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Your Body is a Vehicle for Your Soul

Your body is hardwired to speak to you. As the vehicle for your soul, it’s a gateway for your intuition. But, if you don’t know how to listen to your body, you will often struggle with connecting to your intuition. Listen in to learn the key ways to connect with and care for your body, so you can build your dreams!


Deb Sheppard 00:00
Would you like to use and trust your intuition so your life can be magical? Your body is talking to you. But are you listening? T his is what we’re going to go in today and talk about how your senses your body is the biggest radar for your intuition, and how we can utilize that, listen to it and take care of it. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, our body is the vehicle while we’re here on Earth, going through our lessons this is earth is our spiritual schools, all the lessons, we’re here to learn.

Dana 00:39
We’re little antennas walking around?

Deb Sheppard 00:41
We are little antennas walking around. And it’s hard. Sometimes it’s difficult. And if you’ve listened to any of the other podcasts, we talked about intuition, and trust, and surrender, and all those types of things. Yet, we haven’t talked about the vehicle that you are in the soul. And of course, another movie that I love is Soul by Pixar, you know, the little soul that comes down here, reluctantly, to explain, to live.

Dana 00:42

Deb Sheppard 00:43
If you haven’t seen it, please do! It’s it’s one I highly recommend. It takes trust and practice over and over and over to get to understand how this all works. But, you were born with your own GPS system, you were born with a guided psychic system that our body is high wired to pay attention to. And our cars today with technology cars have a GPS system, not that we always listen to, to the GPS, right? When we you know when it goes somewhere, we’ll argue with it. And that’s what we do with our current vehicles. But when we don’t listen to our body, our suit or vehicle, it ends up affecting us in multiple ways. If you are over the age of 50. You’ve taken a road trip probably. And even if you’re not, if you are, you know, 25 years old, and you said I’m gonna go drive to see so and so or I’m gonna go to the mountains, I’m going to the ocean, wherever you pack your car, you get it ready to make sure the tires are good. There’s an oil change, everything’s tuned up. So you have a safe travel, you want to make sure that vehicle can take you all the way.

Dana 02:14
Without breaking down.

Deb Sheppard 02:15
Without breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Even in somewhere just the cost involved. This is what I’m talking about. I want you to relate your vehicle, your car, your truck, whatever it is to your body and understanding that we’re going to mirror the two of them. So we’re traveling in this human suit. And we don’t always like it. I always think why did I choose this one? Shouldn’t I have chosen something… Maybe I was standing in the back of the line, you know like, Oh, you’re the back of the line. Your numbers way back there! You get to have the what’s last here in the bins.

Dana 02:45
Oh my god.

Deb Sheppard 02:46
Y ou know, I love referring to movies because I think it tells us so many stories when you look at creativity, storytelling books, but you know, movies is one of my go tos and the Field of Dreams movie with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones and a bunch of other great actors in there. He’s in Iowa.

Dana 03:04
And Ray Liotta is in that one. I think he just passed.

Deb Sheppard 03:07
Oh did he really? Yeah. Was that his dad? I think it was yeah, it his dad. Yeah, that’s right. Okay. He’s really on the other side now. Oh, sorry. That was really bad, buddy. Yeah, he’s really in the field of dreams. But in the movie, and it was released in April 1989. So again, if you’re, I think you were barely born, but I was alive and kicking well,

Dana 03:29
I was graduating high school, thank you very much.

Deb Sheppard 03:34
Still baby. But with that said, he’s on. He lives in Iowa with his wife and child. And he is hearing a voice that says, you know, I think is if you build it, he will come. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. So I actually looked that up just to make sure I was getting like, let me show you a quote it correctly. He will come; here is the middle of Iowa. I’m sure it’s very slow paced. If you think about it, there isn’t probably a lot of psychics around talking to dead people, right? It’s pretty much you know, the farmer-

Dana 04:03
Kevin Costner and a field.

