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Raise Your Vibration!

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling low, you seem to attract more to feel low about? And when you’re more hopeful and positive, you tend to draw in more of that energy? Your vibration affects all areas of your life – from how you feel to what you attract and create. Listen in as Deb shares simple yet powerful steps you can take now to raise your vibration.

Deb (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host, Deb Sheppard, spiritual teacher, medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada or like, We like to say the soul enchilada, so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go! Well, I’m here again with Dana. We are going to talk about how do you vibrate? And kinda reminded me of a Joey on friends. Do you know? And he comes in and how are you today?

Deb (49s):
How you do it. So we’re going to talk about vibration today and what that means. And one of the things I have taught when I’m doing the work that I do, connecting to loved ones or your Akashic records or past lives, things like that, your guides is I imagine a large grid over our planet, and that grid basically has different.

Dana (1m 13s):
You imagine that? Or do you feel this well,

Deb (1m 16s):
What I first started doing it, it was that like, my imagination was giving me this information, but now doing it so long, I just go into it. It’s when you’re going on to your computer and you want to Google something, or, you know, you have an icon that you tap into. You, you just do it without thinking. And that’s how it’s to Do that.

Dana (1m 35s):
You connect without thinking, but tell us more about this grid. So people can understand

Deb (1m 41s):
Is when we imagine the worldwide web, the information that we get downloaded and how are a technology allows us to dig up information by typing in words or information, to be able to get that. And I feel its the same way when I connect with that web around the planet at that

Dana (2m 3s):
So there is a grid that overlays a grid of energy that overlay’s over the planet.

Deb (2m 7s):
Basically. This is how I see that.

Dana (2m 9s):
That’s how you see how you feel it. And if it means that everyone is connected to this grid in a way?

Deb (2m 18s):
Yeah, Absolutely. I think we all have these ideas that come to us. We wonder where is this coming from? I have this great idea, but I think it’s also based on, you know, where your energy or Your vibration is. So that’s the difference between raising your vibration versus if you’re in sadness and grief and guilt and, or just existing that I think it’s more difficult to connect with that. Think of that, of, of, of having a bad modem and you don’t have good internet connection. And that’s the basically is your energy, is that way. Or its a high speed internet. We were like, for me, I can tap into things pretty quickly, but I don’t do it all at the time.

Deb (2m 59s):
I do it when I want to connect to that,

Dana (3m 1s):
If you have a client or you need to.

Deb (3m 4s):
a client or yeah, for those reasons. And so what I’ve seen to understand this is their might be a scientist or a healer or an inventor at different parts of the world and they’ll get the same idea the same time and it’s been documented. And so I know that they’re tapping into something because of where their energy is, whether they’re searching. And so they’re able to download that information that’s given to them.

Dana (3m 33s):
So you say download, but as a metaphor download, like it’s the, the worldwide web right? Use that as an example to use those words, it’s a, it’s kind of the same thing as like a web have energy that surrounds us in the universe then

Deb (3m 52s):
Yeah. What we can go back to Albert Einstein, everything is energy, everything is it all energy has a vibration down to are molecules and atoms and cells and everything. So, or anything, even an item that you don’t think is living has an energy vibration

Dana (4m 10s):
Right. Well,

Deb (4m 11s):
everything does, every,

Dana (4m 13s):
everything is matter is made up of Adam’s or it’s a made up of something.

Deb (4m 22s):
So what we want to look at to is where you’re a vibration is one of the things is we think about the chakra energy’s and each chakra is aligned with a color and a vibration

Dana (4m 35s):
and the sound,

Deb (4m 36s):
the sound that sound can vibrate for that chakra those energy centers to help shift energy,

Dana (4m 44s):
Which is why we have the singing bowls.

Deb (4m 46s):

Dana (4m 47s):
So this singing bowls make a certain sound that aligns with each chakra and each chakra has a color that also vibrates with it.

