Messages From Heaven-Connecting With A Lost Child

A loss of a child is an unbearable hardship. Not being able to have that last goodbye, wondering where something could have gone differently. Listen in as a Deb communicates with the Other Side and helps a mother connect with her daughter during a surprise reading for a Spirited Straight Talk listener.

Deb (6s):
Welcome to spirited straight talk the ultimate podcast for anyone who is ready to live a life with intention and help from spirit. I am your host, Deb Sheppard, spiritual teacher, medium and author helping you open up to the whole enchilada or like, we like to say the soul enchilada so you can truly make your soul rise. So let’s go!

Dana (37s):
Okay, Connie. Let’s see if you answer your phone for your surprise reading with the one and only Deb Sheppard.

Deb (49s):
Well, cause there is a deceased loved one here. I can feel him?

Dana (55s):
Well, here’s the funny thing is this is the fifth call we’ve made and nobody’s answering. So obviously spirit works in mysterious way.

Deb (1m 7s):
I think she’s a little surprised.

Dana (1m 9s):
Well, good.

Connie (1m 9s):
I am a little surprised, yes I am.

Deb (1m 13s):
Well, that’s a good thing. So you’ve heard me do readings. Are you, you know how this works?

Connie (1m 18s):
will you explain a little bit.

Deb (1m 19s):
I’m going to have Dana explain a little bit, and then I’m going to do a reading for you if that’s okay.

Connie (1m 24s):
That’s wonderful.

Dana (1m 25s):
Okay, good. We’ve had, we’ve had somebody whose loved one tapping Deb on the shoulder for the last 10 minutes. And you were actually our fifth call we made. So we had to keep going until we got to the person that would answer and it was you. So we’re assuming spirit works in mysterious ways. And so we’re assuming that this loved one is yours, that’s been kind of hanging out for a little bit.

Deb (1m 50s):
And so Dana is here. It’s Dana, just so you know who the other voices. It’s not that you’re hearing dead people. It’s actually a live person.

Connie (1m 58s):
I’ve heard her before when I go online and you guys are talking.

Deb (2m 2s):
We just let our audience know, so Dana will explain a little bit and then we’ll get started.

Dana (2m 9s):
So just, just so you know, and so people out there know how Deb works during the reading and how she receives messages. We like to open up the possibilities for who you can hear from and how you can hear from them because she has multiple abilities. So when she connects with a loved one, she is an empath. And so basically she will see, hear, smell, taste, and feel your loved one as they communicate with her. And it’s a little bit like psychic charades, we like to say. So she has interpret all the information that they’re giving her. She’s built this language over the last 50,000 readings, things that we’ve estimated she’s done, but she’s built this great language with the other side so she can interpret what they’re saying.

Dana (2m 59s):
But sometimes the interpretation might have a little different meaning to you. So we want you to go into this with a very open mind. The more open you are to how the messages can come through and who you can hear from the better your reading will be. So she also has gone back in time to the Mayflower. So it doesn’t matter if it was somebody that crossed over when you were small or even before you were born. Sometimes if you know some information about them, they can come through. We just don’t want you to limit the messages that you can receive by limiting who you can hear from. So, you know, a couple of minutes, maybe jot a couple of names down.

Dana (3m 42s):
I know there’s probably certain people that you really want to hear from, and, and they will come through. It’s just, don’t limit who can speak with you. Is there anything else Deb?

Deb (3m 53s):
Animals to, for babies

Connie (3m 55s):

Deb (3m 58s):
I was like, Oh, I think there’s fur babies here.

Dana (4m 3s):
It’s always so fun to surprise somebody with a reading. Cause

Connie (4m 7s):
I was totally shocked.

Deb (4m 17s):
Well, I am so grateful and honored that, you know, only, you know, let us call you, but you answered the phone and that you’re open to doing this. Cause it, it always helps other people as well to know that there is, there is hope on the other side as well. So I’m so glad that you’re open to doing that. First thing I get for you, this is Miranda?

Dana (4m 36s):
This is, this is Connie

Deb (4m 37s):
This is Connie. Okay. Connie, I don’t know I was getting some of those an ending. So the first thing I got was there someone in your generation that’s passed, obviously, if your husband’s at the computer, it’s not him, but it would be husband, brother brother-in-law, cousin or friend. Does that make sense? And look at your husband’s family too. So I’m also feeling this is an unexpected death or real quick loss and sense of humor. You’ve been gone a few years and also your dad is your dad passed.

Connie (5m 5s):

Deb (5m 6s):
Okay. Your dad’s here, your dad’s laughing. Like he knows who this is. He’s also laughing like he thinks it’s funny that he is here. I’m not sure your dad was a big believer or seeing mediums so he’s laughing about this.