Deb Sheppard 04:07
But he is getting this image of building this baseball field. And his wife is all for it. Which is great, because she’s not the critic. She’s definitely cheering him on. Yeah, go for it, do it and they’re trying to pay their bills, they’re trying to they’re gonna lose their house. I think the wife’s brother is in the mortgage and trying to you know, all that kind of stuff. So there’s just a lot of pushback, but everything in his soul tells him he’s to build this if there’s going to be some peace with this even though he doesn’t understand it. And that’s where our body can feel things. You know, we feel this overwhelming sense of something and our our body may tingle or vibrate to a different, I mean, that’s the word we sort of use sometimes, is vibrating to a sadness or happiness. We feel these things and we can see it with children, especially because they’re not told, you know, don’t feel that. We have these radars, our whole body is that radar. And so, he trusted that process. And even though people thought he was crazy in town, he still thought, I have to do this. And the great thing about your intuition and your guides, when you’re doing something and you get this random idea, I think this is what I need to do, or this is what I feel I need to do. We need that validation. And we don’t get the validation, we don’t always trust it. But if you’re really listening, you will find those validations along the way. And in this story, he finally gets a validation from James Earl Jones. He was in hibernation because he was a writer, and he had people bugging the heck out of him. So he didn’t want anyone to find him. But with that, James Earl Jones, that character, he saw what Kevin Costner saw, and they were able to go on this adventure together and find the magic. And what we’d like to talk about is not just a tool bag, but the magic bag, we want to have a magic bag that says how powerful and how we can become empowered, and that we can change our life. Going back to that is understanding our vehicle. Again, it’s honoring the vehicle that has given us this data and information and how to follow it in what we do is we dismiss it or don’t take care of it. When we look at a car, it needs fuel, or now these days electricity, which is really darn cool. How are we taking care of our body? How are we fueling our soul in our body? How are we taking care of it? What are we putting in our mind and our heart and our thoughts? What people are around us that are feeding our body and our soul? Are we getting people around us that are negative? And you know, putting us down and telling us our ideals are horrible and causing us stress and anxiety? So how are you fueling your soul? How are you fueling your body? Are you getting massages? Are you taking yourself walks? Taking hot baths? How are you feeding yourself now please don’t be a critic and say I need to stop eating popcorn in my flat vegetables, that other people potato chips. Now I call them flat vegetables because there’s a better name. But we don’t want to ignore it. So going back to the vehicle again, if you feel like your car is not starting the first time, you’re going to pay attention to that. Is it the battery? Do I need to take it in? Is it pulling left or right meaning? Does it need to have the front aligned? Is there something wrong with the tires? Is it making an odd noise? I don’t know about? Well, I do know this with you. Maybe not with other people though. For some reason when I have the carwash doesn’t the car feel better? energetically?

Dana 07:29

Deb Sheppard 07:29
So again, how are we nurturing ourselves? What are we saying to ourselves? How are we taking care of our bodies? Are we doing things to say I need to take care of this. The other thing when you look at vehicles, there’s a lot of rules. I mean, not everyone can just go drive a car. So there are some criteria.

Dana 07:44
Rules of the road.

Deb Sheppard 07:45
The other thing with the vehicle is we have to stay in our own lane.

Dana 07:45
Your favorite thing

Deb Sheppard 07:46
My favorite saying so if you’re joining my mentoring program was one of the first things everyone learns to stay in your own lane, we have a tendency to want to take care of everybody else. And we exhaust ourselves to the point that we collapse and there’s nothing left to take care of ourselves. If all of us didn’t have the rules of the road, we would all crash.

Dana 08:10
And burn.

Deb Sheppard 08:11
And burn, basically. So when we compare our lives, are you staying in your lane? It is really marrying what’s going on in your life because it’s safe when we all listen to the rules of the road.

Dana 08:25
I like that analogy.

Deb Sheppard 08:26
Thank you. The stop sign. There are so many times we do not stop. And being from California and not living there now. But being from California, we should call it the California stop. I’ve seen friends do this. They don’t really stop. They just they just continually go through the stop sign, make the right turn whatever. There’s no right or left. And they’re actually looking before they get there. Are you taking time to stop and pause? Are you taking time to stop and meditate? Are you stopping to look around to see what is truly going on? Are you just passing through lights? So if your guides are trying to give you signs, and you’re driving really fast with your body and your mind, you’re not going to see the signs that your guides are trying to give to you. So stop. Look both ways. Take a deep breath.

Deb Sheppard 09:11
Whatever, yeah, heals you.

Dana 09:11
Look at the signs. Wow.

Deb Sheppard 09:11
Yeah, and I know for you, if you’re at a stoplight and it turns green, you pause because you’ve been in an accident when people have run red lights. And that’s also another out analogy. Are people crossing your boundaries? Are they running right over you? Are they just powering through and just crush you and you feel like you’re being impacted and put down and ran over? If that’s happening in your life? Then maybe it’s time to take a pause and look to see what’s coming your way. Focus. What’s showing up? What’s leaving you behind? The other thing is we have an insurance policy for our cars. It’s illegal not to have insurance for our cars. Yeah, but do we do anything to insure our own self? Do we take time to put on the calendar? I know I’m gonna have some stressful times I need to make sure I get a massage or I get a pedicure or whatever.