Deb (4m 56s):

Dana (4m 57s):

Deb (4m 58s):
You know, we talked about in our last podcast about how many chakras we have. We usually just work with a, the seven and if you’re not familiar with chakras, it is those energy centers that you see, like when someone’s doing yoga or the picture that has a, a description of a body or a sketch of a body and it has the red and the orange and the yellow, those colors, and each of those colors have a purpose it, an energy for, or how you had a life

Dana (5m 24s):
A vibration and a sound. So there is even sounds is related to each chakra that you can chant to help balance that chakra.

Deb (5m 34s):
Right. And how many times have you been around somebody and you’re going, wow, you’re really sad. You know, but that doesn’t mean they’re sad all the time, but it is an energy vibration that we look at it. So what we want to do is have the highest vibration possible throughout our days in order to be able to connect with the planet, the universe, people that we want to be aligned with. And as people know about the law of attraction, it attracts the energy and the things that we want in life. And to understand that if you were an analytical person, which I’m not, but if you put sand on a drum, a large drum and you play a tuning fork, and no matter what tuning fork you play, the sand will vibrate to the vibration of a note, which is really good.

Dana (6m 24s):
So it creates a geometrical pattern, right?

Deb (6m 26s):

Dana (6m 27s):
That will align with that particular note

Deb (6m 32s):
Which is incredible. So for people that think

Dana (6m 36s):
we’re gonna have to do that,

Deb (6m 38s):
you know, people think I’m that Wuwu person or whatever, but part of it is at understanding that if you are a literal person, that there are things out there is their science, others to prove how energy sound and vibration our all aligned and how we feel about things. So, you know, just think about during the day, how do you feel? You know, do you feel happy, peaceful, or you, you just got that good energy and you’re, and you’re looking for the day or are you feeling that guilt and shame and you know, is there

Dana (7m 10s):
Cause there are two completely different vibrations, right? So if you are trying to Raise Your Vibration and you have that happiness factor, you’re surrounded by that vibration. Even when difficult things happen, you’re still surrounded yourself with that vibration

Deb (7m 29s):
it’s the way you think. And the way you process, you know, the way you manage the things in your life where other people may always be like, the victim are a poor me, or why is this happening? And it’s being aware of how you respond to things. And when you respond to things, as positively as possible, that energy then helped you resolve and solve things and you’re able to connect.

Dana (7m 51s):
And you’re also drawing the positive energy, more of that energy because you have it already, right?

Deb (7m 59s):
You can look at this and a couple different ways. I’m people that have worked hard to bring up their vibration. Sometimes people was a lot of issues will seek you out to tell you things because they know you feel good and you wonder why or why they keep coming in to tell me everything. That’s understanding that They finding

Dana (8m 17s):
That being around you feels good.

Deb (8m 19s):
And then you have to deal with that energy the way you need to. But if you are trying to connect with your guides, you’re trying to receive love or in abundance, all of those things that you desire health, it’s having that high vibration to be able to bring that in again, what are you listening to? What are you telling yourself? What is the music you’re hearing? And we even talked about this a little bit about how, why do people gravitate toward different types of music? And I think it’s a vibration that helps people feel a certain particular way. Okay. And

Dana (8m 54s):
You don’t know. So when I, you know what I think about music, like we may like Mo-town for example, because we listen to a lot of the, the, the old Motown music. So that’s our vibration, correct? Those Motown love songs. But then you think about, you know, maybe a different generation that listens to heavy metal or, you know, music that has that type of a beet, is it, you were saying, it’s our internal vibration, our soul vibration that is attracting us to that particular, those particular sounds or those particular or musical notes or styles.

Deb (9m 40s):
And it could be, will you say, well, if you put it this way, are you feeling that that music is enlightened, you support you or does it make you feel a particular way? What does that music doFor you?

Dana (9m 54s):
The, or something? Something inside of us is resonating with that particular vibration. Yeah.

