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The Truth About The Law Of Attraction with Sandra Ann Taylor

Harness your power to be, do and have what your truly desire! Deb chats with special guest consciousness expert, bestselling author, and oracle card creator Sandra Anne Taylor about the vibrational patterns that direct your destiny. Learn how to align your personal resonance with the power and energy of Spirit – so you can move through difficult cycles and create what you truly desire.

Deb (6s):
Welcome M Deb shepherd. I’m your host of Spirited Straight Talk. Thank you for joining me on this amazing spiritual journey that we call life. You’re in the right place and you didn’t land here by accident. My intention is to help you learn to free yourself, of things that are holding you back and create a life that truly makes your soul happy. LL be talking about key insights and interesting topics to help you learn how to powerfully co create with the universe. I will cover everything from turning your setbacks and to triumphs my favorite living your soul’s purpose. Of course, I’ll be connecting with spirit, your guides and the favorite one of course is your loved ones. On the other side, if you’re re ready to truly stop spinning circles and you re ready to harness the power to co create a cynic life with spirit, that I hope you join me every week for spirited straight talk.

Dana (1m 0s):
Okay, so this is Dana and I’m here with Deb. This time I get to start for me. She’s making me start this one. Well, not making me I’m holding it. I’m doing those things where you like grab her arm and you’re holding it behind her back. And again, you are, you are twisting my arm. Well, anyway, the reason I’m coming on first is because I want to introduce a guest. That’s going to be with us today. Her name is Sandra and Taylor. I’m going to read her bio for you guys. She is fantastic. She is a hay house author. She is a bestselling author, a New York times.

2 (1m 40s):
Best-selling author of several titles, including quantum success, secrets of attraction, your quantum breakthrough code, and the Akashic records made easy. She also has several Oracle card decks, the quantum Oracle, the energy Oracle cards, and she’s got a brand new one that is coming out right now. And it is called energy and spirit Oracle. It reveals both universal influences and upcoming events with amazing accuracy. And the Akashic taro was written with her sister, Sharon Klingler twin, her twin sister, which I know we’re going to find out more about that.

2 (2m 24s):
I’m sure we’re going to ask about that a little bit in the podcast and Sandra’s books and cards are all available all over the world in 32 languages worldwide. So we’re just honored. The reason we invited her to join us on Spirited Straight Talk is we feel it’s really important to bring other perspectives in. Occasionally we all know what Deb teaches and we believe what we are all part of the Deb Sheppard following, but I think it’s important to hear another perspective important for other, for you to feel like what resonates with you, which you listened to.

3 (2m 59s):
And I think we’re pulled different directions for instructions or teachers, right?

2 (3m 4s):
Right. So let’s welcome Sandy, to Spirited Straight Talk.

3 (3m 10s):
I I’m in I’m impressed. I’m so impressed with how much work you have done Sandra over these years to inspire the world. And I’m honored again and grateful that you are found need the opportunity, time to meet with us here on this podcast.

4 (3m 25s):
Thank you. It’s I’m, I’m so glad and feel lucky to be with you. I just love both of your energy.

3 (3m 32s):
Thank you. We, we try to be positive most of the time, but you know, as an intuitive, you can pick up energy, right?

4 (3m 37s):
Yep, absolutely.

3 (3m 39s):
So in some of your past podcasts, we gained an, I kind of took a little journey to watch some of the work that you’ve done and we are very similar in, it looks like our alignment, but what I did here is that you began around the age of 17 or 18 to start meditating. So what prompted you to do that? It wasn’t as popular during that time. What encouraged you to go that direction?

4 (4m 4s):
I think it was mostly, you know, I’m a twin and my twin sister, Sharon Ann Klingler, who is also a hay house author and who co-wrote the Casick taro with me. We could pick up on each other’s thoughts and feelings even at break distances. And so I felt that there was something more to existence than, you know, just what we were hearing and seeing we were raised in Catholic schools are all our lives. So I’m a recovering Catholic

3 (4m 36s):
Question. I was wondering now. So thank you.

