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The Root Chakra-How To Balance And Heal It

Do you feel like you’re just surviving in life? Do you have any injuries below your tailbone? Or perhaps you often feel unsafe or insecure? Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop? These are all signs your Root Chakra needs some balancing. Your Root Chakra is all about your foundation, which is important because you need a strong foundation to thrive. Listen in as Deb shares simple yet powerful ways to balance and heal your Root Chakra.

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Welcome. I’m Deb Sheppard. I’m your host of Spirited Straight Talk. Thank you for joining me on this amazing and spiritual journey that we call life your on the right place. And you didn land here by accident. My intention is to help you learn to free yourself, of things that are holding you back and create a life that truly makes your soul happy. LL be talking about key insights and interesting topics to help you learn how to powerfully co create with the universe. I will cover everything from turning your setbacks into triumphs. My favorite living your souls purpose. Of course, I’ll be connecting you with spirit, your guides. And the favorite one of course is your loved ones. On the other side, if you’re re ready to truly stop spinning circles and your ready to harness the power to co create an authentic life with spirit, then I hope you join me every week for Spirited straight Talk.

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Hey, were back. I’m here with Dana. We’re here to talk about The Root Chakra, The Root Chakra. You got to say it the right way, you know, Root. So this is a new topic for you. Shock. There’s basically seven chakras. There’s actually a lot more, but most of us just kind of talk about the seven and The Root Chakra is the very first one. So we’re gonna talk about that. But people think that this is like new age, you know, what is the chakra? What does this mean? But it’s been around for thousands of years. Okay.

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You age means that it’s been around for over 3000 years. They just call it new age. Right. But it’s older than anything. It is the religion. Yeah.

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Yeah. And you know, a lot of people that do energy work or acupuncture doing natural healing type of things, yoga, all understand what the shoppers mean. And if you can imagine seven wheels going from your tailbone all the way up to the top of your head and beyond each of those are like spinning wheels. And that’s what they’re called. Basically we’ll have light, we’re spinning wheels. And each of them have a different color and vibration. And basically even a note of sound and The Root Chakra is the color red. It goes the slowest. And it’s probably the largest of all the shoppers that we’re going to talk about over time.

2 (2m 29s):
But this one here is really

3 (2m 30s):
The deepest sound to right. Sounds right. It’s like a base, like a

2 (2m 35s):
Sound. When I work with people, a lot of times they want to work on the third eye or the crown, and really do that, but you’ve got to have a good foundation. You know, that root chakra is the primary shocker that we really need to think about, because think about a foundation or things like that. If it’s not well done, then whatever you build on to it, it’s not going to be stable. So that’s most important. Right?

3 (3m 1s):
And one of the things you talk about in your class, the 30 day shift is that, and this just popped in my head, but is that if Your Root Chakra is not in alignment, all of the others won’t be in alignment either. So when you talk about foundation, that’s what you mean is like you have to start at your, literally your foundation in order for all your chakras to be in alignment.

2 (3m 29s):
Absolutely. And let me just briefly talk about the other shockers. So people know what it looks like in their, in their mind. If they’re thinking about it, the second chakra is your sacral. That’s right below the belly button. It is the color orange. The third chakra is your solar plexus. You know, that gut feeling we get, and that’s the color yellow, our heart chakra is green. I’ve seen pink, but normally it screen the throat chakra, which is our fifth voice. Fifth is blue. It’s about having our voice. The third eye, the penal gland is

3 (4m 5s):
Say it how you like

2 (4m 6s):
It is between our eyebrows. And that’s where we have sites for being intuitive and things like that being Psychic. And that is the color indigo or purple. And then the crown chakra is the color white. And we’ve had our chakra is pictures taken, which is really cool. So when you put your hand on and you know, will the machine, of course, but you want to know, you eventually want to work with all of them, but really today we’re talking about The Root and you know, if Your Root Chakra isn’t working is how are you feeling? Are you feeling like you just have to survive? You’re just surviving. Do you feel like you’re always the victim? Do you have any illnesses or injuries from the tailbone down?

2 (4m 46s):

3 (4m 48s):
You mean like when I stopped my toe and it turns purple

2 (4m 53s):
Cracked open mind. So if you have any of those types of things going on, a lot of times it can mean that Your Root Chakra and needs to be balanced

3 (5m 3s):
Feeling. So feeling unsafe is part of Your Root Chakra, feeling unsafe or having that. Cause I get that fight or flight fight or flight response a lot, like I’ll hear a loud noise, then all of a sudden I go into, I don’t want to call it a panic, but I have that jolt of adrenaline. Correct. So it’s constant for me. So I wonder like working on my root chakra more would probably help that time. Yeah.