Deb (10m 0s):
If you look at the sound or that vibration of that music, what chakra or is it working On?

Dana (10m 6s):
Oh yeah.

Deb (10m 7s):
So If it’s a one that’s maybe a very low, hard core type of music, is it your root chakra where you’re feeling imbalanced? You don’t feel like you have your power. You’re not feeling as if you know what direction to go or, or someone’s taking the rug from underneath it and you feel vulnerable. So that type of sound,

Dana (10m 28s):
the deep base sound

Deb (10m 31s):
might be helping that root chakra find the ability to vibrate higher.

Dana (10m 35s):
Wow. Okay.

Deb (10m 36s):
Does that makes sense?

Dana (10m 39s):

Deb (10m 39s):
So In the music has a lot of words and words have vibrations as well. So some people really resonate with certain music, the words in it, because that word has a vibration as well. So what part of your body are you healing? What parts of your body do you want to vibrate differently? Are you grieving? So a song and the words is making you cry or having you feel really some releasing emotion. So when you listened to this types of music or whatever it is, we can be very judgemental then you get older about rap and different types of music. But for a lot of people, those words resonate where their soul is going and the journey that there on, and then you add the color to it.

Dana (11m 22s):
Yeah. Yeah. So let’s take talking about the colors.

Deb (11m 25s):
Yeah. Yeah. So I had a client the other day that really feels as if she’s not being heard and shes doing some work with me and she feels as if she has never been heard, she’s got her voice. It is always shut down and she’s always being corrected. And so I asked you about the color blue. I said, cause that would be the throat chakra. You know, what would you ever wear the color blue? And she just was absolutely adamant about not wearing that color. And I said, well, what’s your experiences with that color? And her prior relationship, she was married. The man loved blue. They even had a blue carpet in their house. And that really tells you that because who has the blue carpet? but he was a person that shut her down.

Deb (12m 6s):
was a critical of her, never gave her the power of her voice. All of those things affected her on so many levels that, of course she eventually got divorced. So for Blue, it reminds her of that time period. However, the vibration that color still tells her, she doesn’t have a voice. You can’t be heard. So it’s how does she begin to change that vibration? You know, listen

Dana (12m 31s):
To, because she has to address her throat chakra in order to have a voice. So she doesn’t have to love the color, but How did she shift that?

Deb (12m 39s):
She shifted that in that color can also, so when we hear a song that it takes us back to a sad place or a happy place, it’s also that vibration and energy. But it’s interesting that that color was so hard for her too, you know, except, but it also has to do with our throat chakra. So then it says, okay, do we have a vibration? One of the things we can do to have her do those things.

Dana (13m 2s):
So they’re Talking about sad songs, like sad songs, having a vibration. When you say that is, it does take me back two, there’s a couple of songs that they hit the airwaves or happen to come on and I have to change that channel immediately.

Deb (13m 18s):
Absolutely. And it’s because we don’t want to go back to that vibration. Yeah. You know, we get through, so lets say it was a break-up of a relationship or is it

Dana (13m 29s):
Sinead? O’Connor nothing compares to you. That song is the creepiest to a have ever been made to me.

Deb (13m 34s):
So let’s say You heal through that time. If you hear that song again, it, sometimes we will take you back to a lower vibration. Yeah. And that lower vibration is like, I work too hard to climb up that mountain. I’m not going back to it.

Dana (13m 47s):
I don’t want to hear That song again. But then other songs, lift you

Deb (13m 52s):
lift you, when you feel like, you know, those were a joyful times or to remind you of someone that you really cared about. And you know, even if you become emotional, it’s okay. Because you’re vibrating into that. I love that you had for that person and they can bring that energy back into your soul.

