Intuitive Kids & What to Do When You Feel Everything

Are YOU an empath who seems to feel everything? Is your child highly sensitive and feeling a lot of pressure from the outside world? If so, this episode is a must-listen!

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You’re a did straight talk episode for psychic kids and superpower.

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Spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host of shepherd, spiritual teacher, medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada or like, we like to say the soul in Jalonda so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go.

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I’m do spirited straight talk. I’m Deb shepherd. I’m here with Dana. She is my superpower. She’s the producer takes care of all these things and she is my life partner partner in crime crime. And we are going to talk about psychic kids and super powers. This is one of my favorite topics, psychic kids in SysML powers. Yeah. So when I was younger, a lot younger, I remember being a very sensitive kid and even being teased about being sensitive and being told, you know, you’re just too sensitive. And now I use that as one of my super powers to do readings. And I know now that there are these amazing young people that are very sensitive they’re they’re empathic.

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And so they feel a lot of things. And a lot of them become very afraid. Their teas, they may go to drugs or alcohol. Some of them become cutters because they don’t know what’s going on with them. And we want to kind of talk about that today about the super powers that these kids have and not to be afraid of it, but to understand it. And I think this has come up for years and it’s definitely the kids that you talk about quite often, that their parents come to see you and they need help with what their kids are experiencing. But also adults can go through this is to absolutely realizing their empathetic abilities or feeling the things around them.

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So what we want to do today is kind of normalize the sensitivity, make it so it’s not weird or there’s something wrong with you. And of course, you know, we always say, if you need therapy or help, that’s okay to do. But the more we make this clear about what this is and how you can manage it can really help your life. And I’ve worked with a lot of young people, especially in schools where these kids are just so sensitive. And when I teach them that this is about their intuition and they can use it as a tool in their lives, they’re kind of relieved. And a lot of things is that there are things that go on in your body that sometimes feel it’s not normal. Like other people around you.

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For me, I had headaches for migraines for years. And then when I learned about my abilities, my headaches migraines went away. Cause it’s all energy. That’s what we have to understand that the sensitivity is just energy working through us and we’re attracting it and we just need to calm it down. So you think you were internalizing all the energy and that’s what it was. Wow. And I went to the doctors and I go, we don’t know what’s wrong. You know, they want to give you the drugs, which I understand. I’m not against that, but I, I didn’t want to just be medicated. I, you know, and I didn’t really look to figure this out and we didn’t have Google then. So, you know, like what, what could this be about? You didn’t realize none of these even going on with your abilities.

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But I just, I just remember being in school and being teased about it. And then you think that there’s something wrong. And so do you think you were feeling other people’s energy? You know, now I look back, I didn’t know that at the time. And I think I’ve told you that my mom noticed that I would finish people’s sentences with you still do that. I still do. You still do that? I have to be aware and I’m not aware that I do that. But part of it is just, I get tuned in and I’ve got to remember to pause and not try to finish their sentences. So the part was with the territory. A lot of times people feel overwhelmed when they have the sensitivity. So when they’re in school or places of work or with lots of people, it’s hard for them and they want to leave and they want to hibernate and they don’t want to go out into public.

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And so it’s realizing that it’s about creating that balance in your life and that you’re not making stuff up. There’s nothing wrong with you. And using that sensitivity to guide you in life. And I think that’s, what’s really important people to know that it’s a tool. It isn’t something that’s negative. We have a little black cat in here. She must be feeling the energy because she’s in here, climate around us. Her name is Bella Luna. So what we want to talk about is how to shift that energy. Why you may be really sensitive and why you may feel anxiety or depression, because this is what I get a lot that people are feeling these things and don’t know how to control it.

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Can you tell this, the story? I love this story, the story about when you were helping the kids at the high school and teaching them about energy and the young lady who had just gotten out of the hospital. So this young, beautiful girl, very sensitive, and these are things that we’re going to an alternative school because traditional school wasn’t working for them. And part of what I said to them was it’s because you’re picking up everyone’s energy. They could feel and know things about people. However, the teachers and other individuals, adults didn’t understand it. You didn’t fit into that norm. And she had just gotten out of the hospital because she was cutting cause she was feeling too much pain.

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And what happens with a lot of these kids is they feel as if where they cut, it releases that stress and anxiety, which is interesting. But I asked her one time, I said, so if that was me and I was doing that, what would you tell me? And I can, it’s clear as day. Like it happened yesterday. She said, if you’re in that kind of pain, I would understand. And it hurt my heart, the court, knowing that these kids were feeling that much excit, that they felt like they didn’t want to be here any longer. And so for me, it’s been kind of a platform for me to talk to these young people and parents and therapists about what these kids are going through and how they feel from an intuitive perspective perspective.