2 (5m 31s):
And your second broken toe so, you know, confidence, all that can really help. But what, what you’re going to see is perhaps, you know, when you’re walking, you stumble a lot, things are not working out for you. You know, there there’s that feeling of not having a support system, even almost being isolated. So you can imagine what if a tree and we have some trees in our backyard that their roots go straight down. The roots are more higher on the surface and the surface and these trees don’t last as long. But when you look at a tree that has deep roots down to mother earth, they are so stable. You think that an Oak tree, things like that. So that’s what you’re thinking about is, you know, how do I feel?

2 (6m 13s):
Do I feel stable? Do I feel secure? And so you want to kind of ask yourself questions such as, do you feel calm? Do you feel like, you know, your light and that you can solve things and that you are thriving? Where are you that person that, you know, you just don’t trust the world. You don’t trust anybody. And you’re feeling as you’re almost like PTSD, you’re you’re on guard. Like you said, fight or flight you’re feeling, I can’t handle this. What’s going to happen. So you’re not always, don’t want you to have to prepare for the other shoe to drop no pun intended. But that’s what you’re feeling

3 (6m 46s):
For people that have PTSD like myself, it probably is even more important to balance your roots

2 (6m 52s):
Chocolate, right? And there’s lots of ways to do it that are very simple. And what I do find is what people think is like, well, I balanced my Shakara and then this is happening. Well, to me, it’s like taking a shower. You have to, it’s a constant practice and checking in. And how are you feeling? And what’s going on in your life and looking at your life experiences. When you go back and look, many times those past experiences created an imbalance of your chakras. And so if you felt like you weren’t safe in your home or finances, weren’t there for you. So what you want to do is begin to heal from those experiences, find new tools so that when you go to balance that root chakra, that those old patterns aren’t going to always creep up or when they do, you’re going to recognize them and sense to balance it.

2 (7m 42s):
So what you want to do is start really thinking, first of all of your thought process was when you know that everything’s energy. And if your thought process, even when you don’t say it out loud, that thought process creates the energy of what you believe. So feeling, oh, this is going to be hard. I can’t handle this, or I’m going to be overwhelmed or, you know, I’m not going to have enough to pay bills. And what if something else happens or I can’t trust that individual, if that’s going on in your mind, then that’s going to always undo anything you’ve done for Your Root shot.

3 (8m 18s):
Well, thoughts become things. Absolutely. That’s our things. So if you’re thinking that and feeling that internally, that’s what you’re putting out to the universe. So that’s clearly creates that within yourself,

2 (8m 32s):
Right? And sometimes I always tell people, you know, whatever happens in your past, there’s an energy around it. You can’t control the future. The only thing you can do is learn to respond. That is my big one-liner. But what people do is because there’s been fear in the past, they’re always trying to prepare for something that may go wrong in the future. And to me, that is going to create an imbalance. And one of the ways I talk about this to get to, to get away from having that fear is you have car insurance. You know, you don’t, you, you know, there’s an accident. You call your agent or the claim agency and you get it taken care of. We don’t walk around.

2 (9m 12s):
Fear-based constantly trying to get in the car. We don’t call our agent. Well, I’m driving again. He was my problem. So that’s the trust you want to go? That I have the tools I have the resources. And if you feel like you don’t and start searching for what you can do to respond to things. So to rebalance these things, we’ve got some really easy things to suggest, very practical, real practical, you know, no, Woohoo, no, not difficult, not difficult everyday things. And again, this is something that you may constantly want to do. So for instance, with your PTSD, maybe once a month, you start thinking about Your Root Chakra. You know, I need to make sure everything’s aligned. You know, what’s going on, generally focus on those things.

2 (9m 53s):
The sounds, the meditation,

3 (9m 57s):
Yoga poses. I mean, there’s so many remedies and we

2 (9m 60s):
Have a yoga pose, what they look like, but there are some younger posts

3 (10m 4s):
You’re silly.

2 (10m 6s):
So red is the color for the root chakra. So anything that you wear, that’s red with the intention of balancing the root chakra. If you don’t like wearing red or you don’t have red, where’s some red underwear. I mean, red socks, red socks, red bra scars or whatever. Yeah. So again, the intention is to buy 30 pairs of red underwear. just put them on. There we go. Woo. The yoga poses. That is the warrior one, the triangle and the forward bin are all there to help with balancing that shock. Right. And yoga has been around thousands of years, just like the idea of shoppers

3 (10m 44s):
And, and especially like warrior one. It that’s about your P your posture, your standing strong. Yeah. That’s what that is. So that makes perfect.

