life. And we feel very positive. But [if] that person is not going to recognize it if it was a child or a grandfather or something in that situation, they will bring through the image for the person to be able to say yeah, that’s who they are to recognize them. It’s just for the purpose of identifying.

Dana 09:40
Ok, back to the list.

Deb Sheppard 09:41
And I love the questions because I think these are the things that people want to know what we see. People want to know, what do I see when I’m describing this so I can connect with the energy of the person. If that person goes well do you see them? Do you feel this? I will get more details, it takes a lot more work for both the loved ones crossed over, including myself. So there is more energy going back and forth. And that will make a difference on the length of the-

Dana 10:10
It’s more energy for them and more energy for you to communicate.

Deb Sheppard 10:14
Yeah, unless we just go into Oh, wow, I really liked your personality. Wow. They’re really they’re stubborn. They were they were hard headed.

Dana 10:22
But that’s for you. That’s like the first things that come through are their personality traits.

Deb Sheppard 10:26

Dana 10:27
So you’ll connect with them, you describe their personality traits to get to get that link going?

Deb Sheppard 10:32

Dana 10:33
And then you go into the deeper stuff.

Deb Sheppard 10:34
And I think for some people, they just want to know is my mom and dad together? or my grandparents? You know, they just want a general sense of who’s all there. And then for other individuals, the details, because there may be guilt, or they hadn’t connected. They were concerned about how they were before they died. So those details can be more beneficial for those individuals. Okay. Case by case situation.

Dana 11:00
Okay, now we’re on to the second question. Second most popular, will they come through if they didn’t believe in the afterlife or mediums?

Deb Sheppard 11:08
Absolutely! This is really fun for me, so many- and you’ve heard the senior you’ve been around with me for a long time on this. I remember one time doing a large event. And I looked across the room and it was it was big. And I said-

Dana 11:20
It was the one with James Van Prague wasn’t it?

Deb Sheppard 11:22
Yes, it was. And I said, did someone have family members that were nuns or priests? And someone raised their hand and said, “Uhm both.” Both her family had nuns and priests that came through, which I really loved, especially in a large venue, because people are always worried that this is a bad thing and about their faith. So many times I’ve had people come through joking about they would have never paid the money or done this, and they can’t believe they’re here. And I’ve been asked, well, what if they didn’t believe what if they don’t show up? I’m like, well, let’s see what happens. So even though they don’t believe that on the earth plane, or maybe they never even thought about it. Absolutely.

Dana 11:39
So atheists will still come through?

Deb Sheppard 12:01
Atheists will still come through.

Dana 12:03
That’s so cool.

Deb Sheppard 12:04
I know.

Dana 12:04
I mean, we see it all the time. But for people to know that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, their belief system while they were here, they still-

Deb Sheppard 12:10
Well you know, one of my dad jokes is when people don’t believe, I go, “Well, when you die, you’re gonna know I was right.” Because guess what? They do come through!

Dana 12:21
Yeap all the time. What if they weren’t there? This is a big question. And a big concern. “I wasn’t there when they crossed over.”

Deb Sheppard 12:30
This one hurts my heart because people feel they have to be vigilant, they have to be there for the process. And especially if someone has a relative or friend or whomever their loved one said, I don’t want to be alone. It has happened so often where their loved ones doing and okay, they’re being stable, and they go home and take a shower, or they go and get some food, whatever the situation, and their loved one crosses over. They feel so much guilt and shame, or they didn’t get there on time, or they weren’t aware of it. I have never had a loved one’s soul come through and say, Well, I was really disappointed in you because you weren’t there. Ever

Dana 13:08
With almost 60,000 readings.

Deb Sheppard 13:10
Yeah, at least.

Dana 13:11
In 22 years. Yeah.

Deb Sheppard 13:13
I think that’s about us. And us wanting to be there and hold that space for that individual. I compare it to someone having a baby. If you’ve had a child, how many people do want in the room? Some people want 20 Some people want no one. And it’s the same thing crossing over to the other side. It’s that, we come into this planet, we exit this planet. And for some individuals, especially if it’s unexpected, you know, there’s an accident of some sort. We feel like who is there to greet them? Are they okay? Absolutely. That if you’re holding on to guilt that you weren’t there for your loved one for whatever reason, that the situation was, know that they’re not holding that against you.

Dana 13:52
What if they had a fight before they crossed over? Are they still mad when?