4 (4m 40s):
And there were some wonderful things that I took away from that experience, but obviously it was very limited in terms of my own understanding of the world. And when I was 17, I had a dream where somebody came to me and now I know he’s my personal guide and took me up to the energetic realm and showed me different things and, and places and people gathered, it was all light beings, but I could tell they were, they were people talking about their next life. And I was only 17. You know, we had heard of reincarnation as something that, you know, people believe in foreign distant and in somewhat primitive places.

4 (5m 21s):
But I, it, the dream was so specific. And so life altering that I thought, you know, I have to find out more about it. And one of the paths that I took was taking up meditation to go deeper into that understanding. Wow.

3 (5m 36s):
So that leads me to two questions that are kind of together. Where did you grow up and what did your family think when you started this meditation, this journey, especially if you were raised Catholic, correct?

4 (5m 48s):
Yeah, but I have, I had wonderful, wonderful parents. They’re both in spirit now. They didn’t hesitate both my sister and myself got into this stuff when we were still in high school. And actually my sister started reading the rider, Waite taro, and introduced me to that a little later. And my parents were like, Hey, give me a reading.

2 (6m 11s):
It was great. That was not Deb’s experience with .

3 (6m 18s):
I was raised as Jehovah’s witness and I’m sort of ousted, but I

2 (6m 22s):
Black. Yeah.

3 (6m 24s):
I look good in black, so it’s okay. But really

4 (6m 27s):
It’s fine.

3 (6m 28s):
Yeah. So what I think is wonderful is that you have that support system early on Really makes the difference as well.

2 (6m 35s):
Yeah, no, that makes a huge difference.

3 (6m 37s):

4 (6m 38s):
Oh, most people don’t even still, even as they grow older and get deeper and deeper into it, I have clients whose families are just constantly dogging them about their, you know, their soul and their, their, you know, destiny and they’re going to hell.

2 (6m 54s):

4 (6m 55s):
You know, it’s a tough thing to live in when your family is so predisposed like that.

3 (6m 60s):
Correct. And what I’d say to them, well, when you die, you’re going to know what it was. Right. So that’s my comeback.

2 (7m 4s):
Right. So

3 (7m 7s):
Can you share with me some of those aha moments that gave you that spiritual awakening? So obviously around 17, 18, you started into looking at there was more and knowing things, but are there some pivotal moments that you’d like to share that really shifted your perspective or launched what you wanted to do or inspired you to write books? Things like that?

4 (7m 30s):
Well, there, there were, and I, I had a period of time, actually, a long period of time, about 20, 25 years where I was in a private, psychological practice. And during that time I would use hypnosis. I was trained heavily in the use of different types of hay, hypnosis, Ericksonian, lots of different modalities. And a lot of people came in with no memory of their childhood or at a certain age, their memory started. And so I would use hypnosis to try to go back and find out what happened. And I started having cases where people automatically went into past lives.

4 (8m 10s):
And I talked about this in my book, the hidden powers of your past lives. One was so illuminating to me that I really had to look into this whole thing about reincarnation, which was part of that dream that I had when I was 17. Yeah. Person who had a severe case of a gore phobia, couldn’t go out of her house. She w w I regressed her. She couldn’t remember things before the age of seven or eight. So I tried to progress her nine mentioned nothing about past it and past lives didn’t expect anything. And she went back to a time when she was deformed and crippled and sitting on the stairs of St. Paul’s cathedral and people were kicking her and she was ashamed.

4 (8m 53s):
And it led to this present life of having very limiting, social phobia, that, where she was fearful of being rejected and did not go to school. We finally got her into school. We did all the psychological things, the relaxation, the systematic desensitization of the reconstruction of cognitive therapy, but it really hit home when we did some rescripting of that past life.

3 (9m 21s):
I love that. That’s the things that people say you don’t make sense. And then you’re able to weave them together in this current lifetime. So it gives them that instead of being a victim, they feel empowered.

4 (9m 33s):
Yeah, absolutely. And people don’t realize how much their past lives have influenced and do influence their present life. And they also don’t realize that they can ship that people think they’re, they’re stuck with their karma, but they’re not.

3 (9m 48s):
I totally agree with that statement. It’s a matter of fact, we try not to teach the Western version of karma, that you’re not here to be punished for your past. You’re here to learn and grow from your past,

4 (9m 59s):
Right. This

3 (10m 0s):
Lifetime or previous lifetime.