Connie (5m 18s):
Not at all. I Don’t think.

Deb (5m 20s):
Yeah. You just like, I can’t believe I’m here and he’s also proud of you, but apologizing to you about, I don’t know if he wasn’t showing you his love or being proud of you when you were growing up, but he’s letting you know that he’s very proud of you. Does this make sense?

Connie (5m 37s):
Yes, it does.

Deb (5m 38s):
Okay. Is your mom passed too?

Connie (5m 41s):
No, not yet.

Deb (5m 43s):
There’s a mother figure there, which with him. So it would be an aunt or mother-in-law. Have you been married more than once?

Connie (5m 52s):

Deb (5m 53s):
Okay. So look at that family as well

Connie (5m 55s):

Deb (5m 56s):
I know it’s overwhelming, but there’s another female with him too. And who lost the child?

Connie (6m 3s):

Deb (6m 4s):
Okay. So is this, what’s your child’s name?

Connie (6m 6s):
Amanda. I called her Mandy.

Deb (6m 8s):
Mandy is okay. So Amanda is here. She didn’t, she wasn’t the first to come through, but she’s letting you know that she’s there with other people. Was her death more unexpected?

Connie (6m 17s):
Oh God, it’s a shock.

Deb (6m 19s):
Okay. And she is giving you, I love you. And she’s I feel this is what you want us to really hear from her obviously. And I’m sorry with the loss of a child, but she is telling you, mom, I didn’t want anyone else to answer. Cause you need to know that I’m okay. She’s given me a candle, which means that there’s a birthday anniversary that just passed or is coming up and she says, never think that you were not the best mom ever. She has this great energy, but I feel like we’re so unprepared for her death. And she feels like a young adult. Does that resonate?

Connie (6m 51s):

Deb (6m 52s):
Okay. She’s also saying there’s someone there with her that would be a friend or someone else in her generation that’s passed. So is she, has anyone or any of your other children have someone else that passed?

Connie (7m 4s):
I’m not sure. I don’t think so. But you know, things happen every day.

Deb (7m 8s):
Yeah. She says, are you friends with other people who’ve lost a child?

Connie (7m 12s):
I am on Facebook for women or mothers that have lost children.

Deb (7m 19s):
Okay. It may be one of these kids. It feels like a male that’s there. And she’s also laughing that you don’t know who this male is in your generation that’s passed. So she’s kind of cracking up. she has a sarcastic personality, outgoing, cheerful. She would be the person that would be in your corner to be there for you. But at the same time, I feel like she just had a lot going on. Does that resonate?

Connie (7m 45s):

Deb (7m 45s):
Okay. She’s there with the high-maintenance dog.

Connie (7m 52s):
I know that one.

Deb (7m 54s):
Okay. So she just feels like this is the validate for you. And does she have a brother that’s living? Did he get the tat in honor of her?

Connie (8m 2s):
Yes, he is working on it right now.

Deb (8m 4s):
Okay. So she was recognizing that he’s getting the tattoo in honor of her. So that lets you know, she’s around. She says that she hasn’t been gone very long.

Connie (8m 13s):
No, it would be it’s six years. We’re working on seven, so

Deb (8m 18s):
okay. I would imagine it feels like yesterday and you want her to be here. She is also going to, you know, there wasn’t any pain in her passing. Does that make sense for you?

Connie (8m 29s):
I hope so. I mean, I don’t know.

Deb (8m 32s):
She was letting me know there was no pain. Does she havevany responsibility for her passing?

Connie (8m 39s):

Deb (8m 39s):
Okay. This is letting you know too that it feels more accidental, but still bad choice.

Connie (8m 46s):
Very bad choice.

Deb (8m 48s):
Okay. And she’s letting you know, she knows that she has been honored. So I’m sensing that there’s been something done in her name.

Connie (8m 56s):
Oh yeah.

Deb (8m 58s):
Okay. So again, what happened around the age of 16 to 17?

Connie (9m 4s):
For her 16 or 17? I, I don’t know. And she was, she was a difficult teenager.

Deb (9m 13s):
Okay. I don’t feel like she was an easy child, but also a delight at the same time. Like if you were not her parents, it would be delightful.

Connie (9m 23s):
Oh yeah. Yeah.

Deb (9m 25s):
People really liked her. But being a parent, you’re just always worried, like try to figure things out. I will tell you that she feels very sensitive. Like I am. So I’m assuming that she was probably highly intuitive and she was really affected by that. She’s laughing at, she’s telling you mom, you were right. And that means to me that you had told her lots of times about things, but you didn’t always listen.

Connie (9m 51s):
Yeah. It’s funny how they call you and say things.

