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Signs You Have Past Lives & How Can This Help You?

How do you know if you’ve had past lives? And how can understanding your past lives help you in this lifetime? Deb delves into reincarnation and the signs that indicate you may have had a past life.

1 (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host, Deb Sheppard, spiritual teacher, medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada or like, we like to say this soul enchilada, so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go!

Deb (34s):
Hi everyone. This is Deb Sheppard. I’m here with Dana, my partner and manager in crime.

Dana (43s):
I manage a crime? HAHA

Deb (45s):
Absolutely. One of my very favorite things to do in my line of work is past lives. I’ve been doing it for quite some time. It’s interesting because a lot of what happens in past lifetimes, we carry through in this lifetime. So for some people that they’re not sure if they agree or believe in it, that’s totally okay. When I do a session for somebody, it will bring up so many different a-has for them to go, Oh, this is why of this. And this is my relationship with so-and-so. I know you and I have had a past life we’ve talked about this, where you were a male.

Deb (1m 27s):
Did you send me over earlier? I think, or something?

Dana (1m 29s):
Yeah. When I saw this past life, we did a past life meditation and regression, I think. There were a few of us in that class that you were teaching. I saw this particular past life. I was a male and I believe in Europe somewhere, I was a banker and I could clearly feel and see myself walking down the street. I was wearing like coattails almost like it was a, I had a top hat on.

Dana (2m 11s):
Very business. I knew that I had sent you across to the new world, I guess, or the Americas to set up a life here. I was going to travel shortly after to meet you here. I drowned on the way here you were here already. So you made it, but I drowned, which has explained actually thinking about this right now. It explains why I’m so protective of certain things when it comes to you, our relationship. Hopefully I don’t overprotect, but I do know that I can be protective of certain things around us because of that.

Dana (2m 58s):
And around you in particular. I think because of that.

Deb (3m 5s):
I took all the money! It also explains, Dana and I love going to the ocean, but we never want to go into the ocean. So being on a boat or people want to snorkel or scuba that we’re like, no, no, I’m fine.

Dana (3m 18s):
I’m fine. Just watch it.

Deb (3m 21s):
Give me my, give me my cocktail. Let me sit there on the beach.

Dana (3m 23s):
So I’ll watch it from afar.

Deb (3m 26s):
But those that may not understand how I do this. I want to kind of explain what I do when I go into doing a past life. A lot of it is that people do regressions, but I find that I just go into what’s called the Akashic records. I download information that shows me the lifetimes, usually three to four lifetimes of what you need to know in this lifetime. So you’ve had more, but these are the ones that come through to kind of validate

Dana (3m 53s):
Only the lifetimes that pertain to what you’re experiencing in this lifetime is really what comes through. Okay?

Deb (4m 1s):
I just trust what comes through to my guides. If you’re not familiar with the Akashic records is basically a hall of records. Think of it as the social security office or the IRS, some kind of location that keeps all these records and data. We teach how to go into those records in our classes.

Dana (4m 20s):
Yeah. The meditation you do for that, people actually envision this building and describe it.

Deb (4m 25s):
Everyone has described it as the same, same building

Dana (4m 28s):
Which is crazy because we’re not even in the same, especially with COVID, we’re not even we’re doing the meditation separately, but people will then say, this is what I saw. It’s always the same thing.

Deb (4m 42s):
They go, I told I’d been there before it felt familiar. For me, it’s just a different way, helping people on their journey here, because I do a lot of teaching and I do readings and things like that, but it does a lot of healing. One of the stories and you were with me, this was not a session that was scheduled, but we had some friends here from, after a class. I think we’re having some wine or Brandy or something. One of the friends in the class, she had stayed with us and she has had stomach issues. She’s a student, but she had stomach issues for a very long time where she has to watch her clean diet.

Deb (5m 25s):
She has to be near a restroom, just all kinds of things because of her digestive system. All of a sudden, as we’re sitting there, I said, I’m seeing a past life here. She goes. Okay. She, cause I would never just do it. Right. So I started doing her past life and everything that started coming through was about what she was dealing with in this lifetime, when it came to her health and her relationship with her father. She said from that time on, and this is last year before COVID so probably like February or something, I don’t know December. Can you remember what it was?

Dana (6m 0s):
Yeah. It was, it was a few months before COVID I think it was like September, October of 2019, when you did this reading.