4 (10m 3s):
Right. And it’s not episodic. You don’t have to pay back for every episode. All you have to do is learn the lesson. And as soon as you learn the lesson, then your karma is cleared of all of those toxic attachments, the patterns, the emotional difficulties, it just cleared. And people don’t realize that it’s, it’s amazing to me how fearful people are about past life stuff. And yet how much they want to know, because they know they’re beating their head against a wall. I can’t find a relationship. I can’t find a real thing. And then they don’t know that they, in past lives, they had hurtful relationships and wanted to protect themselves and coated a deep consciousness of I don’t trust being in love.

4 (10m 46s):
And you can clear all that,

3 (10m 47s):
Right? So when teaching those things regarding their souls contracts and understanding past lies, what I try to teach, and it sounds similar to you that it’s not about punishing yourself. It’s not about being the victim and pain dentist for your past, but it’s more about taking on that experience. How do you change it? How do you transform it and believe that you’re not being punished for a past relationship choice or whatever you experienced in a past lifetime,

4 (11m 17s):
Right? That’s exactly right. That’s what I teach in. And the fact that they can shift that choice. Even now, they can shift that past life choice even now, because we know that if you understand the time-space continuum all time exists at the same time. So that past life choice is vibrating in our energy right now. And we can change it and then move on to something better, a different code that’s in our cellular structure, in our consciousness of eternal awareness, and then move on to something better.

3 (11m 49s):
I think we stay in that comfort zone, even though it’s painful to say something different can be better, but it’s, it’s not holding onto that vibration, that story any longer.

4 (12m 0s):
Right. So

3 (12m 2s):
One thing you said, and I agree with this, even though I’m been teaching for a long time, we’re always the student we’re always learning.

4 (12m 8s):

3 (12m 8s):
Do you have one or two experiences that you have used as a teaching tool? For me, I go back to one of my experiences and I use it as a teaching tool to let them know that I still experience these things. It doesn’t go away. And some of those powerful moments in our lives that we have those crossroads of what do we do? What do we choose to do? And to trust that process, do you have a one or two stories that insightful

4 (12m 35s):
I do? What have one or 2 million stories?

3 (12m 38s):
Well, for the podcast, how about just one or two?

4 (12m 43s):
It happens all the time. And you know, I, I have been writing about the nature of energy and how quantum physics works in the human experience. And I’ve written several books on the topic. And that was the source of my first deck of cards, energy, Oracle cards. And that led to the quantum Oracle, which talk more about consciousness and intention and that type of thing. But one thing when I was writing those that deck, and I always ask spirit to help me write the deck. And then I asked spirit to go with the cards to the readers so that they can order the cards in just the right way. They need to have the most accurate to answer. But when I was writing the quantum or goal, you know, I had all these different suits.

4 (13m 26s):
It’s not a taro deck. It’s an Oracle deck with different suits. And I thought, you know, I heard I was meditating on asking spirit. And I heard put in a cycle suit, a cycle suit because, you know, after, after the secret, everyone started blaming themselves for everything that went wrong in their lives. Oh my God, I got, can’t tell you how many emails and stuff I got from people saying, I must have done something wrong that my kids have a drug problem, or I have this problem or that problem. And what we have to understand is that there are natural cycles in life. So I started researching this and there’s cycles in nature, winter to spring cycles in the universe cycles in personal life.

4 (14m 7s):
So we can’t fault ourselves for everything that goes wrong in our life. That only adds negation to negotiation. So we need to release it, find out what cycle we’re in, and then move on, learn how to work with that within that cycle so that we can move on to something better. And we’re all, all of us, the whole world is in a cycle of decrease right now. It’s a shared karma that the entire world has. Some people are still making some good money and that type of thing, but you know, the decrease of getting exposure to people traveling. I miss traveling to talk. I am speaking on this summer, but it’s been a cycle of decrease for everybody.