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And what I find really cool is there are a lot of counselors out there that will send people to you to help them through that, understanding their ability side of things or understanding energy side of things, which is really, I’ve been invited to speak with counselors because they’re have these kids come in and they’re, you know, have all this anxiety and, and to someone on the outside, it looks like they have a normal life, but why are they having all that stress? And so it really has helped a lot of therapists or counselors to really see that this kid may be really intuitive and for parents because parents want to help their kids.

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So we’re going to talk about how to understand if you’re sensitive that you’re an in path and then give you some tools around how to manage that. So if you are feeling all this anxiety and things, it’s, it’s usually that you feel things that come on to you that don’t feel like yours, but you take it on. What do you mean by that? So like when we were up in grand Lake, we this past week, we’re in Colorado and there are two humongous fires. One of the fires started right before we headed up into the mountains, into this area called Granby and grand Lake, beautiful little mountain town and big Lake surround, you know, the towns are surrounding two big lakes.

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And so this fire had just started that day and was kind of exploding a little bit, but still not that big, but even with the size that it was, it was very scary. The pictures looked like it came for a movie. We took some, some photos of it. And then we had another fire that’s been burning for two months, call it the Cameron peak fire. That is a little North of that. So while we were there and I’m trying to officiate a wedding and it’s outdoors and for a friend or a friend fish, it was small gathering. We know with COVID, it was just her family. And then Dana and I, and literally I was shaking like a leaf and I kept saying, I can’t breathe.

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I can’t breathe. And I worked really hard to get through the ceremony and actually left some things out because I just wanted us to get through this. And then we found out yesterday, well, we ended up, we were supposed to stay up there for two additional days and, and the fire hadn’t grown that much yet, but we were both just anxiety ridden about what about that? That, yeah, we were just anxiety ridden and it was miles and miles away. It was, it was at least probably 30 miles away. Lots of smoke, but yeah, either way. And there was wind, but Dana was feeling this of, you know, I messed up feeling safe.

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We heard people talking about it. And I finally said, I said, you know, if we’re going to feel this much anxiety here, that’s not really good. Let’s just go home. And we found out on yesterday that the house where the wedding was, which is sleeps 32 people in the hotel, we were in all burned down. Yeah. And that burned to the ground, you know, and the couple that live next door, which we did not know, they perished in the fire. So which is basically a block from where the, you know, the ceremony was. So I know that that was my sensitivity of feeling it because I don’t get that nervous. No, I don’t see you getting nervous. And so, I mean, I’ve gotten nervous at weddings, but this was over the top.

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So it was hard to explain until later when I realized what had happened, I felt mother earth. I felt it was going on probably with nature and what was coming that direct that direction. So that’s what the sensitivity is. And a lot of times we don’t know that we’re feeling everybody else’s. So for these young people, you know, there’s so much pressure. And with social media and electronics, I think there’s a lot more pressure. There’s more bullying. Yeah. Can I share one more story? So, and this was, this was probably a couple of years ago, but I remember you waking up with a huge amount of anxiety and I never correlated my anxiety.

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If I woke up in a mood or a certain way with what was going on in the world, until you explained to me that we’re kind of on a grid and reveal things around earth, that we don’t even realize that’s what we’re feeling. But I can’t remember if it was an earthquake, but it was a big, I think it was an earthquake that was about to happen. And you could barely function that day. You were like, God, what is going on with me? I’m feeling this way. And you described it. And then the incident happened a short time afterwards, which you also had with nine 11, that was nine 11 before I really started.

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And then there was some sort of tell story about

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Reason we’re sharing the stories for you to be able to relate and be able to figure out when you felt these things. And then trying to understand why you have the anxiety and people say you’re making it up, but it it’s real. It’s real. It’s real. I’m not, I don’t have a personality that I have a lot of anxiety if I don’t want to do something because I’m uncomfortable, I’ll tell you, but I can tell the difference between anxiety and not wanting to do something. There’s a difference. I just started knowing that I had these abilities right before nine 11, probably a year before nine 11. And for two weeks I could not sleep. I was just agitated in the anxiety and I was exhausted and I was doing daycare at the time.