Deb (6m 8s):
As I follow up with her because she’s become a friend, she has not had these health problems since. She was able to understand it, lined it all up and go. Oh, okay. And

Dana (6m 22s):
There were some really unique stuff that came through.

Deb (6m 24s):
I don’t remember all of it.

Dana (6m 26s):
Can I share it please? So I remember you telling her that she was pregnant in this lifetime that you were seeing, that came through. Yeah. That she was pregnant. Her husband was like a Viking would go off and conquer whatever he needed to conquer and then come back. But she fell in love with her husband’s brother and her husband’s brother is her father in this lifetime. But she fell in love with him. They had not done anything in that relationship, but they did love each other.

Dana (7m 9s):
Well, her husband came back and saw their energy together and decided that he believed they had an affair. He actually removed the baby from her womb, which was opening up her stomach. He had a hold of her hair and cut her hair off. She was born in this lifetime, missing a patch of hair, just missing a complete patch of hair in that spot. We didn’t know any of this. You didn’t know any of this, but after you did the reading, she said, Oh my God. And then she shared what she had been going through in this lifetime.

Deb (7m 51s):

Dana (7m 52s):
That was a big piece of it, but she completely lost her voice in this lifetime. She hasn’t had a voice. Hasn’t been able to set boundaries at all. I guess you had said that, that her husband had killed her by strangulation or cutting her throat at that time. So this would have been back in the Viking era. Yeah. So obviously not anything like what we would see today, but yeah. All that came through

Deb (8m 26s):
The thing I’ll tell you this way, Dana was sitting there. There was a few of us there and I don’t sometimes remember there’s cases where I really recall everything. Then as Dana’s now telling me, I’m like, Oh yeah, I remember that. But to go back and

Dana (8m 40s):
Yeah, well, God, it could, I can’t imagine you’ve done over 50,000 readings. So for you to be able to remember all those deal to details, but this stuck out to me, I don’t sit in readings, so I don’t remember them like you, but I was just going, Oh my God, this is incredible. All this stuff that they came through and that she validated with what’s going on because you tied it, you helped her tie it all together.

Deb (9m 7s):
Yeah. And that’s what I usually do in a session is I look at those relationships and your health and things like that. I remember one of my martial arts instructors, we did a session and of course he had clothes on, but I kept seeing a sword go through his chest to the other side. He showed me then a birthmark. Right where I kept pushing right here in the middle of my chest could go to the back. There was this birthmark show me that he goes in there it’s really weird. It’s like a scar more than even a birthmark that comes through in this lifetime.

Dana (9m 44s):

Deb (9m 44s):
So a lot of it is just these relationships you have, maybe there was a challenge with a certain particular person and you still have it in this lifetime. You’re like, why is this so challenging? So the past lifetimes help. One of my favorite stories that I do remember this one and she, we did it on the phone. Of course this is during the pandemic, I know very little about her. As I’m doing her session, one of the lifetimes that came through is that she was in Asia and her parents taught her to know lots of different languages, like two or three languages, four languages.

Deb (10m 26s):
They knew that her being a girl, she would not have opportunities. So they basically wrapped her breast. So they were flat down and cut her hair.

Dana (10m 40s):
I’ve heard stories like that. They really did that stuff.

Deb (10m 43s):
She was able to work for royalty. So they knew that she’d have more opportunities there and be taken care of. She was a translator.

Dana (10m 52s):
So she pretended she was a boy

Deb (10m 55s):
To be able to have this opportunity. Well, in this lifetime, she has had breast cancer and she went to school to be a linguist. I, of course, I don’t know anyone that’s ever gone to school for that. As I started talking to her about her relationships and her other lifetime, she goes, Oh, and then was able to validate these things. I’m just like, wow. So again, that healing of the breast cancer, and now she’s fine. She’s recovered and hopefully never comes back. But again, it makes more sense when you look at that past lifetime into this lifetime and what it means.

Dana (11m 33s):
So are there like some top things that come through as validations? Like like what would you say are things that you can bring forward? Like some of the top things that you can bring forward that indicate it may be from a past life?

Deb (11m 53s):
Well, I think most people know. I know when I went to Florence, Italy, I don’t know if this is what you’re asking, but I remember going, this feels really familiar. Something here looks like I know where streets were it. I know when my son went to Rome, he had never studied the Coliseum or Romans or anything like that. He knew where everything was. So I think there’s a familiar feeling and we’ve all met somebody where we’ve gone God, I know you. It’s the first time in this lifetime that you’ve met them. You’re like, I know you, I feel this kindred energy and who knows how long it will last. But those are the things that will you’ll just know you’ll just have it. I think food, I think certain people like certain types of clothing or music.