Deb Sheppard 09:14
And to be connected to Mother Earth or be out with friends and have some laughter. The other part was that we don’t have to look at, oh, I have a stressful week. So I’m going to plan something for myself, why not do it ahead of time? We don’t buy an insurance policy because we know we’re gonna have an accident. We have an insurance policy knowing that if anything happens, we’re reassured we’re okay. When it comes to our bodies, we don’t do things to make sure that it’s going to be okay, going through whatever shows up in life. You know, if someone runs that red light, someone impacts us are we ensure that we’ve got something to land on that magic bag?

Dana 10:33
So maybe that’s why we took weeks off at the beginning of the year, because we know the second half could be crazy.

Deb Sheppard 10:40
Yeah, there’s a lot.

Dana 10:42

Deb Sheppard 10:43
Yeah, and intuitively. People go, how are you doing? and you’re like, Well, I’m really busy. But we can get really burnt out and burn the candle at both ends. And like we hear this all the time. So if you’re looking for a balanced life, do you have your insurance policy ahead of time to say I’ve got some things planned, they’re marked on the calendar and you know, that’s your stop sign that staying in your lane, I don’t need you don’t need to tell people that you’re doing this and say, Oh, I can not do this for you. You say I’ve already got things scheduled. And that’s your insurance policy growing up, we didn’t have seatbelts. We were flung around everywhere, you know, we’re just like flung across the car.

Dana 11:18
The cars were like tanks back in that in that day. They were actually metal.

Deb Sheppard 11:22
They were metal. They weren’t plastic and things like that. So yeah, a little bit safer. I remember sleeping in the backseat where the window was came down. I mean, we think about safety. Now there’s no way we put our grandkids or anyone else. But the idea of seatbelts to me for the metaphor for today is do we feel safe? Where we are? Are we safe? Are we creating a safe environment that where we are feels comfortable? And the big thing is, where are you sitting in the car? Do you feel like you always have to be in control? If you’re want to communicate with your guides-

Dana 11:53
Just slowly raising my hand.

Deb Sheppard 11:56
Because we don’t have those visuals. It’s hard. And you know, I haven’t, I don’t really drive very much you do most of the driving and I’m I’m okay with that. I have to be right?

Dana 12:05
You have to be, but you don’t like driving.

Dana 12:07
No I really don’t, I don’t enjoy it. But I also think we can look at it where you want to sit in the car. If you always have to be the driver, do you feel like you’ve always be in control, meaning that you don’t feel safe or you don’t trust? If you are in the passenger in the backseat? Are you telling the driver always what to do? Where to go? Even though you have a GPS? And you, you know you’ve been there several times or whatever the situation is when you’re in that car,

Dana 12:33
Do you have to boss the driver?

Deb Sheppard 12:35
Are you relaxing? Are you listening? Are you paying attention to the surroundings?

Dana 12:38
Are you looking for signs?

Deb Sheppard 12:40
Yeah, yeah, exactly. If when you’re a kid or when you’re taking a road trip whatever age that is? Are you looking out the window? Or are you on your phone? I mean, today we allow kids, which, I’m not against this, I’m not shaming anybody, but kids have screen. So they’re watching screens versus you know, what’s what’s going on around them, we begin to get trained not to pay attention to our surroundings. And the universe is talking to us all the time. So if you feel like, oh, I want to hear my guides, but I have to be the driver and I have to be controlling to everyone. Oh yeah, GPS is telling me this. But we’ve done this where the GPS is saying for us to go a different direction. And we’ve said Well, no, I want to go this way. And we end up, there’s construction traffic, whatever. GPS said, go this way. So again, are you trusting the process? Or do you feel like you always know what’s right?

Deb Sheppard 13:33
Yeah. I could go into the radio to like, what are you listening to? You know, what, what’s the distractions? Are you listening to things that are motivational? Or you talk radio that might be negative or overbearing, or you want to argue with? Or is it something that’s uplifting and helps support your, your journey and your soul? So again, isn’t this kind of cool to look at the vehicle compared to when we’re driving and we don’t look at ourselves, our bodies, as this vehicle and do-

Dana 14:05
an antenna, vehicle? all of the above.

Deb Sheppard 14:07
All those things. Yeah, doing this work for over two decades. I know our souls, not the body. So when people come, they miss the body.