Deb Sheppard 13:56
Absolutely, but if you pay me a lot of money, they’ll take off the curse! No, they don’t know, they-you know- There’s a life review. They’re able to see things. They look at the situation and they understand that things happen. That they-there are going to be human experiences and no one’s expecting, usually in those situations, a lot of them, that someone’s going to pass. I think the harder ones is when someone has a fight and then someone suicides. That’s, that’s the heavy ones. And what I have experienced on my end, is they say that wasn’t the trigger. That wasn’t what did it. It was where I was, and you couldn’t have prevented me or stop me or things like that. Because we hold on to that. You know, I know with the suicides in my life you think could I have ve done one more thing? Could I have said one more thing? And what I have shared with most people is we can’t control other people. We cannot control. And it’s allowing everyone to take accountability for their own process, their own journey.

Dana 15:06
Yeah. Who are they with?

Deb Sheppard 15:08
They’re all by themselves. Just kidding, my sarcasm.

Dana 15:12
Dad joke.

Deb Sheppard 15:13
Uhm how I explain this to everyone is, you and I live in the same house. But you and I are not together 24/7. We have children, we have other family and friends. Just as the other side they don’t walk around together 24/7. They, they do connect with a lot of different loved ones. When you have a reading with a medium, what I have found is my way of visualizing it is, hey, guess what, you know, Joe and Susan are going to have a reading let’s all say hi. It’s like a family reunion. They get all these friends and family from over the years. And they come for that time. And it’s it’s almost like a meeting where all the family gets together, but they don’t hang out constantly. Your animals, this is a big one, people want to know, well, I see my fur babies, absolutely. Animals will be there. We’ve had goats, and horses and dogs, of course, and cats and lizards and all that other kind of stuff. It’s knowing that they are there together. And they’re back and forth, you know, seeing experiencing things but they’re not like in one’s pod, connected. They, they are still having experiences on the other side.

Deb Sheppard 16:23
What signs are they sending me?

Deb Sheppard 16:25
I was thinking about this a little bit more. A lot of mediums we will share, you know, there’s the coins, there’s the feathers, there’s the animals. There’s all these different- they love electronics, messing with things, moving things, you know, of course our house, we’re constantly having activity, there’s always activities to house.

Dana 16:43
I saw a shadow go across the room the other day.

Deb Sheppard 16:45
Or lights will go on and off. And you know, usually we don’t know who they are. They’re paying customers or something. But what I was thinking about with this one is, how do you learn to feel them versus always looking for the signs? So they will show you numbers as we know, we see numbers from some of our loved ones, we will hear a song they’ll mess with our radio in the car, anything electricity, electronic they like to mess with. Those are very typical. However, if you spend time, every day, at a certain time relaxing, listening to music, some form of meditation, whether it’s walking, and begin to call them in, you’re going to start to feel them.

Deb Sheppard 16:56
Because that’s ultimately you connecting with them is really what they want as well.

Deb Sheppard 17:27
And it might be from memories, it might be through a dream, it might be that the goosebumps on the back of your neck, the chills, things like that are going to start showing up. What I tell people is a medium is here to show you, that your loved ones are with you. And that it’s possible to hear from them. What I want people to do is hear their loved ones on their own. And it means taking your time to hear from them. The other key with this is we can’t control them.

Deb Sheppard 17:54
I want them to.

Deb Sheppard 17:59
So if you want to hear from one individual try to hear from others as well to begin to open yourself up to that channel. Because if you try to just get that one person, I call it the constipation reading. It, it’s you’re not gonna be able to recognize it because you’re forcing it and you’re shutting yourself down. And I believe humor is a great way to bring up that energy so you can hear them.

Deb Sheppard 18:00
What if they died a long time ago, though? What if I was a child? What if I was a child when they crossed over? Or what if I didn’t know them? They they died before I was born.

Deb Sheppard 18:44
I want to pull my hair out.

Dana 18:45
Or I was a baby. What if I was a baby?

Deb Sheppard 18:47
Well, one of the things that we do when people have a private session or any type of venue that we- you and I- you organize and I show up and do a reading, is we let people know no matter how long they’ve been gone, they can come through because there are some people that do ancestry or it’s an interesting validation that these people are still with your other loved ones. And now now that people are doing their DNA, they’re finding out all kinds of stories, and they want to have me go in and say was grandpa, my real grandpa and all these different- which is actually very interesting. We have to be open to knowing that our family in our community, in our soul group, is much bigger than those few that we think died recently, or we knew very closely. That person also if you’ve had a reading, you may be a messenger for somebody else. So, if you have a really good friend and their mom passed and they’re having a hard time, that person’s mom that you never met may come through to give- for you to give a message to them. And it’s helping to coordinate and orchestrate these connections. So I think-

Dana 19:50
But why would my ex’s family want to come through and say something?