Deb (12m 37s):
I think it has to do with a lot of past lives, especially if you’re raised one way, but you like something that’s very different than what you are.

Dana (12m 45s):
Wow. What about fears?

Deb (12m 47s):
Oh yes. Fears. That’s what you’re probably talking about. Yeah. Well, you and I talked about, we don’t like the ocean, you see the bottom of the pool. But I think a lot of people will talk about they’re afraid of heights. They’re afraid of I don’t like wearing turtlenecks or tight clothing and there is no doubt in my mind, I was probably a witch that was probably hung or so sometimes those lifetimes. So you will look at what people wear and what they choose to do and what makes them feel safe. Normally it’s because of things that happened to them and usually their death of a past lifetime. One I do remember very open-minded lady. She says, I have a fear of being alone when I die.

Deb (13m 32s):
She goes, I know there’s an afterlife. I know that I’m going to be fine. She goes, that’s not the problem, but it’s dying alone. So in her past life, she had been a Christian and was put into prison with other people. Of course I’m thinking he was a prisons that are like Dungeons more than that, you know?

Dana (13m 55s):
Yeah. Like stones dungeon.

Deb (13m 59s):
She was there with other people. Everyone else had died before her. She was the last one. So she died alone. So when she was able to get that understanding of that was the fear about it. She goes. Okay. I’m fine.

Dana (14m 15s):
So what is the, tell us what the Akashic records, what it feels like, when you visit the Akashic records or the hall of records, is it envisioning it in your mind?

Deb (14m 28s):
Yeah, it feels, I mean, I always feel like it’s in a, a place of peacefulness. It always looks like a place on earth. To me, it looks like this huge, beautiful building. I always see marble steps with columns. So that kind of a feel. But when I walk in there are windows and it’s sort of almost like dusty, kind of a feeling like you had seen an old library properly or something like that, where light comes in and you can kind of see the dust flying around a little bit. Then I’m drawn to usually a particular room or space. I used to go and just like, try to read the book or whatever.

Deb (15m 9s):
Now I just get it downloaded. They just start showing me images of different things. One of my clients and you know him and his name is Mike. He came to do his past lives and just came to me. So this will make some sense too. I started giving him his past lives and he started laughing. He goes, I said, what? He goes, I did my DNA I’m from all of those places you talked about. DNA verified all the past lives, which is just another kind of twist and turn and fun kind of thing to think about.

Dana (15m 43s):
That’s interesting. So you go into the hall of records. You say you used to go into this hall of records and actually read it. Now they just show you what you need. They get you there quicker.

Deb (15m 57s):
Yeah. I just feel like it’s like turning the switch on because you’re not, after more than 20 years, you take the shortcuts. I was like, do we have to go through all those procedures? But when I teach it, that’s what I do. To get people comfortable and feel familiar of reading their records,

Dana (16m 15s):
I’ve done that meditation. You do feel like I’ve been here a lot of times. It’s definitely comfortable. It feels like, Oh yeah, I remember this place I’ve been here before, so we review basically our lifetimes and figure out what’s next. Right?

Deb (16m 42s):
Yeah. I think it really helps to know your past lifetimes. If you have stuff that’s just really challenging. For instance, it could be your relationship with your health or your career. I know when people have struggled with not getting finances, I recall this is a long time ago, but I’m recalling this where they were really judged for having money. I think there was probably some sort of death regarding getting the money and things like this time, there’s a lot of guilt

Dana (17m 14s):
In this lifetime for somebody?

Deb (17m 17s):
No, they had in their past life, they had earned a lot of money, but it was through not really good ways. So they had a lot of guilt. So in this lifetime they just struggled getting any kind of money. When they realized that this was the past life, it helped the block go, wait, I don’t have to feel guilty for having money because I’m not earning it the way I did then.

Dana (17m 38s):
Oh, so there was some sort of block in this lifetime they couldn’t get past. Well, I would imagine a lot of people have certain things like that. So going into your past life information to figure out what those blocks are.