4 (14m 50s):
And we need to learn how to work within that decrease and expand our consciousness past it, even if we can’t expand our actual activities past in. So that was one thing I literally was told to put a cycle suit in that deck. It’s amazing to me, how, when I asked spirit for something, I get the answers. I adopted two kids from Russia and the entire experience, the entire experience was spirit driven from the very beginning to the very end I went to sleep. I didn’t know I was going to adapt older kids from a foreign country because at the time, believe it or not, at the time I was looking into adoption, which was over 20 years ago, they had a law in the states that said, you could only adopt if the woman was, the wife was 35 years or younger, but the man could be, the husband could be 50 years.

4 (15m 45s):
This was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

3 (15m 49s):
Talk about discrimination.

4 (15m 51s):
So I knew I had to go to a foreign country and we wanted to adapt to two kids from the, so they could help each other from somewhere. And we started looking and I fell asleep and I said, where am I going to go? Where am I supposed to go? And I heard someone come to me and it was either the same personal guide, or it was my journey guide. People don’t know they have their own guardian angel. They have their own personal guide and they have their own journey guides. And those are in my new deck of energy and spirit Oracle. Anyway, so this man came to me and said, you have to go to St. Petersburg, Russia. And that’s where I ended up finding them. It was, it was a ma I have at least a half dozen different episodes of things where spirit help me and let me know the answer because I asked them the question and I trusted, and this is not because I’m special in any way.

4 (16m 44s):
People think that, oh, you must be more psychic. No, I’m sure this happens to you, right.

3 (16m 49s):
There was there’s times. Yes, absolutely.

4 (16m 51s):
You where people think you’re getting these answers because you’re quote more psychic. Well,

3 (16m 57s):
I think Deb special,

4 (16m 60s):
It is special, but I want everybody, my desire is to let everyone know they’re special and to special enough to connect with spirit and get, I always talk about people not connecting with spirit is like having electricity in your home and never turn the lights on. We’re living in the dark without spirit, but they come to you. And that’s one of the reasons I wrote my new deck, the energy and spirit Oracle, because I really wanted to create a vehicle where people could connect with their spirit guides and with all these spirits that are willing to help and bring answers to them because it happens to me. And I’m just so appreciative of it.

3 (17m 41s):
I love your analogy about having, but Tricity and then turning, not turning it on. Will I be able to borrow that from you? Oh, of course. One of the words that you said that stood out for me, and I do agree with you about, we all have different abilities and we all have different insights and intuition, like Dana’s intuition on marketing is right on. So we use it in different ways, but you talked about the decrease of our planet. Can you explain or share a little bit more of what that means to the audience?

4 (18m 13s):
Well, cycles of decrease usually involve some sort of learning. And I think we each individually had to learn to appreciate what we had. You know, the old saying, we don’t appreciate what we’ve got til it’s gone. So I think a lot of people were taking things for granted, even just meeting their friends for coffee. So I think one of the lessons individually was a sense of appreciation. I believe there’s a shared lesson about honoring the other people and the planet that is in this cycle of decrease. And once we learn these lessons, it’s kind of like karma. Once we learn our lessons and really choose to appreciate like, oh my gosh, I got a delivery today from something thank you universe, because I know a lot of people aren’t getting food and what they want in their lives.

4 (19m 6s):
And so if we can learn from that and really grow from it, we can move out of the decrease. We can do it individually. And if you know about the law of expanding influence and the more and more of us that do get into the lessons and get into the appreciation and the, the prayer and sending energy for the planet and for individuals and groups, the more that expands in the universe and it takes, and it creates a field. You know, there’s something called morphogenetic fields in the universe, and there’s a field of love and there’s a field of anger. And we want to, every time we have a negative view of ourselves, we look in the mirror, we are actually experience expanding the field of anger and hate.

4 (19m 54s):
We don’t need to do that. We have to choose to engage in love for ourselves in our lives and the people in our lives so that we can expand the field of love. And then eventually when that field hits a high density, it will reach down and touch the people who are kind of on the fence person. Who’s just thinking about committing violence. If the, if the, the field of love is expanded, they will let it go. But if the field of hate keeps getting expanded, it will push people more into that area from that fence.

3 (20m 30s):
I think it’s interesting between the word decrease versus scarcity. Do you feel like those two are two different paths or two different vibrations?