Deb Sheppard 19:54
Usually they apologize for their spouse’s behaviors or maybe that in-law, was part of the problem, or there were some challenges. So they do want to come through and talk about this. I know there’s times are like, well, you know, if you’ve been married three times, they go, really all of them? All of them can come through. And it’s having people get out of what they think should come through and how it should come through. And if you want to control it, it will be a very challenging experience. And you and I go through this all the time telling people, anyone that’s ever passed- for me, when you have someone come through, it’s unexpected, it’s a great way to validate the afterlife to let you know, there’s no way we would have known or I would have known this situation without them coming through with that kind of clarity. So if you are a skeptic, or you’re not sure, open yourself up to that, because there is really some great beauty with that. And-

Dana 20:54
It’s really difficult when people try to control the reading, and they only want to hear it from I’ve only ever had five people in my life die, but they don’t think about-

Deb Sheppard 21:01
and they’re 65.

Dana 21:02
They don’t, they don’t think about that neighbor who lost their child, and that child’s coming through with a message or they don’t think about their hairdresser, whose mom recently died, they can come through, they don’t think about those things. And then it takes time for you to have to weed through the information and get more and more details in order to validate that one person versus having an open mind.

Deb Sheppard 21:27
And what I have found with when people are open, what sometimes will happen, they go you know what I thought about them, but I didn’t write them down, or I didn’t think they would come through. If you want to hear from your loved ones, whether it’s through a medium, or you want to have that connection, do not try to control it. Get out of the driver’s seat.

Dana 21:51
There we go.

Deb Sheppard 21:52

Dana 21:52

Deb Sheppard 21:53

Dana 21:53
What are they doing? And do they see what I’m doing?

Deb Sheppard 21:57
They watch everything.

Dana 21:59
I don’t want them to watch everything.

Deb Sheppard 22:01
I think there are times where people are like, what do they watching? No, it’s like, we don’t want to watch our family with all the things that they’re doing. That’s personal. But we do want to see what’s going on. Is there a celebration? Is someone sick? Is someone have a promotion? Are they traveling? Did someone get married? Those are the kinds of things that they will come through, because it’s just like all of us, we want to have a curiosity about what’s happening with the people we care about, or even the ones we don’t care about. So yes, they are around seeing this.

Deb Sheppard 22:35
And for a good session, do you want them to come through to validate these things? They just took a vacation, they are having trouble with their car, you know, all of these kinds of things will help people know that yes, without a doubt they’re there. What do they do on the other side? Big Question. The way to briefly talk about this in this podcast is there’s a life review. Time is very different. They’re going through the process of seeing what their contracts were here. What was their relationship with everybody? What could they do differently? What were their fears? And so they spent a lot of time going through all the layers of what they did on this earth plane. And cushing on one of my favorite movies is defending your life with-

Dana 23:25
The Akashic Records, the hall of records.

Deb Sheppard 23:27
The hall of records. And it’s just reviewing, and seeing, you know, what they could have done differently? What what they did do successfully. And it’s not a judgment, like a lot of people feel like there’s a Heaven or Hell and Purgatory and No. At least for me, I’ve never experienced it. And you know, I’ve had people like Ted Bundy. What were some of the ones we had with Cleo? That came through?

Deb Sheppard 23:50
Oh yeah, Martin Luther King, Jr. Maya Angelou.

Deb Sheppard 23:56
So you look at – you have these people coming through with someone like Ted Bundy. I know.

Dana 24:02
Sammy Davis, Jr. I’m just remembering all those people.

Deb Sheppard 24:04
Yes, remember Prince came through. Yeah. So when it’s a medium experiencing these things as souls, I’ve never felt them in this positive or ne– It just it just feels kind of an organic energy? And that’s what I think I’ve always come back with, there’s no taxes or dieting, because that’s how it feels. It’s like we don’t have the same stress. But they’re doing life reviews. They’re looking at what’s next, you know, what could have been done differently? And of course, I believe that we come here to learn, this isn’t, you know, Earth is a soul school. So it’s revealing what they came to learn and what did they accomplish and what do they want to do next time, and I don’t believe it happens- or I don’t think they do this process quickly.

Deb Sheppard 24:09
It’s, it’s really to wrap your head around that though, that there’s this system in place that we choose to incarnate and learn lessons, learn how to get through fear, learn unconditional love, learn, you know that we- there’s this system in place, is mind boggling.