Deb (9m 55s):
Yeah. There is also a feeling that she had an issue with a boyfriend or someone in her life that she was having a relationship with.

Connie (10m 2s):
She had a fiance at the time.

Deb (10m 4s):
Okay. I feel like she wants to apologize to him.

Connie (10m 9s):

Deb (10m 9s):
There just feels like she had a lot of unnecessary drama.

Connie (10m 12s):
There’s a lot of drama. Really a lot.

Deb (10m 17s):
So just so you know, she’s letting you know that there were, there was no nothing you could have done differently, including the fiance. And she’s telling you that brother has to take care of you guys when you get old, you know,

Connie (10m 31s):
He’s got to learn how to take care of himself.

Deb (10m 35s):
Yeah. Really true. Manda has this big heart. I feel like she always had this big heart.

Connie (10m 41s):
Oh yeah.

Deb (10m 41s):
But there are other, I almost feel like there’s two pieces to Amanda. One is the side of,

Dana (10m 47s):
I was just going to say the M name. Cause she calls her Mandy, Mandy.

Connie (10m 53s):
I think I’m the only person in the world that calls her Mandy.

Deb (10m 57s):
That’s where she’s saying the M name, but she’s letting you know, there’s more people there. So after this surprise reason, you’re in be to figure out who the male is and the friend that’s with her, that some of us with her. So, and also who served in the military or is in the military.

Connie (11m 12s):
I served in the military.

Deb (11m 13s):
Okay. We’ll just to validate to you that and thanks for your service is that she’s going to laugh when you figure out who these people are that are with her. She says that she’s also showing you signs, but you don’t want to believe them. So if you’re not feeling her around, it might be just where your grief is or trying to figure out what you’re seeing. I definitely see the feathers, which means birds or things with wings are around. And she’s also saying it’s time to not carry the guilt around her death.

Connie (11m 46s):

Deb (11m 46s):
You’re a mother. You lost a child from suicide or accidental suicide or whatever you want.

Connie (11m 54s):

Deb (11m 55s):
She just feels that she was her own person and telling her what she could or could not do was impossible. And you, you did it all. And there’s a sense that she’ll push you away a little bit

Connie (12m 8s):
she did

Deb (12m 8s):
and yeah. And so there wasn’t a lot you could do. But as a mom, I know that you’re going to carry that. And she just really wanted to make sure that you knew this today. What do you want to ask Mandy?

Connie (12m 21s):
How does she feel? Is she happy that I’m taking care of her sons?

Deb (12m 26s):
Oh, so she had children,

Connie (12m 29s):
two boys. They were young at the time.

Deb (12m 31s):
Yeah. What she saying is, even though she wishes, she was there, she actually feels that you are a better parent for them in so many ways, even though you didn’t expect to take this on.

Connie (12m 46s):

Deb (12m 47s):
There’s one, he is one really growing that like really I’m seeing someone stretched, like, you know how they overnight to get out of bed and they’re like tall and she also says one needs to get a haircut.

Connie (13m 2s):
They both stick a Scot. Haircuts. Messy.

Deb (13m 4s):
Okay. So that’s what I was talking about. That and one is really good at math and the other is not that’s so true.

Connie (13m 13s):

Deb (13m 14s):
One is more of the nerd where they’re more of the bookworm and she says, don’t worry about the social skills. He’ll figure it out.

Connie (13m 22s):

Deb (13m 23s):
Does that make sense?

Connie (13m 25s):
It makes sense.

Deb (13m 26s):
Okay. This just telling you that no matter what she sees what’s happening is she’s there with her sons and she says also thank you for telling them the good things about her. Not the things that really were hard.

Connie (13m 37s):
No, I never told him anything.

Deb (13m 39s):
Yeah. She’s just, thank you.

Connie (13m 41s):

Deb (13m 41s):
And she’s glad that I feel like their dad is not in their life.

Connie (13m 46s):
No, no.

Deb (13m 48s):
And she says, thank goodness. She was like, I didn’t pick the good ones, i picked wrong.

Connie (13m 53s):
Yeah. Not a good call on men,

Deb (13m 56s):
but she’s just glad that you’re there. And she feels like your husband. I’m assuming it’s her dad is a good balance. So it’s not her father. I just feel like he brings a good balance.

Connie (14m 6s):
He does. He does. It’s good.

Deb (14m 7s):
But yeah, she sees what you’re doing.

Connie (14m 11s):
Good. I’m glad.

Deb (14m 12s):
Would you want to ask her anything else?

Connie (14m 15s):
Oh gosh. There was a thousand questions six years ago.

Deb (14m 21s):
And I’m deeply sorry.

Connie (14m 22s):
Yeah, I know you’ve been through it.