Deb (17m 53s):
Yes. Whether it’s someone’s career or their relationships, or they’re trying to heal something. It’s really fun for me because it’s going out of some of the grief work that we normally do. People begin to get tools and start to heal and realize that they have done nothing wrong. It’s not karma, or they’re not cursed, or they’re not doing it wrong, but just understanding what they brought through this time that they’re carrying, it’s like a bad memory.

Dana (18m 23s):
Why do you, yeah. Why do you think we carry it through that way? Is it because we’re still working through that, those issues? Or is it our contracts?

Deb (18m 34s):
Yes. I think the contracts mean that we are working through it, but that’s why I don’t see every single one of your lifetimes, because you’re not carrying every single lifetime with you. You’re bringing through the ones that you’re still working on or that you want to address in this lifetime.

Dana (18m 50s):
So we’re talking about your soul contracts, your life purpose, soul contracts, which hopefully at some point we’ll talk about that in a podcast, but this is a class you teach. So when I bring up contracts, it’s really, we decide what we want to learn in this lifetime. We make agreements with our soul group to learn those lessons

Deb (19m 20s):
Become more enlightened.

Dana (19m 21s):
So do we have all the same people in every lifetime?

Deb (19m 26s):
No. I think we have some lifetimes where we have different folks in. I mean, I can’t imagine every person I’ve ever met in my lifetime was in a previous lifetime, but I do feel like we have moments where we bring those people through. However, some of those really bonded relationships, positive and negative, I believe we do bring through in the lifetime. But again, you may have had a lifetime where they weren’t even part of your life. You had other people that would show up for you. That’s why I get those three or four lifetimes to say, these are the people that you’re working with again. It’s kind of fascinating. Some of the personality traits. I think there’s also a lot of forgiveness that’s given for yourself and for the other people, I think it helps you understand.

Deb (20m 13s):
And you’re drawn to particular things that you enjoy. I think this is because of your experiences in that in another lifetime, like you and I love the beach, just keep it right over there.

Dana (20m 28s):
The water can stay on its side of the beach.

Deb (20m 36s):
Some people have had their own experiences or they want to do a regression. If you’re really not trusting your intuition, I would encourage people to have a reading with somebody, hopefully myself, that will help you understand those lifetimes. But think of those moments in your life where you’ve had like a flashback or you’ve seen something even a movie and you go, why does that feel familiar? Or it creates anxiety or pleasure or different things. Those are probably hints about a past lifetime. I know when I’ve done these readings, people will actually say, you know what? That makes a lot of sense. No I get this. I remember one more, this is a woman probably last year that I did 2020, and I am doing the session with her.

Deb (21m 24s):
I’m seeing her being fearful of horses. I mean, horribly fearful in a past lifetime, she was forced to ride a horse like, okay, you got to do this she gets, I think, bucked off and hit in the head. It kills her. She was so excited about telling her friends and family that was the reason why she was afraid of horses.

Dana (21m 49s):
So she just was, Oh, inherently born a fear of horses.

Deb (21m 53s):
They go, you never had any experience. She was, I don’t know what it is. I’m just afraid of horses. She’s not asking me that what’s her fear. I’m just telling her that this is what’s coming through. She was really relieved. Like it took off pressure, like, okay, I’m not crazy. Yeah. It really does make a lot of sense. So that feeling of being afraid of horses was definitely a past lifetime.

Dana (22m 13s):
So they’ve done like shows on past lifetimes. One of them that we always share in classes and with people is about a little boy. They documented it. We watched the follow-up on that Surviving Death series that’s on Netflix. It was a little guy who had experiences as a child, seeing himself crashing. Multiple night terrors.

Dana (22m 54s):
He would talk about his friend who died and the plane crashing into the ocean. He was Japanese. No, he was American, but he was fighting the Japanese and he died. His plane went down. So he died in his twenties. It’s such a cool story. When you see the follow-up too, he doesn’t remember as it, because they did a ceremony to, to basically release that. And he,

Deb (23m 28s):
They were able to validate. He looks like his sister that’s still living.

Dana (23m 32s):
His sister that’s still living validated all the information that he was sharing. It was just fascinating.

Deb (23m 40s):
This is a sister from the previous life. So one question I get asked a lot is do they reincarnate earlier? When did they reincarnate? There are these cases that you can find online or people talk about. Like, I remember when my daughter was little, like you said, we forget about it as we age when she was little, she say, yeah, I was your mommy. There is no doubt.

Dana (24m 4s):
She probably was!