Deb Sheppard 25:09
And that’s-

Dana 25:10
It’s so hard to wrap your head around.

Deb Sheppard 25:11
100%. And that’s when people go, what are they doing over there? And I, I’ve gotten things, other things, that they’re doing, but I don’t know if my mind can even comprehend that. And we look at the James Webb telescope that is going way beyond anything we’ve ever seen. That comprehension alone is mind boggling-

Dana 25:31
Facts of the universe.

Deb Sheppard 25:32

Dana 25:33
It’s scares me when I think about it.

Deb Sheppard 25:35
So to think about this, and a short explanation, there are a lot of books out there that people have channeled to get details. And I think there are pieces and parts of all of that, that play into it. But there isn’t just one Oh, this is what they’re doing. They’re, you know, they’re they’re training for next marathon? No, Yeah.

Dana 25:59
What if they reincarnate before I get over there? And will they be waiting for me?

Deb Sheppard 26:06
So the first part of that, or the second part of the question, will they be waiting for me? Absolutely. I get often asked, Will I see my so-and-so? My you know, right? And, yes. And does it mean immediately, I think when people die, very unexpected, like a car accident, things like that. Sometimes, they may have guides or angels that are there. But when it is an illness or more of a death that is not unexpected, loved ones do show up. And I probably will share that that story.

Deb Sheppard 26:44
I do not believe that people are reincarnating quickly right now, I think a lot of souls are coming here that are older, that are trying to change our planet. Because our planet is a little bit exhausted and Mother Earth is a little bit stressed and burnt out. And we’re very overpopulated. And we’re having some climate crisis, things like that. So Iif just look at that piece of it. So those are not reincarnating that have just crossed over. So people that are being born are usually older souls, that’s what we’re seeing. As a whole other topic, we’ve seen even these kids coming in, really changing the way we see-

Dana 27:26

Deb Sheppard 27:26
Gender, anxiety, the intuition, the sensitivity, these kids are coming in as old souls, as almost a little warriors. They’re not a soul that just passed a couple of years ago. These are souls that have really worked, in my opinion, through a lot of stuff to come here to say, we need to make some changes. And I’m willing to take that on.

Dana 27:45
I mean, eventually we’ll be light beings that won’t have a gender. Truly.

Deb Sheppard 27:51
Well were really aren’t genders, were souls. And that’s the confusion of you know, they will come through meaning your loved one as the gender that you recognize, not the soul, the soul is-

Dana 28:05

Deb Sheppard 28:06
Mhm, much more, its a higher vibration, but we will feel that male or female energy for us to go-

Dana 28:12
Oh, yes, to recognize them.

Deb Sheppard 28:13
Yeah, to recognize them.

Dana 28:14
That makes sense. Yeah. So can they tell me what to do with dot dot, dot, dot, dot?

Deb Sheppard 28:22
A couple schools have couple of theories on this. One is I do not believe your loved ones, or your guides are here to tell you what to do. A lot of people feel oh, my, my, you know, my mother is doing this. My mother’s helping me, if that resonates with you, and it works for you. It doesn’t matter. That’s really great. For me, I don’t know what relative that’s crossover that I’d really want their help from, but that’s just me and my soul group. There’s a few.

Dana 28:48
There’s a couple.

Deb Sheppard 28:49
There’s a couple. I will take that back.

Dana 28:51
It was like my grandma’s advice.

Deb Sheppard 28:52
Oh yeah. You know, my cousin Rob. I mean, there are some people out there that I would really want to, but-

Dana 28:57
I don’t think they’re highly evolved souls.

Deb Sheppard 28:59
No, the people that really- or the souls that really help us, are the ones that have elevated to a place to be guides to not be attached to us things like that. However, I do believe our guides can use our loved ones to tap us on the shoulder and say, you gotta pay attention. Because sometimes we don’t recognize our guides, but we may recognize some kind of emotion, feeling sign from someone that went from a loved one. So I feel like that can come through and I, and I, share this with people. If our loved ones could intervene, then why didn’t their loved ones intervene for the people that they lost? Like someone that had an accident or someone that should have been more aware of going to the doctor, things like that making different choices or the bad choices that we have in life, you know, who we ended up marrying, or where we ended up going or job or the situations that causes more pain. Our loved ones are watching us but it doesn’t mean they’re intervening or giving their guidance. However, if that doesn’t resonate, as I always say, take what works for you. And other people in my profession will say things differently. That’s just what I have felt.

Dana 30:10
Like I know what’s right, you never say that.

Deb Sheppard 30:13
No, It’s my experiences.