2 (10m 54s):
And when you’re, and when that shopper’s out of balance, you either do a couple things. One is, you know, you can get your shoulders to slump. You can, your posture is not as good, or it’s almost like you’re a warrior trying to go in to fight the battle. And when you create that energy, that you’re going into battle, you’re going to bring in people that are going to go to battle with you. So you don’t want to be able to create that energy either because you know, it’s going to create an imbalance again, any food that’s red beets for Dana. I do too. I just don’t like it as much, but red berries, radishes, peppers, can you beans root vegetables, anything that’s of the ground, even potatoes, chips.

2 (11m 39s):
Family. Okay. Just how they’re cutting. So anything that takes you back to the grounding, you and I, or being in vegetarian, whatever, we don’t eat meat, but meat can also be something of grounding, chocolate coffee, you know, things that can keep us more grounded. And you would think that coffee is that buzzing thing, but it really does get you in your body. And that’s what you want to do. Get your feet on the ground, seek your feet in the dirt. Yeah.

3 (12m 15s):
Number four. And you do get in the,

2 (12m 19s):
The dirt, whether it’s with your hands or your feet, if you have plants, indoors doors, and it’s winter bring some plants in and re-pot them nurture them. I know Dana has,

3 (12m 32s):
I do that quite often in the winter

2 (12m 34s):
She gets plants. I get chips. It’s a happy

3 (12m 37s):
Relationship. You’re happy. Medium.

2 (12m 39s):
Yeah. So again, you think about the ground. You think about the roots, it’s all about being connected with mother earth, dancing. Like no one is watching is number five. And I think part of that is just the movement of the body and feeling balanced. So it doesn’t have to be a pretty dance or that you dance really well, but it is moving the legs and connecting with the music and feeling your body, you know, most of the whole bottom movement, the other movie I heard. So, you know, again, listen to music, do bare feet. I mean, you look at the native Americans, they used to do a lot of bare feet around the fire and drumming, which is, you know, roaming dummies about the heart and, you know, connecting with yours.

2 (13m 25s):
So, you know, now it makes sense why they did this dance for connecting with mother earth and getting very grounded. And I am

3 (13m 34s):
Native American and I love all that stuff.

2 (13m 38s):
I’m not, but I like it to six. You know, I am a martial artist, I got a black belt, but I don’t take an ass. I don’t like a ninja at all. We thought about martial arts or kickboxing, anything again with your legs. And, and if you’re a person that isn’t really active, it doesn’t have to be anything other than just doing some walking, doing things to get those legs moving and connecting with the earth. But if you are a person that takes these kinds of classes, go in there thinking I’m gonna create my root chakra. When I was in martial arts. One of the things that, that it was TaeKwonDo, they would have, you do certain stances so that you couldn’t fall.

2 (14m 18s):
And you had to be in that power position, which is all about that root chakra. And then

3 (14m 23s):
That’s what you want to do. That’s like the warrior pose, it’s the same type of concept. Yeah. So if you’re not a Yogi, then this is a letter.

2 (14m 33s):
Yeah. Both. Yeah. I think for a lot of people, everyone has a little difference in it. Number seven was what makes you feel strong? And I think everyone’s a little bit different on what makes them feel good. So if you love to sing belt out, singing, if you like to write poetry or paint or cook, you know, to me, cooking is a great way for meditation and to get grounded because you’re, you’re trying to take care of the body and the soul. So whatever you’re really good at or what you really enjoy, even if it’s not great, do it in order to feel that confidence and be able to stand in your power. So that’s one that if you do something already, just make it an intention.

2 (15m 14s):
Yeah. Eight, we kind of talked about that gardener playing in the dirt. So yeah.

3 (15m 19s):
Yes we did. So getting outside is one thing, get your feet on the ground and gardening and playing in the dirt.

2 (15m 25s):
Both of those, you wonder why kids always eat like the dirt and the worms. Maybe they’re trying to .

3 (15m 32s):
Yeah, thank God. My son did that when he was, I think it was two. I came home from work and my grandpa who watched him said, well, do you want to know what he did today? I said, what? So he came run into me and he was eating a worm.