Dana (14m 9s):

Deb (14m 9s):
I know it, isn’t it. You really wanna look at how to Raise Your Vibration is looking at what you are attracting, what you’re saying to yourself. So for instance, if you don’t want to watch the news, but if you don’t want to listen to negativity and you don’t want to be around people that are negative, what are you saying to yourself? And I have to be that person that doesn’t say, oh, look, it I’ve gained more weight or boy I’m getting older. Or, you know, we had that negative talk in that talk is also a vibration. So even though we’re thinking it, we might not be saying to that loud, that thought is still a vibration in our body that can affect the energy that we want to change.

Deb (14m 49s):
So if you want to vibrate it a higher frequency and be able to attract the things that you desire to connect with, that grid, all of those things that you, or maybe desire or a dream of it really is about how are you living your life? What sounds are you have a seat, you, or what colors are you wearing? Umm, you know, one of the things I had to be aware of a while back is I was really wearing a lot of black and there’s nothing wrong with black.

Dana (15m 16s):
Both of us are in the black today,

Deb (15m 19s):
but also realizing that is that the color of vibration, I always want to have a black is the feminine energy. So that’s okay

Dana (15m 26s):
Black is actually A combination of every color Together.

Deb (15m 32s):
But I also know when I wear certain colors like a bright pink and beautiful Blue’s and aqua, but I get a lot more compliments because people see that energy and I feel different in it. So again, colors are a vibration, sound is a vibration, thoughts are a vibration. And all of those combinations can help you either decide to go backwards in life and feel that low of vibration. And we always feel like the victim and never a part of a group of your not listened to, instead of saying, no, I want to be part of these things. What are you doing actively to shift? Is it going to a gym? It is that mental, a vibrational gym, you know, what are you doing to bring up those muscles of your vibration?

Dana (16m 19s):
Okay. So I would assume the first step, do you want to be aware of where you are? So what are you vibrating out to the universe now? Because whatever you’re vibrating out is most likely what you’re getting back.

Deb (16m 36s):
Right. Okay. And you know, but I think about someone on-stage or someone that is a, a musician or a singer or an actor, those people have to bring up to their frequency on stage in order to get their audience.

Dana (16m 50s):
You do that.

Deb (16m 51s):
Thank you. But you have to bring that energy to it, to bring the energy of your, you know, people that are watching or there to make them feel it. And that’s how they do. They have to bring that vibration up and whatever you choose to do in life. It’s how active are you in raising that consciousness, raising that vibration, paying attention to the things around you. And it is even your home environment. You know, if your home doesn’t vibrate on people coming to our house and they go, God, it feels so relaxing in here. And then you’re a vehicle to, if you or your vehicles and taken care of, how do you feel when you get into that vehicle, around the people. But we do have ideas of ways that you can begin to shift your vibration.

Deb (17m 37s):
Some simple things

Dana (17m 39s):
One of the things you talk about is that it’s thinking of a vibration as a radio frequency. Yes. And so as you evaluate where you are, what you’re putting out, umm, you talk about having a favorite station and you’re driving along and all of a sudden we go up into the mountains and all of a sudden you can’t hear that station anymore. It starts to get fuzzy and it goes out

Deb (18m 9s):
It’s irritating. And that’s it. If you like, for instance, some of the other day was like, how do I hear my loved one? And they’re grieving and they’re sad and they’re, you know, there’s Guilt and things like that. That is the lower frequency. If you know, you, you get to the Mountain’s, you know, I get to hear the, the radio station anymore. So the more that you raise that vibration, the more that you can connect with your guides and your loved ones and things like that. But it is exactly a frequency and it’s a sound it’s a, you know, you think about any kind of sounds out there, a dog’s barking, umm, you know, you hear a puppy making noise versus a dog barking.

Deb (18m 50s):
There’s two different vibrations.

Dana (18m 53s):

Deb (18m 53s):
You hear a baby lab versus a, a, a baby crying, all of those things of a different vibration for us to respond to our cells and everything response to that.

Dana (19m 4s):
So like Our radio frequency you want in order to turn that up and get that clarity, you have to vibrate at a higher level or a higher, a higher vibration, which is more of a joyful, positive vibration.

