Numerology Secrets that Reveal Your True Self with Master Numerologist Glynis McCants


Discover what life has in store for you through the power of numerology! Deb chats with Master Numerologist Glynis McCants about the amazing ancient art of numerology. Find out what your life path number reveals about your true self and how your can use numerology insights to change your life for the better.

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Welcome to spirited straight talk the podcast to help you thrive with the help of spirit. I'm Deb Sheppard, psychic medium spiritual teacher and author. Each week, I bring new insights to help you heal from loss connect with spirit and turn setbacks and to triumphs. So let's get started.

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Hey everybody, we have something really, really special for today. We have master numerologist Glynis McCants on the podcast and she is just fantastic. A little bit about her. She's been studying numerology for over 27 years. She's considered a master numerologist, but she does use a unique method, which I can't wait to find out more about. It's called the number system more than 2,500 years old. And one really cool thing is she did approximately 15,000 readings and then wrote her best-selling book, which is called Glennis has your number. And my understanding is it is a go-to book for people eager to learn about numerology.

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She successfully picked her own husband by the numbers and was inspired to write her second book love by the numbers she's done over 42,000 numerology readings, and she's internationally known. And her mission is to simplify what numerology is all about and show everyone how they can use numbers to help them navigate their life. I also know she's been on many different shows, the daily mail TV show, and she talks about celebrity couples, which maybe we'll dig into a little bit too on this podcast. She's also been on Dr. Phil the today show Nightline. CBS is the talk the Dr.

2 (1m 51s):
Oz show the view entertainment tonight. She's done so many things and really we're just so honored to have her with us here today. So let's welcome her. Now.

1 (2m 2s):
I am so excited last that you were willing to join our spirited straight talk podcast. Today. I have talked about numerology over the years, but I am not the guru like you and reading and understanding your background is just absolutely starstruck with all that you've done. But first of all, would you share with this audience, what is numerology and why did you use it? Why does it matter? Yeah. Why does it matter?

3 (2m 29s):
Absolutely. And by the way, great to be here. I will tell you that numerology itself as a science of numbers, it's 2,500 years old. It is the number system that I use. The believers that everything in the universe has vibration. And it's especially true with people. You know, when we deal with each other, you know, people know nothing about numerology will often say, oh, that guy just gave me a bad vibe. You can feel it. That is vibration and numbers. But vanquish belief was that when we were born, we came through with a certain sound. You know, each one of us has vibration. And, and there are people that are compatible to you.

3 (3m 12s):
And there are people who are challenged to you. And what happens is when you have energy, that's a challenge. It's a breakdown in communication that no matter what you say, you are misinterpreted it's as if you're speaking a different language. So what I did was write books on the subject. Glennis has your number love by the numbers to help you learn this language, this new way of talking. So if someone is toxic, you can talk the way they do. So they hear you. It's awesome. Wow.

4 (3m 40s):
Wow. That's interesting. So tell us a little bit about . What exactly does that mean?

3 (3m 48s):
Yeah. , you know, he was a famous mathematician. Geometry was the deal, the Pythagorean theorem. So many people are afraid of geometry. Like, you know, it's, it's a hard one, right when we do mathematics, but that's what he did. And he was worshiped and glorified by all thought leaders in his time, like they knew this man was brilliant, but what I found fascinating, it was actually his followers that documented what he said. He did not write books on this subject at all. He just was this healer. And he knew about vibration and he interpreted keeping it simple. The basic numbers in numerology are one through nine.

3 (4m 30s):
What that means is one in numerology is considered the beginning. The number nine is the number of completion. And we all have a life path number. So that's what he was doing. The other thing he's known for, he was considered the father of harmonics because when you listen to music, it's just like, if you're in your car and you turn on the radio and you hear a sound like, Ooh, I can't stand it. I promise you those numbers behind that music are toxic to you.

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3 (4m 60s):
It's energy. And that's, I did this little thing for myself where I wanted to know like the, my favorite musicians growing up, the voices that knocked out every time I ran the numbers, they were considered compatible to me or a natural match, which made perfect sense that their sound resonated with mine.

1 (5m 18s):
I just love that. I mean, we think people are drawn to certain types of energy music, things like that, colors and for you to be able to unlock that mystery is really it's it's science, for sure.

3 (5m 33s):
Yes it is. And, and it's interesting. What happens is when you learn, as you study, I mean, look, I've done this my whole life, but if you study numerology and you start to see vibration, even if someone comes at you in a negative way, you can make a note, say up, she's being a five, oh, she's having a toxic day. Like your brain will not automatically go to defense. You will not defend yourself. If you know, it doesn't matter. It saves your life in that way. It's like, no, I'm not gonna fight this person because they, they're not gonna understand what I'm saying. I will regroup. Maybe I'll write them a letter later or call them at a different time. But I'm not going to fall into the pain when I do read.

3 (6m 16s):
And I read like a couple that have really hard, a hard relationship. That's not going well. They will say, it's so validating that you get who I am, which means I'm not a bad person. You see a part I can make you feel bad about yourself because of your personality. But if it's really in the numbers, then there's a whole new way of understanding you that they're not doing it to be hurtful. They're doing it because that's who they are. That is where they come from in vibration.

1 (6m 44s):
Glenn has, it feels like I'm going to an allergist to see who I'm allergic to. Right?

3 (6m 49s):

1 (6m 50s):
I think I'm allergic to this music and this individual. So tell me, you know, do I, do I need,

3 (6m 57s):
I will say this. You know, some of us are more sensitive than others. You know, Deb, when I look at your chart and my own, the number two, it's the one who feels too much. Like you pick up people's energy and you've gotta be so careful. You know, I always tell people, white light yourself, light a white candle and just protect yourself, protect your body so that when you deal with others, it doesn't get inside you and for me, and I'm sure for you, when you read so many energies, you have to be able to let it go. You can't keep it with you. So that's another thing is understanding what vibration is like water in the desert, which one makes you feel replenished. And if it's someone in their family who is toxic to you get ready and don't take it personally.

1 (7m 40s):
I have that shot of whiskey before you walk in the door.

3 (7m 44s):
Yeah. I was going to say I was born in a family of 13. If I don't know numbers, I know nothing.

1 (7m 49s):
Oh my goodness. Wow. So how did you get started in this? Cause usually there is something in all of our lives that we are drawn to because we're looking for answers or we're looking to grow. What is your story?