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And I remember turning the TV on and hearing about the first plane that went into the twin towers. And I looked at some of my parents and then I was doing daycare for, and I said, you know what? This is on purpose. And there’s going to be another one. And within a couple of minutes, the second plane hit. And it’s those kinds of things that we feel cause our entire planet was affected by nine 11. And we have to realize that we are tuned into that. And like I said, it’s like the worldwide web and, and I’ve had dreams and things where I have all this anxiety. It, matter of fact, with the fires I had the, when the, they were burning, it was at night. I was having the dream of destruction and couldn’t put things together and there was water.

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And then the next morning we woke up and found out that it had like 15,000 acres to 170,000 acres overnight. It was burning it like 6,000 acres an hour at a minimum. And I don’t want to create fear, but we want to know that I want you to know that these things are your superpower. It’s being aware that pay attention, listen to your sensitivity. And at the same time, it’s important to manage and balance. You know, I’m not tuned in all the time. I turned it off. Thank goodness. However, it’s important to really take balance in your life. Like we recently have been swimming and riding bikes or pets are important.

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Laughter is important. Finding ways to take care of yourself, turning things off. And we are people now that we’re on our electronics and social media all the time and it can affect the way we feel. So having people around you that are positive, that are supportive, that understand that they’re not going to judge you, you know, in comedy is my best medicine. You know that I, I think comedy, matter of fact, I think Dana gets tired of my dad jokes. I say never. And she’s always going, I’m gonna run to the store and I’m like, take the car, you know, those kinds of stupid things. But I think it’s for sanity reasons is that we want to make sure that we are not always in that intensity.

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And I think it’s also taking your to-do list and taking a break from things, being with animals is a key thing too. It’s creating a balance when you are that sensitive. And I want people to know that these abilities and that sensitivity, that empathic ability is so important for you to use throughout your life. Watching comedy is one of my favorite things. Eating well. Sleep can also be for sensitive people because they’re taking in so much. So having a routine before you go to bed, whether it’s an Epsom salt bath, watching something fun, reading a book that’s positive and uplifting doing things like meditation. And you know, I have this thing about meditation.

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Doesn’t have to be sitting there on the, you know, the yoga position doing own, but it’s, it’s really just taking that moment and kind of releasing everything from the day. And you always talk about active meditation to like doing a Mandela. So an adult coloring book or, or working on Mondalez to get yourself into that zone, or Dana is big into gardening. Yeah. That’s my meditation meditation. And even for the winter, we have purchased a little greenhouse it’s in the garage and it’s her way of sort of the nurturing and healing and your hands injured. And that’s my mother earth is one of the best ways to sort of release. She’s willing to take on all those things and with COVID, we’re not out as much.

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So it’s finding ways that we can get out there. And, you know, we just bought bikes e-bikes for me to even get outdoors and just be in that nature and watch what’s going on to connect with the earth versus connect with social media and to really get grounded that we sell molars that help you get grounded as well that you can wear. So those are on a website. You have your own line. I have my own line of mullahs, but bottom line, I don’t want people to be fearful of their anxiety and their sensitivity to know that these are things that you were given to be able to be able to manage your life in a way that other people are not aware of.

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And when I worked with these kids, I would do readings for them or show them how to do readings. And hadn’t realized that this was okay to have, and to be able to be in tune. It’s like, when you think of someone and they text you or call you, I don’t think people call as much as they text anymore. They’re young, it’s showing the alignment that we can be in. It’s it’s having that line of communication with people that we’re connected with. And we want to have that. It’s not a bad thing. And if you’re feeling like you’re just overwhelmed, you can’t deal with school. You can’t deal with people around you or feeling like you’re just overwhelmed. There are tools and things you can do to kind of make changes and shifts and be kind to yourself.

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Don’t feel like you have to keep up with someone else that isn’t sensitive like you and perhaps you can also be psychic. So what are some of the tools? Well, it’s like we were talking about a few minutes ago, limit your list of what you need to get done. I think we’re a society that’s really competitive about how much we got done in a day. I do that. I have things that I want to accomplish in the course of the day. You know, listen, I know you remind me sometimes can we just not have a list today? Which, which is hard for mine, it’s hard for me, but it’s fine for us to do it’s okay. But I think that we, as a society, feel like if we do a lot and get a lot done and we keep up with everybody we’re successful, but it can affect so many other aspects of our life.

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And then your intuition doesn’t become intuition becomes fear-based and it’s feels like it’s scary. So what you want to do is just realize that this is who you are. And, and time to take a break, reading degree book walking, develop your intuition, do not be ashamed of your sensitivity. What I see is people are very shameful about having it. Like they’re being judged. They’re having, you know, they’re going to, counselors are going to doctors. They can’t deal with school. They can’t deal with their jobs or relationships and bottom line it’s okay. That you feel that way, just monitor so that you feel like you can manage it.