2 (15m 49s):
Oh, he was getting grounded. I guess this one, I love number nine. And you did this for me. Is it? You took riding lessons because I love riding horses. But when you’re riding a horse, you’re, you’re getting that trust and that feeling of the power, that 1500 pound animal beneath you. And as you ride, you’re finding your stability as you sit up straight and you hold onto this animal. Oh yeah. And that’s all The Root Chakra because your legs are wrapped around and you have to trust to trust and get that power because it can be scary when you’re up there. And I know I love riding horses. I had a little pony when I was growing up, but you took the riding lessons so that you could have the confidence and know about the horse so that we know what the,

3 (16m 34s):
The proper way to write it. So I felt safe and yeah, it’s

2 (16m 39s):
Basically, we felt safe. Right. And we were at the ocean, went in the water, right? Yeah. So again, that’s that confidence. And she actually did better than I did. We won’t tell that to anybody

3 (16m 51s):
Talking about when you got stung by the jellyfish

2 (16m 54s):
Jellyfish, my riding, the horse. Yeah. You know, probably the horse riding is very similar to how I looked as a martial artist. You look

3 (17m 0s):
Great horse riding. Yeah. I

2 (17m 2s):
Know. So yeah.

3 (17m 4s):
I mean, it’s, you’re great. But I had these lessons and you’re going from memory on how to ride, which you you’re natural at it. And I had the lessons and I’m very technical. I’m like, you know,

2 (17m 18s):

3 (17m 19s):
And your body, it does completely

2 (17m 20s):
And get you in your mouth and connected to that animal. So again,

3 (17m 24s):
You’re not thinking about other things you’re connected to the animal

2 (17m 29s):
10, make food for a friend, but Dana, you do that all the time. But you know, when we’re caring for somebody else, we feel strong about making a connection and helping somebody else. And it doesn’t have to be food, but again, if you’re making food and you give some of it to a neighbor or a friend or a child, whatever, it actually creates a little bit of confidence in a good place to help somebody else out. Because when that root shocked, but is not balanced, we’re feeling, we don’t feel our power. We don’t feel like we can take care of ourselves as well. But then when we have the ability to help somebody else out.

3 (18m 5s):
So it’s providing nutrition for someone else feeds.

2 (18m 10s):
Absolutely. Cause we feel good. Like, oh, I have enough to go around. It’s not that scarcity feeling. Yeah. Which is what we want to take away. This is one here. Number 11. I thought it was really good when it came to me, it sounds so simple, but we’ve gotten away from it. Most people have. I know you and I have, unless we’re having friends over or sit at a table with napkins, placement candles, and good music. Because if you think about all the times that people got together around the table to sit, it creates the ability to break bread, sit in your chair. Feel that connect, feel that even if you’re by yourself, have some good music, watch something, whatever, whatever that means. But again, it’s taking it to be a good foundation versus eating over the sink or eating in front of the TV or on the run or in the car.

2 (18m 57s):
That’s going to create a bounce because you’re nurturing your body, but you’re not sitting in a chair making that commitment, making it more of a

3 (19m 5s):
Versus an afterthought. Yes.

2 (19m 9s):
Yeah. Yeah. These are not like, oh my God, that changed my whole life. It’s gotta be

3 (19m 12s):
Simple. Yeah,

2 (19m 13s):
Exactly. Number 12. Do you want to read this one? Sure.

3 (19m 16s):
Take your dog or cat for a walk and look at nature.

2 (19m 21s):
We put, I put Canada cause I’ve been wanting to take a big cat Bodhi out, but you know,

3 (19m 25s):
And walking a cat is not, does that really ground you just asking,

2 (19m 33s):
But again, walking your animal, being outdoors, it’s getting that connection to mother earth. It’s being with an animal that is smelling everything and checking things out and they’ve got four legs. And you know, it causes you to have balance too, because there’s a Lee shirt. Like our granddaughter, that poles, you know, it creates like I need to keep balanced because I have this strong dog in front of me. Gotcha. 13. One of my favorites laugh a lot. Then laugh some more. Yes. Laughter I think releases so many endorphins like that. It helps you.

3 (20m 6s):
I feel that the chemicals in your brain and serotonin, serotonin.

