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Messages From Heaven-Letting Go of Guilt

Do you feel guilty about a loved one’s passing? Are you having difficulty finding hope in the midst of setbacks? Listen in as a Deb connects with the Other Side and delivers messages about these topics and more during a surprise reading for a Spirited Straight Talk listener.

Deb (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host, Deb shepherd, spiritual teacher, medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada or like, we like to say the soul enchilada so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go!

Dana (36s):
Okay. We’re going to try to call Miranda Miranda Miranda. Surprise reading. Hello? Hello, Miranda.

Miranda (47s):
You gotta be kidding me.

Deb (49s):
So Dana is going to talk about how this works a little bit. So our audience knows, and then I’m going to give you your surprise reading. That work?

Miranda (58s):

Dana (59s):
Just, just so you know, and so people out there know how Deb works during the reading and how she receives messages. We like to open up the possibilities for who you can hear from and how you can hear from them because she has multiple abilities. So when she connects with a loved one, she is an empath. And so basically she will see, hear, smell, taste, and feel your loved one as they communicate with her. And it’s a little bit like psychic, charades we like to say. So she will interpret all the information that they’re giving her. She’s built this language over the last 50,000 readings that we’ve estimated she’s done, but she’s built this great language with the other side so she can interpret what they’re saying.

Dana (1m 47s):
But sometimes the interpretation might have a little different meaning to you. So we want you to go into this with a very open mind. We don’t want you to limit who can come through. That’s one big thing. So even if it was a loved one, if that cross over, when you were small, they can still come through. We want to make sure you get all the messages. It takes a lot of energy for them to come through. So we make sure we don’t like shut them out because you say you don’t want to hear from your ex mother-in-law.

Miranda (2m 18s):
Bring them on!

Dana (2m 21s):
So with that I think we’ll let deb do her thing.

Deb (2m 26s):
First of all, I love your energy. You are actually you healer.

Miranda (2m 32s):
I’m a massage therapist.

Deb (2m 33s):
I feel like in the next year or so you may be changing your career.

Miranda (2m 38s):
I hope so.

Deb (2m 39s):
Yeah. You’re on the, you’re on the, the diving board. Ready to dive in. So you are going to be making some changes since I told you what to do 20 years ago. I guess I’m here to do the same thing.

Miranda (2m 50s):
Yay. Yay.

Deb (2m 51s):
Yeah, you really have this intuitive abilities. I think also is doing some muscle exercises with your intuitive abilities to stretch that. I also feel you can smell bullshit a mile away can’t you?

Miranda (3m 5s):
Um hmm

Deb (3m 8s):
Good for you. You have lots of people who are here who have passed. Is your father or a father figure passed?

Miranda (3m 15s):
A grandpa.

Deb (3m 16s):
A grandpa. Where you close to him?

Miranda (3m 19s):

Deb (3m 19s):
Okay. Was he the kind of the patriarch at times for your family?

Miranda (3m 24s):

Deb (3m 25s):
Okay. He feels very strong coming through. He goes, you, he says to you, don’t take this laying down, which I think is interesting because you are a massage therapist. So in my opinion, what he’s saying is stand up for your rights and do what you need to do. Do you also have a man here in your generation? Does that make sense? Husband, brother, cousin, friend?

Miranda (3m 45s):

Deb (3m 46s):
brother. So he’s here too, what’s his name?

Miranda (3m 49s):

Deb (3m 50s):
Kyle. Okay. He’s letting you know that he’s been around you and he is actually haunting you so just know. Was his death unexpected for you.

Miranda (3m 58s):

Deb (3m 59s):
Okay. He is giving you a big hug. He says, thanks for always being there, but it’s time for you to do things for yourself. You’re carrying a lot of guilt he says around his death and he wants you to not carry the guilt. He’s saying that there’s nothing you could have done to prevent this.

Miranda (4m 18s):

Deb (4m 19s):
I know you get that in your head, but he want you to take it to your heart?

Miranda (4m 22s):

Deb (4m 23s):
Are you single?

Miranda (4m 25s):
Recently yeah.

Deb (4m 27s):
Cause he’s telling you find someone good and he says it that way.

Miranda (4m 32s):

Deb (4m 34s):
So did you do recently get divorced or a separation?

Miranda (4m 37s):
No. I was dating a guy for five years and I ended it.

Deb (4m 42s):
Okay. He want you to find someone good is how he says it. And a lot of times we get projects versus partners. Does that resonate?

Miranda (4m 50s):

Deb (4m 51s):
Yeah. He’s all over you. Like he’s really paying attention to what you’re doing. And he is asking you to be more hopeful. I, I feel like the job and the relationship, all of that you’re shedding to create space for something new. And it’s almost, it’s like get off of the hamster wheel and move forward.