3 (8m 2s):
Yeah, I actually, I'm going to tell you a couple of things in numerology. I am a three and I'm born on a three-day. The three is here to motivate and uplift other people, but it's also the natural comedians. So in my case, you know, I was voted class clown in high school, but I wasn't us. I was also a straight a student. Like I was an, a student and I got like student of the month. And I also got this thing called the tower award where 10 students got it out of like 500 and what the principal said, when I came on stage, he said, you are the first class clown to ever win a top 10 Euler. So it was inside of me that I always worked hard. Like I always had a strong need to know.

3 (8m 43s):
I didn't like to come up short. If I had an assignment, I got it done. So what happened? What pulled me into this? I was already a voice and I believe numerology itself was looking for a voice. You know, the same way that Linda Goodman really brought astrology to the front. Even though it's been forever. I brought numerology to the front, especially in mainstream, like, you know, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, the tuck. I could go on any show to communicate it, because that was my natural gift. So how did this happen? My heart was broken. I had a first love. He broke my heart. I was in great pain, even though I broke up with him, which is even, it makes me laugh now.

3 (9m 25s):
Right. I break up with him, but I can't get over him. And

1 (9m 28s):
How old were you? How old were you?

3 (9m 30s):
I was 1918 when I first Met him at 18 and probably broke up at 19, but my heart was broken. And so anyway, I went to see a woman who was under the umbrella of psychic, but she wasn't, she was a numerologist. Now I have to say this and I know, you know, this dab, we're all psychic. Okay. There's just certain tools can open the third eye, open mind. So I went to her and she's like, is you don't miss him. He's toxic to you. It's his mother and his sister. So when you go in that house, you feel like you belong there. That it's your home, but it's their energy, not his and I, from that day forward, I was over him. And I'm not kidding.

3 (10m 11s):
All that pain went away. So I thought, okay, wait a second. What is this? Should I picked up one book on the subject? I never finished that book. I only read the basic definition one through nine, and I could read anybody effortlessly, which means it was already before I got here, you know, this was divine, divine guidance. So the minute I knew this, I could read everybody. And so what I was doing back then, standup comedy entertaining, but I would add numerology to the show. So I would turn it into punchlines. Right?

1 (10m 48s):
Stand-up comic.

3 (10m 50s):
Oh, very much. I was a headlining comedian. The first time I did comedy, the guy at the club, long beach comedy club. He asked me what my fee was and I'd never done it before. So listen, a three is a natural comedian. Okay. So natural. I mean, like I said, I was the class clown in high school. Wasn't trying to be funny, was funny. That's a different

1 (11m 12s):
Dad jokes and exact count. I love humor in this work because you and I are helping people when they're going through difficult challenges. Correct.

3 (11m 24s):
Right. That's exactly true. But here's what actually happened for the breakthrough. So there was doing comedy and my only reason to do that was to make people happy. Right. I was trying to pull them out of their depression and make them feel good. And then one day it dawned on me the difference in doing that and what I do today, when I teach energy like numerology and I give you tools to heal yourself, I'm helping you be happy for a lifetime, not just one night in a comedy room. Right. And that was the turning point. I'm like, oh, so this life purpose, because back then I thought, oh, I'll have a talk show. And I'll teach people and make them realize that there's nothing they can't achieve if they set their mind to it.

3 (12m 6s):
Well, the joke is, that's what I do. I do it as a number of ecologists. Right? But this is such a powerful tool to tap deeply inside someone and say, it's okay, who you are. But now we're going to pull you out of the negative side. There's a positive and negative side to every number we're going to help you get happy. I'm going to help you really get happy. Not for a moment, not in front of your friends, but deep, deep inside you. So it's, it's exciting.

1 (12m 33s):
And I love the fact that it, there is a science scientific site because a lot of people that are left brain, things like that. When they see numbers, you can't argue with them. And that's, what's really a beautiful reason why I'm sure that people embrace this type because it's, it's right in front of you. There's no arguing.

3 (12m 52s):
Well, people love to argue no matter what don't they Want that be lovely to of that simple. That'd be gorgeous. It's not that simple. Well, How about this numbers don't lie. But people do. Yes. People, you know, if you, yeah. If you understand someone that can be scary to them, if they're hiding something. So when I, I read someone, I have such compassion and who they are, it makes them feel more safe. But when people just black and white, it just like people would try to put down tech, try to put us all on the same bull, a bull, right.

3 (13m 33s):
To say, oh, all psychics are charlatans. That's simply not true. Some are incredibly gifted, but others are not, they're not tapping into that true source energy. So yeah, you need to know who's who, but I will say I feel blessed every single day because the well that I tap into is so powerful. And by the way, for me, it's got energy. I was raised Catholic. You know, that was my bringing. And what I'd say about that, I love the prayer. The prayers are powerful, right. That's why I also promote affirmations because when you're affirming, I have people do it 15 minutes a day. It's like a prayer for yourself.

3 (14m 13s):
Whether it's healing your body or helping you have that career or having financial security, it's all connected.

1 (14m 20s):
It is all connected. And I do want to ask this question because this is something that, well, two things, questions I have, but one of them is, is great sex and the numbers. So that's in one of your books, correct?

3 (14m 33s):
Oh, yes.

1 (14m 34s):
And your one of your chats. Yes.

3 (14m 35s):
Thank you. You have great sex. Let's Charlie, shall we listen? My husband, this is how this went down for me. I picked Charlie by the numbers. So that means Matt. Gosh, it's been 20 years now. It was 2002. Okay. But what happened was I kept, I was dealing with the X-Files. That's what I call those ex-boyfriends.

1 (14m 57s):
Oh, can I use that? Klenner's please. I'll give you credit. I'll give you credit files. Okay.

3 (15m 3s):
As the expo, it's the horrible, horrible X-Files. And I thought, what am I doing here? I'm advising people on how to find love. I need to be proactive. So I joined a dating site and I said, numeral, just looking for a man. Who's really got my number. And you know, men responded. And, and then all of a sudden I saw Charlie, my husband, I'm telling you, if you knew my husband, you would not believe he is such a good man. And not just for me, but for everybody, he suppose my family, he spoils my friends. He makes every holiday magical. That's just him. So I can't get over him. But I knew the minute I ran his numbers, I'm like, oh my gosh, this is my gun.