Dana 30:15
What do they want me to do with my car? Their stuff, their car, their child, their? What should I do with all their stuff?

Deb Sheppard 30:25
We just did a podcast on this. And we get some good feedback, because people are getting people get overwhelmed with how much stuff we accumulate. And we feel that the stuff that was left behind, our memories, we want to keep those. So please go to that podcast and listen. I forgot what it’s titled. But it was just something about what do you do with your loved ones things? And they do not care. And one of the ways to look at this is, if you remember your first car. Oh, yeah, I remember my first car and it’s freedom. I feel really great. Guess what you know? And you’re 40, 50, 60, 70? Uh, where’s that car now?

Deb Sheppard 31:04
Uh, I don’t know.

Deb Sheppard 31:05
Yeah. It’s-

Dana 31:07
We have one student that knows where her first car?

Deb Sheppard 31:09

Dana 31:10
And she still has it!

Deb Sheppard 31:11
Well, it’s a Volkswagen bug. So you know, you gotta give it credit that she kept a good investment there. But bottom line is, we have such an attachment to that first opportunity, that first car, that first kind of freedom, but over time, we’ve replaced it, things go on. Our loved ones feel the same way about all the stuff they accumulated here. They are not attached to it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of drama about who gets what and what happened, especially when things are not, you know, put in writing, but they are not attached. So whatever you do with these things, don’t feel like they’re-

Dana 31:43
they’re more upset about the fight.

Deb Sheppard 31:45
Yeah, they don’t want you to fight-

Dana 31:47
Over stuff. Yeah,

Deb Sheppard 31:47
Yeah, don’t.

Dana 31:48
And that comes through in readings all the time, is stop fighting over stuff.

Deb Sheppard 31:53
We just had a class the other day, and we were talking about how many things that our kids and other people like, I don’t want that stuff.

Dana 31:59
I don’t want your China.

Deb Sheppard 32:01
Years ago, you know, people worked really hard. That was, you know, you passed it on. It’s, we’re not in that culture anymore. So repurpose it, pass it on, donate, whatever you can. Don’t hold on to it.

Dana 32:14
Which made me remember, we have a table that maybe we need to pick up for a move.

Deb Sheppard 32:20
To get it, to get it going. I actually thought about the other day, too. When it comes to photographs, sometimes you will have stacks and stacks and stacks of photographs. One thing that you and I did with my father-in-law’s stuff was he had a lot of awards, because he was a general and those kind of things. We took photos of it and didn’t keep all the boxes of stuff. But our goal is to put it in an album, even online, so for future generations, if someone wants to go through, it’s there.

Dana 32:46
What if I move? Are they going to-

Deb Sheppard 32:49
They will haunt you down! I’ve had people where they won’t, you know, move from their house or change anything because they’re worried that their loved one can’t find them. They will find you.

Dana 32:58
It’s energy.

Deb Sheppard 32:59
It’s energy. Yeah.

Dana 33:00
It’s not location.

Deb Sheppard 33:01
Yeah, absolutely. And I’ve had it where people will travel and take someone’s ashes, that loved one will recognize and say I was there when you spread some of my ashes, A, B and C different places. They will be with you. They see what’s happening. They’ve got wings, so they’re not stuck, right where you are, they are able to move around and go to places-

Dana 33:24
Go to multiple places you’ve said.

Deb Sheppard 33:26
Yeah, more than- they will- they can see, which is really kind of cool, It’s kind of like the government right? Where they can see multiple places at one time. So yes, they can be in more than one location, which is again, how does our brain wrap? Wrap around? How do we comprehend that?

Dana 33:40
What if my parents were divorced and didn’t like each other? What happens when they crossover?

Deb Sheppard 33:45
So interesting. It happens where they come through together. And it’s not like kissy face for sure. But they’re definitely go, they really did not like each other. I mean, it was just horrible. I mean, even if you want to go to the fact of someone, this is a little bit morbid, but, you know, a murder, suicide, or all those kinds of things where it’s tragic, they’ll come through together to identify that they’re there and they’re working on the healing piece. It doesn’t mean that they understand our Earth energy and what we go through. But when they’re on the other side, again, they’re going through their process, and their soul had a connection to come here and learn things. So when they get there they go, yeah. How did well did we do on this? And we did we fight enough?

Dana 34:27
We, F-ed up.

Deb Sheppard 34:29
Yeah, we could have done this a lot different. So it’s sort of those kind of discussions that they’re going through. So people are surprised that they ended up coming through together.