Dana 14:08
You mean come to see you for a session.

Deb Sheppard 14:09
For a session. Yeah, to talk to their loved ones. The soul is all intact. You know, it’s the body and soul connection that when we don’t take care of the body cannot host our soul. And there’s so many times where a loved one will come through and talk about I wish I would have taken care of myself better I could have been here, or I wish I would have done these things. And when you look at the rules of the road, it’s it really goes along with are we staying in our lane? Are we taking care of you know, all the parts that are making noises in our body are we listen to our body that’s talking to us?

Dana 14:48
And you’re not a subscriber of the “it was supposed to happen this way”or…

Deb Sheppard 14:54

Dana 14:55
I mean, that’s one of the big things that you teach and share with all of your followers is that You’re you’re not a huge subscriber, it was meant to be.

Deb Sheppard 15:03
Correct. People say, Well, everything happens for a reason.

Dana 15:05
That’s the term I was thinking of. Yeah.

Deb Sheppard 15:07
And I’m like, No. Do I think that we can make a purpose from what happened? Absolutely. I mean, I’ve had a lot of losses from loved ones that died from suicide. So my platform, one of my platforms, is talking about mental health and taking care of your body, your mental health, all those organs. Yeah, my causes. So do I think that they were supposed to suicide? Absolutely not. I think there’s choices and free will. When we take care of our vehicle and understand our consciousness and our souls purpose and all that becomes aligned, it’s a vehicle that runs very, very well. And that’s why today we hear about mindfulness. I mean, 30 years ago, mindfulness was not a term. I mean, people like me were in the closet, I mean literally in the closet. Now being with a woman, we were literally in the closet. So it’s understanding how we take care of ourselves, and we don’t beat ourselves up, and we take care of the vehicle, there are so many people that their vehicles have just so much value, they put so much money into it, and that’s fine. That’s that’s their hobby. That’s their passion is that’s great. But what do we do with our own selves? What do we do for that? When someone says, oh, yeah, my car, I need to get new tires, or the front end of the line, or it needs to have you know, a tune up. We don’t think twice. We don’t want to always spend the money. But if you say to somebody, you know, I’m going to go spend a few $100 and buy myself some clothes and shoes and you know, have a kind of a makeover, people are like, what, what, why? We have to figure out well, I deserve it, or I have a new job or I’m trying so- we have to give a purpose why we do it versus this is your vehicle and if your vehicle wants some new shoes and some clothing, it’s gonna make you feel good. Like we talked about- the car-

Dana 16:44
let’s go shopping!

Deb Sheppard 16:46
Let’s go shopping. Because there is a high with it. You know, taking care of the car, it feels safe. If you have everything tuned up, and things are working, and they’re properly in order, and you’ve had the mechanic check it all out. You feel safe taking that road trip. Do you feel safe in your body to take this road trip that you’re on in this life? Yeah. Do you feel like when you get up every day, like I’m ready to take this on? I’m ready to take on my fear. I’m ready to take on my challenges. Yeah, I’ve got my magic bag, and I’ve got a way to fill it up. And I’m gonna stop and smell the coffee and the roses.

Dana 17:21
Or are we running a rat race?

Deb Sheppard 17:24
Yeah, look at the windshield. If you look about having clarity in your life, when you get a ding, Colorado is known for getting dings in the window. Because there are a lot of rocks down when it snows. It’s annoying. And then you see it spreading. And we have here, you know, sometimes at gas stations, you know, they’ll fix the chip, we are willing to do that. Because it’s very annoying. How about when the windshield wipers aren’t working properly? We sometimes feel like I just can’t see clearly. Well, what are we not looking at? What are we not seeing? Are we not taking care of our surroundings? Are we not stopping along the way? Or are we going through the stop sign? Or perhaps the yellow light that’s ready to turn red just to get through something because we’re done?

Deb Sheppard 18:11
barrel through it? Are you the person that likes to control and stay in the power? Colorado has a lot of big vehicles and they like to go fast. And if you have a small car, how hard it is to feel safe. And we’ve gone through this where you’re you know, you feel like you’re in a smaller vehicle. You’re watching around you.

Dana 18:31
Feel like you’re going to get crushed .