Miranda (5m 12s):

Deb (5m 13s):
Okay. He really feels you deserve this. And boy, he, his heart shut down. What happened to his heart?

Miranda (5m 22s):
He was overdosed with anesthesia in knee surgery and yeah, it’s hard to stop..

Deb (5m 31s):
why where’s their guilt around this?

Miranda (5m 34s):
I don’t know. Cause I mean, Kyle was 14. There’s nothing we could have done.

Deb (5m 39s):
No. Someone carrying guilt around his death was be a parent or somebody else.

Miranda (5m 45s):
No, I mean, it was an unexpected medical malpractice.

Deb (5m 50s):
I still feel someone’s carrying something around with this and I don’t think it’s the medical community. So there may a feeling around your mom or somebody else, but he just feels like it’s no one’s responsibility. And obviously you’re not taking that on, but I keep feeling okay. Would there be anyone I’m assuming this is like a sports injury or an injury of some sort?

Miranda (6m 12s):

Deb (6m 14s):
Who, what, how did the injury happen?

Miranda (6m 16s):
He was clipped at the knee. In a football game.

Deb (6m 20s):
Would that person feel guilty?

Miranda (6m 23s):
Yeah, but I’d have no idea. We don’t have any idea who that person is.

Deb (6m 26s):
Okay. That’s okay. It might be something around that. And if someone’s listening, it may be, it might help them.

Miranda (6m 33s):

Deb (6m 34s):
Cause I keep seeing that someone’s taking this on strong kids, smart guy. You said he was really good looking too.

Miranda (6m 42s):
I’d Say yeah. He had it all

Deb (6m 46s):
What do you want to ask him?

Miranda (6m 48s):
Is he with mom?

Deb (6m 50s):
Oh, your mom’s past. Hold on. What’s your mom’s name?

Miranda (6m 54s):

Deb (6m 55s):
She showing me, you know how you take your hands and you make the heart?

Miranda (7m 0s):

Deb (7m 0s):
Was she the heart girl?

Miranda (7m 2s):
Oh yeah.

Deb (7m 4s):
Okay. Did she, do you think her heart was broken when he died?

Miranda (7m 10s):
Yeah. Okay.

Deb (7m 11s):
Okay. So that might be part of this too. That people took on your brothers passing. Your mom is a strong woman. I feel like she was also very gracious and I, whether it’s spiritual or religious, I feel like she had a strong faith.

Miranda (7m 27s):

Deb (7m 28s):
Did she lose some of her faith when your brother died?

Miranda (7m 32s):
Probably we were 14 at the time. So didn’t talk a lot about it.

Deb (7m 37s):
Yeah. And that, that can mean that people are not dealing with the loss itself. Your mom has a beautiful smile. I keep seeing this, you know, ear to ear smile and someone that you’d want to know. She’s not telling me how she passed, but I just feel that she just feels like she would always let people take care of people before she took care of herself.

Miranda (7m 60s):

Deb (7m 60s):
Don’t do the same thing

Miranda (8m 2s):
too late.

Deb (8m 4s):
Never too late.

Miranda (8m 6s):
I’m trying.

Deb (8m 6s):
Yes. What do you want to ask your mom?

Miranda (8m 9s):
She knows I love her. I know she loves me. I just think about her all the time.

Deb (8m 14s):
Okay. I’m so sorry for these losses. Anything you’re taking away that will be helpful.

Miranda (8m 19s):
Oh, all of it. It’s just so comforting and it’s just so cool what you do. Makes me so happy.

Deb (8m 26s):
So yeah. Well, why aren’t you expanding your intuitive abilities?

Miranda (8m 30s):
I am. I’m listening to all your podcasts and you know, naming my guides and doing all that stuff. I just, I feel like I just have a block and like, it’s not meant for me, you know, like I, I could not be this intuitive. I just gotta get over it myself.

Deb (8m 48s):

Miranda (8m 49s):
I know.

Deb (8m 49s):
Well, part of it is, if you’re a massage therapist, you can definitely feel things in things. So it was just taking it to the next level. That’s it?

Miranda (8m 59s):

Deb (8m 59s):
And thank you so much for answering your phone and letting us talk to your brother and your mom and your grandpa.

Miranda (9m 7s):
Thank you.

Deb (9m 9s):
Thank you. You have a great, a great rest of your day.

Miranda (9m 12s):
Okay. All right.

Deb (9m 14s):

Miranda (9m 14s):
Appreciate it. Bye bye.

Dana (9m 16s):
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