Dana 34:37
Yeah. We do hear that a lot is like oh, yeah, but they didn’t like each other. So like, well, that doesn’t matter.

Deb Sheppard 34:43
Yeah, they’re there!

Dana 34:44
They’re coming. They’re saying hi.

Deb Sheppard 34:46
Especially if you’re having a session you want to hear from both of your parents. Why wouldn’t they come through together?

Deb Sheppard 34:52
Oh, I’m going to see Deb Shepard. And then we gather.

Deb Sheppard 34:56
Yeah. Hey you wanna go and really mess with our kids now? All the fights we had? Yeah, we can come together and say everything’s really great, that’s gonna really help.

Dana 35:06
Were they in pain when they passed?

Deb Sheppard 35:08
I think for people that see someone fighting a cancer or whatever, you know, they’re, they’re struggling, they’re going through something difficult. I think it’s the reflection that they don’t hold on to that if they’re passing. I think you have the story of, which is why I’m going here, it’s the story of the squirrel. Remember the squirrel that you found that was in shock? And our vet says they kind of leave the body? I really feel that that’s very similar to the human experience.

Dana 35:38
I didn’t- I looked, I tried to figure that out. So I started researching to find out why because I thought that squirrel was dead. But he lifted his head, which is why I went back and got him.

Deb Sheppard 35:51
How many of you have seen a squirrel on the- you know, that didn’t win the fight with a with a vehicle, right? Well, Dana comes home with this squirrel wrapped up, she saw, and she saw the squirrel move and so she knew it was still alive. And-

Dana 36:06
but when I went to go pick it up, it’s like it wasn’t even there.

Deb Sheppard 36:10
It left his body.

Dana 36:10
It left its body because it knew it was gonna get squashed.

Deb Sheppard 36:15
It was prepared.

Dana 36:15
But obviously, it was stunned and it just kind of laid back down and then you could it was lifeless. But I ran into the street and grabbed it before a car could run over it. And he rested. And then he, the next morning, was ready to go rock and roll ran out.

Deb Sheppard 36:34
Even though I thought he had crossed. Came in the next morning, he was he goes, he’s wide awake, ready to go. He’s good to go. I really think that’s the same thing that happens to humans. I mean, a soul’s a soul, whether it’s a squirrel a deer, you know, whatever, a soul’s a soul, but her body goes into a- And I don’t know any medical terms for this. And I should have maybe done some research, but I think our body releases something for our soul not to feel all that.

Dana 37:05

Deb Sheppard 37:06
And how many times when someone has gone through something tragic, they say I don’t remember the accident, I don’t remember these parts. I think were designed on so many levels, not to remember those things. Yeah, I think that’s a little different with PTSD, because you know, they’re watching it. But when it comes to the trauma for your body, I think there’s pieces of it, but I think we’re design to exit the physical experience.

Dana 37:37
Okay. Well, how do I honor them?

Deb Sheppard 37:47
This can be very creative. I mean, we see a lot of tattoos now. I mean, tattoos always make me curious. Because they, I find that people want to talk about someone that they love that they want to do that for. We know, our our friend, Dondette, put a bench. Some people plant trees. It might be every year celebrating them and doing something in honor. Pay it forward, do something in someone’s name. We see charities. If you can’t do something that big for somebody, do something small by just giving back to somebody. Just say, I want to take you out I know you’ve had a bad week, and I’m doing this in honor of a person that I love. They can be very simple. They also don’t get upset if you don’t do a big party, or you do a small one, or you do a bunch of different ones. It’s really up to us.

Dana 38:31
Light a candle.

Deb Sheppard 38:31
Light a candle.

Dana 38:32
It’s for us.

Deb Sheppard 38:32
Yeah, absolutely.

Dana 38:34
Are they stuck? Like if they’re still here, their energy is still here, or I feel them. Does that mean they’re stuck?

Deb Sheppard 38:41
You know how that-

Dana 38:43
That bothers you? I know.

Deb Sheppard 38:44
Where’s my soapbox? For those people were younger, what’s the soapbox? I hear this a lot. Like, what are they stuck? And I’m like, the people that are living are more stuck than the people who have passed. So when people say, you know the soul stu- like, when someone goes into a haunted house, I’m thinking, if, if there’s a soul still hanging out there, they probably just want to hang out there. Yeah, they probably like, yeah, I don’t think I want to go to do all my life review and then come back to this life. I’m kind of fine here. I do feel that sometimes some energies, it’s more of a-

Dana 39:15
Residue? Or something?