4 (20m 41s):
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Because in the winter, the universe, the natural universe looks like it’s decreased. You know, the flowers aren’t growing, the trees are off of the leaves are off the trees, that type of thing, but it still exists under ground it’s the perennials are going to blossom. The leaves are going to grow. The fruit is gonna, so it w in a period of decrease a cycle of decrease, it’s important to know that it is not necessarily scarcity. And in fact, if we’re going in that direction, that it’s not enough, not enough, that creates an urgency within our minds to get more, to end it, to hurry, to end it.

4 (21m 24s):
And that any type of urgency stimulates the law of paradoxical intent. And the law of paradoxical intent says the more desperate we are to achieve a certain goal, the more needy, urgent, desperate energy actually toxifies that end either pushes it away, or we get a different kind of result than we want. We create the, the paradox or the opposite of our intent by our urgency. So scarcity is definitely not a word I would use in terms of the normal cycle of decrease. Okay.

3 (21m 59s):
Because really, and I know we probably agree a little bit on the law of attraction, how we, like you said, you don’t want to have guilt saying, well, I must not be doing something right. Or it’s my vibration. That’s not creating these experiences. And so it’s relying on multiple ways to look at how we change our vibration to be able to manifest what we

4 (22m 21s):
Yep. Okay. Right. Absolutely. In there there’s more than one law of attraction. I

3 (22m 28s):

4 (22m 28s):
With her many laws of attraction,

3 (22m 31s):
Just like there’s thousands of belief systems out there, correct.

4 (22m 34s):
That’s right. Absolutely.

3 (22m 36s):
So if someone is new to this, I know I get a lot of people that they’re just having a new experience would be someone crossed over. Maybe they’ve had something happen that is life-changing for them. And they begin to do that soul’s journey. And when they start this with, they have a lot of fear, they may be apprehensive. What does this mean? What are these words? What is it that I’m walking myself into? What would you recommend to that? That novice is injuring this new arena.

4 (23m 7s):
I always recommend the trust in themselves and trust in the spirit around them. Now, some people who think of the spirit around them, if they had nasty kind of parents in there that are in spirit, they think, oh, I can’t trust that. But they don’t realize that with the crossing over, they achieve a certain amount of enlightenment that they have from the other side, they understand things that they didn’t understand on the earth plane. So trusting themselves in their own process, trust what you get trust your process. Honor. The fact that you are a spirit, you are an eternal being. And the fact is most people think of themselves as a physical being that sometimes has a spiritual experience.

4 (23m 50s):
Nope. We are all on spiritual beings that are right now in a physical experience, but our spirit doesn’t change. It doesn’t get less. Yes. When we die, we may have less limitations on our view of ourselves because so many of us define ourselves by our human limitations. But the truth is our soul can move through time and space can talk to other souls. Spirits, angels can access. The Akashic records can do anything that we want to do. So we need to learn to trust that and to get out of our analytical left brain and look for things to be worried about and trust.

4 (24m 31s):
And what I do is I just invite the loving spirits. If that makes you feel safer, then that’s what you need to do. I invite the loving spirits and angels in every meditation.

3 (24m 43s):
That’s perfect. What I like to tell people like, man, like, I don’t know if I want some of my relatives to be my guides. I know that they’ve transformed when they crossed over. And like you said, trust, I think the biggest thing that I teach is how to trust that process because fear, like they want to know it black and white. They want to know exactly. And so I think it’s like you said, it’s, it’s going to that trust place. And I always say, start small, start small with your guys. Start small with what you’re asking and how you channel them.

2 (25m 13s):
Well, do you go into that fear several times to where they, you know, a question they have is, well, how do I keep the S the other spirits away? Or we get questions a lot with photos of spirits, maybe in the background. And, and that’s just not something that really debit ICU go into with your sessions is like, it’s not, it’s not a scary thing, right?

3 (25m 39s):
There’s a lot of peace. And I think it’s understanding that by being intuitive and listening to them, it does bring more peace. Is that what you found?