Deb (19m 19s):
Yeah. Bringing it up. And of course, one of my best is, you know, watching humor. But I think anything you can do to bring that joy and things like that or going to be critical, but there is some other things we could do that can be a very simple too. And

Dana (19m 33s):
So you have some ways that people can easily raise their, their energy, which also changes Your vibration as you raise your energy with the simple ways. And I think for me, I want to make it sometimes I want to make it complicated, but how, but how do we do? Yeah. But it’s so simple.

Deb (19m 55s):
Well, you know, for me I’m like, well I just kinda do it and to go, what, what are you doing? I’m like, okay. But to think about how this works. And I think it’s like, when someone knows how to cook for me,

Dana (20m 6s):
For you, are you, you are so used to raising your vibration and then calming it down because that’s how you connect with the other side is you have to go to that joyful open level within a second.

Deb (20m 24s):
Yeah. Unless this is my stuff and it’s different from coast to deal with you or stuff. So if you’ve never gotten acupuncture or some people you are like, oh my God, what does that mean? It really helps clear your meridians, your chakras. And again is something that should be done on our could be done or, or you may want to get down on a regular basis because it does go into that energy vibration. Know when I’ve had it done. I can have you been popped out the needles because its, she, you know, it’s vibrating,

Dana (20m 54s):
it can quickly change or your vibration

Deb (20m 57s):
and relaxed you and, and things like that. So, and of course acupuncture has been around again and for thousands of years and they’ve used It

Dana (21m 4s):
It’s ancient

Deb (21m 5s):
So it does work. And again, its having someone to take care of you, you have to be in the moment and relaxing. So that’s another,

Dana (21m 14s):
you can’t move to look at your phone

Deb (21m 16s):
or your phone or even if you’re on your back, listen to healing sounds. And we have several things that we have a gong, we have singing bowls and of course meditation music, a little

Dana (21m 29s):
you have actually on your blog page, on your website, you have a, a blog about shock rose that has your singing bowl, meditation attached to it. So people can grab that singing bowl meditation there.

Deb (21m 43s):
So just. Well, you know, if anyone listens to that and when I was making it, the vibration of these Bowles, I was in a, a soundproof studio, a recording studio and it blew up a, a a hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment because of the vibration. Yeah. I didn’t have to pay for it. Thank goodness And this, but yeah, that’s how we are. And I think it’s only five minutes per chakra. So it’s not really long, but it, it can really help again, shift your chakra. Right?

Dana (22m 10s):
So healing sounds can also be the sound of rain. You can, if you have an Alexa, you don’t, I hope I didn’t turn her off, but you can listen to the sound of rain or the ocean,

Deb (22m 23s):
What calms you? You, birds,

Dana (22m 25s):
birds. It, some people like the sounds of thunderstorms. I don’t enjoy the storms, But some people do. a light rain. Yeah. For me. So it can be like any sort of stuff sound or whatever

Deb (22m 41s):
Resonates with you. A I know some people play flutes and things like that. And there are a really beautiful, or a native American, a flutes and drums and drums are in every part of the world, drums and rattles. And the drum is your heartbeat. And it’s also the sound of the heartbeat of the planet earth.

Dana (22m 60s):
So talking about the grid,

Deb (23m 2s):
the grid, yeah. Connecting with that. So if you’re heart is hurting, you know, buy a drum or borrow a friend’s whenever you can do and play that drum. And that’s a great meditation. It hope it helps heal the heart chakra and connects you to mother earth to the sound the same time. Okay. So people can attend sound baths. Now that we’re at of the pandemic, pretty much, I’ve done a sound bath And basically I take a, my gong and I play it at different vibrations for 40 minutes and people just travel far away and it goes through a lot of people lay down and sometimes they do their head down to their feet and the

Dana (23m 45s):
Yeah. Cause you, if you have the gong, I’ve done this with you. But as you’re playing the gong, having people lay with our head towards the gong and their feet, the other direction that the, it bathes you, or it goes over your body as a, as a wave, it is, it’s really a very, very cool