1 (15m 45s):
It's like doing a credit check. Right? Different ones.

3 (15m 49s):
Isn't that so funny. Yeah. No, it was all numerology. And I looked and thought, I mean, we talked every day. I deliberately didn't meet him. And I, I want to say that your audience don't meet someone. If you do a dating site and they they're really aggressive take your time. Because if you can't have a conversation every day and enjoy them, you sure don't need to meet them because the minute we get physical, that's a whole different thing. Women get confused, right. If the sex is good, you're like, oh, I'm in love. No, no, you're not. You're in love. Pull yourself together. Right. So I took four months to meet him. Even though we only live 40 minutes from each other because I knew how much he was going to matter.

3 (16m 30s):
And then when we met, we met, it was magic. Like we kissed. And when he left, he had my lipstick all over his little face. Like I probably kissed that boy 45 minutes. Why don't we go ahead.

1 (16m 47s):
No clue. I'm just laughing with the way you're sharing your story.

3 (16m 51s):
It's so true. And let me tell you, so when this love happened and it was magic, I knew not only was he the one, but that we would keep the love of life because that's the key people can get married. So what, you know, I have couples house we've been married for 15 years, 20 years. When did you last have sex? So five years ago, I'm like, that's not marriage. Sorry, sorry. You have to be intimate. The whole point of marriage, you get to have sex. Like that is your partner should love each other. So Charlie. Yeah, we, we do a date night every week. We giggle every day and it's not like life is perfect.

3 (17m 33s):
That pandemic tested every relationship out there when you get trapped and you don't have your regular rhythm, it's a test. But Charlie and I passed with flying colors because we sincerely love each other, like deeply, deeply love each other. And that's what I do. I help people find great love.

4 (17m 54s):
So I don't know if you know this or not, but you know, Deb and I are actually a couple.

3 (18m 0s):

4 (18m 1s):

3 (18m 9s):
Go ahead.

4 (18m 9s):
Oh, I was just going to say, so when you talk about the pandemic, we were locked up 24 7 working together and locked up together and we pass the test as well. But we know so many who did not.

3 (18m 26s):
That is correct. And, and you know, it's an art form. Here's what I discovered when it happened, because Charlie would leave and go off and do his thing and we'd come together at night and it was great. And all of a sudden he was right here and I thought, okay, what do we do? And you know what we did, my house is big enough. I would go in my room and do something. He'd go in the other room. We'd still make sure we had the space in our togetherness. That was key. Yeah. And still had a life. Maybe it was calling friends or whoever, but you just, when people are on top of each other in a negative way and then get defensive and, and don't hear each other, it is the most painful thing to stay in that like, it's so unhealthy for the soul and for the body.

3 (19m 12s):
And I, I'm going to say, because I have your numbers and Deb, I'm going to talk about a numerology blueprint on you, but I'm going to say something quickly about you as a relationship. You know, Dana, because you're born a two life path, ultimately what you really want. You are a love girl, like a peacemaker mediator. I don't want conflict. And it's not that you don't know how to get in trouble with your mouth because you do. And I say, I

4 (19m 37s):
Just did that.

3 (19m 38s):
And yeah, you can.

4 (19m 40s):
Oh, and, and mice, I will tell you this, my face, you can look at my face and know exactly what I'm thinking without me saying a word. So I can't filter.

3 (19m 51s):
Right. But now I'm making sure. Cause you're sound identical. That's Dana. Correct? Right. So Dana listen carefully. The two, when they feel things it's right in their eyes. It's just so obvious when they're hurt. But here's what I was going to say. When you're born on a four day, you can be direct. And sometimes things fly out that you forgot to edit and that's where the conflict can come in. So Yeah. I'd say listen, grasshopper. It's okay to go quiet for a minute and really think about those

4 (20m 23s):

3 (20m 25s):

4 (20m 26s):
Well, so what about, cause we were talking about retrograde mercury retrograde and I was born under mercury retrograde as well. So how does that affect?

3 (20m 38s):
Well, here's what happens when we look at energy, like, let's say you learn your numerology blueprint, which by the way, there's three numbers in the name. There's three numbers in the birthdate. Those six numbers. Give us a blueprint of who we are in your case, because you were born mercury retrograde already. We know that it, it messes with communication. Like we can be not heard. You could have a big meeting when it's mercury retrograde and think it went beautifully. And then two weeks later when you follow up, they didn't hear what you said. So the key is to not take it personally because here's what happens when we get upset or defensive, it means we're activating the shadow side of our energy.

3 (21m 22s):
It is not living in the positive side that makes us fight or hold our position. It is not

1 (21m 29s):
When it's for those that are not familiar. The shadow side is the side of us that we try to hide that. I believe that we're here to learn, to uncover, to bring light to it. So for listeners, that's the stuff we don't like about ourselves. Correct.

3 (21m 41s):
And here's what I would say. I agree, of course, but here's what it is. There's a positive and negative side to every number. So when you go to the negative, it is the shadow side because all you're doing is creating trouble in your own life. Yeah, absolutely.

1 (21m 58s):
And that's a great way to, Yeah.

3 (22m 2s):
And so let me explain quickly, cause I did break down your numbers, dab, and I just want to talk about that. The six numbers that make up your blueprint, please turn to page Lauren on 4 25 and just taking this energy and the life path number comes from the full date of birth reduced to one digit. Okay. So in starting with the name, you go by 2, 5, 7 is what you have. So what does that mean? The sole number is two, which is listening to the inner voice. If you listen to it, it doesn't fail you when you second, guess it, you end up in trouble, like you end up regretting it.

3 (22m 42s):
You have a five personality, which means never a dull moment. You know, you do get restless. It's like, I want to do something fun. You know, I want to go somewhere, travel. Yeah. Travel should be a part of that. Like, but also love of the ocean mountains, plants, flowers, all of nature's beauty. You're very affected by it. And then you have a seven power name number and you're also born on a seven day. That is the part of you that says, who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? You do ask yourself that a lot. Like it's just inside you. And then you try to make sure you do something towards that. Understanding every day.

1 (23m 24s):
I love it.