Deb Sheppard 18:32
Yeah. So think about your vehicle. Do you feel like you’re in your power? Do you feel like you’re strong enough to deal with anyone that wants to overpower, cut you off, crush your boundaries, tell you the step back in the back of the line or whatever that looks like. You like? Dana’s giving me this big smile. You want your body to run smoothly because it is your biggest antenna connected to the universe. It is your biggest communicator ever. It has a radar that not only goes around the planet, but through the universe, it connects with aliens or whatever, you know. People are laughing about how we connect with we have these big telescopes like the James Webb telescope, your body has the same ability. Maybe it can’t take pictures of those galaxies, but we can connect on all these different levels and vibrations and energies if we are allowing ourselves to go there.

Dana 19:30
Huh? That’s cool

Deb Sheppard 19:31
Your vehicle depending on what you’re driving physically, in the earth world, how far can that vehicle take you? So when you go purchase a car you’re thinking about your needs and how big the gas tank is. What are you filling that gas tank with? And how long is it going to take you to get from point A to point B? And that is the same thing with our bodies. How are we fueling it to get to point A to point B and you and I know before we have to deal with something energetically we get your mind set to say, we have to deal with something really difficult, we find a way to fill up that energy so we’re able to get to point A to point B. So paying attention, that’s that insurance policy, what do you have that is going to help you get there and get to the destination? And the part of this journey is not looking at the end result, which we talk about all the time. It really is the process and paying attention. Because if you truly are present, and you’re listening to your vehicle, and your soul and your heart, the universe will communicate and maybe take you in a direction that is completely different than you ever anticipated. And it will be bigger and better than you imagined. That happened to me. People asked me how did you start this journey? Well, I started to learn Fung Shui to help my then husband, not the one I divorced, but another one, along the way, to get his career back. And I ended up finding out I was a psychic and medium. So the direction the universe took me was completely different in my destination than I had originally considered. What I thought was one way the universe goes, yeah, good for you. We’re taking, we want you to turn right. And we keep telling you keep telling you. That’s how this works. So taking care of your vehicle, if you want to build a field of dreams, and why not? So I’ve got seven things to help you begin to build your dreams. And I’m not really telling you how to take care of your vehicle. But it is included. It’s all part of this. But number one, stop listening to naysayers, the critics, including your left brain that keeps telling you that you’re not good enough or you know you keep bringing up what other people said, those naysayers throw them out, get rid of them. This reminds me of you know the stickers that are on cars, someone buys a car and you have someone else’s sticker on them, I want to go in and just rip off those sticker stickers. Especially if they’re not my politically same one. Even if it’s their sticker. I don’t like those naysayers take that off. Begin thinking outside the box. Sometimes we get very fixated on the journey and where we want to end up and just like I just shared my journey ended up being so much more beautiful. It was a field of dreams, or it is a Field of Dreams more than I ever imagined. And getting out of that box of how it has to look is key. Find ways to become inspired. I think we forget how to get inspired, or we think that we have to inspire others. But I think filling our tank up filling up our vehicle is inspiration. Take time to nurture your vehicle. Get it all clean, shiny it up.

Dana 22:24
Go get a wax

Deb Sheppard 22:25
Go get a wax wherever you need it. Get a wax.

Dana 22:30
There’s so many metaphors here.

Deb Sheppard 22:32
There is pay attention to your body and signs around you and paying attention to your body. How does your body feel? We seem to ignore things. And I think sometimes as we get older, we think you know the aches and pains and we try to ignore them and we take the Advil or Tylenol but sometimes those aches and pains are really important messages. Because it’s like the car that we keep ignoring you will break down somewhere. And it will cost you more money in the long run the signs around you when you stop sometimes and smell the roses. They’ve said that for years, you will see signs that you didn’t expect. And that’s the beauty of being aware. Trust your gut or your engine. Your engine is that gut feeling, that knowing, and our gut our body knows it doesn’t feel right on some level or is excited- has those butterflies there’s Wow, this feels amazing. Listen to that engine. Number seven. Have fun along the way. No one wants to take a road trip without a little bit of fun along the way. And that might mean stop along the way, visit some sites and create memories. If you put the metal to the pedal, as they say, and you destroy

Dana 23:36
The pedal to the metal.

Deb Sheppard 23:37
You know what I’m trying to say?

Dana 23:38

Deb Sheppard 23:38
If you if you do that and go really fast through life and expect to get to a destination, you’re not going to really have a great story. There isn’t going to be some experiences that bring you joy and happiness and you have a life that’s fulfilled that you can share with others.

Dana 23:54
I think that’s the biggest thing that your students always say is I forgot who I am. And I need to find my purpose and joy.

Deb Sheppard 24:03
Yes, always but we have to slow down, tap the brakes pullover, take a few moments. We all have phones now. Take a few pictures and take care of that vehicle.

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