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You don’t have to have someone else’s rules and it’s great to be unique. So use it as your superpower don’t feel fearful of it. Don’t feel like you’re alone. There are lots of people out there just like you. And they’re they come to me all the time and including their parents and counselors. So it’s a big group. I think we try to shadow or size ourselves from those things. And it’s important to realize this is a good thing. What would you say was one of the biggest ways to develop your intuition? If, if somebody’s like, you’re saying, develop your intuition, what are one or two things that people could do to help develop their intuition?

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Don’t play small trust. What happened to me is for me, it’s all about trusting when I’m feeling and getting, I may not understand at the very moment, but I don’t have to make an excuse about it or feel ashamed of it, own it, take it on, find out more about it. And for me it was, this is how I’m wired and other people are wired differently. Dana is wired differently. She can problem solve. She can figure out financial things and how to problem solve situations. That is not me. And I turned it all over. We don’t have to be identical, appreciate our differences, what I bring to the table and what she brings to the table are very different.

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But we’re both still intuitive, just at different levels of how we do it. So her gut feeling will say, this doesn’t feel right, whether it’s business or family, things like that. She has this intuition. And normally she’s 99.9%. Right? My intuition isn’t that way like hers. And so it’s creating the balance of where is your intuition? How do you use it? Does that make sense? Yeah. Even driving Ghana, you drive, but really, I think it’s one way just to kind of own it. And then the other thing is finding projects that make you feel better for people that are highly sensitive. We can’t have a lot of clutter.

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And so how I learned about these abilities was learning functionally and that’s about getting rid of a lot of things. So a lot of these young people will have messy rooms, messy, messy backpacks, messy cars, and that’s going to really affect them a lot deeper. It’s not going to give them that sense of relaxation and peace. So if they can, I guess when I, when you say that, I almost think of energy bouncing around and not being able to flow, like just bouncing back and forth, like a rubber ball versus being able to just flow naturally through what ground that’s how absolutely I envision it. And Dana’s really good at taking care of moving things in and saying, this energetically doesn’t feel right.

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If you think about fast food restaurants have a busy decor, their floors, their lighting, their seating, their colors, and their intention is to get you in and get you out because it’s fast food. That’s the energy of it. When you go to a different type of restaurant that they want you to have appetizers, your salad, your dinner, your dessert, and your after dinner drinks, they make it calm and a sense of feeling. So guess what? You’ll spend more money. So everything has energy. And if you have a lot of chaos in your life and you’re feeling overwhelmed, that would be the first step getting rid of things. And if you’re a person that gets in there and is overwhelmed, get a friend to help you get someone to say, do I need this stuff anymore?

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And why am I keeping it? Because people that are really sensitive, we attach ourselves to stuff and keep it. Well, you know, I’ve had stuff that I’m like, I’m not using this, but it has energy and a memory. And that memory is in my brain. I don’t need that piece of item in order to have that memory. And that’s what a lot of people do is these, these people that are really sensitive, they gather, I mean, my kids used to gather rocks all the time. And part of it, I realized now, or later on in life during the time that was keeping them grounded. So that’s why being in nature. And I’ve even said, you know, put those Himalayan lights in your bedroom or your room, all the salt lamps, all the amps have rocks in your room because kids are really attracted to that in order for them to feel grounded.

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Also eating foods that make you feel grounded, grounded as in connected to earth versus connected to the energies around you. So what do you get that Claire is like, sometimes you feel like you’re buzzing. You know, there’s all this energy. And when you feel like you’re more calmer, you’re connected to another earth. You feel like you have some kind of management of your energy or control, and we’ve been around people that are toxic or overwhelming and you just can’t wait to leave again. And then others that feel calm and relaxed and it makes you feel that way. Well, so, so I hear you share this sometimes too, about kids that maybe empathic and feeling energy around them and having bad dreams and stomach and unable to relax, stomach aches, headaches.

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So you’ve told them to place rocks under each close to the bed. Yeah. The one thing I recommend is not having a bump bed. They need to be close to the ground and putting the rocks underneath their bed in each post so they can pick a rocket doesn’t matter what kind, it’s just the intention of grounding, no chaos in the room. I also recommend not the colors of blue or water in their room because it’s all about emotions. And we want to really create a feeling of safety for them. The other things is what they eat. So if they’re, they love things like potatoes or French fries or hamburgers, those are actually ways of them wanting to ground every time when I’m working with these kids and including me, you know, there’s times I’m just craving a potato or a potato chips and peace, because normally I’ve been doing a lot of readings during the week.