Deb (24m 6s):
She goes, yeah, I was taking you somewhere in the wagon or whatever. but now she would not remember that. The belief system for Buddhism is they believe that you reincarnate in 44 days. That’s not something that I think is literal. It’s like the Bible says the earth was created in a day and things like that. I think it’s a metaphor of something. When you look at the number four and four, it equals out to be eight, which that’s like an infinity sign, like it could happen at any time. I don’t believe that most of us jump here right away. I think a lot of us take our time coming back and between the pandemic and other things that’s happened in our planet.

Deb (24m 47s):
We’ve had a lot of people leave. I think there’s other spiritual reasons for that, unfortunately, but I don’t think that we reincarnate that quickly. I think it takes time. I don’t think most of us are in hurry to come back and say, Oh, let me do this again. It does happen. It has happened. I think when you stay in your past lives a little bit more, it feels like you have the ability to manage things more. Like if you’re allergic to something, you’re not going to eat that item, or you’re not going to be in a place that you’re allergic to. So this is sort of the same thing. If you realize that you haven’t had a voice in this lifetime, or it’s been difficult to create boundaries, when you look at these other lifetimes, it will give you permission that it’s okay, that the fear you have of using your voice, it’s not because of this lifetime.

Deb (25m 37s):
There may be things that’s happened, but you’re here to really learn to have it. So the more you understand what is keeping you in this lifetime to find that joy and happiness and all those things that we all desire is getting that information so it doesn’t hold you back another life.

Dana (25m 55s):
Okay. That makes perfect sense.

Deb (25m 57s):
Yeah. I agree.

Dana (26m 0s):
Don’t hold us back.

Deb (26m 1s):
Let’s move forward. One of the other things I really feel is that many lifetimes, someone who may have had been all male in several lifetimes and this lifetime they’re born as a female. But it’s really hard for them to identify with it because they’ve had so many lifetimes of being a male. I see this with even a gay relationship where someone is very masculine, but they’re interested in the same sex. So I really feel like those past lives carry on into this lifetime. They’re thinking to themselves this time doesn’t feel, this is, I don’t feel like this person.

Deb (26m 45s):
When I’ve done some readings regarding past lifetimes, I’ll say you’ve only been a male or you’ve only been a female. A lot of times we choose both sides and I’ve seen it where

Dana (26m 58s):
yeah, for sure. I know I’ve been both multiple times. I carry, I feel like I carry energy of both.

Deb (27m 7s):
Yeah. There’s no doubt. I also have seen people that came into this lifetime that were suppressed in a previous lifetime for being a woman and this life they come through and they become an attorney or they become a person that wants to make the rights for women or whatever the topic can be. It’s very fascinating to see how many lifetimes they were and why they came through in this lifetime and the choice that they made. I just think that’s fascinating. Like you said they’ll carry the clothes that they wear and how they do their hair. Just the jobs that you decided to do, the sports that you decided to do, kind of relate to that lifetime.

Dana (27m 49s):
It’s weird. I know I’m very feminine in lots of ways, but I can also figure stuff out. I’ll cut some boards, that’s fine. I can do that.

Deb (28m 1s):
How am I going to, she’ll do it? And I’m like, in 30 seconds, I’m frustrated and throw a fit. She just takes it and figures it out and, and works like carrying stuff like a man does.

Dana (28m 14s):
What?! I can’t, I’m not that man.

Deb (28m 20s):
But she’s very sexy and beautiful you’ll have to see her pictures. But anyway, just, hopefully this is some food for thought for people to look at other people in a different way and look at yourself and your own journey in a way that might open some doors to, Hey, maybe that’s something I need to learn about.

Dana (28m 37s):
And there’s more, there’s always more.

Deb (28m 40s):
There’s always more

Dana (28m 41s):
There’s always questions and more things you can learn so this is definitely a cool subject.

Deb (28m 46s):

Dana (28m 47s):

Deb (28m 47s):
Thanks for joining me.

Dana (28m 48s):
Thanks for joining us. Thank you for joining us for this episode of Spirited Straight Talk. If you enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new shows. We’d also love it If you’d leave us a review. And let’s connect, visit Deb Sheppard.com for more insights support workshops, and to book a session with Deb. Plus enter to get a free reading with Deb. All you have to do is sign up for the email list and you’ll automatically be entered. Just go to Deb sheppard.com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com.

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