3 (23m 26s):
And then your life path, which is that full date of birth reduced one digit is the number nine. So nine really is the old soul. It means when you were little, you were beyond your years. You always knew things. And no one taught you. I'm going to guess that you definitely learn what you like. And didn't like from your parents and made a note of it. And did you end up having kids at all? Debt

1 (23m 50s):
Is I have two children.

3 (23m 51s):
Okay. Being a parent, you really wanted to do it. Right? Like you, you made a note of what didn't work for you and you tried to do it. I almost want to say perfectly, but I want to say there's no such thing. And of course you had to figure that one out too. It's like, wow, no matter what I do, it's not going to be enough. Therefore I need to be, be grateful and happy with the stuff I did bring. Cause you, you come from an honest place, you know, you have a lot of integrity, but even just like Dana, when you decide you're upset, watch out, you know, devil seven, I call it. I wanna just say your words. It can be a lethal weapon, but only if you really feel there was no option.

3 (24m 35s):
It is not your preference. Never your preference to do that. But you can. So I feel sad for the one who doesn't know, you can

1 (24m 43s):
A hundred percent I've been called the vulture Glynis yes. For those that I tried to tame that down, but absolutely. Yes.

3 (24m 53s):
Oh no. It's just lethal. It's like, you know what? It's always based in truth. It's not about deception. No. You know, I always see that the truth is still an art form. We got to find those words so that people hear us. But sometimes you just don't feel like it. It's like, Nope, I'm just going to call it out as it is now going to your attitude number, which comes from the month and day. Now in this case, we have a master number 11. So when we talk about master numbers, I invite people to go to numbers. I did not come under the numbers on the menu. I teach about master numbers, but it's just simple. If you keep it simple people born the 11th or the 22nd, or if your life path has the 33, but it's a special formula to have that master number 33.

3 (25m 38s):
And I show it on my website. But in your case you have the master number 11. And then I would say slash two. Cause what does it mean on the one hand, it means you feel called to master your life. Like you really never stopped striving to learn and do it better. But at the same time you have to calm it down. We cannot live in master number energy all the time because it will be overwhelming. So when we calm it down, you go back to, I just want love peace, harmony. I want sweetness, you know, your home, your bed, the bed, you know, whatever the clop is that when you put the blanket on, it's gotta be comfortable.

3 (26m 17s):
And, and the smells in the house has to be lovely and it smells bad. You're going to be very upset. It's like, what is that? Like you, you pick it all up. So yeah. Your environment matters to you. A great deal for that reason.

1 (26m 33s):
Absolutely. A hundred percent. Wow. That's awesome. Dana has a better sense of smell than I do, but I can tell when something doesn't smell right in life or actually in a Roma. So yes,

3 (26m 44s):
But also just think about environment. If things get too scattered or too crazy, not good for your brain, correct. You know, you have, you have a party that's very, and Dana, you come into this as well, organization. Dana, do you keep a list of what needs to get done? Do you try to keep it together that way?

4 (27m 2s):

1 (27m 4s):
And she's always trying to get me to stay on track so that

4 (27m 9s):
The woman,

3 (27m 10s):
Right. But that's where you Dana, you're the gift here, you know, because look, Deb, you're, you're kind of out of body a lot, you know, your mind wanders and Dana, you have to ground it and say, Hey, it's great that you have that gift because actually you're helping people with it, but we still have to settle things. You know, the business side, as much as the creative and then Dana, what I think saves you born August 4th, that number three is your attitude, which is sense of humor. You know, you can be silly. You can say something very funny and get people laughing. And you also, you know, when you guys have the right friends come over, it's a little party celebration.

3 (27m 51s):
You're so happy. You know, this brings you a lot of joy. And I think Dana, you're able to bring Deb back down to earth. You know,

4 (28m 2s):
That's a great way to land somewhere

3 (28m 3s):
Else. But as a couple, I would definitely encourage travel, like getting out of your regular environment whenever you can.

1 (28m 11s):
We done that

4 (28m 13s):
Recently. That is definitely a

3 (28m 15s):
Very smart for you.

1 (28m 17s):
And you're you, you nailed it. Because even when we've had aura pictures, I'm out here in the clouds and she's the one keeping me grounded. So again, the numerology has validated exactly our relationship as well as she does have all these lists and she's organized and I'm, I'm like the person wandering around like what, what day is it?

3 (28m 36s):
Yes. No, absolutely true. I mean, even having like that seven energy, it means sometimes you could be talking to somebody or I should say, someone's talking to you and you can mentally leave the building like mentally and then you'll come back and they have no idea you left, but guess who would know Dana, Dana,

1 (28m 57s):

3 (28m 58s):
She's going to see right through it. She's like, where did you go? What are you doing?

4 (29m 1s):
Yeah, totally. That is so cool. That's awesome. Thank you.

1 (29m 7s):
Yeah. That's just nailed it. You can with numerology, like what is some of the unique things that you have maybe uncovered about somebody that they didn't know? I mean, I do have one of those stories where maybe it was about, they're not going to live very long or they're here to do something.

3 (29m 25s):
No, let me tell you how that works. I mean, look, there are some numbers that have struggles more than others. Like I can see when people internalize and of course what we don't deal with mentally can attack us physically. So I'll bring that to their attention, to help them heal it. But you, I actually have a CD called affirmations for heal your body. That's how people with even stage four cancer. I mean, I've had the most beautiful letters written because I do think our ma our mind plays such a role in our health and you know, how long we're going to live. Right? I mean, a woman who feel she's the victim always is as bound to get sick at some point, right? So I help you look at what could happen in your church, but my gift, the reason I'm so celebrated in what I do in the world is a story can hit the news and I can look at it by the numbers.

3 (30m 17s):
And what I ended up saying is exactly what really happened. Like when the story finally comes out, it's what I already said.

1 (30m 24s):
All of it. So share with us about Putin and Salinsky.

3 (30m 29s):
Yeah. I wrote a powerful piece about them in the newsletter. Here's what happened in January. I'm on coast to coast radio with George Nori a lot, and it was January. And he said, Hey, what do you think about food? And then I said, you know, I said, he's in a personal year of five. So if he were to attack, it'd be a huge mistake on his part. Nothing would go to plan. It'd be a mistake. Well, Jimmy crickets, how true did that turn out to be?