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And I feel like I’m in that buzzing kind of vibration. And so in order to bring me down, I’m trying to find ways to get more earth connected again. So roots, root vegetables, anything from the ground. A lot of people need meat. Other people don’t want to eat animals. So it’s really, you know, that perspective, but finding what you’re drawn to and how it’s created in, does it make you feel safer or calmer? So pay attention. Those are the go-to foods. Epsom salt baths are great too. I always tell people about that. The colors you wear and the clothing you wear for some of these sensitive kids, they cannot have irritating clothes.

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They have to have soft clothes. Like the sensory sensory over the kids have, have the sensory things that, that they can’t have certain things touching their skin or they don’t like certain textures. Yeah. That’s a part of it. Yeah. So it’s very normal for them to be sensitive, to textures, to smells, to taste, to feelings of their, their clothing and the people that they’re around, pay attention and use that as an awareness of what supports you and what does not support you. That clarity will help you have much more of a balanced life. And that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t want you to get rid of the sensitivity. I don’t want you to feel embarrassed or guilty.

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It’s more about what do I need in order to create the life I want to, you know, go into and, and just accept that you have abilities to feel energy. Yeah. Dana will look at me sometimes and she goes, well, you’re way out there. So get some food and glass of wine and you’re floating in the Vale. Let me bring you back to the seas. My eyes look different. I just don’t. And when I’ve done a long day of readings, I am way out there. And we always joke that I’m the balloon and she’s the tether holding me down. Yeah. So having people around you that get that to help you come back down and feel the earth and feel that natural energy is going to really help.

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I mean, we’ve got to, if people love the ocean, people love sitting by water. It’s great because it’s very healing. It’s very soothing. So even listening to music, that sounds like water can be very beneficial too. There’s a lot of these kids that I see and young adults or people that play an instrument too, all music has a vibration, as we know. So whatever music helps you just be in the moment and relax and release that stress is all the tools that you can use. And you’ll use them for the rest of your life. And you may use them often. You may use more than one, but there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s a superpower. So one last story that I want to share too, when you had, you just reminded me of when you had your, one of your drop seizures and the next day we went to a metaphysical fair, just to get out of the house, to try to, to try to change the energy around you, because you were, you know, you had a tough time that night.

0 (27m 57s):
So we went to a metaphysical fair and they were doing shocker readings. And the shocker reading, the, the machine was trying to read your energy and it, you, you kept knocking it out. She had to reboot the system a couple of times. And finally your shocker came up, which showed what we expected all white and purple, which is a third eye higher self. Yeah. So we definitely expected that one, but it showed that, which was really cool. But in order for her to get the machine to work, you had to go grab a handful of rocks. That’s right. And so you were holding the rocks in one hand and putting your hand on the machine on the other hand, to try to balance the energy out from kind of floating in that, that veil space and the veil is like connecting to the other side.

0 (28m 51s):
Right. Right. Which has like dragging you back down, like, come on, like we’re staying ahead. All those root chakra. And that’s what we got the symbol of me being a balloon in her, each other holding me down. Yeah. Yeah. So the root, the root. So just interesting. It’s just, I think understanding energy a little bit and understanding that these kids are just feeling that energy around them versus what’s inside them. And by honing into it, you can really develop a skill. I mean, that’s basically what path I went on and it doesn’t mean you have to be a psychic or a medium, but it can certainly tell you how to develop your life and where to go. And to trust that intuition when it doesn’t feel right, or when it feels really positive.

0 (29m 35s):
So kind of, it’s kind of a compass use it as a compass and you’re not here to problem solve. I mean, for me, when I get that stuff, that’s going on, it doesn’t mean I’m just to solve the problems. It just means that I’m aware of it. And that’s, what’s, that’s the whole positive thing about it is being paying attention. So that brings us to the soul enchilada, feeling energy and having the ability to feel energy is actually a super power. So being a little bit psychic is a super power. Don’t be afraid of it. Allow it focus on it. If it’s something you want to hone in on, but also use some of these tools to help, help yourself not have to stay in that space as well.

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We’re all set. Thank you. Thanks for joining us on spirited straight talk. We look forward to having you join us again on episode five. Thanks guys. Thank you for joining us for this episode of spirited. Straight talk. If you enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new shows. We’d also love it. If you’d leave us a review and let’s connect visit Deb shepherd.com for more insights support workshops, and to book a session with Deb plus enter to get a free reading with dev. All you have to do is sign up for the email list and you’ll automatically be entered. Just go to Deb shepherd.com.

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