2 (20m 10s):
Yeah. It helps you believe in yourself. Again, it takes some of the edge off when you’re in fear or you’re in a place of scarcity so that the humor, can I kind of wrap you up and think I do. I take this as seriously as I’m taking it right now,

3 (20m 25s):
Some tick talk, that’s your favorite? Do you pull up the tick talks quick, very quick, you know? And they can make you laugh quickly or a comedian. You always say, pull up a comedy,

2 (20m 39s):
Look up a website that has nothing but dad jokes or something. You know, I do the dad joke and Dana just rolls her eyes. So have good supportive shoes to wear number 14. And people think that’s not a big deal, but you know, you and I have a lot of shoes. When should we tell our audience? Don’t know, we have a lot too embarrassing that we probably have more than DSW in one store. Not really, but we have a lot. But the biggest thing is I know if I have the right shoes when I’m doing something, it, I know I feel supported. So again, if you’re feeling like you have shoes that are not comfortable or you’re, they’re slipping off or they’re too big or too tight, definitely find some shoes that you feel secure and that when you walk upstairs and things like that and you feel good.

2 (21m 24s):
The other thing is the last thing. Yeah, never 15 sit down and write while your emotions are. I think sometimes we are in a buzz of information about our life and what’s going on that we don’t really sit down and think about what it is that’s aggravating us or what’s causing the imbalance. And it could be something that can be simple enough that it can be resolved. So target into what is this, that’s creating this uncertainty for you. And then what can you do? Cause that one or two little things that you can understand is going to help shift for you to move forward, which is what we’re all trying to do at some level to write them down and then release them. Then you say, okay, you can release them.

2 (22m 5s):
You can talk about them. If you have a therapist or someone that can crumble it up, burn it, put it in the water, buried mother earth, maybe it’ll grow into a tree or even just the act of writing it down can help you. One of my favorites are pretty in the freezer. Use that idea, freeze it, chill it out. So then also begin to write things down that you’re in gratitude for. And when we get in that place of fear and unbalance and scarcity, we forget what we do have. And so it can be easy, simple things. As I hit all green lights today, isn’t that really great. It felt really good to be quickly served for my coffee today. It came right away.

2 (22m 46s):
I felt someone in front of me paid for it, blah, blah, blah. You want to be able to think about the positive things that you were able to put food on your table that day, or you had clean clothes. Someone called you back right away, whatever those things are that are simple. When you start looking at gratitude begins to change the vibration of your energy, that you’re not always worried about what’s going to happen once the other shoe gonna drop because you have the resource of positivity that you can take from, that’s going to help you with those everyday things. And you’re not always the victim. These things happen to everybody. People have. I mean, people will tell me lots of times like, well, this, my story is worse than everybody else’s.

2 (23m 26s):
And for them it is a tough story, but everyone has a story that they got here. So try not to always go back to that story and move forward. It takes practice and it takes a lot of confidence to continue to do this. It is workable though. One of the things I was thinking about is how a baby begins to walk. You know, we have grand babies and you know, when they first tried to stand up, you know, they’re all really wobbly. And then they may try to stay up and they fall

4 (23m 56s):
Right back on there

2 (23m 58s):
Because there’s lots of padding down there. But as they continue, they start to doing the cruising and then they may walk between two people. And then they, you know, you spread that till they get the competence. How many times is this child fall down, but they still get up and continue. So think of that as Your Root Chakra, that there’s so many times that it is not always in place. It always is great. But you know, dust off the wipe off the dust and stand back up and think about a child that gets up every time and keeps going because they want to have the freedom. They want to have the independence. They want to be able to do things on their own. And that’s what we all want as well. That’s a great analogy.

4 (24m 39s):
It reminds you to stand back up and be in

2 (24m 41s):
Your power. Yeah. Because, and you know, when a baby gets hurt, you know, we nurture it. We, you know, give it love and then we keep them going. But again, it’s part of our life. Don’t let it create your reality and to change that. Yeah. So have some confidence, you know, there’s also a lot of mantras we can say, which is all about intention. So when you wake up in the morning, just say, I am centered and grounded, I’m safe. I release all anxiety and fear home in my body. Should I like, I have everything I need to create the library desire. And this is what we have to remember is you can create what you want, but it does take a little bit of awareness and intention on your part to make those changes.

2 (25m 27s):
It’s not handed to us. We all have to work through it. Think of someone, you know, that’s very competent and what do they do? What do they believe? How do you, how do they have that confidence? And for them, it might be very natural, but pay attention to them. What do they say? What do they think? How do they engage in life? Because they have the same problems that everybody else has, but how do they react to them? And then, you know, food, chocolate, essential oil, great things to use, make it simple there. I would say, keep it simple, sweetie, but work on Your Root Chakra because it will help you move forward in your life and change your life and make a huge difference.

2 (26m 7s):
Okay. Awesome. Thanks for joining us.

4 (26m 12s):
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