1 (30m 57s):

3 (30m 58s):
I'm going to it's. So it was so obvious on paper. So then all of a sudden we have the landscape. Well, here's what soulmate. We can have so many connections. There are two types. It's either the soulmate like, oh, I'm so lucky I found you. Or you're the worst person ever knew. I will never repeat the pattern. So let's get, and Putin have a soulmate connection. They share the numbers. 6, 7, 7, and eight. Now what's interesting Zelenskyi. Isn't a personal year of five, just like Putin, but the differences, this happened to Zelinsky his people, he didn't make it happen. Right. Right. And here's the big difference. This is why Zelinsky has been so loved, so celebrated, but also has stepped into this position in such a powerful way.

3 (31m 43s):
He's a six life path that six is known for rescuing. Like if I were to keep it simple restroom, the damsel in distress, when there's a crisis, that's when they're at their best country. Has he not talked to you to say you got to help us? You know what I said, that I love in the beginning. When I guess Biden's administration offered to, you know, move him, like, get them out of there. He says, I don't need a ride. I need ammunition. The fight is here. That is a sex life path. I am not leaving there in crisis. I will fix this crisis. So potent is not that potent was, is a seven life Matt, more on seven day.

3 (32m 25s):
And the shadow side of seven. You the thank God or you think your God will,

1 (32m 32s):
That is interesting all the way around. Yeah. And we know he

4 (32m 39s):
Thinks he is God,

3 (32m 40s):
That he absolutely does have a heartbreak is if, if he were able to quote unquote, pull this off, he would not stop. He wouldn't stop it. Ukraine. He, unfortunately, he doesn't Meyer dictators before him. He likes that whole idea. I do think the pandemic played a role in how he's feeling, because you know, the sevens already a loner, they, they barely can put up with people's energy, but he's double seven. And when you saw him at first with, even with his generals, I mean, if you're keeping on top of these stories, oligarchs are being murdered right. And left.

3 (33m 21s):
I mean, it is. And, and so if you said, make Glenys, when this is all said and done, does he stay in power? My answer is no, no. He can not stay in power on this, this road that he's on. This is. And by the way, again, this is the dark side of energy. If, if he were positive, if you say Glennis, what would a positive Putin look like? I would tell you, dabble seven can be very spiritual. If he really was about God and looking for guidance, he would've approached Ukraine and said, look, yes, it's true. I do want, you know, take it back to mother Russia.

3 (34m 1s):
I do want to bring countries back. And what can we do to negotiate? You see, he could have had a real conversation, but instead he thought he could just walk right in. You know, he was the people around him are such yes, men because they feared him. No one told them the truth. And I know when people would talk about how many people are dead, I do believe there are around 20,000 Russian soldiers dead right now, which is heartbreaking because they don't, when they talk about how people in Russia are only hearing the propaganda. I don't believe that I believe the younger generation, because everyone has a cell phone. The truth is also getting in so more will be revealed.

3 (34m 43s):
But that's why Zelensky all of a sudden became this man that people looked up to when he was nobody five seconds ago. Right? I mean, no one knew his power, but in numerology I could see it.

4 (34m 58s):
Love it. That is fascinating. Absolutely

3 (35m 1s):
Fascinating. And I'm going to tell you one real quick, because it matters to will Smith. When I looked at that, here's what really happened. Like before the Oscars, people were like, okay, who's going to win. And I whipped through his numbers and also Jessica Chastin and I could see that they both would win the Oscar. I'm like, Will's going to win. But those Jessica, but the difference is that day is a perfect day for Jessica. So like natural match. It's a sunny day symbol. I have a calendar that I offer that gives you a symbol for each day. It was a perfect day for her. But for will, even though I could see he would win. He was a for life path in a personal year four, it was a toxic date, like a really as bad as it could be like a perfect storm.

3 (35m 46s):
So I not, I thought to myself, cause we didn't know the slap was coming. I thought, huh? How can this boy win? Well, I said to myself, he's gonna win. But that day is not ideal. So when he did, I was like, am I hallucinating right now? Like, is this really happening? Right. Well, I

1 (36m 7s):
Was curious. Yeah,

3 (36m 8s):
Go ahead. Here's the thing that date in numerology, it was a nine day. It added up to a nine and the, the month and day was a three. Okay. So that's 3, 9, 9 for his numerology that would be considered toxic, toxic, toxic for Jessica's numerology. It was natural match, natural match, natural match. Well, if you watched her, when her Oscar, after the slap it's, as if she wasn't even in that room with him, like she was radiant and happy and life is great. Now, in other words, nothing could rain on the parade for her energy because it was perfect for her. Wow. So here here's the thing. When I studied his chart, even though that day was very toxic, he had a nine in his soul.

3 (36m 52s):
So that means his soul was still fulfilled right on that day, winning the Oscar. But because of the slap, no, one's going to remember the Oscar. It's all about the slab. That's our world, but it really was on paper. That's what I do. I just study energy and go, huh? What's going to happen.

4 (37m 10s):
I have to ask the obvious question about will Smith and Jayda. Yeah.

3 (37m 16s):
Yeah. In my first book I wrote about them Glenna's session number and they are a power couple. The fact is they've done a lot of good in the world, but the truth is they're also very challenged in numerology. Now, one thing I have not said before, which I find interesting, it obviously was her expression to him that made him even get up there. And let's be honest. When will Smith walked on that stage? He slapped him like an English man. You know, darn well will has muscle. If he punched Chris plays, Chris would have flown across that stage. He did not do that. He went up there and Jayda should've stopped him cause she could have, but she didn't.

3 (37m 59s):
And what would you know, her numbers? I don't have them in front of me, but I know for a fact she is four nines out of six numbers in numerology. So that day she took what was supposed to be his day and turned it into hers. Whoa.

1 (38m 15s):
Oh, okay. Okay. That really, that makes sense. Does

3 (38m 20s):
It does all, I, it didn't matter what, you know, this was his moment to shine and win an Oscar. But instead it was about defending her honor, quote unquote, I'm going, it's just, it's a heartbreaking story, but you know what else they have. Here's how it works in numerology. If you have one or two challenged numbers, you can agree to disagree. If you have three challenge numbers out of six means you have to work hard on the relationship. But if you have four or more, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Well, they have four challenge numbers out of six. So look how hard it's been. And yet I told you earlier, his sole number is a nine, which means she fulfills his soul.