Deb (24m 5s):
my arm is sore at the end. But I love to doing it. Play an instrument and it could be the drum could be a flute and could be anything that brings us joy and it, you don’t have to play it. Well, it’s just having that experience with an instrument for vibration I’m of course I always say a laugh out loud. That’s always going to be my go-to when I’m I’m feeling like my vibration or is low or yeah. You know, I think to, we get, and when we get into that low vibration of energy, it’s reminding ourselves with what gratitude, how are we blessed in writing a list of gratitude? And even if it’s every other day that your writing the same list for an additional list or a look around, look around and do you,

Dana (24m 51s):
I feel like people preach that a lot. Like gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, write a gratitude list. But I think that you’re point in saying, realize that what you’re grateful for is that can instantly change your vibration just by taking a look at just one thing. One thing for

Deb (25m 16s):
Anger is anger and frustration is a human experience. It, it’s not wrong to have those experiences and have that vibration. But if you feel like you’re always in that vibration of being angry, it’s how do you begin to shift that energy vibration and our human side we’ll have sadness and anger and guilt, but it’s how long you want to stay in that place. And it’s okay to honor. And the gratitude lists or is it mean, oh, I’m so blessed that I have this. This is especially if someone is lost a child or, or they’ve been through a hard time. What it means is what is there to benefit from what it, whereas the silver lining.

Deb (25m 56s):
And even if its, you know what I woke up today, the sun was shining and that’s your,

Dana (26m 1s):
that’s your gratitude for

Deb (26m 2s):
gratitude for a job. Yeah. It doesn’t have to be anything other than very simplistic to get yourself started. And you’re right. I think it’s overly done like, oh, look at your blessings. I’m doing what I do. Some people go through such hardships. It, we really be hard for them, for me to tell them or go figure out what you are blessed about. Instead of you say everyday think of one thing that you should feel better. Just one thing, you know, like I really love the smell of my coffee this morning or it’s a really, I love that my dog licks me on the face, it could be a very simple things and that’s it. It’s just one a day. That’s that’s improvement. That’s it celebrate you celebrate your loved ones.

Deb (26m 42s):
And I think sometimes we forget what we’ve been through in life and we forget to say, wow, I’ve really done so much in my life. I’m in gratitude for that and celebrate this. I mean, you and I have been through things in life and we’re good here, but we’re always on that ongoing list of trying to improve our lives in and have goals and things like that. And there’s going to be those tough days. But I think when you go and just celebrate like, wow, today, you know what I got through a lot. You and I, you know, we were a 5,000 steps this morning. That’s a place to celebrate yourself. because there’s some days from me that I don’t want to go do that.

Deb (27m 22s):
And it’s reminding yourself that each day is a day to celebrate the separate to yourself. And I think we forget that it’s not that you are a narcicisstic or, or that you’re better than somebody else. It’s that the fact that you are trying every single day. So the best thing is figure out what you want to do to raise that consciousness, that vibration, that energy pick one thing. And I promise you by doing this and doing it for 20 days, you will see a difference in your life 20 days,

Dana (27m 50s):
20 days, that’s it.

Deb (27m 50s):
It’s a great days of training or changing and increasing your vibration.

Dana (27m 55s):
OK. I love that.

Deb (27m 56s):
Let’s go increase our vibration. Dana. Alright, thanks again for joining me on this episode of Spirited Straight Talk.

Dana (28m 2s):
Thank you for joining us for this episode of Spirited. Straight Talk. If you enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe. So that you get notified a new shows. We’d also love it If you’d leave us a review and let’s connect, visit DebSheppard.com for more insights support workshops and the book, a session with dev plus enter to get a free reading with dev. All you have to do is sign up for the email list and you’ll automatically be entered. Just go to DebSheppard.com. That’s Deb S H E P P a R d.com.

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