Deb Sheppard 39:15
Yeah, like a residue. I have been doing this for a long time. And I don’t think I’ve ever experienced someone being stuck that I couldn’t connect with or you know, those kinds of things. Whenever I’ve done building or house clearings and they feel their spirits in the house that are stuck. 99.9% it’s the energy of the people living there or working there that has caused some sort of energy that feels like others that have passed, but really, it’s a reflection or a mirror is the best way to say it. Your loved ones are not stuck and you cannot hold them back. If you have a reading and you’re trying to communicate with them, you’re not holding them back. I hear this all the time. And I’m like, if they don’t want to talk to you, they’re not, but you’re not controlling where they are in that world. If you think about could you control them when they around the Earth, in their regular bodies, and people will go, no. And you really think you can have that much power over there? When you don’t have that kind of power? If we did, it would be looking a lot different.

Dana 40:12
So are they okay if I remarry? Or move or travel? and this is a big one, is it okay not to be sad all the time?

Deb Sheppard 40:23
They want all of that for you. They want all of that for you; they wish it. And, as you know, I help people try to find happiness because when you bring in that joy, and you are loving life, and you take this great trip, and you find a new partner, or just how life goes on, you go back to school, you you do the things that are important, it actually shifts your vibration, to be able to feel your loved one more. Because when you hold on to that grief, it lowers energy, and makes it more challenging for your loved one to feel you. This is why mediums have an easier time. First of all, we have a great channel to it. But we’re not holding on to shame and guilt. And you know, it’s okay to be happy. So having that energy makes it easier for us. The more you do that, the more you’re going to feel them, and it’s going to make them want to be more connected to you. Because they don’t want to hold on to the fact that you’re miserable because of them. I mean, who would I wouldn’t want that, well, if I cross over, I do want you to be miserable, okay, I want you to be suffering.

Dana 41:29
I will be for a while.

Deb Sheppard 41:31
But there’s a typical time of grief-

Dana 41:32
So just stay here. Yeah, that’s all.

Deb Sheppard 41:35
I used the word typical, there isn’t a typical time of grief. Grief is- it doesn’t matter, you can be- move on in your life and do different things. But it doesn’t mean that takes away from your love from them, it just means that you’re continuing having a life here. And that’s going to be really important.

Dana 41:52
So I know you give advice, because you can’t possibly do as many sessions are there, as there are people in the world that need a session with a medium. So you do give advice on how to find a good medium. But I also have to say people can book time with you, that’s my job. So they can book time with you. If they really want to see you. And we’ll we’ll get them in with you. And all you have to do is call the office website. Go to the website, give me a call, I answer.

Deb Sheppard 42:19

Dana 42:19
But uh how how do you choose a good medium? What advice would you give somebody,

Deb Sheppard 42:25
there’s a couple of things. Remember, you want to have a good session, some people get really desperate to want to hear and and people have asked, Well how soon after someone passes? How long do I have to wait for hear from them? You can hear from them right away. I do not advise that. And the reason for that is grief is an important process. And if you go and have a session, you’re not going to hear what you need to hear. It’s almost, you’re gonna have to have a second, in my opinion. And ethically, my ethics are, give yourself time, they are okay, come a little bit later, and you will have the answers that you need. And you’re gonna feel good about that. If you go to medium and it does- they don’t have a good reputation, or during-

Dana 43:11
We had recently, just to bring up, we had recently gotten an email from somebody who came to see you a few times in years past and they went and saw somebody who supposedly had a good reputation. And it was a horrific experience. And it felt dark and scary. And so they reached out and said, Hey, is this the way a session supposed to be?

Deb Sheppard 43:34
Absolutely not.

Dana 43:35
And there’s a certain way that you run your sessions. So this person scared them and said things, you know, these bad things were going to happen. And that doesn’t feel like-

Deb Sheppard 43:48
No. For me, my ethics are extremely important. And anyone that has worked with me, I teach, Dana knows, I have some ethics, even even having an appointment or after someone dies. I want you to have some time, I want you have some time to process before you set an appoint- you just have the appointment because we’re booked out, but, that immediate appointment, give yourself time. When a medium psychic gets information that might be, let’s just use the word, red flag. If they’re not backing it up with advice of what to look for, just say, you know, I’m seeing, you know, you have a lot of stress going on, you just may really want to think about some things that you can do, which is logical, so that the stress doesn’t pile up. I mean, I just had a session like that today where she knows she needs to work on her health. And she didn’t ask me that. But I said it really feels you’re eating on the run and you’re not eating great food. That’s not dark. It’s just simple advice. Yeah, she goes, Yeah, I do know that and yes, I need to put it into priority. That should be the advice you get from anyone. Anything that’s really dark or negative or someone dying or-

Dana 44:56
Predicts some things.