4 (38m 58s):

1 (38m 60s):
The only thing Dana and I can say is, wow, that's, that's how I respond.

4 (39m 5s):
We're like in awe,

3 (39m 8s):
It is really powerful. And for the record, I am doing something that your audience can take advantage of. If they go to numbers, lady.com and they don't know their numerology blueprint or a soulmate breakdown. If they type left numbers, they will get a discount and they're already inexpensive. And I keep them that way because I want people to understand those basic numbers. You know, what's your soul number, what's your personality number? What's your power name number? What, you know, what's your birthday number? What's your life path number? What's your attitude. Never when you learn those things, it just feels nice. It's like, wow, this makes sense to me. I do recognize myself in that energy.

4 (39m 46s):
So the love by the numbers. So what are they able to take that then? And, and,

3 (39m 52s):
And they have to literally write and treat it as one word, love numbers, love numbers, one word. And that's a promo code and they get a discount just for putting that in there.

4 (40m 2s):
Okay. Awesome. I'm sure lots of people will jump on that.

1 (40m 6s):
Yeah. Because the only thing that we can do as your host to say, wow, we're so impressed. We do know though that there is a unique fact or story that you, you got to be invited somewhere really special. So we wanted to share that because this is a rare moment.

4 (40m 25s):
Well, you ha yeah. So you have to tell us what it was like being at Michael Jackson's funeral

3 (40m 31s):

4 (40m 32s):
You not only do you, you had a connection and you looked at his numbers

3 (40m 38s):
Oh yes.

4 (40m 39s):
Way before.

3 (40m 40s):
So let me tell you why that was so powerful. I mean, to me, honestly, that first of all, here's how it went down. Of course he passed away. People were devastated and you saw the great pain throughout the world. It wasn't just here. And for me, even in that moment, I thought it really validated who he was. I mean, when he was accused of quote, unquote, being a child molester, this was about money. We know it was at the time and it was, and he was just so ill-equipped to understand what was happening. Like if you think about it, because Michael was like a little kid himself, he lived in the child of who he is, not the adult not living. And that's why even as daughter at the funeral, by the way, she said, I love my daddy was the greatest dad of the world.

3 (41m 25s):
If you could have seen that little girl and her level of agony and her deep love for him, it was heartbreaking. But what happened was I put, you know, I'd shot the email to, you know, put my name in because it's kind of like a lottery of fans to be picked. And I want you both to know. I never win anything ever. Never, no, I'm the one who never, it's just the way that ball bounces. Right. And so I'm like, whatever, I'll try. Well then a couple days later, they're like, yeah, go ahead and check your email. And I was like, what?

3 (42m 5s):
And of course I got to bring someone to my sister, Julie, who was an angel. I invited Julie. Well, we went and we were there in a right below us, was his casket. Like we could not have been, we were literally on top because you know, the staples center is layered. And we were looking right at him and we were balling. The whole room was sobbing, but I know going to my own history cause I'd covered Michael Jackson. And I know right now we live in a society because of social media. That's very quick to have judgment. You know, they just, they take cheap shots. You, but you don't know them. They don't know you either. Right. So what happened for me back then?

3 (42m 46s):
I knew he was innocent. And why? Because there's a six life path, which means the father energy, just like Zelinsky, where they feel called to be a parent. They want to protect you. They love you. And that's what he was doing. And I'll never forget. And for the record I personally was molested as a child. And when you've been molested, you really do tend to recognize a molester. I promise you that I have come across men. I'm like, oh, oh, oh, I can feel it. So that I felt nothing. So what I'll never forget it, my course on his show. And he goes like this, of course I have kids sleep in bed with me. I think it's great. It's like a slumber party. Well, let me make clear to you. There's no such thing as a child molester making that statement, they don't talk like that.

3 (43m 30s):
They do not. So that was a clue. And then I looked at his numerology and it was just to gently at the number two for love. And that's why his music was so passionate. So when I got that invitation, it was as if he sent it to me because I had gone on every show, big shows with millions of people. And I said he was innocent. And then there were 13 counts against him. And it was found not guilty in all 13. And also when that man passed away, 2.5 billion people tuned into that funeral. Do you think 2.5 billion would show up for a child molester? No. So when that man passed, he had his justice at the end of his life.

4 (44m 12s):
Yeah. Well I know he was such a love individual in our

3 (44m 16s):

4 (44m 18s):
Died too young way too.

3 (44m 20s):
Well, you know what though? He was a little bit like Peter pan and I honestly turned 50. I never envisioned Michael being an old man. Like I don't think he could handle that either.

1 (44m 32s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah,

3 (44m 34s):
Yeah. It doesn't make any, he didn't but no, it was, it was very, very powerful and I was incredibly grateful to be there and just witness the love and compassion of everybody for that person.

1 (44m 49s):
That's beautiful.

3 (44m 50s):
Yeah. I mean, again, I never went anything so wow.

1 (44m 56s):
I get you dropped. But people think because I'm psychic, I can win the lottery and I'm like, no, it hasn't happened yet.

3 (45m 3s):
It may. Well funny. You mentioned that people do say, well, what am I lucky numbers? Yes, it's true. There are numbers that are considered lucky. But if, if we really were giving those numbers, of course we'd be filthy rich and that'd be the end of it. We wouldn't have a business. And it just, you know, fought on the Riviera. I've had clients reach out to me and say, Glynnis, I played those numbers that was on their blueprint because it tells you what your lucky numbers are and they've won money. I have had enough people tell me that, that I do know my brain. Like when you think of people win the lottery, how often do you hear them? Say why I played my kid's birthday or I played my birth numbers. Those numbers are sacred for you.

3 (45m 43s):
So that does make sense. Yeah,

1 (45m 45s):
Absolutely. If there was any advice that you could give to our audience, what would that be? Because first of all, I want to say Glennis before you answer that you're a fabulous guest. I love your energy. I love the way you share things. And the comedian is still in you.

3 (46m 2s):
Of course. You're

1 (46m 3s):

3 (46m 5s):
Well, like I said, a three is a natural comedian, meaning they don't have to try to be funny. They are funny and double three makes it doubly true. So why not use it right in the ways that we can, but I'm going to say something to your audience because it's important to them. If they're listening to the show, they're going well, wait, what about me? What about me? Meaning their life path. So how about we cover that life path real quick so that they have a little something for themselves.