4 (25m 47s):
Oh, absolutely. And, and so much peace. I just can’t even, I can’t even envision my life without the daily connections to spirit. That’s why I tell people, put pictures of your family members. If it’s only the loving ones that you want, that’s fine. And angels, I pictures and statues of angels all over my house. I mean, they’re real to me. And it’s amazing to me, how many people that are into spirit still think angels are like airy fairy woo creatures, but they’re not, they are active in the energetic world to such a degree. They can bring healing and power and great achievement.

4 (26m 28s):
It’s incredible. So I have them all over the house and I talked to my pictures of my statues all the time. And sometimes they talk back,

3 (26m 37s):
Well, I tell people to start using their parking angels to begin that trust

4 (26m 43s):

3 (26m 43s):
With art used to just simple, because that, that really, you know, they go, oh my God, this really works. So that’s, what’s really cool too. So if someone wanted to do this work, like what you’re doing, the teaching, writing books, making Oracle cards, what do you recommend? Ha cause I get that where people want to do this type of work for the community to actually educate and help others trust that process. Have you, I’m sure over your journey, you’ve helped other people.

4 (27m 9s):
Oh yeah. I started reading the tarot cards. A writer wait back in high school and college. And then after my psychological or shortly after my psychological practice, I started doing energy readings. I still do energy readings where I see a person’s energy. I can see their shock rose. I can see what’s blocking different things, that type of thing. And again, I, it’s not because I’m a twin or whatever. It’s because I worked with spirit from the age of 17 on if you work with it, it becomes a part of your life. And so, yes, I, and that’s what made me want to do the energy Oracle cards. Cause I wanted to help people get in touch with their energy.

4 (27m 51s):
And then the spirit part grew and grew. And I would say start with some card. That’s what started me and my sister. And we both do reg. My sister’s more of a medium than I am. I can, I do pick up deceased, loved ones, but I, I also see energy past lives. Acacia records, all the stuff because I asked for it. And so, but everyone I know that is active in this business. Almost every one started with reading cards. So that’s what I would say, pick up a deck,

3 (28m 23s):
The deck and have some fun.

2 (28m 24s):
We’ll pick up, pick up your deck. Yeah. Yes. Pick up the energy and spirit Oracle. Cause you are just now publishing that your cards are beautiful.

4 (28m 35s):
Oh, thank you. I love the artists for this card deck. And actually this is a perfect time to say that we have a website up called energy and spirit, oracle.com, not the but energy and spirit, oracle.com and people who buy the deck can put in, in their code and they can get their three meditations and a set of affirmations. There’s a six hour course on the Acacia records, download a book, free artwork, a drawing for a free reading, all sorts of things that they can get once they, when they buy the energy and spirit Oracle and energy and spirit, oracle.com and the, and is spelled out okay.

4 (29m 16s):
And the website.

2 (29m 18s):
So we have another question for you too. Sure.

3 (29m 21s):
Actually, a couple more. Yeah. One of them is, can you share something that you think is important in this work when someone is leaning into starting this spiritual journey? Usually to me, I find that they’re trying to heal something and I think people come because they’re in this space of, I don’t know why I’m here in this situation and I need to know more. What do you think is most important when you’re doing this work and helping somebody on the street? Cause you do a lot of teaching. Your books are there for teaching as well. Has there one important thing that you, or two or three that you think people need to know if they’re starting in this process of healing from their past,

4 (29m 60s):
I would have to say, and this goes back to my psychological practice as well, but it really blossomed in my energy readings, on my spiritual practice, which I wove together. Once I started having those past life experiences, the most important thing in honor in the planet for each individual is to identify themselves as their truth, their eternal spirit, to see themselves as a child of divine consciousness and stop defining themselves by the misinformation they got from their parents or they got from their brutal husbands or they got from society that you’re too fat.

4 (30m 45s):
You’re too. This you’re too, that you have to start defining yourself and seeing the value of your eternal soul. I would sit in my psychological practice and hear people just dispute self-loathing beliefs about themselves. And I would think, man, if they could see themselves the way I see them, they would be healed of their anxiety, their depression, their inability to find relationships or even jobs because that’s what forges the central core of all of the energy we put out. You can make vision boards and affirmations as much as you want.