Deb Sheppard 44:57
Predicts these things. In my opinion, you know,-

Dana 45:01
They’re trying to scare you.

Deb Sheppard 45:02

Dana 45:03
And that’s the bottomline.

Dana 45:04
That gives people like myself a bad name. I mean that’s the old energy of, you know, we’re we’re trying to take your money. If you know somebody, so maybe they have a good reputation but you know someone else that has gone to this medium? If they have a channel, a Facebook Live, watch them, how are they presenting? You know, any kind- have they, have they done things in the past? Have they written books? What is their background that allows you to feel you can trust this person? And I wanted to say, in the closing part, but this goes with this, trust your gut. 100%? If, if they say something, if I say something, and someone goes, I’m not really sure, I go, then throw that out. Was 95% of this, did it feel right? They go Yeah, I go write it down. I can be wrong because we are-

Dana 45:05

Deb Sheppard 45:07
Interpreting. Yeah. So, if someone tells you something in a session, and part of it didn’t feel quite clear, realize that it’s not gonna be 100%. You’re gonna get a good percentage. But your, your heart, your soul, is what you trust, number one. Trust what you feel, trust what is coming through, but these days, we have social media, you can do your research on any medium that’s out there and look to see what their history is. Look to see what people are saying, how long they’ve been doing it, do they have any credentials? You know, me, I’ve been vetted how many times?

Dana 46:24
Yeah, several,

Deb Sheppard 46:25
You know, and being vetted, says, I’ve been tested. Deeply. You know, I mean, some of them was really-

Dana 46:33
We’re talking, Yeah, Mark, Ireland with certifiedmediums.com. And Helping Parents Heal, and the Find Me group and Best American Psychics, I mean, you’ve been vetted and tested by all those organizations. Yes, James Van Prod. Yeah, you’ve been tested by him.

Deb Sheppard 46:51
You know, that’s, that’s, um, and some mediums will make appointments that are, you know, 15-30 minutes. So you know, that might be a way too, but do your research. Because if you’re grieving, and you want to know, and hear from your loved ones, do your research. Don’t look just at price. I’ve heard people many times, say I paid four different people. But I ended up with you, because I never got what I wanted to hear.

Dana 47:14
Or needed.

Deb Sheppard 47:14
Or needed to hear. So, really do your research. And the other thing I wanted to say, is, these answers I gave are simple, they can go a lot deeper. And these are the things that I share with people, it’s my perspective, and I try to give a positive way of looking at these things. But if you’ve had your own experiences, or read something that really works with you, then take that, you don’t have to take what I’m saying. This is just what I share. And I’m always right. But you know, that’s a whole nother story.

Dana 47:48
Oh no, we know that.

Deb Sheppard 47:49
The biggest thing is to realize where your grief is, finding the right tools to ask the questions that you really want to know and understand. If you schedule a reading, especially with me, do the homework. Be open to who shows up and what they share, and it will be powerful, it’s life changing. I mean, even the sessions today I was getting individuals just saying this is going to change my life. And that’s what a medium session should be. It should have you feel there’s a lot of validations, there are things that you had questions about and you are feeling that sense of peace.

Dana 48:31
So we have an amazing person that helps us with our marketing and she came across, and we we ended up sending this out, an article that research has been done on the healing that seeing [what] a good medium can do over counseling. And you hear this all the time counselors,

Deb Sheppard 48:52
therapists, counselors send us their clients.

Dana 48:55
Yeah, they they work with them and then they send them to you, and then they go back to their therapist and work through some more what they’re what they’re struggling with. And it can be so extremely helpful. So just putting that out there that was that went out actually in an email recently.

Deb Sheppard 49:12
And you know, I mediums are not therapist. We’re connecting to the other side to have you have that conversation. So always, you know, get a good therapist to help you through things and I suggest getting a therapist that’s a little bit more open-minded because this can be very helpful. But do the work behind the scenes before you hire because we’ve had so many people come back going, I am worse now seeing so-and-so, are going through that. So, there are some really good ones out there.

Dana 49:42
Those were 20, plus, great questions that people asked.

Deb Sheppard 49:47
I want people to be able to walk away going this is going to help me with where I am so whether they get a reading or not, or or go need any further with a medium, at least this piece, this can help them to maybe even feel their own loved ones. And that is our intention, for healing to take place. And that is, the biggest intention that we have, to help people heal.

Dana 50:10
Mic drop.

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