1 (46m 31s):
Please do. Yes.

3 (46m 33s):
Okay. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to use Tom Hanks birthday as the example to get us started. So Tom was born 7/9/1956. So we add it straight across, reduce it to one digit seven plus nine plus one plus nine plus five plus six is 37, 3 plus seven is 10. One plus zero is one lifespan. So he's a one life path. And as I said, we're keeping this simple, there's a thing called master numbers. And some people who are master numbers will always say, well, tell me about that. This is the basic life path, number one through nine.

3 (47m 13s):
So here's how it goes. One is independent. They're self-motivated they strive to be the best at what they do. They can be very self-critical. And as a result, they can be critical of YouTube because they want you to be great. That's a one, the number two, and this would apply to you, Dana peacemaker, mediator. They don't want trouble. They tend to be naturally psychic too. You know, your inner voice when you trust it, it's powerful. You could have dreams that come true or deja VU when you meet people. That's the number two. So what the two has to be careful when they love someone and that person's in trouble, they have to be careful not to fall in don't don't let their problems become yours.

3 (47m 58s):
You can be helpful to them, but you have to have your boundary. Okay. And one more funny thing, Dan, about the number two life path. If they get upset, they look like romper room. They look like a kid. When they're upset, it's like really pull yourself together.

1 (48m 11s):
Actually, actually that is 100% correct. I look like when I'm angry, when people are doing that, they loop. Yes. Because you're not falling into it. You're sitting back. So that person is acting like I gotcha. Okay.

3 (48m 28s):
And the only reason this goes back to the other number, you're born on a four day C and I'm going to talk about the four in a minute. So listen carefully to that Dana. Cause it's very much a part of you. The number three threes are communicators. They are actually known for their eyes, their smile, their voice. You will notice that the threes are here to motivate and uplift others. One to three is a little, little person like a little kid. They make up stories that they think are true, right? So it's not uncommon that they're actors cause what are actors doing? Aren't they playing make believe

1 (49m 2s):
They are. And they get,

3 (49m 3s):
And they went Oscars. I mean, Jodie foster comes from a mind. She's a three look at the Oscar. She went for her, her performances because of so believable. So the key to a three, they've got to find ways to keep their sense of humor. And I always say attract people who get that. They're funny because there is nothing more painful than a three. Who's funny. And the partner doesn't get it. Move along. Grasshopper.

1 (49m 27s):
I not at three, But, but Dana always looks at me like seriously, cause I try to be funny and I'm really not

3 (49m 35s):
Right? She's like, well, that was a tragic effort are yours. Maybe you should sit this one out three. But the truth is to be with you two together. Even if she does it, you end up laughing. Cause it's, you know, it's funny. That's, what's funny. You know, Somebody even calling you out on it makes you laugh. And number

1 (49m 58s):

3 (49m 60s):
Here's the fourth. They seek knowledge. They, the more they know the happier they are. And yes, I do compare it to water in the desert. They're very thirsty to learn more. They hate to feel stupid. The forest, like if I can't do it perfectly, I don't want to do it. So it's all about success and not failing. They also need to establish security, find ways to make money because if they don't have that nest egg, they panic for the future and liars. Are there deal breaker. If you're dishonest with a four it's better than four, lets you go then put up with it. Cause the four will never like the forum will say, Hey, remember when you lied, Hey, remember that time? He didn't tell the truth. The four is about truth.

3 (50m 41s):
The number five freedom, fun adventure, never a dull moment. They like to they're the ones who are supposed to move around. Just like the number seven travel. Look at the world. And if, if they don't travel, they may live in books like books that are mysteries or playing detective. Anything that uses their mind. They're also the celebrator of life. They're the ones at the party. They're what's cute about them. If you give a five, a gift, chances are the write a thank you note. And then if you thank them, they'll write back and thank you for the thank you note. You see it like it's a backup. They never stop because it's almost like a hot potato. They don't want, they don't want you to not think how grateful they can be and how grateful they are.

3 (51m 24s):
The shadow set box. They gotta be careful not to attract drama. You know, there are numbers anymore. LG, their lights, the number three and the number five they're lights. Therefore they can attract bugs, right? People who come at come at the light, that's sort of five has to watch out for the numbers. Oh and natural detective. I have to put that in. If they want to know what's up, they'll do the research and find out the number six, six, they are responsible energy, male or female. They're meant to be in charge of what they do. If they work for somebody else, they will be some resentment because they'll think you're getting my paycheck. Like I'm doing all the work, but you're getting my paycheck. That's why they should be in charge of what they do.

3 (52m 5s):
And damage control is their specialty. They can, when things are messed up, they kind of step up and say, okay, we've got to fix this. Sometimes they're control. They are accused of being a control freak because they're so busy trying to do. But their fear is if they don't do it, it won't get done. So they have to work on that. Then number seven, and this is a part of your dad because you actually have a devil seven born on a seven day and a seven destiny. The seven is a spiritual energy, but they are asking the big questions. They have to be careful not to become cynical because if they've had too many disappointments, trust becomes an issue. But if they work on their spiritual, our spirituality and the affirmations and just looking at the beauty of the world, they're more they take in nature's beauty, the healthier they feel inside the appreciation of simple things is what brings them joy.

3 (52m 60s):
But they do have a loaner streak. And if you invade a seventh space, not okay, the seven Astro invite you in and then they welcome you. You don't, they don't go into the room without permission. You have her numbers say, so Dana stopped doing that. She can't handle it. Yes. Yeah. When the seven shuts down, give him a minute to get it together. They'll come back. They'll come full circle

1 (53m 30s):

3 (53m 31s):
When they're ready.

1 (53m 32s):
Yeah. Right. A hundred percent right on. I'm not that I doubted it, but you're talking my language for sure.

3 (53m 39s):
Right? So I would say this Deb, because you were born on a seven day and you have a seven destiny, the seven does seek the truth, but they cannot stand hypocrisy. If someone tries to shove a religion down their throat, they will not participate. It turns them off. So when that happens, I always say to someone with like devil seven energy or seven life path, find the truth for yourself. Find what resonates. Don't let the family or anyone who has scarred you from the past. Don't let it interfere with the lessons you're here to learn.

1 (54m 18s):
You just gave me a few years of therapy right there.