4 (31m 25s):
If you start with a core of self dismissal, self criticism or self-loathing, it, won’t do a damn bit of good because your life force energy, your whole life force energy is what moves out into the world to create what you receive and attract and manifest, not just your vision board. And if underneath there’s a, a doubt about yourself, a belief that you don’t deserve, none of that is your truth. None of it is your truth. Your truth is your eternal. And because you are a child of God, you are limited in power value and deserving, and you need to start making that be your statement to yourself.

4 (32m 13s):
And you, you may, you write down the truth and then you create it as an intention. And every time you pass the mirror, you say, I see, I feel, I sense the beauty and power of my soul. And I’m living in a deep, profound sense and appreciation of the fact that I deserve.

3 (32m 32s):
I love that. That’s a great way to wind this up, but I agree with you that a vision board and all these things that we do are an insight to things. But that limiting belief is always what stops us from creating what we are capable of manifesting in this life.

4 (32m 51s):
Absolutely people don’t realize it. And that’s what brings happiness and physical health and, and mental health. And it changes everything. When we start to understand that so many people have been given so much misinformation, bless their hearts. They need to own their, their history and say, wait a minute, just because I have a history, I am not my history. I am a divine eternal expression of God’s love here on earth. And I am going to own it and speak it and live it as my truth.

3 (33m 26s):
We agree you, we say your story is not your identity,

4 (33m 29s):
Right? Exactly.

3 (33m 30s):
Well, anything else you would like to share with our audience? Because the things you brought to this podcast is just beautiful. I think it gives food for thought for our audience, other perspectives and gets to know a bit about you. Do you have anything else that you’d like to share?

4 (33m 45s):
Well, thank you. Yeah, I have a lot going on and just spirit reminded me. The stuff we were just talking about is I actually have a chapter in my book, secrets of success, not secrets of attraction, secrets of success that talks about deleting the childhood drama and creating a new script for yourself. So I want to mention that that’s an older book, but spirit one spirit tells me to do something. I do it. They show me the book cover. So I thought, oh God, I mention that.

3 (34m 15s):
Perfect. And I agree with that. It’s sometimes we need to take the drama out of adulthood as well, but childhood drama, but then adult drama, I want to be allergic.

4 (34m 25s):
You will don’t realize it’s the childhood drama that leads to the adult drama. We missed something in our childhood. We look forward in our adulthood. That’s why they say we marry our parents because we never got the approval from so-and-so dad or mom or whatever. So we married, marry someone, just like the person that didn’t approve of us thinking that we’ll finally get it. But no,

3 (34m 49s):
That teacher we signed up for. Right?

4 (34m 51s):
Yep. That’s it

3 (34m 54s):
Grateful and honored that you joined us here on spirited, straight talk And hopefully we’ll have you on again. And especially when all this new stuff that you’re doing is published. Where are you going to be next teaching live.

4 (35m 5s):
Oh great. I thank you. I am speaking in Chicago at infinity on June 18th, then omega on July, July 15th through the 17th, the 18th, we’re going to do time travel through the Akashic records and omega. We’re going to do a deep dive, everything from scientific discovery to artistic talents and past present, and future programming, all sorts of things on the omega 15th and 16th and 17th of July. And then on August 14th, I’ll be speaking at fellowships of the spirit right across the street from Lilydale. It’s on my website@sandrataylor.com or.net.

3 (35m 43s):
I love this and I’m excited that you’re part of this collective energy of helping everyone shift and begin to love themselves and to create the life that they all desire and deserve. So thank you again for joining us on Spirited Straight Talk.

4 (35m 57s):
Well, thank you. I appreciate it. I just see the beauty and I just feel just the wonderful energy of your souls and your soul’s intention to share as well. So it’s a privilege and an honor to be with you. Thank you so much.

5 (36m 10s):
Thank you so much for listening to the show. Each Monday is a new episode of spirited straight talk And make sure you hit follow. So you don’t miss any of the guidance or bonus episodes. Your experience at the show means a lot to us, and we would love for you to leave a review or let us know about more topics you would like to explore. You can also follow Deb on social media and connect with her website at Deb Sheppard dot com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com. If you want to join Deb on one of the shows or have a reading from her on the show, you can submit a request on the podcast page of her website. Thank you again and see you next week.

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