Deb (14m 24s):
Okay. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t bury child. It’s very different.

Connie (14m 30s):
It’s like, it’s like, you’ve been hit in the head with a baseball bat.

Deb (14m 34s):
Is there someone in your life with an E name like Ethan, as in Ellen? I know you’re unprepared.

Connie (14m 44s):
So yeah, I had, well, I had lots of aunts,

Deb (14m 48s):
but I I’m getting this male and your generation that’s passed and it would be again, a cousin, friend, coworker, someone in your generation, it’s not a parent or a child. He keeps coming through and I’m wondering, what’s your husband’s name?

Connie (15m 2s):

Deb (15m 2s):
It might be connected to him.

Dana (15m 4s):
Maybe grab him. Yeah.

Deb (15m 6s):
Is He opened to this?

Connie (15m 7s):

Deb (15m 9s):
Does he know what you’re doing?

Connie (15m 11s):
I told him, and then I ran in the other room.

Deb (15m 16s):
This is someone that either has an accident or a death that was unexpected. I feel very unprepared. So heart attack suicide.

Connie (15m 26s):
Oh gosh. Most of my family has been heart attacks.

Deb (15m 29s):
Okay. Also you were in the military would have been someone in the military with you. What did you, what did you do in the military?

Connie (15m 37s):
Hospital corpsman and the nursing.

Deb (15m 38s):
Of course, you’re going to have people that have passed. So you have a lot of people, more people that may not be really highly connected. But if you worked in a hospital and you were in the military, you probably thought more people coming through than you expected. So that’s probably why Amanda or Mandy as you call her is talking about other people that are there. But I feel like these are closer to you, but also when we do readings, if you’re in any kind of work that has people that died, then that could be a connection as well.

Connie (16m 10s):
A lot. Yeah.

Deb (16m 11s):
Yeah. So just know and she’s with them. She’s okay. But you know, you want your child to be here with you.

Connie (16m 17s):
Of course. I think of things every day that I could tell her or I, I, we see clothes out, we’re out anywhere. These days is tough, but I’m like, Oh, Mandy would love that. Doing the same thing. I, I did, you know, raising her. Oh, she love that. I know she loves that. Yeah.

Deb (16m 37s):
And that’s what it, that’s why it hurts. Yeah.

Connie (16m 41s):
Yeah. Well, I see her and the boys every day, so.

Deb (16m 45s):
Okay, good. Well, how does it feel to hear from your daughter and your dad at least?

Connie (16m 50s):
my dad. I’m kind kinda shocked that he came through.

Deb (16m 53s):
So thats why don’t limit who can come through because they all realize that, you know, that it’s real and they like,

Connie (17m 1s):
Oh wow. I know my dad crossed a long time ago

Deb (17m 4s):
and it doesn’t matter how long

Connie (17m 7s):
it was shocking.

Deb (17m 8s):
I’m sorry.

Connie (17m 9s):
His, his was a heart attack.

Deb (17m 11s):
Okay. That’s why I’m getting heart attack. So if you have any cousins or someone like that, just remember they can be showing up. You don’t have to be close to them.

Connie (17m 20s):
Okay. What’s weird is almost everybody in my family except me, or is gone. Well, I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. I’m an only child.

Deb (17m 30s):
Does your husband look at your husband you’ve been married twice. So don’t rule out a brother-in-law or anything like that or a coworker or something.

Connie (17m 38s):

Deb (17m 38s):
But that’s okay. You’re going to figure it out. So what are you taking away today? Connie?

Connie (17m 45s):
More peace.

Deb (17m 47s):
good. To answer your phone.

Connie (17m 50s):
I usually don’t. If it’s from, it was weird that it was on. Cause I usually turn it off when it boys go to bed. So it doesn’t bother them. Right. But you think that it’s strange. So it was on and there was no, it was it. Wasn’t a number I recognized and I still answered.

Deb (18m 8s):
Yeah. Are you glad that you did this? This is something that positive thing.

Connie (18m 14s):
Yes. I’m very glad.

Deb (18m 15s):
Okay. Well I am certainly sorry about the loss of your, your daughter and obviously she made sure no one else answered the phone and came through for you today. Okay.

Connie (18m 27s):
Yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah. I just want her to be at peace.

Deb (18m 30s):
And they are going to be. Yeah. They’re not in their body anymore. So they don’t have that anymore. Well, thank you for picking up the phone and doing this and let us know who you figure out the other people are. Ask your husband.

Connie (18m 40s):
Okay. I’m going to figure that one out. Okay. I will. Bye

Deb (18m 47s):

Connie (18m 48s):
Thank you so much. Bye-bye

Dana (18m 49s):
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