3 (54m 20s):
I'm telling you that. And that's the truth right there. And also going to you with that nine LifePath nines. I told you it's the past like mom and dad, whatever they did wrong, they didn't understand you. And they, they, they thought they could shove their belief system down your throat. It doesn't work that way. They still done with a knife.

1 (54m 40s):
You know what they called? The religion?

3 (54m 42s):

1 (54m 44s):
The truth.

3 (54m 45s):
And then the number eight, the eight LifePath the eight is business-minded. They have to find a way to have financial security. They love nice things. So I always say like, if it's a little kid, I'll ask the mom, what are they like? Oh no, if it's not a name brand, she doesn't want it. It's just, they're drawn to the, they see it as just quality, but it's always something expensive. So they have to figure that part out. And I would sell the eighth, find a way to make money. But there's two types of eights. They either make money and it slips through their fingers or they make money and put it all in the bank because they're afraid to spend it. So I wrote a CD it's affirmations to attract more prosperity.

3 (55m 27s):
I always encourage the seven to do a positive, prosperity affirmation daily to heal that part of them. The eight is blunt. Now, Dana, you can relate to this, the number four and the eight are the ones that are direct and you can be very direct when they

1 (55m 44s):

3 (55m 45s):
I am telling you like it catches you off guard. It's like, whoa, where'd that come from? But the eight. They say things and they have to consider what they say, because when they're misinterpreted, they get hurt. So when you meet someone who's an eight like that, they seem very strong, but inside their heart is mush. They got a huge heart. So yeah. I tell them, watch it just it's okay. To stay quiet. Sometimes you don't have to say what's popped in your head. It's okay.

1 (56m 14s):
Does that sound like me a little bit? That cute filter filter COVID mask.

3 (56m 22s):
Right? Right. And then

4 (56m 24s):
I definitely too direct sometimes.

3 (56m 26s):
Right? You can't and again, it's energy. That's why I said, if we start recognizing the energy, we don't have to respond right back. We can stop and go. Oops, that's that for? Oop, there's her eight. Now the number nine. And this applies you to depth the nine, because one is the beginning. Nine is the number of completion. It's an automatic old soul, but it also means, you know, you don't compete with others. DAP, you are competing with you. Like you want to be your best, but you love to see people succeed when they have breakthroughs. You're so happy for them. You don't like what? You know? Oh, well, she had that break.

3 (57m 7s):
What about me? As a matter of fact, nines also have to learn. It's going good. And I deserve it. Like to put it out there. Good for you. That's what it is. We usually this great success. Good for you. And that's for me. I like you

1 (57m 21s):
Seals everywhere.

3 (57m 23s):
Yes, yes, yes. And then the nine, when they're hurting, it always has to do with something in the past or a fear about the future. It's never in the moment when a nine is in the moment, they are very happy and they are the humanitarian. If they can find ways to help volunteer their time or give to a charity that matters that makes them happy. So the nine is supposed to not only be, find ways to succeed, but it's about, and what can I do to leave footprints in the sand? You know, when it's all said and done, what did I do here? That made lives better. That's what the nine feels called to.

4 (58m 1s):
There is so much truth in that. And that is her to a T that is depth to a T. She, that really is. That's how I see her focus is helping raise others, students To her, everything about her is cheering others on.

3 (58m 22s):

4 (58m 22s):

1 (58m 23s):
And you're right. I don't compete. I don't compete. I'm not competing,

3 (58m 27s):
But how well, how about this idea? The one competes to win the nine already won.

1 (58m 34s):

4 (58m 38s):
Insight. That's post.

3 (58m 41s):
Yeah. So, but, but that's literally the lineup of the energy, you know? And so when I deal with ones and I, by the way I realized the majority of my friends are one life has, because what's great about that energy is you see them trying to become something, right. They have a calling and then I help them calm down on that road so they can get there. Whereas the nine often looks at the world as this. How do I help you all get that? Right. As a matter of fact, for the record, my birth certificate numbers are nine one one. So who do they call for help?

1 (59m 15s):
Oh my goodness. That's so great. Awesome. This

3 (59m 20s):
Is so for the record@numbersthathe.com. When they click on numbers on the menu link, there is a list of the LifePath numbers. Like they can look at those little descriptions to remember what I said and also the attitude and right.

4 (59m 33s):
Do you have anything coming up that, that the listeners should know about?

3 (59m 38s):
I have not put it on the website yet, but in may, I'm going to be teaching an online numerology round table and what that is as each person submits a question in class and gets a guaranteed answer, which you know how tricky that is. Right. So it's a limited, we don't have, it's like a limited amount of people. And then they each get an Emerald you workshop and watch those numbers come to life. As I define it, like I show the blueprint and then we talk it and you watch it come to life. It's very powerful and fun for everyone that takes it. So yeah, that'll be posted on my website.

4 (1h 0m 13s):
Okay. I think

1 (1h 0m 13s):
Dan, I might be checking that one out right

3 (1h 0m 16s):
Here. Yeah. It's it's really good. And then the thing I would say, when you asked me about what can I give the message to your audience? I still go back to square one, which is, there really is nothing you cannot achieve. You have to keep your focus though. It's focused on determination and, and this is important. Don't share your big dream with just anyone because not everybody is supportive of you, you know, could be family. It could be your partner. It doesn't mean they have a fear. It's like, why do you get to achieve a dream, but not me. So be careful with that.

4 (1h 0m 54s):
That is, yeah. We see that, unfortunately. Yes. You see that all the time. Yeah.

1 (1h 1m 0s):
I cannot tell you how honored I am. I know Dana, we were just shaking our heads, looking at each other for everything that you have shared, you are a guru at this and you are the woman of all the numbers. It's unbelievable how much you've nailed every single thing. And I think Jane and I are just going to really remember this and we know that our listeners are going to just be reaching out to so thank you so much for joining us.

3 (1h 1m 25s):
Oh, you're so welcome. And we'll talk again sometime.

1 (1h 1m 30s):
Thank you for listening to today's episode. I hope it inspired you. If you enjoyed our conversation, make sure you subscribe so that you get notified of new episodes and let's get connected. Visit Deb shepherd.com for more insights, support workshops, and it book a session with me. And finally, always remember your loved ones in spirit, or just a thought away, even though they're on the other side, they're always by your side.